A very short post

On CNN Larry King, last Friday there was a very lively discussion between spiritual leaders as to what is evil. One of the panelists was Deepak Chopra. I always thought of him as a wishy-washy Hindu new age guru who markets Eastern philosophy to the California crowd. That he still maybe, but in this discussion, he was just MARVELLOUS. Maybe the reason I am so ecstatic is because he and I were in 100% total agreement on the issue. No. Actually I am ecstatic because of one line he spoke. (I don’t know if it is original—-but nonetheless it was a ripper)

” God gave man the Truth. The Devil said “Let’s organize it.” Religion was born.”

More Mr Chopra please.

2 thoughts on “A very short post

  1. Wait, I thought Deepak Chopra was the devil. I’m confused now.

  2. Well he very well maybe. I have been told on good authority that this was a quote made by Vivekananda. Mr Chopra did not mention his source.

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