Kentucky Fried Cruelty

KFC keeps chickens in inhuman conditions and treats them sadistically. Ok that’s not what the post is for. It’s for a bit of irony. Well more than a bit. Watch the video here.

The person doing the narration is Wham Bam Pam Anderson. In the course of the narration, she pours out 2 gems which I thought were kind of ironic coming from her.

1. They (the chickens) are bred to be top-heavy.
2. Their (the chicken’s) weak legs cannot support their heavy chest.


5 thoughts on “Kentucky Fried Cruelty

  1. Irony indeed !!!!!!! 🙂

  2. So what’s wrong with breeding them with large breasts? I guess you don’t eat chicken?…Bradsblog

  3. And I guess you either dont know Pam Anderson or you cant recognize irony.

    [PS I am eating Cajun chicken topping pizza as I write this]

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  5. you missed the whole point of the story..sadly.

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