Na Na Nana



Shocking stuff.

Protesters mobbed Filmistan Studios in Mumbai seeking an apology from actress Tanushree Dutta for allegedly insulting actor Nana Patekar during the shoot of an item song.

On the sets of the film Horn Ok Please, Tanushree was to make some physical contact with Patekar during the item number, which she refused.

Her refusal was seen as an insult to the actor.

The protesters surrounded her car outside Filmistan Studios seeking an apology from her, but she refused to leave her car.

Even her father reportedly got involved in a scuffle with the protesters.

The film’s producer has removed her from the movie


What’s the matter Ms. Dutta? What’s wrong with an intimate step or two with Nana Patekar? Remember that the name of the movie is “Horn Ok Please” which means everything is “ok” as long it concerns artificial (“artificial” being the operative word here) spherical artifacts that resemble trucker’s horns and as long as the magic word “please” is being used.

Or is the problem not the act itself but its horn”-Y perpetrator?

In other words, is the supremely handsome Nana Patekar not good enough for you, Ms. Tanushree Dutta?

Well he was good enough for Madhoo (link not safe for work) (In an unique GB-favorite scene, the great man administers the “oath of public service” to Madhoo while rolling sensually on the bed in Yashwant).

And he was good enough for the comely Ayesha Jhulka. (again not safe for work).

So what seems to be the problem with you?

Oh wait I get it.

You are from Jharkhand. When you come to Mumbai to make your money, that’s all right. But when it comes to an intimate caress from a manoos, a true son of the soil, then it is oh no no…. all uppity and high-nosed.

Raj Thackeray was right when he first raised this issue of North Indians (namely people from Bihar, Jharkhand and UP) exploiting native Maharashtrians. And so was Nana Patekar when he came out in support of Raj —-the outsiders only want to take but not to “give”.

I hope that being chucked out of the movie and being replaced by the more pliable Rakhi Sawant will serve as a good lesson to Tanushree so much so that the next time she is called upon to do a intimate step with someone like Nana Patekar, an experience she thinks that will scar her for ever, she will do well to bite the bullet, go through the scene, all the time repeating to herself that famous line from the movie Parinda delivered by none other than Nana himself—“Bhool ne ka. Bhoolna padta hain”


Updates 1: I need to make one thing clear.

When I created this little story about Raj Thackeray and Nana and Tanushree, I did it purely in jest. As far as I knew, from reading all items tagged Tanushree Dutta in Google news at the point in time I wrote this post, Nana and Ms. Dutta had had a bit of he-said-she-said. Raj was nowhere in the picture (again as far as I knew). I just mentioned his name to create an interesting political angle, so that a reader would read it, chuckle and say: “Yes things are so silly in Thackeray-land that even this could be painted as an “outsiders vs manoos” issue.”

And now I know all the facts.

The Raj Thackeray-led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has taken strong exception to allegations of “indecent behaviour” levelled against Bollywood actor Nana Patekar by upcoming star Tanushree Datta.

The MNS has written letters to different associations of cine producers to ‘blacklist’ Tanushree for accusing a senior actor like Nana of bad behaviour during the shooting of an item number for the movie Horn OK Pleassse on Wednesday.

The organisation, which was recently in the news for its violence against the north Indians living in Mumbai, has threatened to agitate against the actress if she does not give an unconditional apology to the actor, whom it describes as the “pride of Maharashtra”.


Tanushree reacts:

“I am aghast to see how such a small issue has been blown out of proportion. They have dragged regionalism into it and are now demanding that I should leave the city and move back to my home state. This clearly shows that we are going back to times of divisional politics,” added the actress.

The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena had also asked her to apologise to Nana Patekar over her recent accusations.

When asked whether she and her family would now return to Jamshedpur fearing any untoward incident against them, Tanushree said: “It has been eight years since I left Jamshedpur and settled in Maharashtra. We are educated people who were called by the film industry here to work for them. I did not force my way through. I have a clean track record. So what is my fault that I should suddenly leave it all and return home. Was it wrong if I objected to certain moves and raised questions on a senior actor’s overtures towards me? How long do we have to deal with such nuisance?” said Tanushree.


Nana explains his side of the story.

When gently told about Tanushree’s touch-feely accusations Nana grows pensive….and pained. “It was a very crowded set where we were shooting. And the entrance door was very narrow.

Maybe she got pushed around a bit. Hota hai. In all these years no one has ever accused me of unbecoming behaviour. I’ve worked with the best of them.”


And even more predictably Rakhi Sawant has the last word.

Meanwhile, Rakhi Sawant who replaced Dutta in the song, credits herself with salvaging the film. “I saved a man from going into losses. It is a great deed I did,” says Rakhi.



54 thoughts on “Na Na Nana

  1. Quite Right. I was appalled to hear she had refused to get cosy with such a sterling and attractive specimen as Mr. Patekar, and then go as far as to openly abuse him by saying “The less said about him, the better”. I mean, such an ugly insult. If she thinks having gotten considerably cuddly with the younger Mumbai-born Emraan Hashmi will tide her over… well let us show her how wrong she is. Not only is she a cheap exhibitionist who should have no moral grounds for refusing to do ANY intimate scenes at all, but now she’s also proved herself an ethno-centric, ageist silicon-doll.

  2. shakti kapoor once said in an interview re: the bollywood casting couch that it is not about asking to bed an aspiring actress/actor (depending on ones gender preference, e.g. karan johar), but rather “will you co-operate with me?”. he would be one to know (and do), being an established pimp godfather and all.

    so by this notion, it looks like the non-mahrati tanushree dutta broke the sacred bollywood code, and has paid a very high price for it. hmm, now we will probably hear from her “i am not a superficial human being” or “i am deep and down to earth with a heart of gold” before she strips off once again, with say someone younger/more powerful, like emraan hashmi or ranbir kapoor.

    i like your style of satire, GB. cheekily hilarious!

  3. The point here is how parochial things have become. A case of a dumb woman disrespecting a senior actor has become a struggle of Marathis and north Indians. As if we didn’t have enough differences to fight on!
    What an irritating, stupid woman refusing to touch Nana when she is paid to do it. Damn, I would pay to touch Nana!

  4. Tanushree is from my city, and I had friends who lived in the same housing complex as hers. From what I’ve heard about her antics during college in Pune & how she got into the film industry, she’s no sati-savitri herself. Maybe Nana isn’t completely at fault here.

  5. the second video looked like a rip-off from Tinto Brass movie except the fake rubber penis…

    “Protesters mobbed Filmistan Studios in Mumbai seeking an apology from actress Tanushree Dutta for allegedly insulting actor Nana Patekar during the shoot of an item song.”

    so did nana call some marathi ‘jobless’ manoos outside to protest or were they present inside the studio in case you know … for instant protesting.

  6. Raj has said…he will relaunch his war of freedom for sons of soil from the hands of immigrants….than we will see our beloved nana getting his revenge…and the way tanushree has been replaced by a daughter of the soil…we might well see some old daughters of soil brushing their basics (???) to make a comeback…like once at the top(less) of stardom(dust) mamta kulkarni, ashivini hina bhaave, shamita shetty…

  7. Tanushree datta is within her rights to decide on which movie she decides to exhibit herself or not. its very strange to see protestors for standing up for the “rights” of Nana to “molest” a woman[:x]

    @ aditi
    and we would pay to watch you “touch” nana

  8. Nana was of course the only actor to have sent a letter of support to Raj T in his “struggle” against the Bhaiyyas polluting Mumbai. Hence, the immediate support. Salman KHan quickly withdrew his letter when it snowballed into a controversy…

    Of course it is a well accepted fact that all Marathi Manoos are totally pure of heart and would never touch a woman inappropriately. The same explanation was used by MNS and SS to try and get the perpetrators of the New Year’s Eve molestation incident off the hook. Evidently the women was being molested by ghosts or bhaiyyas and the Marathi Manoos were only there to “help”!

  9. Doesn’t this seem too fabricated to be true? Why on earth would she do that after the kind of clothes and stuff she wears in movies? And she’s such an easy target after the kind of roles she does. I feel bad for actresses like Tanushree Dutta who are already harassed by the general public, and then by our media, for a byte.

    Daily Humor

  10. I thought the post was funny :). Also thought linking the incident with the RajT-manoos-controversy was fascinating – the whole political angle never occurred to me.

    Having said that, I find the she’s-been-loose-before-so-she-must-continue-to-be-so comments of a lot of folks here highly hypocritical and judgemental. We are a free/democratic country and she’s a citizen and can do what she wants, when she wants and how she wants. If she wants to refuse doing a scene thats OK within the confines of the constitution and the law. If she wants to get out of her movie contract thats fine. If she wants to abuse or slander Nana Patekar or Raj T thats fine too.

    Essentially, as the country and society was “meant to be”, unless she inflicts physical or economic damage to anyone, she can do pretty much anything she wants and Rimi, Ah0707, Vivek, Rohan, Nana, RajT and the whole holier-than-thou-judgement-passing-world-of-Indian-crapsters can take a hike. Its fundamentally this attitude of hypocritical, pseudo-intellectual, highly deprived, judgement passing, crime condoning Indian men that fuels mob behavior, molestation, rapes and other crimes against women. I feel ashamed of having to share this space with them.

  11. Rimi, Ah0707, Vivek, Rohan, Nana, RajT and the whole holier-than-thou-judgement-passing-world-of-Indian-crapsters can take a hike. Its fundamentally this attitude of hypocritical, pseudo-intellectual, highly deprived, judgement passing, crime condoning Indian men that fuels mob behavior, molestation, rapes and other crimes against women.

    Honey! Don’t scandalise me. I’m several things, including pseudo-intellectual, but I most assuredly am not an Indian man. The idea!

    * is shocked to the core of her Victorian values*

    Also, thank you for agreeing with me, Vivek4mJH. Clearly, a woman who could not keep her hymen intact should have no civil rights at all. The slut!

  12. I like the promptness MNS shows in protecting the “rights” of the manoos. I mean its 2 am, it will take lot more than a perceived insult to a fading actor from a B grade actress, to get most people out of their homes so late. But these MNS chaps cool. The amount of defending these guys have done for the manoos in the past couple of months is mind boggling.

  13. Reminds me of when Devi Sushmita Sen alleged that Prabhuji touched her inappropriately while shooting a rape scene…..

    And yeah, this was the only news that managed to displace The Great Khali from Aajtak, Headlines Today and the likes!

    @GreatBong, waiting for a post on the Great Khali and his WWE connection…….

  14. Arre bhai, all I’m saying is ‘maybe’ Nana isn’t ‘completely’ at fault here. I’m giving both the benefit of the doubt. Tanu is free to ‘do’ whatever or whoever she wants, mujhe kya? It was just my opinion about a different perspective & I expressed it.

    @ Anonymous – Are you part of that ‘Blank Noise’ thingy (where they stare down men while standing by the main street and stuff)? Looking at your hyperventilating prose, that is the impression one gets. Calm down, pussycat.

  15. GB Dada,
    Your posts are usually quite objective and funny. However, this one sounds quite judgmental, especially when all the news is hearsay: neither has Nana nor Tanushree explained what actually happened on the sets. Moreover, this isn’t the first time an actress has refused a certain scene… What is the whole hullabaloo about?
    I apprehend if the next time a newcomer like Ishant Sharma gets mobbed when he refuses to take a run with the Marathi manoos Sachin and gets him out in the process!

  16. Oh Man, I just love what Raj Thackrey is doing.
    He is a media / blogger’s dream come true 🙂
    But then, probably thats what he wants!

  17. Although this is a trivial issue and probably has nothing to do with regionalism… then again it probably does.

    I think i remember something like this happening way back.. when some actress (probly. Helen Brodie) was okay with steamy scenes with a FIRANG.. but refused to do it with BadMan (Gulshan Grover).

    Tanushree-MADAM does owe the public an explanation about why she fancies Emraan-overacting-hashmi over Nana-the-Stud.

    I can’t imagine how much of a controversy it would be if some actress (or slut if you may…who has done onscreen stuff with white guys) in hollywood refused a scene with someone Black (or even indian/pakistani/arab/asian ).

    @Anonymous – “unless she inflicts physical or economic damage to anyone.. ” , what about emotional damage. Does that mean I can stand in front of your house with a megaphone calling you a Ignorant C#@T?
    And I’m sure she’s inflicted some amount of Economic damage to the producers by not complying with her contract and them having to source Aarti MADAM.

  18. You should seriously consider changing your occupation to become a seer.
    Or maybe a political analyst. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone able to predict as to how a political party will respond to a frivolous incident.
    Hats off to you dude.

  19. Now now, guys don’t be so hard on the poor gal! Mebbe Nana ain’t her type. In these times of empowerment, can’t a slut say ‘na na’ to someone?


    @GB: I am your fan sirji. Love your posts.

  20. I am aghast and shocked at majority of comments here! The logic that since Tanushree does meatier type of roles and “no sati savitri herself” then Nana was ok to touch her and she does not have any right to protest. PATHETIC!!

    The other day I was reading Diptosh Majumdar’s blog, and he pointed the phenomenon correctly. It is apt that whenever we Indians see a woman mingling with more than one men we conclude her available for everyone and forget that she is a human and still has full right to refuse any indecent overture! And it is not only Nana who represents this phenomenon, to my dismay majority of the comment writers too fall under this.

  21. @dodo

    I agree with you with ‘… “no sati savitri herself” then Nana was ok to touch her ” is totally wrong. And even if Aarti Sawant/Tanushree dutta etc. were porn stars, yes that doesn’t mean men can walk up to them and grope their ASSets etc.

    What is wrong is an actress refusing to do a scene with SOMEONE because of That SOMEONE’s age/race/looks etc.

    Scenario 1: Nana grabs Tanushree’s Ass while on set (not as part of a scene).
    Verdict: Yes Nana being sexually aggressive etc.. and should be condemned/punished.

    Scenario 2: Director tells Tanushree to do Hot stuff with Nana.. and she refuses ‘cuz she ain’t comfortable doing That kinda Stuff with HIM.
    Verdict: Tanushree’s being an ageist bigot.

    Scenario 3: Tanushree gets pushed around the set (because of narrow doors.. lol that’s actually hilarious.)
    Verdict: Ummmmmmmmmm….. Safety officer is guilty.

  22. Gaaawd! I’m equally surprised at the comments! Agreed, shes dare and bares types, but its in movies fellas! She was protesting not coz of a particular shot, but b’coz of Nana’s alleged overtures!! Dont you see a difference there!

  23. Since a Marathi Manoos by definition can’t engage in eve teasing/sexual harassment, the refusal to get cosy with Nana Patekar by Tanushree Dutta is an insult to our collective pride, moreover she is a slut (as a lot of people here have noted) hence to restore the marathi pride, we will indulge in, but not limited to, the following acts.

    1. Vandalizing the car belonging to the aforementioned female.
    2. Stone pelting at her house.
    3. Vandalizing theaters screening her movies.
    4. Beating up anyone belonging to Jamshedpur.
    5. Breaking windows panes of BEST/PMC buses (any death or injury happening in this event will be deeply regretted by our esteemed leader after wards.)

    6. Beating up taxi drivers/road side vendors belonging to UP/Bihar. (This is an ongoing activity).
    7. Throwing beer bottles at AB’s house.
    8. Continue to support all marathi manoos accused of molestation charges.

    Hope to receive your support as usual.

    Jai Maharashtra, Jai Shivaji etc.

  24. I share @dodo’s sentiments. Diptosh Majumdar’s comments, which are referenced in @dodo’s reply can be found here ( He absolutely nails the psyche behind these reactions. Regardless of what was said between Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patekar, the reaction of the crowd is what’s most sad. It’s inexcusable that in a civilized society that a person, wrong or right, can be harassed and hounded in this way.

  25. tanushree video.highest rated.

    why did tanushree sign up against nana in the first place. he is too old to blow horns. What MNS has got to do with Mujra Nach Scenes.

  26. A few things need to be clarified here. It is Tanusree’s right to walk away from a film. I do not support the attack on her car and she has the right to claim compensation for any damages in this regard.

    What I do not support is her claim for compensation for being thrown out of the film. If I am a producer/ director and I want to do a particular scene in a particular way, I will do it MY way. If you dont like it…take the highway. So I support the film producer’s right to kick Tanusree’s ass to the curb. In fact, Tanusree should have specified very clearly what exactly bothered her. CNN IBN says:

    “Actress Tanushree Dutta earlier filed a complaint with the Cine and Television Artistes Association for harassment on the sets of film Horn, Ok Please.

    “We made a mistake by signing Tanushree for the film,” says director, Rakesh Sarang.

    The film’s director is blaming actress Tanushree Dutta for making baseless accusations against the cast and crew of the film.

    “Initially she said that the junior artists were troubling her. Then she went ahead and said that Ganesh Acahrya’s assistants were troubling her. Now she says that Nana Patekar was trying to touch her,” says Rakesh.

    Tanushree Dutta however claims that she had to quit the film after she refused to do an intimate scene with co-star Nana Patekar last week.

    “Before shooting the item number, I had warned the director and the producer that I am not an item girl. I am an actor. I told them to keep this in mind before deciding the clothes and the dance movements in the film. However, they completely ignored what I told them,” says Tanushree.”


    Now when you trying to play whistleblower, it makes sense to be objective rather than making blanket statements like “deciding the clothes” or “I am not an item girl.” By making such foolish statements like “I am an actor”, as if anyone who ever did an intimate scene was not one, she hampers her own credibility. In fact now she comes off as a cantankerous feminazi, much like Blank noise people, who take offense if a guy stares at their boobs.

    Tanusree should realise that her market value is not such that she can bargain like that. Today Aishwarya can say, no I wont show my body in a wet sari. But Tanushree should realise that if she doesnt do it, there are 10 more girls who would. As an example, the skanky Rakhi Sawant jumped on to the opportunity like a hungry tigress pouches on a small hare.

    Now I know of dedicated female actresses, especially in the theater, who in an effort to make things real, would even do a bj scene. Did someone hold a gun on her head and made her to sign this film. If not, she should stop being such a bitch. And if Tanusree had decided not to do the scene with Nana because she found him unattractive, then more boos to her. As an actress, she plays her character, not herself. Does it matter if she is doing the scene with someone as handsome as George Clooney or John Abraham or GB or with any other actor of lesser looks for that matter? I would think any actoress, worth her salt, would say no.

  27. @Dodo-

    “I am aghast and shocked at majority of comments here! The logic that since Tanushree does meatier type of roles and “no sati savitri herself” then Nana was ok to touch her and she does not have any right to protest. PATHETIC!!”

    This is why she needed to speak. What did Nana patekar do? Was it an advance? If so was it an advance when doing a scene or while not doing a scene? Why did she think was she taken advantage of? See communication is the key. Suppose today you are doing a scene where you have to hover on a girl like in that Ayesha Julkha video (mm..umm). Say if your hand in the way of moving towards her face brushes her boobs, or if u have a hard on which rubs against her….was it that kind of a thing? Then she not being a small schoolgirl should speak up and say personally as to what exactly was wrong to first the lead and then the director. Now if she takes leaps of imagination or just extrapolates her own feelings of being perceived as a lusty female rather than a professional actress, then shes not for this kind of an industry. Maybe she needs to switch careers. “I am not an item girl” just wont do. Boo freaking hoo.

  28. Anonymous, please read my post again, think you’ve completely misinterpreted what I’ve written. What I said was she’s an easy target and gets blamed easily because of her meaty roles. I was trying to point out that it’s unfair. I’m certainly not for molesting her because she wears skimpy clothes.

    Comprendez vous L’Anglais?

    Daily Humor

  29. @anonymous – think you have been a bit too precious, and self-righteous. consistent with the spirit of the article, mine was written in a satirical tone (though not of the calibre as the great GB, he is “unemulatable” if there is such a word). clearly from your post you have not grasped this by passing swift judgement on others with very little basis, so best thing for you is stick to commenting on the subject matter (i.e. the article) rather than generalising personalities of the commenters whom you most likely know about as much as we know about you (i.e. nothing). keeping your ID as anonymous helps too.

  30. Whatever clothes she wears (or doesn’t), whoever she sleeps with (multiples maybe), whatever slutty dialogue she utters (in films or out of it), no one, repeat no one, has the right to touch a woman without her consent.
    And she can very well find Nana Patekar ugly (not unjustified, not that Emran Hashmi is an improvement) and refuse to get intimate, even on screen. That is her prerogative. As is the producer’s prerogative to replace her with, what an earlier commentator said, the “skanky Rakhi Sawant”.
    This MNS nonsense has been going on for too long.It’s one thing to love your state and respect your regional (I believe national) icon, but it’s completely rubbish to say that people of Maharashtra can never disrespect women.
    I really wonder what Bal Gangadhar Tilak would have thought of Raj Thackeray. Remember, Tilak popularized Ganapati Puja in Maharashtra and was extremely religious and regionalistic himself. But not to the detriment of other Indians.

  31. desh premiyon…aapas mein prem karo desh premiyon!!!!!
    nafrat ki laathi todo,….dutta ka palloo chhodo….
    aapas mein prem karo desh premiyon!!!!!

  32. Pingback: Who Will Bat for India? : Retributions

  33. the mob protesting was not MNS. they were from press, who were ruffed up by tanus bodyguard and father. specifically that was sahara samay gerno.

  34. well these sort of things happen in the film industry and whts with the ‘am not an item girl’ statement?! then what was she doing dancing for one song 🙂 LOL she was gonna act in that song?!?!

  35. @MNS guy
    Was thoroughly disappointed that your post did not have an accompanying link to your website or blog. I really hope you have one, it would make as juicy and interesting a read as GB. Great comment. Do include a link next time if you have a blog, and if you don’t start rightaway. You can be certain of at least one dedicated reader.

    GB: You rock as always. This site is one of my fave hangouts. Not just the posts, but the amazing reactions to them too.

  36. Ha ha ha… I loved your post GB. I also love the reactions to it 🙂

    Well, according to me, every man or woman has a right to decide who is allowed to ‘touch’ them. It is completely their prerogative. Period. Even if the reason is based on facts like religion/caste/race/region/color etc. It is completely an individual’s choice.

    Some women would orgasm (as suggested in the videos, of course) seeing 50 Cent and some I know have gagged (looking at a photo)! You can’t call that anything other than individual preference.

    Read this post by GB and tell me who you think is right. Is it the one who refuses the hug-and-kiss or the one who paid thru his nose and is ‘entitled’ to it? Here:

  37. At the end of the day, everybody is talking about “Horn OK Please”, Tanushree and Nana Patekar. I’m sure neither Producer Saab nor Tanushree would mind that at all.

  38. @Anubhav
    Just a small observation. The one who posted as MNSguy, I presume, was just being sarcastic about this whole issue. Why have you taken his post so seriously? It’s quite apparent from the way he has written it that he is only mocking the ways of the MNS!

  39. @Sudipto: You didn’t get Anubhav’s sarcasm !!

    @GB: great post. Politics & Movies have always been intertwined. All ‘Stars’ turn up as politicians after their career in Movies is over (e.g. Raj Babbar, Jaya Bachchan, Govinda, Politicians in the Southern states).

    How did you miss out on the Nana Patekar- Manisha Koirala combo. Surely you must have seen Agnisakhshi.

  40. Tanushree has all rights to decide what she wants to do and what she doesn’t and moreover only because the producer is paying you ur fees doesn’t mean that u’ll do anything and that too with a F&%K Face like nana. It’s entirely her choice and we should leave her with it.

    Secondly, Nobody cares how Tanushree has entered the film industry, neither u nor me were present there so let us not ‘assume’ things and waste our time talkng about it.

    thirdly this mother forsaken(read as u like) Raj thakrey has developed this unnatural way of pulling everything into colors of regionalism these days. and dogs to raj, like nana will always find supporters in the form of MNS workers.

    I stand with Tanushree today, I don’t care what she has done earlier, what she will do later on but for this moment she has the right to stand for herself and we must appreciate that rather than pestering her on stupidity like “BLACKLISTING HER”

    Now that is what I call WTF!

  41. I am from Mumbai. I stay at Lokhandwala – the hub of film and TV industry. I have close friends working in the industry.

    Tanushree is idiot and stupid and nana is no saint. It is just that Nana is not her types. Had he been a younger stud she would have more than obliged.

    In any case, bollywood is in Mumbai, Maharashtra and 90% of the crew is Maharashtrian. Countless Marathi mulgis and mulgas have ruled the screen as well. Bhojpuri films are made here. Most of the regional channels operate from here.

    It will be difficult for northies to intimidate and bulldoze Maharashtrians from now on. They will not be able to bully the locals in the pretext of unity and national language.

    75% maharashtrians staying in Maharashtra can read, write and speak Hindi. How many Hindi speakers in Maharashtra can read, write and speak Marathi?

    You need two to tango.

  42. @Prasad- Instead of trying to change people, just try to be good at what you do. This is a globalized age. People work in other countries and many of them don’t know the language of that country. If you are good at what you do, no Indian weather he be from north or south can make you lose your job. And do not accept intimidation or bulldozing from anyone, even if he is from maharashtra, unless of course you are doing so deliberately with long term vested interests. But seriously, when you say that she would have done it with a younger man, arent you implying that he tried to ‘do’ it? If there is no direct accusation, why dont you just ignore that girls insinuations instead of going off on a tangent?

    @suneel shetty- I do not see why not! And which age group do you think drugs like viagra are targetted? Umm…18-40? Also remember the natural cure for not getting hard is a hotter, leaner and younger piece of ass. That is what sets the blood flowing.

  43. Protesters mobbed Filmistan Studios in Mumbai seeking an apology from actress Tanushree Dutta for allegedly insulting actor Nana Patekar during the shoot of an item song.

  44. ….me also from jharkhand and see no point NOT to frolick around with Nana.Tanushree should have ‘given it’ back to Maharashtra.
    As Nana himself said in Tirangaa “Aandu Paandu samjhaa kya, Maraatha hain bhai!”

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