This Blog Hits Four


Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind turns four on the 20th of August. And to commemorate this occasion, I, as a proud father, join voices with Prabhuji Mithunda, as he sings, in his very own voice , the following song.

“Aaj mere Munne ki saal giraah hain”

Four years in the turbo-accelerated Indian blogworld is like forty in the real considering the sheer amount of change, both in terms of the number of blogs and overall readership, one has witnessed over these years.

If on August 20, 2004 someone would have told me that in August 2008, people like Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Ram Gopal Verma and Karan Johar would be blogging I would have laughed him off by saying: “Yeah right ! I can just see the future. Amitabh Bachchan, who we know for his strong silence and aloofness, would be using his blog, perhaps twice a day, to take swipes at every Tom Dick and Harry who criticizes him. Aamir Khan would spend his keemti time informing us of the name of his dog (which happens to be Shahrukh) . Ram Gopal Verma would be justifying his questionable creative decisions through his blog. Hah ! Dude no way is that happening in four or four hundred years. What stuff are you smoking?”

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And Yet One More


Bihar main ek kahawat hain, mard jab tak chita pe naheen baithta, use buddha naheen kahete.

-Old Is Gold (2007)

Figure 1: The birthday of the future (or so I wish)

The 5-bit counter overflows. I turn 32.

Maturity, responsibility and a sense of balance beckons.

I, however, refuse to listen.

[What I said at 31 and at 30]

Happy New Year everyone !

Figure 2: The birthdays of the past (or so I remember)

Teen Ek Teen Tana


Haye haye mera beta jawaan ho gya, toota hua teer kaman ho gya

On August 20, “Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind”, the fruit of my fingers, turns three. And so I feel like a Dummy (dad + mummy) blogger, which is why we have the standard “proud parent” graphic below.

It has been an eventful year for RTDM, with it winning the IndiBlog of the Year 2006, a fact that caused much merriment in the Greatbong household with calls to all and sundry and conversations on the lines of “Yes mera beta came first this year. How did your blog-munna do? Not that good? Aww…koi baat naheen…(wicked grin)”. The jubilance was in sharp contrast to 2005 when my good-for-nothing blog came second, despite the best coaching and cramming classes money can buy. No doubt the repeated boxing of its ears, the 100 lines of writing “I shall come first in class” on the blackboard and the ritual humiliation, inflicted on it as sanctions for its “failure” to live up to it’s parent’s expectations, had its effect.

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Me, Myself and All the Bengalis In the World


Dear Ms. Romila Saha,

This blog post is with reference to your article in the Indian Express July 1, 2006 edition where you refer to my blog thusly:

But for most Indians, the blog functions as a forum to connect with others. Take, for instance, blogs like where Bengalis from around the world write in.

Now there is a little bit of confusion as to what you mean by “writing in”.

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When I Die


When I die, would this be what people will say about me?

His known weakness was for good food, which made him overweight and diabetic.

[FYI: I am not diabetic]

Will gmail be in such an obscene hurry to recycle my mail space that within hours of my death, this would happen?

His e-mail was, which will be defunct from today.

Won’t anyone have the decency to forward my mails from my defunct account to so that I can read my spam from Dante’s second circle of Hell while listening to “Jhalak Dikh Lajaaa“? Won’t anyone have the decency to not call me overweight once my soul has left my defunct body?

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The Passing Of a Friend —Desibaba


[Originally published November 13, 2005. Reposted because of technical difficulties experienced by many in accessing the old post]

It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce the death of an old friend.

Desibaba is no more.

Desi Baba Desi Babes
Is closed till further notice.
Copyright © 1998 – 2005

For those who came in late, Desibaba was the original Indian porn site. But it wasnt merely a “porn site”—it was a landmark in desi pop culture.

Let me explain.

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