Bangladeshi Tigers

A Border Security Force (BSF) man killed by the Bangladeshi beggars over a bottle of syrup ! Not just killed———tortured and killed. Why was he killed? Because he was trying to bust the smuggling of cheap cough syrup Bangladeshis use to get high.

So the brave Bangladeshi Rifles hatched a master military plan that would put Rommel to shame. They catch a poor Indian villager on the Indian side of the border and take him to Bangladesh. Two BSF men, Jeevan Kumar Sinha and Venu Kumar go to bring the man back when the Bangladeshi Rifles ,aided by the warrior clan of Bangladeshi citizens, vastly outnumber the two BSF men, drag them deep into Bangla territory, torture them and then hand over the dead body of Jeevan Kumar Sinha and the dying Venu Kumar to India. And while they were slow torturing two Indian soldiers, the BR men were firing at India


Four years ago, 16 BSF jawans died in a brutal attack by Bangladesh Rifles and Bangladeshi villagers in Mancachar along the border. That was the result of an intrusion by Bangladeshi villagers. These men were also tortured before being killed. Besides this, BR men make frequent incursions into India to loot villages and rape women.

And yet we as Indians remain quiet. No matter how much we huff and puff over a permanent seat in the UN Security Council , we will never be respected if we can’t keep a country as insignificant as Bangladesh from butchering our men in uniform. Imagine the hellfire that would have rained on the Mexicans had they dared to do even a fraction of this to an US serviceman.

At least, Pakistan has a nuclear bomb. So we are a little bit reticent in making them accountable for the number of Indians their minions murder year after year.

What about Bangladesh? They can’t even afford heroine or cocaine to get high—-they need cheap cough drops. When Bangladesh sent a contingent to liberate Kuwait during Gulf War I, they were discovered by the US troops hiding in an abandoned bunker. They are always begging for something or the other from India, Pakistan and China. Even one of the editors of “Cricket Bangladesh” (which claims that Bangladesh is better than India in cricket—okay on current performances that may be true pretty soon) passes under the proud pseudonym of “Gharjamai” ( a son-in-law who leeches of his father-in-law)

Yes they are a gharjamai country, dependent on hand-outs from India and yet biting its hand whenever it can.

Things have become really bad under Begum Khaleda Zia. Bangladesh has become a center for ISI actitivity, Hindus are prevented from doing puja in public, some regions of Bangladesh are collecting Islamic tax on non-believers ie Hindus. In addition, there is the small matter of the regular slaughtering our armymen in the most cowardly fashion.

In return, all we do is summon their ambassador and hand him a letter of protest. That’s all the South Block babus do. That’s it ? Is that what the blood of our soldiers is worth?

Well what should India do. Declare war on Bangladesh? No, we should not waste our bullets. They cost us money.

No seriously, violence is never a solution to barbarity (unless in extreme circumstances when things get Hitlerish). However, we as Indians can do plenty of things which would really hurt the nation of Bangladesh in a non-violent way.

Cut off all aid to Bangladesh. (Yes that includes the $150 million dollar project to modernize Bangladesh’s railways which India is going to do as a gesture of “goodwill”)

Stop planes from flying into Dhaka from India.

Not honor any water-sharing treaties.

Stop all trade with Bangladesh.

And most importantly, seal the border and stop Bangladeshi infiltration (fat chance of that happening as long as the communists are in power in Bengal—their main vote bank is illegal Bangladeshi immigrants) so that Bangladesh can reel under the weight of their own numbers.

That would bring the beggarocracy to its knees and make them think twice before they inflict ‘non-combat injuries” on the bodies of Indian servicemen.

Time to send the Gharjamai home.

11 thoughts on “Bangladeshi Tigers

  1. Good one.


  2. I would suggest you hear the both sides of a story before reaching a hateful verdict. You have read only a twisted story. Here in the Bangladeshi medias we get a completely different picture. Indian media do not even bothered to mention the 7 year old girl killed by BSF bullet.

    I am sure you are not aware of the 377 Bangaldeshi civilians killed by BSF bullet in last 5 years. Indian government has never bothered to investigate why the BSF jawans made forays to Bangladeshi territory and rather blamed that they were dragged in this incident!

    An official international probe is a logical move which is needed albeit all the diplomacies. Those who are guilty for the brutalities whould be punished and the civilian victims should be compensated.

    Hateful blurts won’t achieve anything. Find the truth. Its on public domain.


  3. Dear Rezwan,

    Firstly thanks for the comment.

    Again the statistics you tout are present *only* in Bangla papers. However the Indian side of the story is what is present in the world press—whatever little coverage they give to the sub continent.

    The girl that you claim was killed by the BSF bullet was part of the cross-fire that BR engaged in to distract the BSF while two of their own were being butchered. Death of a 10 year old girl (that’s the age I saw in a bangladeshi paper) is no doubt tragic. But the girl was not a “target” of the BSF. However the 2 men were—you did not just kill them…you tortured them to death (near death in the case of the other). Please try to understand the difference.

    Lastly, with respect to the figure of 377 Bangladeshi civilans killed, I honestly cannot say if it is true or not because our side says it is not and your side says it is. However there is something you people claim (I found this in the same place the 377 figure is mentioned).

    And that is that BSF men fire at Bangla Rifles so that Indian civilians can infiltrate into Bangladesh—ie provide cover for “Indian refugees to Bangladesh”

    Forgive my impudence but I could not help laughing.

    I know, for a fact, that it is Bangladeshis who stream into India every day illegally because , face it, our economic situation is better. (I hope we are in agreement with this)

    Now if blinded by your Bangla pride the Bangla press would like to delude themselves that it is the other way round, then they are free to do so.

    I however am free to laugh.

    In any case, we both agree that violence is never the solution to any problem. And that’s the most important thing.

  4. It’s a shame what happened to Bangladesh. I hope the world steps up and helps them.

  5. Dear Retro:
    Here is a link where you can donate and ask our friends to donate. The money will be used to help victims on the ground with minimal overhead

  6. wow,this is hatred and stupidity and ignorance onn the highest level
    keep it up …

  7. GB,

    Nice article, though the only suggestion that I think would work is sealing borders. The need to seal the borders with Bdesh is long overdue. The other suggestions are all over-reactions. No nation imposes sanctions based upon border skirmishes (unfortunately that is what the death of the wretched soldier would be termed as).

    But yes, we need to stop this gharjamai treatment and send the illegal immigrants home. An interesting view on this whole Bdesh issue came from Subramanium Swamy. His argument is, either we take over 1/3 rd of Bangladesh or they take back their immigrants. The truth is that Bangladesh was formed because Bengali muslims did not want to live with the rest of India. But now, since they have changed their minds and want to live in India, what is the point of Bangladesh keeping all the territory. It should be returned.

    Regarding the border killing. I would be curious to know the other side of the picture. Are our Indian side of things on the border blemish free? I would doubt it.

  8. Guys, underestimate Bangladesh’s military might at your own peril. They are a powerful country militarily.

    – I think their army can almost match the Kolkata traffic police in terms of firepower.

    – The Bangladesh air force boasts of state-of-the-art hot air baloons from where they can drop mirchi patakas filled with sulphur to cause maximum carnage.

    – The fishing boats of the navy are more than capable of chasing man-eating tigers to the Indian side of the Sundarbans so that Indian flesh could used to nourish the BD wildlife.




    PS: this is just a joke. No offence meant LOL !

  9. Understand your sentiments but the only long term solution is education & for god’s sake muslims have to understand knowledge is not limited to Quran.What you say about our Left front govt is completely right communism believes in no boundaries but CPI-M is hell bent on turning WB into a terrorist breeding ground.So all the Bangladeshis stop being a bigot and start opening their minds.How can you fire even a bullet towards Indians you have got your freedom with our ample backing though i take nothing away from mujibur rahman.But remember it is never a smart thing to poke a sleeping giant however sweet it may be!!

  10. A simple economic blockade and sealed borders should work. And throw in a no-fly zone too. Then block any rivers flowing in and finally release the waters to get them to their senses.

  11. Some Nostalgic Moments April 20, 2010 — 6:30 am

    Even if a small pimple appears on some nasty part of our body….It just hurts a lot….so is this killing….BD are nothing economically or military wise as compared to India….but still the false zingoistic sense of the greatness of one’s own country…..these mere mortals seem to be daydreaming a lot and in a matter of haste seems to say whatever comes in their mouth….my only request to u…”we can’t forget the pain these small pimples have been causing in my life ….but we!!! like true gallantry people will just give a smile ……will hug them and will even make a house for them…’coz we lnow its always better to forgive than get ur hand dirty by playing with the rashes of the life…..All the best GB …archive posts r really cool….

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