Las Ketchup

Just so god aweful funny ! A colonel paying people to pretend to be dead is a sad commentary on the way medals are won in the Indian army. Is the number of people you kill directly proportional to the number of medals hanging from your lapel? I understand that this fine officer was ultimately undone by the fact that the people he was killing never appeared on any terrorist list– but it must have been possible to squeeze in a fake death or two without arousing suspicion? (else why would the colonel do it? ) That he ultimately went too far and finished the bottle of ketchup was his Waterloo or should I say Ketchuploo (yikes !).

Whats even more puzzling was that when someone claims a “head” is there any doctor who actually checks to see if the guy is really dead? Doesnt anyone look after the disposing of bodies or do they just leave them there and watch them walk away? I would be more interested in the chain of command that certifies people as “dead” and what happens to them becuase of the result of these investigations.

I would think not much—now that the “saucy” perpetrator has been caught “red” handed.

All in all a “bloody’ shame.

2 thoughts on “Las Ketchup

  1. Look at it this way: There are so many people who had an ambition to act throughout their lives. And the part best suited for novices is the famous “mrito soinik” or dead soldier. The colonel just gave them a chance to fulfil their dreams! 🙂

  2. “Mrito Soinik” er funda ta kintu byapok!

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