Murderers Walk

Murderers walk. They walk free. 329 people’s lives have been snuffed out, families devastated…..and the perpetrators just walk… free. Vancouver businessman Ripudaman Singh Malik (59), and Kamloops mill worker Ajaib Singh Bagri (55) were acquitted of all charges for the Kanishka bombing , the most devastating terrorist attack before 9/11, by a Canadian court in a shocking judgment. At a time when the Western world is crying themselves hoarse about the need to distinguish terrorists from criminals in terms of jurisprudence, the Canadian justice system bizarrely absolves of all guilt , two terrorists against whom the case was rock-solid. Well seemingly solid. I wonder whether this would have been the verdict if this was a plane full of Europeans. I wonder.

What I found interesting was the reaction of a section of Sikhs in India who rejoiced…..because seemingly this verdict has absolved the Sikhs from the label of terrorists. Firstly even if justice has been done and these lowlifes sent to their maker (ok I know Canada does not have death sentence), I fail to understand how that would reflect negatively on the Sikh community as a whole ? And the flip question: why their release is a matter of celebration for Sikhs ? I guess this is a manifestation of the OJ syndrome when African-Americans overwhelmingly supported OJ despite OJ Simpson’s obvious guilt —–turning a simple murder trial into an issue of race.

The liberals have been quick to jump to the defense of the murderers—-since they have been absolved by a court of law, they are innocent and deserve to be treated as such.

Well ok then ….By that same logic how is Narendra Modi a murderer?—–he is also blameless from the point of view of the law. Yet the same liberals, who love to have it both ways, take great pleasure in painting him as a Hitler avatar and their latest victory is getting the US to reject Modi’s visa application.

I consider Narendra Modi a murderer too. A modern-day Nero. A madman. But he did not preside over a genocide—in a previous post I have argued this point. There are far worse who are welcomed in US with open arms, (Khaleda Zia who presides over anti-Hindu pogroms as an example)——and yet thanks to the strange collusion between Islamic organizations and the liberal left, the US decides to make huge hue and cry ONLY over Narendra Modi. Which actually enhances Modi’s image as a persecuted Hindu leader representing Hindu pride under attack from Muslims and pseudo-secularists. God damn it, please let him attend the meeting of the Patel brothers—-don’t enhance his image by actually noticing him.

And while I write, a murderer heads home (to visit his mother and be cheered by his community).

As the “Pink” song goes:

You make me sick.

6 thoughts on “Murderers Walk

  1. Read the Judgement to find out if the case was strong or not.

  2. yes i did and thank you dear anon for the link. There are many similar sites which claim Mr Modi’s innocence….

  3. Good one arnab

    I was disappointed with kanishka too. I lost my maternal uncle in the sabotage.coming to modi poit well taken.but its a matter of national pride which even congress took serious exception from US stand

  4. 15000 sikhs murdered by hindus in 1984 and those bastards
    who killed them are walking free and you are spreading this
    shit really you hindus talk like angels but you are the biggest satan of modern india everybody else is a terrorist

  5. Hara hara bom bom September 10, 2007 — 5:22 pm

    @ singh
    “15000 sikhs murdered by hindus in 1984 and those bastards who killed them are walking free”

    Hi Singh,

    (1) Where did you get the figure of 15,000 ?

    (2) How many Hindus were massacred by Sikh terrorists (i.e terrorists funded from Pakistan operating under the incidental identity of Sikhs)?

    (3) Why do you say “Hindus killed” them? ‘Twas Congress goons (Sajjan Kumar, HKL Bhagat) who donned the muderors mantle. My uncles, who distinctly remember the times, tell me that Hindus in Delhi en masse tried saving Sikhs from criminal Congressi madness. Alas, many were too late.

    (4) Why do you think Hindus do not support the execution of those butchers who killed innocent Sikhs?

    (5) Why did the media show multiple reports of Sikhs saying “they were satisfied” and the “past had been forgotten” after Manmohan Singh was elected?

    (6) Why does the media constantly heehaw about Ram temple reclamation & post-Godhra revenge attacks, while remaining totally silent about massacre of Sikhs?

    (7) Why is theis same bemusing contradiction repeated in Lok Sabha?

    (8) Why are the Bum-ponth still sleeping with the Congress even after the honey-moon has bitterly soured and they have full blown domestic squabbles rather than lovers tiffs every day?

    (PS BUM Ponth = LEFT Front. In WB, Left is pronounced Bum[ble] rather than Bam[bie])

    (9) How does this stack up against the murder of 3 MILLION Bengalees (primarily Hindus) by Pakistan in 1970?

    (10) Why do I think you sport a skull cap rather than a turban?

  6. Bal thackrey and others predict civil war in India?who will gain if the civil war which is simmering as one can see in the hearts and minds od comunal elements and who think being in majority can easily win ? and like Germany kill more than 14 crores?Germans killed 6 millions? will it happn?Ans at what cost ? Who will gain ?The Communal RSS or the their enemies?Will RSS be able to elimeite the entire muslim world and minorties as they dream ?One shivers too think of the future in India of civil war ?Which by all accounts and BJP leaders ois on the corner ?Are innocent ready to be buthcherd!And will all crores be easy meat for RSS?

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