Satyam-eva Jayate


The corporate malfeasance confessed to at Satyam has shocked the nation with words like “financial 26/11” and “India’s Enron” being used to describe this catastrophe for India Inc. Satyam has been subject to ritual humiliations like having their corporate ethics award withdrawn and being taken off stock indices. The economic pundits are baying for blood. On the board floor.

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Ghajini—the Review


“Ghajini” is a fascinating study of  the darkest and the noblest recesses of the human mind, a monument to ultra-violence, a gripping action thriller with  characters  so beautifully etched that you end up caring for the protagonists and what happens to them. Deservedly the top grosser of 2008.

I wish I could have said this for ‘Ghajini’ if only because I greatly admire Aamir Khan, his acting methods,  his meticulous attention to detail and his association with “different” non-formulaic commercially risky movies like 2007’s brilliant “Taare Zamein Par”.

But I just cannot.

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