Why Nothing Will Ever Happen In Bengal


It saddens me to write this—being a proud Bong.

Nothing will ever happen in the state of Bengal.

Nothing, nyet, nada. And it is not because of the “step-motherly” treatment meted out by the central government…..I am not saying that Bengal has always received its share of federal resources but it would be downright wrong to ascribe Bengal’s problems to that alone.

So who are to blame? Our double standards. Our politics. Our ruling party. Our opposition.

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King Khan


I love Shahrukh Khan. He is the Man. Different in every role he essays, he really gets under the skin of his character———watching him perform you would never know that it is the same man who is essaying all these different roles—Karan (the lover boy), Rahul (the lover boy), Ramjaane (the lover boy), Veer (the lover boy), Major Ram Prasad Sharma (the lover boy), Emperor Asoka (the lover boy)…………

Shahrukh Khan is not only marvellously talented and incredibly handsome ———-his mind is as sharp as a razor.

Very unlike Deepal Shah (link I am being unable to find for now) who thinks that a movie titled “Blue Film” is anti-sex. Duhhhhhh…..

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The Day We Won The Cup


June 25. 1983.

Greatest day since independence. You bet.

India won the Prudential World Cup by beating the mighty West Indies.

For all you newbies, this Australia team has got nothing on the West Indies of 83. No other team in the modern era had a bowling attack like they did—sure other teams, at various times, had Waqar & Wasim, McGrath & Gillespie & Warne, Pollock & Donald.

But the West Indies firm of Roberts & Holding & Marshall & Garner was something else— four of the most accurate, fearsome gentlemen ever to have walked the cricket field. And all of them did it together on that day in mid summer, June 25 1983.

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Nanhe Munne


Amit Varma blogs about an article from Mumbai Mirror.

Skimpily clad students can provoke incidents like the Marine Drive rape, the Mumbai University feels (never mind if the victim in this case was actually not wearing a skimpy outfit, only a black tee-shirt and blue jeans), so Vice-Chancellor Vijay Khole has called a meeting of all city college principals in the first week of July to discuss “campus attire” for students. Students are crossing the limits of decency, Khole told Mumbai Mirror. “After the Marine Drive rape case, we think scantily clothed students could be one of the reasons that such incidents happen.”

Amit is shocked at the regressiveness of Vijay Khole in wanting to impose a dress code of decency. He understands that political parties, especially rambling rightos like VHP-Shiv Sena, can make such demands. But a VC ? Surely he should be able to see through this oft-repeated simplistic, patently wrong association between revealing clothes and rape.

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Handy Ghandhi


Gandhiji on the train . The racist ticket checker asks him for id. Gandhi turns around and sings this jingle.

I spent my time adding spice and flavor
From family recipes back home in India
I like to introduce you now in South Africa
So come and try today
Handy Ghandi is my name
Handy Ghandi
ooh Handy Ghandi
Handy Ghandi great curries no worries

Enough of fooling around. Handy Ghandi is the name of an Australian chain that sells Indian food (I first read about it on Ranajit’s blog

The irony of it all.

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Open Water—-the Review


I saw “Open Water” over the weekend.

The premise of the story: An urban American couple, out on vacation, go for a scuba diving expedition in a tourist boat. There, due to some reprehensible stupidity on the part of the guides, they are left stranded in the middle of the ocean. What follows is a grim battle to survive the rolling sea, the surrounding sharks and the inevitable rising sense of panic that engulfs them both.

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Sand Niggers


Reading Sunil Laxman’s rather chilling brush with racist violence got me thinking about similar experiences I have had during my 6 years of life in the US. Fortunately, no bottles have been thrown at me and none of the bad experiences I have had were violent in nature.

Being singled out because of the color of your skin is such a common experience that you become inured to it. Smiles of shopkeepers vanish mysteriously when they see my brown skin, aloofness enters the voice of the grocery store clerk, the seat adjacent to me in a bus is often the last place to be filled up (which is a good thing incidentally). Not for a moment I am saying that I have never encountered smiling faces or a friendly “Hello”————far from that. But there have been quite a few times I have seen people’s attitudes change the moment they have had to deal with brown skinned people.

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Is This The Begiining of The End ?


Is this the beginning of the end of the Aussie raj? A defeat to Bangladesh—-who had been soundly whipped by the English match after match for the last month.

Ho boy ! Now I am talking crap. As Azhar would say:” The boys did not play well.” As Sourav would say:” A bad day at the office”. And the Australians have accrued enough days of sheer brilliance to deserve a few days of mediocrity.

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A Brief History of the Vulgar Song


This was originally posted in my orkut community “Bollywood Bakwas”. (2004)

“Vulgar” Hindi movie songs have a long and illustrious history which I shall not attempt to document in its entirety here. But for people who do not merely seek to be tittilated and also desire some background, here is my attempt to document the “rise” of the double-meaning song in a succint fashion.

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