Ma-ma-mama mia Mafia………

Gore gore mukhre pe
Kala kala chashma……….

Thus went the song from a Nagma movie….yes the same Nagma who has now been revealed to be the keep of Anees Ibrahim, the brother of Dawood Ibrahim. I love anything to do with organized crime and this week has been good for me with the Gutkhka scandal exploding onto the front pages. I am sure this mafia scandal will follow the template of all such high profile scandals—a few days of hectic activity, cops and CBI sleuths belching out sound bytes, a couple of editorials bemoaning the criminalization of life, some “deep” articles on the lines of why women are attracted to mafia dons and then ………total, absolute silence.

We shall never know what happens to “Jumbo” or to the Guthka magnates. All their stories and scandals shall be lost in time like tears in the rain. Remember the Telgi scandal—the mother of all scandals that led to heads rolling at the Mumbai Crime Branch when everyone in the chain of command right to the very top were implicated for having their snouts in the trough. What happened to them? What happened to Telgi ? Noone knows. The media just seems to lose interest in the topics we deserve to know about. The reason is obvious—they do not consider it in their best interest to bring out the true story……….the story that emerges once the hype and hoopla has died down. Because the last thing that corporate media wants to do is to rock the boat and shake up the system of which they are a part of.

Coming back to the Gutkha scandal, the hypocritical Mumbai film fraternity has reacted in its typical knee-jerk manner——–it kicked out Manikchand Gutkha as the sponsor of Filmfare Awards (our dumbed-down version of the Oscars). Remember Bharat Shah, diamond merchant and film financier, who was in cahoots with the Dubai mafia———-at the first sign of trouble the film community kicked him out only to readmit him with full honors once the heat died down. Pyar Ishq aur Mohabbat director Rajiv Rai gave an interview to Stardust once (which I read in a barber’s shop in Kolkata) that Abu Salem and his gang had threatened to assassinate him but that he would not buckle down to their strong arm tactics——no sir. But that things had become so hot for him and his wife Sonam that they were having to shift base to UK . What he declined to mention was that he had “bought” his life by casting Monica Bedi, Abu Salem’s moll as one of the heroines. ( If you have ever watched the disastrous “Pyar Ishq Aur Mohabbat” you may argue that by casting Monica Bedi in this mess, Rajiv Rai got the revenge to end all revenges on the mafia cause it effectively finished her movie career) The point I am trying to make is that the entire Mumbai film fraternity is in bed with the Dubai mafia and when the cops discover stuff which everyone knows anyways Bollywood quickly detaches itself from the fallen only to come crawling through the back door once the spotlight shifts.

Another thing I love about Bollywood is the total disconnect between the themes of their movies and the guiding ideology of the people who make them. Sanjay Gupta and Mahesh Manjrekar make gritty mafia movies with the moral “crime does not pay” but in reality are found to grovel in front of real mafia dons and take money from them to make movies decrying “goonda-raj.” Shubhas Ghai makes movies about the ethereal quality of love and is known to have attempted to molest Monisha Koirala during the making of Saudagar. Madhur Bhandrakar makes the biting, no-holds-barred “Page 3” where he rips open the glittering facade of the Mumbai glitterati—one of the stories he shows is of a “socially conscious” filmmaker who mandates that his heroine sleep with him for the part. Only fly in the ointment—-he himself was accused of doing the same thing by an upcoming starlet during the making of this movie itself !

And concluding my rant for today………..poor Nagma. After being mauled by her affair with our own crouching Bengal tiger Saurav Dada Ganguly she gets hit for a towering six and lands up in the lap of Anees Ibrahim. Now that the cops have caught this buxom star from the South, they shall really give her a hard time because she is a soft target, pun fully intended. As she herself sung in a Hindi-dubbed Tamil movie whose name I think was “Super Police”…

Khakee wardi chasma wala
Patthar dil hain policewala
Phir bhi maine dil de dala
Oooooooooh yeah

8 thoughts on “Ma-ma-mama mia Mafia………

  1. In the US tabloids, it seems like stars are thrilled to be in a scandal for the publicity. As they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity. I wonder if the same applies to the desi stars too ?

    Btw, talking about the craziness of the hindi film-world, have you read Shashi Tharoor’s “Show Business” ?

  2. What you say about notoriety being good publicity is true——-though the lafda with Dada didnt help Nagma’s film career any.
    No I have not read the book……not a very well read person I am afraid

  3. My gossipy self coming to the fore, but I wonder when people are going to start conjecturing about Ganguly’s connection with the D company and its rivals, because of this investigation…

  4. Why only Dada? The criminal who spilled the beans has the mafia nickname of “Jumbo” which is also Anil Kumble’s nickname……….so there seems to be multiple connections to Team India….

  5. This post has been removed by the author.

  6. Trust the Bongs to be at it, sorry Him…Dada. Will keep you guys posted on all the Dada-giri, the moment I get a whiff of it! And Urmi can vouch for the veracity of the info posted…right?

  7. The whole scenario is just like “another one uff”.
    The more it is read the more ideas u get and the more cautious u r.And on the other hand some people get afraid to do so.But ultimately the truth is everybody is answereable to himself.

  8. Isn’t it a little stereotypical of non south indians to cast anything south indian as Tamil or Madrasi? Super Police happens to be a telugu movie.

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