Thoughts On The Batman Saga (Has Spoilers)


[This post contains SPOILERS. DO NOT READ if you have not seen The Dark Knight Rises. For those of you interested in my opinion of TDKR: It is a solid summer entertainer that is well-worth the entrance. However it, in ITSELF, is not a classic for the ages, in the way that The Dark Knight was.]

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In the Mind of A Reviewer


[Also appeared in the DNA Sunday Mag]

If there is one thing I have learnt in eight years of posts and 57,405 comments at my blog “Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind” ( is that, nothing, and I mean nothing, gets the Indian audience more emotionally riled up than movie reviews.

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Yeah ! We Will Be Playing Cricket With Pakistan Again


As that line from Poltergeist goes “They are here.” Or more precisely, as the line from Poltergeist 2 goes “They are back.”

As predictable as a Veena Malik publicity stunt, as inevitable as a Shahid Afridi retirement, as irresistible as a Musharaff speech, and as destructive as Nargis Fakhri’s acting.

Pakistan is back here. And this time they are not coming in a boat.

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An Open Letter To Those Who Write Me Closed Letters


Dear everyone-who-emails-me-on-blog-related-matters,

The single greatest benefit of blogging for close to eight years (whew) will undoubtedly remain the friendships I have made through RTDM. In many of these cases, these friendships have been initiated by an email. In addition, I have, over the years received, through email, many life-enhancing and horizon-expanding links (mostly to Youtube videos) and also thoughtful retorts to my blog posts, typically from those concerned that critical comments in the public space might be deemed combative. And of course the type of communication everyone likes— pats on the back.

Because appreciation remains, as always, the biggest incentive to write on a forum where I make no money.

To all the above senders of email, a sincere thank you. Please do keep writing.

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