The World Is Not Enough….

Indians are fools. Goddamn fools. (I am an Indian myself). And the same goes for the Zionists and the capitalist Americans. It is now common knowledge that 9/11 was a CIA-Zionist conspiracy—remember those Jews who didn’t show up for work ? With egg on its face and its shady machinations exposed you would think that the Zionists would mend their ways. But no. Now they have collaborated with the shady, nefarious, cowdung-loving, idol-worshipping Hindu state of India to cause this tsunami. You want proof. Here it is.

Al-Osboa (does the name sound familiar?), an Egyptian weekly in the inimical style we have come to expect from these vanguards of journalistic integrity, have found out that India exploded a nuclear device in the Indian ocean (with Jewish help of course) . India and the Jewish state have a remarkable confluence of ideals: “to exterminate mankind” —the fact that mankind also includes them is lost on these two paragons of stupidity. As an example of this, Al-Osboa points out India’s repeated insistence on carrying out nuclear tests in the Fire belt of tectonic activity—despite the warnings issues by the good folks from Turkey. We see a pattern here—the US conspiracy of 9/11 kills US citizens, the Indian experiment kills Indians……add to the fact that Kashmiri terrorists who kill Indians are actually Indian armymen in disguise (long ago I read an article in an unbiased paper which made this claim) and you have to wonder—–how dumb can Indians and Zionists be not to understand that the rest of the world has caught onto their game.

And the icing on the cake is that this idea is not even novel………”A View To a Kill ” (a Bond movie Al-Osaba must have in its video library) had an identical plan—to flood Silicion Valley by exploding oil wells on the San Andreas fault. And Lex Luthor, Superman’s arch enemy, had the same plan for the San Andreas fault–only he wanted to do it by exploding nuclear bombs. Bond and Superman of course foiled the plots but as well all know both of them are fictitious. This conspiracy however is not.

12 thoughts on “The World Is Not Enough….

  1. you are a fucking idiot…. if you dont know the importance of idol worship then shut ur freaking mouth my friend… idol worship is never wrong.. coz its for people who cannot comprehend the idea of God being something shapless.. its beyong their comprehension… and thats why idol worship is importance.. its the idol they are worshiping.. its the spirit that is supposedly embodied in it that they are worshiping.. and about indians being fool… what have you done at least from ur fuking side to improve india? nothing.. so shut ur mouth…
    are indians fool? may be.. there are fools in every race.. but in general indians were never fools … are never fools.. will never be fools… coz you know why? indians do not like morons like you 🙂

  2. coz i typed really fact.. there happened to be some mistakes..

    shapeless… important.. its not the idol

    1. The right spelling does not change your Stupid Quotient 😀 😀 😀

  3. “but in general indians were never fools … are never fools.. will never be fools…”

    By that measure, Dileep my friend, you fail to count as an Indian. 😦

  4. @Dileep…I think he meant this post to be humorous, sarcastic…..

  5. ur a fucking dumbass go bleech ur self like michael jackson and turn white u do not deserve to be indian

  6. Ye Gods! Some people have no concept of what sarcasm and irony are…

  7. @ Dileep and @ Kumar … the posts and ur comments are probably too old to even bother about .. but seriously dudes start getting some education about (if u have spent the last year or so in futility)
    1. Humour
    2. Literary styles

    Judging by the dilapidated (read non-existent) state of your sense of humour let me suggest that you start educating yourself by reading maybe Chacha Chaudhury .. then move ahead to say Archie , then watch a few episodes of laughter challenge … finally you can graduate to some sitcom like Friends ( I ca foresee you having a lot of difficulty in understanding why ppl laugh at Joey). Finally when you are done .. maybe give the article a skim … not too much deep reading just a skim ( just as my advisor says) .. and then we will see if you have got anything

    @ Arnabda : Your post is way too “feeke” (too put it in Bengali) compared to the two priceless comments from Kumar and Dileep ..

  8. Ironically, the combination of their names (Dileep Kumar) is that of an actor who isn’t exactly an idol-worshipper (but a stupid Indian all the same). 😀

  9. whoa!!! finally an article on greatbong with more interesting cooments section. now this is a good competition to rediff

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