Bad Bad Orkut. No Donut For You


In a landmark legal strike, the Aurangabad bench of the Mumbai High Court has “directed the Maharashtra government to issue notice to Google for the alleged spread of hatred about India by its social network service ‘Orkut’. [Times of India]

Laying aside useless litigation on issues like murders, rapes, property disputes (which some say take decades to resolve due to court backlog), the wise men in black coats seem to have at last gotten their priorities right by spending their time taking action on an issue of the greatest national importance: the “Down with India” communities that flourish on Orkut like flies on cowdung.

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V-Girl (TM)


“Hey big boy ! Lonely? Girls turn you down? Afraid of more rejection? Fear not big boy….. V-girl (TM) , your virtual girlfriend, is here.” (Link via Samantha Burns)

“Wait, wait” you say. “What’s so new about this? All of us guys have installed this Virtual girl thingie on our desktop at some point of time or the other—-the busty lady who dances at the bottom right hand of the screen and secretly loads our machine with spyware like Bonzaibuddy, Gator, Websearch and other such digital scum —all the time swaying to and fro sensuously.”

“Well big boy, you are wrong. That was then. This is now.”

I shall let V-girl speak.

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Call Centers Are Slave Ships?


Oh those poor BPO workers—the ones that make salaries that qualified freshie engineers envy, the ones that flaunt state-of-the-art electronic gadgets, eat out at fancy joints, strut their stuff at the discoes. It seems that their actual state is comparable to those of galley slaves in ancient Rome and to prisons in the 19th century.

Aww those sugar bunnies.

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Ultimate Google Geek


In our school days, we used to have a lot of “height of” jokes (not to speak of Pedro jokes)—-our first forays into adult humor. Or as we in India call it—- “non veg” humor.

Now I am not going to blog about these jokes. I could have though but I have seen that my readers, (the 4 or 5 who visit the blog for the blog’ sake and not because they are searching for something else) do not particularly fancy my musings on salacious topics.

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