Is this news?

Male Gaze: where is he staring at ?

The basic reasons why men find certain women more attractive than others, are just as enigmatic as before. But today, the scope of what a man looks at in a woman has expanded considerably, finds Priya Pathiyan

Here is the link. This is on the front page of India’s largest circulation daily: Times of India. I ask you: is this news? Come on now, everyone knows what men specifically check out when they ogle a lady…..and this article, albeit in a mock researchy fashion, regurgitates what we all know. In that sense, there is nothing new to be learnt. Of course, one can argue that the topic itself is unseemly and not deserving of front page attention. But my main beef is that it is just a waste of time reading something I knew ever since my hormones kicked in.

But it could have been news if it reported that according to a latest “study” (whoever does these studies anyways) , men had started looking at a woman’s intelligence, poise and moral fiber before they focus their pin-hole camera on their specific “research interest”.

Talking about studies here is one which says that married men in India are the most unfaithful among all nations of the world ! As a member of this villified group, I want to know what the hell were their research methods—-how did they get to know who was cheating , what is the definition of “cheating” (especially in a cyber world), and how did they conduct this so-called global survey? According to the article published in Hindustan Times, this survey was done by a dating service called cupidbay which I found to be a sleazy mail-order bride kinda site which had no mention of this survey anywhere on the website. The relationship expert Francis Deacon quoted in the article also didn’t turn up on a Google search.

Again yellow journalism at its worst

Not that I am complaining about similarly scholarly articles in TOI and HT on “Wife Swapping in Delhi” or the “Call Girl Market in Bangalore” but this one simply crosses the line.

Note to self: I have to keep my wife from getting to read the above article.

9 thoughts on “Is this news?

  1. TOI is only useful as TOIlet paper.

  2. You are right…but Indian Express, Hindustan Times etc are also following their example with gusto. Only the Hindu, to a large extent, has resisted the bastardization of journalistic standards.

  3. Hello Arnab.
    I saw your comment on my blog and I wanted to reply. I think you did not read my post properly. I clearly stated that there are only a few idiots among the crowd who cause the problem. But again, it has become a habit in Kolkatta which is saddening.
    I’m only stating the truth. Again, I was not praising Chennai crowd just because I’m from Chennai. It a fact that Chennai crowd is more sensible and have never resorted to rioting. We do have to criticize the bad things that happen in our country. I appreciate your comment, but I do hope you understand my real intent.

    Also I dont agree that since Eden Gardens can host a lot of people that they cannot be controlled. There has to be enough policemen deployed to maintain order. They should not allow any glass bottles inside the stadium. Everytime a riot happens in some place in India, our reputation goes down.

  4. journalistic standards are only as good as the people who read them.

    you might be 1 out of thousand who thought the article was useless but there are 999 who probably read the article and did not think it was bastardisation….thats why such articles will keep appearing..and HT, IE, Hindu will be fools not to publish such articles.

    The Toi, to its credit, does feature great columns on the edit has something for everyone….I dont even touch the supplements and go straight to where I know I’ll find value – maybe you should try the same

  5. TOI is one of the worst papers around….it plays to the masses and low classes……..the Hindu has kept some sort of standard in its news reporting however….

  6. Arnab – I believe that TOI is considered a gold standard of what the feature reporting should be. By whom ? – by the editors of Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Asian Age etc. All the newspapers aspire to be TOIlet paper.

    This is what most people like to read – they don’t like reading about the bhashans of Sonia Gandhi and Vajpayee. They don’t like news of floods and death and farmer-suicide. They want entertainment with their morning tea.

    So that’s what gets ads to the newspaper, and thus that’s what gets coverage (or uncoverage).

    We no longer live in the age when the newspaper was something to read, a forum where serious editors wrote on serious topics. Today it’s a medium competing with MTV and Star Plus for ad revenue.

    If you don’t like it, just ignore it, if you can.

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