Another surrender

Another abject defeat this time in preliminary match of the Holland Cup. What’s happened to the Men in Blue for the last few months? After that insipid performance in Sri Lanka we see the same vein of performance in Holland. And that too against one of the most mediocre Pakistani sides of recent times!

Firstly I dont understand why India insists on batting second…how many times have we lost chasing? I understand the overcast conditions in the morning but how about considering our record batting second……the same story match after match…..slow pitch in the second innings making batting difficult.

Somehow I believe we are making the career of Shoaib Malik…a player of very mediocre talents who will be put in his place by the other teams…but who like many other cricketers have become a bugaboo for the Indian team. Douglas Mariller, Ray Price, Ronnie Irani, Salim Elahi…..the list of these Indophiles are endless.

And someone please get rid of Mohd Kaif…..I dont care how many runs he saves on the field the bottom line is that he is a batsman and thats what he should be doing. He has been living off the Natwest Final for years now without making a tanglible batting contribution……for a batsman coming in at No 7 he doesnt seem to have the power to clear the ropes or to hit some big shots. Sure he runs well but at No 7 we need someone who can murder the bowlers not someone who pinches singles. And even that on pitches offering something for the bowler Kaif stagnates totally.

Of course we gave away 42 runs from the last 3 overs but hey what can you expect with our very own Duckworth Agarkar back in the side ! Irfan had his rare offday and the we lost the match in those 3 overs itself.

Another defeat……and possible exit from the Holland Cup [Dont see this side putting one across Australia]

1 thought on “Another surrender

  1. This is a great retrospective cricket wise, but the series seems aeons away.
    Maybe its a testament to player burnout, wonder how this view on the team will hold up during the world cup.

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