Sand Niggers

Reading Sunil Laxman’s rather chilling brush with racist violence got me thinking about similar experiences I have had during my 6 years of life in the US. Fortunately, no bottles have been thrown at me and none of the bad experiences I have had were violent in nature.

Being singled out because of the color of your skin is such a common experience that you become inured to it. Smiles of shopkeepers vanish mysteriously when they see my brown skin, aloofness enters the voice of the grocery store clerk, the seat adjacent to me in a bus is often the last place to be filled up (which is a good thing incidentally). Not for a moment I am saying that I have never encountered smiling faces or a friendly “Hello”————far from that. But there have been quite a few times I have seen people’s attitudes change the moment they have had to deal with brown skinned people.

My first brush with verbal abuse (because of my color of skin) was in New York city during the Thanksgiving day parade of 1999. A horribly dreary, rainy day—- we took shelter beneath a structure as the parade (rather a let-down I may add…..give me “Durgapujo Bhashan” anyday) winded itself down Broadway towards Macy’s. As we took shelter, there was already a family of four (husband wife and 2 kids) standing there. The moment they saw 5 desi guys (there was an American guy with us also but they possibly didn’t think he was with us), the wife told the husband in a tone loud enough for all of us to hear:

“Let’s go somewhere else, those sand niggers are here.”

Not some drunk lowlife throwing bottles. Sometimes when dispossessed, bitter people say such stuff I can understand………because they think, mistakenly, that we, South Asians, have come here and taken their jobs. But this family was anything but that.—a typical urbane, affluent New York family if there was one.

And yet their hatred for us was so ingrained, so embedded that the wife did not think twice before sprewing obscenities in front of her kids. Or maybe “sand nigger” is considered a perfectly acceptable way of referring to people of South Asian origin in their family.

There was another time when a few of us went to a restaurant where the sign asked us to “Wait to be seated.” We told the waitress that there were 4 of us. She told us to wait. Despite empty seats patently visible, she kept us waiting. That may well be their store policy.

But then a group of 6 white Americans came and were immediately seated ! And then another group of Americans—-yes sir please come in ! Two of us in that group ( a friend of mine and me) were combative and called the store manager. He kept on insisting that it had been an “oversight” and they thought we were standing for a take-out (Of course noone asked us if we were).

My friend took down the store’s franchise number (which they were exceedingly reluctant to give) and we threatened to take this up with the “authorities”. However being overworked grad students, none of us had the “tempo” to take the matter up in right earnest. My friend received a subsequent call on his cellphone from someone higher up in the store, he didn’t take it then and said he was too lazy to call back. In any case, we had made our point that day in the store itself.

There was another time when there was 12 of us, Jadavpur University old boys, who were going to take the Metro. Now the machine dispensing tickets had very ambiguous instructions and the person in charge of buying tickets bought 12 one-way tickets. Or so he thought. What he had bought instead was one ticket for 12 one-way rides !

So our man Friday goes to the “customer service” counter (who also oversees the turnstiles) and tries to negotiate a solution. The man brusquely says “nothing doing” —you will just have to buy the tickets again. Ok fine….we were idiots….we pay the price for it.

And then it happened. Right in front of us, another group of people, none of them brown, make the exact same mistake. The same man smiles, nods his head and just lets them through.

A few of us lost it. We wanted to see the man’s id batch, soon we were surrounded by his mates all of whom insisted that nothing of the sort happened (it’s another thing that none of his pals were even close enough to know). Very soon, the supervisor comes upto us and tells us to just mail the tickets back to so-and-so address, tell them what happened and we will get a refund.
(Our kind “customer service” man didn’t even tell us this).

Again being true blue Indians, we dropped the whole thing. One of my friend’s hypothesis (which may have been true in this case) was that we were discriminated against not because we were Indians but because we were guys—-it was true that the non-brown group that was allowed “passage” consisted of people who look good in short skirts and tank tops. Which none of us were wearing. At least that day we weren’t.

In the next incident there was however no room for doubt.

2002. I was at Copenhagen international airport , going to attend CAV (Computer Aided Verification). On seeing my Indian passport, I was whisked out of line and made to stand aside while the whole planefull of people waded through immigration. Even after the people have gone, I was left standing. An official, in the most discourteous way possible, asked me to come in (as if calling a dog) to the booth. Then he made me take out my wallet, show him how much money I have, my credit cards (which he photocopied)………..then he asked me why I am in Denmark. On showing him an invitation letter from the conference to deliver a talk, the official sniggered and asked me, with a look of condescending disdain, —“Can you explain what verification is?”

I would presume they would have verified my antecedents when they gave me my visa. (I was asked to provide my bank statement, invitation letter….all the paraphernalia when I got my visa). But here in Copenhagen, they made me go through the entire procedure again. And I was the only one who had to go through this rigmarole. Because there were two brown people in the plane—-and one of them had an American passport.

They made me feel miserable—-as if I was an illegal immigrant who had been caught in the baggage compartment of the plane.

To give credit where it is due, I have also traveled a lot in US and never have I ever encountered any such “attitude” coming from the officials. US has gone through a lot in the last few years, and for many people there is no difference between us and Arabs (because we look the same. As an aside: can we Indians make a difference between a man from Ghana and Tanzania ?). Yet I have seen, countless number of times, US officials bending backwards so that they do not racially profile people.

But the officials at Copenhagen showed no such reticence…….they found nothing wrong in delaying me by more than one hour and leafing through my wallet—in their book it’s acceptable behavior to a brown guy with an Indian passport.

A sand nigger—-no more no less.

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  1. An excellent post Arnab…..I think all of us have faced many such incidents…and not from “a drunk lowlife” alone…like my subsequent post said.

    I have an even scarier incident than my two posts…..this was during the 4th of July celebrations here, where I was with 2 Indian friends (and one dark skinned Venezuelan, and one more dark skinned Brazilian), and we were in the park watching the fireworks. There was a group of American teenagers sitting and barbecueing something…and one of them calls out….”where have you fucks set the bombs?”.

    I was really, really livid. I cornerd that shitbag, and told him exactly what I thought of him, and made him apologize to all of us (in front of his friends). I don’t think what I did helped in any way….but sometimes….you just blog.

  2. How does one put one stray incident like that behind oneself and not let it influence your opinions of others?

  3. so you are a dune coon. So what? quit whining you stupid jackass.

  4. if you stupid cunts didnt kill anyone youd have no trouble–dont complain when india and pakistan are two of the filthiest most racial prejudiced cuntries in the world

  5. Sand Nigger is a term used for Arabs.

  6. You take all people one at a time. When you are disgusted with their behavior and attitude, they are no good and we tag them. There are millions of names for them in our mind’s eye. The most disgusting names seem most appropriate in our anger. When they are decent, they can be our best friend and we love them.

    Take each man one at a time… If the whole world was like that, we could rid ourselves of those needing getting rid of. We’d lose honkies, rednecks, kikes, niggers, sand niggers, towel heads, chinks, gooks, commies, pinkos, liberals, leftists, rightists, etc… Everyone else would just be people. One at a time. Take them one at a time.

    One person does not make a group. A small group is not a population. One at a time.

    I was robbed in Paris by sand niggers. But not all Algerians, Morrocans or Lybians are sand niggers- just the motherfuckers that robbed me! They are sand niggers. Get the point?

    The rest? One at a time. Fear says, “they’re all sand niggers.” Understanding says, “they are people- except for the mother fuckers that robbed me.”

    So- sand niggers that robbed me- I shit on you. But I understand that you were desperate and I would accept your apology. Next time, ask me for a hand-out. I give it without question. If you asked me for a hand-out, you wouldn’t be sand niggers, you’d just be people that needed something from me and I’d respect you for asking.

    One very desparate Islamic woman came onto the Paris city metro train and sang for alms (moments after I was robbed). She then held out her coin purse as she walked down the aisle. All the French ignored her. I gave her a Euro. She smiled, then she wept. I wept. I shit on those that were incompassionate to her. What name can I give you- Arrogant Frogs? The rest of France? I’ll resist my inclinations. One at a time. One at a time.

  7. to the person that commented above…so everytime a white person screws us over we call them crackers…right? For example all the ignorant white people could be called crackers. Crackers are the reason why other minorites can advance right? Its not all white people…but those that do this are crackers right?

  8. supratim srinivasan January 14, 2007 — 4:27 am

    An excellent post. Although I have not been subjected to racial discrimination ( atleast i did’nt notice it ), sometimes the expression of some of the people here change ever so slighlty while dealing with us desis.

    They have this mindset that we are here to take away their jobs and earn their share of money. In college I often meet people who ask me some really stupid questions like are there tall buildings in India? Do you guys ride busses to school ?? Are there elephants roaming about in the open ( this might be true at times ) ??

  9. supratim srinivasan January 14, 2007 — 4:35 am

    Oh and the common joke over here for us desis is one from the show called Simpsons, where there is this grocery store owner who is an Indian ( havent seen the show, but this is what I have heard when i asked for an explanation) and his lines are “Thank you, come again ” .

  10. The only way you can tackle this phenomenon is by understanding it. In my opinion there is no way you should take it personally, it’s not personal at all. If you really wish to understand it all, read three books: “Black Like Me”, “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” and “Roots”. You’ll get a sympathetic perspective. In fact if you can, check out an amazing film from 20 years ago called “Brother From Another Planet”. Having said all that, let me also say that this particular phenomenon you have experienced at Macy’s is not mainstream racism, it’s overly gullible and foolish people personally projecting national power. Let me recommend one more film then, “America: World Police”. You will enjoy it, I’m sure.
    BTW, personal note: I studied, lived and worked in the US for a long time. I now live in and around India. Although the experience of living is richer here, notwithstanding the weird attitude of our own kind and the health problems we face, the experience of intellectually expanding your horizons and coming face to face with yourself is the coolest thing America gave me. So focus on that, focus on your work, and stay safe.
    Now, back to Himessbhai. Come on Bebs, why you are slecking? Himess 300.

  11. Well, even I’ve experienced racism in Europe especially in Germany and Italy.. But not much in the US..
    lets see where it goes..

  12. Well I faced quite a lot racial discrimination in Germany. In my workplace (which is one of the reasons I moved to US), in train stations and airports, to mention just a few. In one typical situation, me and my wife could not sleep at all in a night train between Munich and Florence (both onward and return journeys). The same police officer verified our passports 4 times in the train in different times of night. Another group of Indian people in the same train also had similar experiences in the onward journey.

  13. yes, i understand all that you ahve written from my experiences abroad for short periods.well, somewhere this is the way global power imbalance shows up in everyday lives.

  14. People people people shit happens there racism everywhere so just fuck those racist they can all go die and the term “sand nigger” is used for desi people… for the peopel who dont know this term was used when we were slaves i mean where else would it come from? like c’mon now people and it really doesnt matter where you go there racism everwhere ive expeirnced it when i go back to nyc ever now and then or when i go to canada so its really who the peopel are not where they from

  15. Look, people that look like YOU are trying to kill people that look like me, this is The United States and I have every right to avoid people who look like killers. If you don’t like it, leave. You won’t be missed.

  16. Oh and don’t people like you have the blood of thousands of people who look like “sand niggers” or for that matter the original owners of your land? The point is if you want to avoid non-Americans, by all means go ahead. That too will not be missed. That doesn’t give you a right to be vocally abusive to people you don’t have any interaction other than a look. If just going by looks gives you the right to abuse everone that you ‘merely think’ is out to kill you, you might as well behave like the scaredy white ass that you are. Holed up in you ‘safe’ havens…jumping out of your skin at the sound of a tyre bursting. I pity you.

  17. @GreatBong:

    Hey GB, another good post.. Though I got to read it pretty late. Well, The Prevalence of racism in the west has been gathering a lot of media attention of late (and rightly so). Racism given that its based on discrimination, can however, be seen elsewhere too.

    Our own sacred motherland is no diffeerent. I don’t really know if you should call it racism, but u can certainly call it discrimination (based on innovative grounds like dialects, places etc). I live in Bangalore – which is known for its cosmopolitan culture and mind you, I can write an epic or two on discrimination. Here, unfortunately, the victims are, lets say, non-kannada speaking crowd. This however, doesn’t include foreigners. A self respecting Bangalorian will never respond to a northie (who in the former’s opinion is always a Techie and gets money which he doesn’t deserve) with a straight face.

    I’ve had a really bad experience in a public bus here. The conductor like the true son of Bangalore pushed me in the crowd instead of using his underustilised vocal chords. I was furious and asked his name to which he had to say “you think you are the commisioner”. In no time, a rowdy looking guy entered the bus who insisted that I speak in Kannada. I tried to tell him I can’t communicate in that language and all I knew was hindi and english. I’m sure, he had no other connection with the Conductor than that of language. But his support for his not-so-good-mannered-brother/conductor was note-worthy. Suddenly I was isolated and everyone around without a doubt believed that the conductor was right in pushing me.

    One middle aged uncle also thought he would recreate the scene and showed others what could qualify for a good push (using me as the object of course). After everyone decided that I the english speaking man standing in the land of NON_hindi speaking men should not be pardoned. many more young lads pushed through the crowd, stamped women darted towards me. I was pushed across, almost assualted when I thought it better to flee. And I did realise my mistake – I couldn’t speak the language they use.

    And your post actually made me feel good at times knowing that u could actually take an action against these things. Bangalore being another by product of Bureaucracy and sleeping polititians, there’s hardly anything you can do to change things.

    So, the idea is just to let ya guys (desis in videsh) know that you aren’t missing anything by being away from India. Chances are you would’ve been put behind bars for blogging had u been here!! (Orkut was almost rated next to genocide by my beloved country men in Maharashtra).

    Perhaps this is Our answer to the west.. Just that there isn’t much of another race here so we do it within ourselves.


  18. You’re right. Most Americans don’t like brown skinned people. Also, “sand niggers” (as you call them) seem to always find fault with America. The easy solution is to go back to the third-world shit-hole that you came from. You will be welcome there and America will be happily rid of you. It’s a win-win.

  19. You folks should love America. Do you miss watching neighbors crap in the streets and blow their noses into the gutter back home just before they shake your hand? The USA sends money all over creation to help others and gets spit on in return. Piss on all you slobs.

  20. @antispook:

    Sure and the US does all that out of the goodness of their heart and for the love of humanity right? Poor misunderstood country! Ha!

    Piss on you, asshole!

  21. Think USA or Europe is bad when it comes to discrimination? You Indian or Arab types should stay clear of Japan…lol. They can be dicks when it comes to that shit.

  22. i hate racist people. they’re ignorant and they’re all goign to hell.

  23. instead of going on and on about how u all were discriminated or rather taking a shot at those people…y dnt u try to find out the root of teh whole cause…ever wondered wht makes those crackos who discrimintae againt u do so….yeah true some are jus freakin ignorant dickheads….but there are sum who do it coz they have been meted out the same treatment in some part or the other of tehw orld which wasnt occupied by the majority of his kind…
    i ahvent been to US or europe or ne of thoese developed nations…but i ahve been to teh kingdom of racism,africa….being an indian iw as looked down upon by the black people there….n very soon i realised not top blame them coz it wasnt their fault wht dey did…it was a coomon perception of indians they had tht made tehm do this….
    after livin thr for 2 mnths i realised how crappy the indians are over there…they exploit the africans in their own land…after wht teh indians do to blacks i dnt have anything against the africans…but i do hold something unto the indians….dey deserve wht they get….
    and for all thsoe who glorify america….let me tell u something….u guys may ahve a lot of economic power…but u guys wouldnt ahev had tht if thr werent a tonne of Asians employed in ur country…:@

  24. A friend of mine, Lebanese Christian who’d lived in many corners of the world once said: “The whole world is racist, no matter which part of the world you go to, you’re gonna face it. ”
    If you have your wits, you can survive. Good communication skills will help.

    There’s another solution to it, which is to viciously attack those who make offensive remarks about the colour of your skin, to serve as an example of what is acceptable and what is not. It’s only through embarrassment and collective censure that we learn civility.
    Being tolerant will only encourage such hatreds to spew forth – like the anonymous comments posted here, they do it because they can get away with it.

  25. There is racism all over the world, but even then, it is not nice when one faces it.

    I’d be interested in finding how many people here are aware that a poor lower caste woman was murdered in India reecntly as her son had eloped with a member of an upper caste. Are the human rights people remotely interested, considering this is an incident with no potential for any self-advancement and international headlines? The Shiv Sena & RSS should do more to prove it cares. The Shankaracharya of Kanchi was doing sterling service to bridge the gap, but … you know the truth.

    Further, I believe that the ultimate racism is branding entire nations of people as inferior kaffirs, who should at best be tolerated and exploited, and at worse eliminated, and teaching school-kids that these vile people will burn in hell for eternity. This intellectual racism is the worst kind of all. White supremacy, caste exploitation are clearly outlined in bold as racist movements. There are ample alternatives to it to enable people to see it for what it is, and then use their nature, intellect and interpretation of the circumstances to decide whether they’ll subscribe to it, advance it, reject it or resist it.

    In Islamic thinking, there is no alternative thought. Thus this vicious portrayal of the unbeliever becomes not an ‘extremist ideology among some’, but the unopposed core religious tenet. Thus any ‘good’ Muslim is expected to subscribe to it, while liberal opposers are automatically deemed apostates, which even in their most private of moments, is likely to cause them severe guilt. Thus any alternative movement within Islam is either tenuous or mendacious.

    Are any of my facts right or wrong?

    (Time for some to start spewing expletives & flee under a huff of self-righteousness as I have diverted the original discussion). :-0 🙂

  26. @ hara hara bom bom:

    nice try. well done.

    i will only say to you that all forms of xenophobia are bad. i dont see much difference between religious fundamentalism and racism.

  27. Hara hara bom bom September 25, 2007 — 2:56 pm

    WTF : all forms of xenophobia are bad

    Can distrust of xenophobes be termed ‘xenophobia’?

  28. Hara Hara Bom Bom wrote:
    The Shiv Sena & RSS should do more to prove it cares. The Shankaracharya of Kanchi was doing sterling service to bridge the gap, but … you know the truth.

    Rishi’s response:
    The RSS does its best to use the extremely limited, but highly efficient resources it has, to reduce social scisms. It has worked tirelessly to reduce jati-bhed and uplift weaker sections of the society.
    Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram, Ekal Vidhyalaya, training temple Mahants all over India, irrespective of their ‘jati-by birth’, you name it and RSS has done it, and done it more sincerely and effectively, not just today but from the day it was formed.
    But so much more needs to be done and there are so many more who are waiting on the wings to undo the good work for their selfish motives (read, caste-induced vote bank).

    HHBB….the RSS is made of people like you and me and its strength lies in its ‘Sangathan’. We have to come together and work to give it the strength (intellectual and physical) it needs to be even more effective in its efforts.

  29. Hara hara bom bom September 26, 2007 — 8:24 am

    @ WTF : all forms of xenophobia are bad
    @@ HHBB : Can distrust of xenophobes be termed ‘xenophobia’?
    @@@ WTF : no.

    Then I am definitely not a xenophobe

    @ RK : The RSS does its best to use the extremely limited, but highly efficient resources it has, to reduce social scisms.

    Fully agree with you. I am yet to see a more dedicated, selfless organisation. I have met their prior leader at Abhedananda Road, & had a one to one with their current leader. I also spent a short time in Bangalore under Sudarsanji. Their commitment, integrity, poise and yet humility was spellbounding. This translates throughout the whole organisation.

    The sterling service of the RSS is never mentioned in the press. The RSS is more committed in getting work done rather than hogging headlines, and thus shrugs this injustice off. However, given the egregiousness that is the Indian press, the RSS can do itself favors by selecting at least a few photo-opportunities.

    I did not say the RSS did not care. I said they need to do more to ‘prove’ they care. Prove to the public, not to me. I know from the inside what golden stuff they are made off.

  30. @hhbb:

    congratulations. i didnt call you one.

  31. Hara hara bom bom September 26, 2007 — 2:01 pm

    @ WTF : congratulations. i didnt call you one.

    Well, not in the last twenty minutes!! 🙂 🙂

  32. I see that this conversation, for lack of a better term for it started a long time ago, but I’ll add my two cents anyway Arnab. When people started using the term ‘sand nigger’, it was before 9/11 And I remember thinking that can’t be good (understatement) things were taking a turn for the worse, that there was a rise of a new racism. It had always been directed at black people before, but now the Arab world were going to feel it too. And because, people can’t tell the difference – Doesn’t the Lebanese guy down the road look like the Indian chick, of course of course situations were going to get ugly quickly.- and I used to spend time in Beiruit with a friend’s family. When the war started, the recent one. That became impossible. My father, although an African diplomat, and we live in our own country Botswana, made it clear that trips to Beiruit would not be possible for a long time to come. I grew up in Washington D.C. in the 70s and it was like a big global international village, and all my friends were from different parts of the world. We’d used to have to come through apartheid South Africa to get home for holidays. Our stops there were transit purposes only. My parents didn’t want my sister and I exposed to apartheid. But you learn eventually, about life and racism. But I admitt, my upbringing was very protected.

    I’ve just gotten back from a six month stay in Johannesburg. I shared a house with 8 others. The Brits were okay, they were great, they were people. A girl from London and a guy fron Liverpool. The others were all white South Africans, some of whom could not, understand why this ‘kafer’ spoke better than they did, was better educated and better travelled. I had to keep going back to Botswana for weekends to keep my sense of perspective…and my sense of humour…

    I read a book recently by a a Calos Ruiz Zafon were he describes the beating up of a friend by skinheads because his friend ocassionally liked to cross dress and go out singing!. And a woman says that the people who did it were evil. And he says “Not evil. Just moronic. Which isn’t quite the same thing. Evil presupposes a moral decision, intention and some forethought. A moron or lout, however, doesn’t stop to think or reason. He acts on instinct, like an animal, convinced that he’s doing some good, that he’s always right and sanctimoniously proud to go around fucking up (if you’ll excuse the French)anyone he percieves to be different from himself, be it skin colour, creed, language, nationality or because of his leisre pursuits.”

    I don’t particularly care for the individuals here who write and abuse others. There is nothing constructive in it. I dare them to come forward with their names and add something to the debate. America, like my country and every other country on this planet, needs every other nation in the world if we are to survive. It’s pure economics. The Middle East holds 70% of the world’s oil reserves and after China, America is the world’s leading consumer of oil. You need my countries diamonds. You need something else from Pakhistan and Afghanistan. And we all need something from you. I don’t remember which writer here said try and take the time to understand why these people hate us – quite frankly, I don’t have the time to sit down and have tea and talk with every racist I meet. No offense. As for the other charming man who said he’d meet Nicole in hell. Enjoy the party baby. I’ll be praying for you. And please, keep entertaining us with more of your entertaining messages.Like I said, I love to laugh.

  33. Good post. I can’t agree with you more. I have had similar experiences.

    Racism is everywhere. Most of the times you don’t notice it. Sometimes it’s obvious. Most of Indians deny there is racism in US. I guess they try to justify why they don’t want to go back to India? or to show they are “American” enough, not to be discriminated.

    I have been to 25 countries and I think that people are same everywhere. So far only one violent encounter. Some punk hit me on head in Greece. I couldn’t even see him, all I remember something hit me and I was lying on ground and blood pouring out of head. Not sure if it was racism or some wanna-be badass trying to prove himself. And another incident, beer bottle was thrown at us. I guess that was my fault. I rallied 5 of my IT co-workers to go to Social Distortion concert at Slim’s in San Francisco. Six Indian guys IT types, in Sun/Oracle t-shirts, white sneakers, glasses, Levi’s 501 in Social Distortion concert. What could we expect?

  34. I’ve been to India and believe that the Desi visitor has it pretty good in coming to the US for schooling and jobs. Many Desis come here and work at lower wages and undercut those who have lived here before the Desi interloper. In any case, what drives these things are fear and mistrust.

    How many Desis also continue to cling to the cliques of their culture and ways and remain at arm’s length from the culture they are immersed within?

    People tend to trust what they know and who is most like them. This country has been whipped up into a frenzy of fear and distrust under conservative reactionaries and this is not helping matters.

    I understand the sentiment of this blog post, but I would suggest that the poster and other Desis realize how, on the whole, you are getting a fairly good deal in the US. I don’t think you should be abused, but cultural reactions and aversions based on skin color and traits related to socio-ethnic concerns is quite normal in India from what I gathered. How can Asians, most of whom come from cultures which praise fair-skinned attributes, complain when that same treatment is afforded them in another country? Yes, it sucks, but I’d think there is a “log” in the eyes of your culture and you might want to reflect on that before worrying too much about the “twig” in our eyes.

    I will treat you fairly and generally don’t bother with discriminating immediately on outward ethnic features, but there are characteristics of some races/cultures that some people like or dislike and that is a by-product of humanity. It is tasteless to call someone “sand nigger” to their face, but these people have not done much beyond exposing their declasse (despite the reality of their true socio-ecomonic station).

    I’d say that the U.S. is being fairly accomodating to the enterprising desi and there is generally quite a bit of opportunity to thrive in this country. During your stay, the U.S. doesn’t owe you much beyond common courtesy and respect.

    I’ll close with the reminder that the racial merry-go-round is always shifting this way and that. I have been on the receiving end for being white (mostly in Asian countries) and of course it never feels great. I challenge you to prove the, on the balance, the U.S. is not generally a tolerant atmosphere in which the desi can thrive. Of course, it is clear you prefer India, that’s okay too.

  35. Trying not to prejudge November 17, 2007 — 4:49 am

    I don’t want to be prejudice against people. I really don’t. I am aware it is wrong and igonorant to be that way. But sometimes it is just so damn hard not to be. First let me say it isn’t the skin color that pisses people off it’s the attitude. I don’t like white people that come in to my place of business begging for a damn discount on everthing in the f…ing store either. It just so happens that people from India and the Middle East and South East Asia do it all the damn time and don’t seem to understand that no means no damn it!! Many of them will lie, badger, try to find fault, and generally harass the a living hell out of you for just a couple of bucks. I don’t like white people that stink really really bad and want to get right in my face either, but damn it curry smells really bad to me and so many people from Indian don’t understand the concept of “personel space”. And I wish people from overseas wouldn’t use that “don’t speak English crap” when they aren’t getting there way. They spoke English just fine a few minutes ago and I’m not that f…ing stupid ok? I don’t go in to places run by foreigners and act that way. I don’t go to foreign countries and act that way. Don’t come here and do that crap to me ok? I have met Indians and others from Asia and the Middle East that aren’t like that of course but they are in the minority of my experiences unfortunately. So if you get treated poorly, if you feel that you are getting the evil eye, if you feel you are being harassed try and remember that maybe that person giving in to those prejudices just had some lying piece of crap that looks similar to you and is dressed similar to you do all of the things I have just described. It doesn’t excuse the behavior maybe but it might help you understand it at least. And if you don’t engage in those behaviors I have described you might find that some people will change their attitude towards you.

  36. Mmm… There’s a lot to what you guys have said. Cultural differences to leaves a lot of room for misunderstandings.I personally am not a haggler; but am fascinated when I visit places where that happens. But then I’m not a retailer in New York dealing with someone from Mumbai who may not understand that it’s not the done thing. Or maybe he does understand, and thinks he can get away with it. And yes, give me my damned personal space. I’m from a hellishly hot country… My people do not understand the concept of ‘personal space’… that’s a throughly western concept, so pulling away from someone when they stand too close to greet you or grab you in greeting can be considered offensive… but then I was brought up in the west. It’s all a matter of conditioning. The smallest things can so easily be misinterpreted.

    Even among black people, not just Indians, there are shades of blackness… I’m a fair skinned black person, and I don’t have a flat nose. Therefore I’m considered attractive. It’s all bullshit. Whatever happened to “the darker the berry the sweeter the juice”? Even among our own ranks there’s a colour divide. It’s all so messed up. How can we expect other people to respect us when we don’t even respect ourselves?

  37. Please, Hindi people, do not be angry with Americans who mistake you for Muslim Arabs. Most Americans can not tell the difference. Also, a lot of of Americans, see Pakistanis on tv, and it is well known that the Pakistanis hate Americans (they are hiding Osama after all) and unfortunately, a lot of Indians, look like Pakistanis. Americans really can´t tell the difference. And let´s be candid, Hindi people also often hate Pakistanis, but you take it much further than Americans. You have good reason for your animosity towards Pakistan and the Pakistan subsidized terror groups. Americans really do not hate Indians, they are just ignorant of the dynamics of the subcontinent , they do not understand that Indians are our allies in the war against Muslim extremist terrorism.

    So if some foolish American person insults you, please, count to ten, remember this person is not really angry at you, but rather, at Pakistanis, Arabs, Iranians, and their sympathizers. And yes many Americans have lost friends or relatives in the war or through terrorist actions. Or they just have a general hate for Muslim culture because of this war the Muslims have imposed on the world. It is the same war the Hindus have been fighting for 1400 years, it is just new to the Americans, so try to cut them some slack. I apologize for any insult any of you might have suffered, it was not intended as a slight against Indians, it was no doubt because the American had some grievous experience because of a Pakistani, Arab , or other Muslim extremist.

  38. What do you guys think of Benazir’s assasination? How much danger is Immran Khan in? And Nawar Sharif? Personally I think making Bilwal Bhutto head of the PPP is farcical, he is a child and the time of political dynasties is past. His father is as corrupt as Musharaff (pardon my spelling errors). If Pakistan is to move forward, leaders of the future will be technocrats with vision choosen by the people because they have leadership skills and ability; not because they come from the right family.

    Here in Africa, the violence in Kenya is appaling. The vote was along tribal lines. And again politicians have been lining their pockets at the expense of the people. But the grass roots fail to see beyond tribal politics. It’s all so sad. And the deaths have been so meaningless.

  39. Those pore yanks can’t help themselfs. They can not seem to win the war in Irak and Afghanistan because they are a bunch off pussy’s,those ‘sand niggers’are killing off there troops like mad dogs, they are very much dependent on the middle east for oil, there banks are driving on and begging fore money from the middle east and asia to help them them in these difficult financial times fore the yanks. Furthermore the yanks know that the balance off power is slowly but steadily changing and shifting to the east.
    So they are just frustated and taking it out on the arabs and asians and other non whites. They are being fucked up in there own country by the non whites and there is nothing they can’t do about it.
    They can come with there racist shit, i don’t care because i know that in the future my people will rule over them. He who laughs the last laughs the best.

  40. To all the wonderful white people in USA If you tell a person who is brown to go home. Please go back to where you or your ancestors came from, that is Europe and you are not going to like it. right now almost the whole of Europe and for that matter the rest of the world hate your guts. This country belongs to every one who is legally here. The entitlement that whites have will painfully vanish just like the Red indians felt when you first arrived here. so face reality ahd have a nice life.

  41. White-washed faces

    by Shailaja Chandra,
    The Pioneer
    June 26, 2008

    The fairness cult is not new and extends to Asian, Mexican, West Asian and Japanese cultures but Indians have recently become hyperactive on this front. The culmination of this fairness mania is the marriage market. Where will this madness stop?


    The frenzied application of skin whitening creams has become a race against time, heaping huge profits on a handful of companies. The fairness cult is nothing new and extends to Asian, Mexican, West Asian and Japanese cultures, but Indians have recently become hyperactive on this front. While there is no overt discrimination against duskiness (an occasional Rekha, Smita Patil or Nandita Das proves the point), a penchant for fair skin is reflected right from birth. Through teacher and peer preferences at school, it extends to several professions where ‘white as marble’ skin is synonymous with charisma. The culmination of this fairness mania is of course the marriage market.

    South India tops the user’s market using 36 per cent of the fairness creams with the north and west contributing almost 25 per cent each. The eastern region contributes only 18 per cent of the usage of skin whiteners. According to market research, the fairness cream bazaar is exploding at a phenomenal 20 per cent per year of which men’s fairness products constitute a whopping 35per cent share.

    First a word about ingredients. Hydroquinone has been the gold standard agent of skin lightening creams for years. But now regulatory agencies in Japan and Europe have banned its use and the United States has questioned the safety of products using this ingredient. Dermatologists in India say that they do not know whether hydroquinone is being used in skin lightening creams because there is no requirement to display contents, which is essential only for medicine. According to the Dermatologic Therapy journal, Hydroquinone has become controversial because it could be toxic.

    As a country that loves to ban, prohibit and embargo things, it is surprising that cosmetics have remained outside the pale of regulators. The US FDA’s threat to withdraw all OTC two per cent hydroquinone preparations and their removal from European and Japanese markets has stimulated a huge interest in developing botanical alternatives.

    In the past, skin whiteners have created huge problems in different parts of the world. In China, blood tests on patients with symptoms ranging from enormous weight gain to mild hair growth on the face, revealed use of skin lightening creams that contained potent steroids used to treat psoriasis and eczema. A professor at Harvard medical school, Mr Allen Counter, reported in 2003 that Mexico, Nigeria and the border States of California, Texas and Arizona all showed extremely high rates of mercury poisoning followed by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Africa. Mercury poisoning causes kidney damage and may also lead to psychiatric disorders. Mercury based formulations have been banned the world over, including India. But what about other hazards?

    While the consumer has to ultimately decide whether it is worth taking the risk, cosmetic regulations must demand the supply of much more information on ingredients and their properties. The Drugs and Cosmetic Act, 1940, makes it incumbent on the manufacturer to warn the public about hazardous substances — a meaningless requirement judging from the elasticity of commercial conscience. Enforcement of cosmetic quality has never been taken seriously till now and it is high time it was done, considering the proliferation of products cascading from the shelves promoted by aggressive advertising. Unlike the FDA in the US, we have no system of directing industry to perform self-funded collaborative studies on the safety and efficacy of ingredients and to produce a written report thereon. We need that authority because crores are being spent on ensnaring a gullible public to spend more and more on dubious outcomes.

    A well-known private sector dermatologist, however, felt that banning is typical of the hype that periodically emerges from the US, which is not applicable or relevant here. Government dermatologists were less sanguine about the safety of such products. They apprehend that all kinds of useless but potentially toxic substances are penetrating the skin and the problem is not restricted to skin creams alone. Ms Nina Khanna, professor of dermatology at AIIMS, observed wryly, “God has given us the pigment to protect us from abundance of sunlight we have in India — the use these creams — if at all they work- might cause more harm than good.”

    Side-by-side the widespread use of temple vermilion and sindoor is exposing women to toxicity from lead oxide, which is extremely dangerous. Stick-on bindis cause leucoderma in sensitive skin-types. Knowing all this, there is every need to find ways to forewarn an unsuspecting public who can then decide whether the risk is worth it.

    First, it should be incumbent on manufacturers to declare all ingredients and to produce monographs on the safety and efficacy of the products. Second, the people need to be educated about the possible harmful effects of specific chemical ingredients. Third, a huge opportunity should not be missed to revive the goodness of Ayurveda even as countries hunt for safer, greater alternatives.

    Instead of being self-righteous about Ayurveda, toxicology studies must be facilitated, undertaken and got completed on fast track to offer Indian botanical alternatives that really ‘fair’ well. A potion made of chandan, dahi, besan, multani mitti or the Maharashtrian Uttana may well be the answer to the quest for radiance in southern latitudes.

  42. I am glad somebody raised this topic. Racism is unfortunately a virus that effects all societies. As many of those who have written on this webpage have made it clear, it goes on all over the world. I am from Northern India, and whenever you sit in a gathering of Indians from Punjab or Gujrat, and mention South Indians, they all of a sudden begin to put them down. In India, the Aryan north has always viewed the Dravidian south as inferior. “Oh, those Dravidians from the South, there the original Indians.,” many North Indians will sarcastically say.
    In the Middle East, I noticed many Arabs look down on South Asians as inferior, based on color, but also based on the fact that many South Asians do all the menial jobs there. Interestingly enough, many Iranians have negative views about Arabs. Iranians pride themselves on there Aryan ancestry in contrast to their Semetic Arab neighbors. In fact, I noticed Iranians hate when people mistake them for being Arab.
    In Italy, lighter-skinned Northern Italians discriminate against darker-skinned Souther Italians. Many Northern Italians claim that Sicilians, for example, are half Black.
    So you see, as everybody has made it clear racism is everywhere, and we should be good citizens of planet earth and fight as much as we can all of this prejudice, because we are all at fault. Deep down inside we are all the same: human beings, with a heart that breaks.

  43. Syed Saboor,

    The divisive, colonial-era Myth of the Aryan Invasion Theory has been demolished by modern-day Indologists/scholars.

    May I recommend two articles/books that may be of interest to readers:

    Aryan Invasion of California: Global Background by N.S.Rajaram


    Update on the Aryan Invasion Debate by Koenraad Elst

    It will take some time to discard colonial-era baggage.

    Until then, our Pakistani brethren will keep abusing us Indians as “Dark Skinned, Curry N*ggers” on internet fora.

  44. I beg to differ. The Aryan invasion is not a hoax. Look it up for yourself. Incidentally, I have Elst’s book. Genetic testing done on various caste populations in India has proven the Aryans did indeed invade India. Michael Bamshad along with a geneticist from Andhra Pradesh have determined that upper-caste Hindus in India possess European Y-Chromosomes.

  45. By the way, being a Muslim from India, I also have had to contend with racist Pakistanis. I am not a racist person, I don’t hate anybody. I am a Indian Muslim, but proudly I count many Hindus as my friends, including a Brahmin from Madras. We need to accept each other not hate each other. We are all flesh and blood human beings. And those Pakistanis who feel that way can go screw themselves. Again, I hate all racists.

  46. @ Syed Saboor,

    Genetic testing can prove invasions? Funny ! 😀 . One actually looks for Archealogical or Epigraphic evidence to prove Invasions.

    There is absolutely NO Archaeological evidence NOR any Epigraphic evidence of any invasion by so-called Aryans.

    In a nutshell, the Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) is complete rubbish.

    AIT was a nefarious British Concoction, a Machiavellian Colonial Tool to justify their occupation of the Indian subcontinent and facilitate the division of Indians to subjugate and convert them. AIT enabled the British to legitimise their rule over India by saying, “Hey, we weren’t the first. Before us, the Muslims occupied India. And before them, the Aryans occupied India. So, you see … India was never ruled by Indians. So we, the British, are quite justified in occupying India.”

    This theory worked quite well for the British and their missionary agents, who exploited the theory and used it as propaganda to convert many of the natives in India. Post-independence, this theory also worked quite well politically for Indian politicians and academically for British-trained “twistorians” (historians) like Romila Thapar.

    My first link above (“Aryan Invasion in California”) shows the British concocting a similar Euro-centric and Afro-centric race theories, most notably Hutu-Tutsi divisive theory in Rwanda & Burundi that led to the genocide of nearly a million Tutsis during the past decade.

    Until the British came up with this ludicrous theory based on fiction, no one in India (or the whole wide world) had ever heard of any preposterous theory like AIT.

    But this Aryan theory was taken up by White Racists with alacrity, since they wanted to believe that they belonged to a superior Aryan White Race that colonized and civilized the world across different continents, (including Egypt, India etc).

    This White Aryan Race theory electrified the imagination of Western Supremacists who made it part of the cultural lore, depicting mighty Egyptian Pharaohs as being light-skinned Whites with Blue eyes, not the darker-skinned North Africans that they actually were.

    Hollywood continued to depict Egyptians as being light-skinned Whites with Blue eyes in the popular movies viz. Cleopatra, The Ten Commandments, The Mummy etc.

    It is only recently that Western Egyptologists are reluctantly willing to admit that the Egyptian Pharaohs were actually darker-skinned North Africans.

    As we all know, people who continued to steadfastly believe in the Aryan theory included Hitler and the Nazis; and look at what destruction they wrought on the world and on themselves.

    You are free to believe in what you wish to believe in, Syed Saboor … but tell me something. Would you like to be in the same boat as the Nazis?

  47. People’s skin colors are just a reflection of the effects of sun light and concomitant skin pigmentation (due to melanin).

    People whose ancestors lived for long periods in the regions of the globe near the equator generally have larger quantities of eumelanin in their skins. This makes their skins brown or black and protects them against high levels of exposure to the sun, which more frequently results in melanomas in lighter skinned people.

    The color differences in India are similar to Europe and to Africa – the closer to the equator, the more pigmentation the population has and the darker one’s skin color.

    Similarly, the higher you live up in the mountains, the shorter the summers and lesser the sunlight, hence lesser pigmentation.

    A few cases:

    – Take the case of Italians, who over centuries show the effects of sun-light variation and look different as you travel from the south to the north of Italy. Those from Southern Italy are closer to the equator are swarthy, with dark complexions and dark hair. Those from Northern Italy (especially the Alps) are farther away from the equator (and live on the mountainside) and hence are generally lighter-skinned with many of them growing blonde hair.

    – Africans from equatorial Africa are relatively darker complexioned than Africans who live farther away from the equator (say the Berbers in Algeria).

    – Closer home, take the case of Bhojpuri-speaking Indians (from present day Bihar and Uttar Pradesh) who went abroad to work as indentured labourers (between 1834 – 1917) in the sugarcane plantations in the Tropical countries of Trinidad, Guyana and Jamaica.

    Today, these descendants of these emigrant Bhojpuri Indians in Trinidad, Guyana (like cricketer Shivnarine Chanderpaul) , look deeply tanned and are more darker complexioned than their wheatish-complexioned cousins who still live in Bihar.

    The reason for their dark tan is decades and generations of cumulative darkening caused by working bare-torso in sugarcane plantations since the 1830s in the aforementioned Tropical countries (which are closer to the equator than Bihar and Uttar Pradesh).

    Interestingly, I have met a couple of rare, wheatish-complexioned Trinidad/Guyanese Indians who told me that their grandfathers moved to Trinidad/Guyana quite late (in the 1900s) and chose other occupations that did NOT require any work under the hot sun or in plantations to make a living. Hence their peculiar tan (or lack of one), they confessed.

  48. Speaking of genetic testing, I would recommend that readers look up the “Indian Genome Variation (IGV) project”, a landmark 2008 study by six Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) laboratories and the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata.

    The IGV project’s analysis have uncovered the following findings, that will be a revelation to many Indians brought up on a steady high-school diet of Aryan-Dravidian propaganda:

    – Kashmiris are genetically similar to so-called Dravidian groups.

    – Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits) and Kashmiri Muslims are genetically similar.

    – Hindu occupational clans (jatis) are genetically closer to Muslims in the same geographical region, than to similar Hindu occupational clans (jatis) elsewhere in India.

    – So-called Dravidian population groups in southern India are genetically similar to Europeans.

    Since light-skinned Kashmiri are genetically similar to dark-skinned Dravidians, then the so-called Aryan-Dravidian propaganda gets blown to bits.

    This study also opens up a number of intriguing questions about the ancestry and movement of so-called Dravidian populations, and conclusively demolishes the Aryan Invasion Theory.

  49. @ Syed

    Yeah….there is no place for racism in this world. For “race” or genetic diversity is nature’s creation

    BUT, hateful exlusivist religious ideologies, like Islam and many other not so widespread ones, ARE human creation. That deserves treatment with utmost prejudice.

    Hope you are with me on that.

  50. @ Syed:

    I think u still live in Macaulite age of Aryan Invasion Theory. Its gone buddy. Now migration and integration theory is officially accepted.

  51. First of all, Islam is not a hateful excluvist religion. If you discount the Aryan invasion as being a tool of colonial exploitation, then you also can put an end to the British creation of the myth that Muslims oppressed Hindus in India, which is what I think you are talking about. If Muslims oppressed Hindus in India, there would not of been one Hindu left alive in India.
    Islam respects human life and human dignity. We have no caste system, which segregates human beings. In fact, the Qur’an says that to kill one innocent human being is kill all of mankind. Do your research before you make wild conjectures.

  52. Hey Syed:
    You are a victim of Islam too. I do my research. Go through my comments in previous posts.

  53. ak_nomborer_chotolok_mairi July 29, 2008 — 5:53 pm

    I was having a crappy day but this just ruined it further…it is so upsetting. Yeah I went to school in the mid west and I have noticed the “aloofness” in the clerk’s attitude…

    Being racist is a base human character, have you heard of the term Homophily – or the “love of like” , we are most comfortable with people who look, talk, eat, live, pray, …so on and so forth, like us.

    We need to acknowledge and accept this and THEN deal with it in the right way.Denying that there is a difference, denying that it doesnt exist, being overtly polictically correct merely causes the deeper issues to fester.

    Just because a person is not the same ethnicity, religion, culture does not mean that they are inferior or superior to me. And we should not behave in ways that keeps perpetuating this lack of awareness. This takes a lot of effort from our concious mind and its only too easy to say something disparaging about someone and attribute it to their ethincity, because sub conciously thats what comes to mind first.

    Somethings that I have found very peculiar:
    1. Asians store owners tend to give crappy service to other immigrants like indians/ pakistanis and indians/pakistanis tend to ignore asians. somehow it all stops when the white customer steps in and they all fall over each other to offer cutomer service. Waiter staff in restaurants do this all the time.

    2. We Indians tend to get our collective panties in a wad about race and look at how disparaging we can be to mexicans, african-americans, the north east indians and south indians.

    It is what it is…accept it…the hypocrisy has to end first and then the positive change can happen.

    Ok end of brain fart!!

  54. US? A nation that has a history of a mere 400 odd years. Or the word nation itself is a misnomer? Talking about ethnicity, what is your origin? Hoards of bad karma, lead you to the only hell on earth, the US. A million lives is what it takes to be born as an Aryan…

  55. Wow. look how long this thread has gone on. I have just stumbled upon it.

    I am a white American living and working in an African Arab primarily Muslim country. I was a little worried at first given the climate and the actions of people like GWB, who, unfortuneatly, so many foreigners now use to represent their view of America. I have found most people welcoming and friendly.

    It was embarrassing to be American in Europe for a few years due to GWB. I sure hope that that is over…

    I grew up in Detroit and there are very few places on the entire planet that have the diversity that you will find there. More Arabs, Indians, Muslims, etc than just about anywhere else in the world other than Asia. We all get along fine for the most part.

    Yes I have used racial slurs in my life. Sometimes out of ingnorance, sometimes out of anger at a slight against me. Intellectually I know it was dumb, but sometimes…I can’t believe that most people have never felt this way in their lives even if they did not express it and had better control than I did in my youth.

    I believe that discrimination is “wired in” to humankind and we have to struggle as self-aware intellectuals to correct it within ourselves. We can fight back and forth amongst ourselves (humankind) but the cycle endlessly repeats itself.

    Some leaders that want to control play on these fears and predudices and many of us let them, or don’t realize that it is even happening.

    I hope to travel the world in my life – if I am so blessed – and I really hope that people will not hold my “white American” status against me, but I know that many will. I will just live my life the best I can and I beleive that we all should do just that.


  56. @ Scott
    Donno if u will come back to read, but Muslims are NOT a race.
    They are a religious group.

    Indians are a nationality, not a race either. Though most Indians are Hindus.

    You need not be so apologetic about being a white American. Take pride in your own culture. There is a lot to learn from everyone.

  57. @Rishi,


    Stop being chauvinistic to the extent of imprudence.

    Indian is a race in the border sense of the term. It is not just a idiom for citizens of a country – India, rather it represents every citizen of this planet earth whose roots were/are in India.

    I can become a resident or a citizen of any country in this world but my “race” and that of my children will “always” remain Indian. One more thing if you become citizen of another country you will get the status of PIO or Person of Indian Origin.

    Ask this question to yourself, what will I fill up in the race or ethnicity column of a form of a university, immigration, hospital or any survey for that matter and you will get your answer.

  58. @ anonymous

    You are the one being chauvinist.

    A person born in America to Indian parents is a American.

  59. @Rishi,

    You have not answered my question, never mind I will rephrase it:

    Answer this,

    If a person born in “America to Indian parents” fills in some application form, what will he mention in race/ethnicity column??

    For sake of simplicity lets assume that this person in question is an American citizen.

  60. @Rishi,

    First of all, chauvinist word does not necessarily has negative connotation, hence you angst is extremely unwarranted.

    One more thing, anyone who knows the meaning or the origin of the word chauvinist and follows GB post, especially your ranting, will realize that this term can be, rather should be, used to define you.

    You christened me with the notation of being chauvinist only because I dared to question your “infallible” reasoning. This just goes to show what a obdurate bigot you are.

    I am awaiting an answer to my simple question.

  61. @anonymous

    The answer to your question would be “others”.

  62. @anonymous

    Please take this knowledge pill from an anthropologist. INDIAN is not a race whatever you may write in your forms in US. It is a nationality. Bengali is a race (which makes bangladeshis muslims and Bengali hindus of the same race.) and so is punjabi (like muslims punjabis in pakistan and sikhs in India).

    So if you want to save yourself from an embarrassment of not knowing your own race, dont say I am an Indian by race.

  63. Of all your racist descriptions above, the one most serious is the treatment you received at Copenhagen airport because of your Indian passport. Indeed, Indian passport is a worthless document when it comes to travelling abroad especially in Europe and America. Airport officials take the piss out of you at given opportunity so the best you can do as an Indian citizen is to prepare yourself in advance even before your plane lands at the airport. Carry at least 3-4 international credit cards in your wallet, “return” air tickets, insurance, sufficient cash and most importantly, local references where you’re travelling to e.g. hotel invitation etc. While using local transport in that country, always carry your passport on you (and watch out from pick-pockets)…I have extensively travelled in Thailand and Singapore with my passport in my hotel room coz Indian citizens are rarely harassed in Asia. Europe is a different story -even though European people are very friendly in general their immigration officers are almost all racist assholes. Never give them a chance to single you out. Also, there is no need to suck up to bad treatment. Just explain them to “hurry you up” when you have all valid documents ready what is there to fear? Your tone should be polite but always firm. And learn to look those bastards in the eye when they try to intimidate you.

  64. @Rishi

    You will fill up “others” only if ‘Indian’ is not an option in that column.

    @thakur and Rishi,

    I have recently filled up quite a few application forms (online and Pdf applications) and in all those applications race column was a drill-down box (where you have to select one of the listed values). In all those drill-down boxes ‘Indian’ was one of the options.

    Also, on my permanent residence identification card ‘Indian’ is mentioned as my race.

    So irrespective of what my anthropologist friend Thakur’s view is, Indian is considered as a race in today’s world.

  65. In all fairness, I’ve spent some time in India doing training and have experienced the same lack of acceptance. In a time when Americans are losing jobs would you want immigrants coming into India and taking jobs in a time of recession?

    Please, take your pity party elsewhere. America is no worse than your country is in this matter.

    You’ve done well in playing the pity me race card however.

  66. I love how Indians come to America then cry every time they feel sought out, exploited or isolated because of the color of their skin yet do the exact same to others in their country.

    Until then, take your sand nigger label and wear it proud, Until you rise above racism yourselves you deserve every bit.

  67. Hara hara bom bom September 20, 2008 — 6:08 pm

    Hi Joe,

    I’m a dune-coon. And proud.


  68. That’s great to be proud of your background. I’m simply addressing that dune coons are just as guilty of racism as Americans and playing to pity card will not work.

    I’ve experienced the same treatment in your country so please don’t act above the acts you cry “poor me”.

  69. Hara hara bom bom September 20, 2008 — 9:25 pm


    I was being sarcastic with my variant on sand-nigger. I then posted some jokes on racism & poverty, but GB’s deleted them … I think a few were racy.

    Anyway, please elaborate on the racism you experienced in this country. And in which parts of this country.

    I am not disputing your claim to fame. Just intrigued.

  70. My ass….is really really itchy after reading this.

  71. Why are there ugly creepy people posing for the banner of this site? This is why you guys get flagged at the airport =

  72. Dude if you don’t like it over there then you should go back home. I don’t understand all these complains that colored people make when they go to a Western country. No one begged you to go there, you went there for a better life which you could not get back home. So why complain if someone calls you a nigger (which you actually are and so am I).
    Racism is not something limited to white people alone, there are many racists in India too. For example the Bongs (the race to which you belong) think that they are the most intelligent of all people. It is a different matter that you don;t have enough to feed your own populations in West Bengal or even worse in Bangladesh. The South Indian thinks that he is smarter than the North Indian, and the North Indian thinks that he is physically stronger than all the rest of the country. The Punjabi takes pride is being unusually big in the critical parts of his anatomy, and so and so forth.
    So all this complaining business of your is rather nonsensical and whimsical. White people or black people or any people are not obligated to adjust to your musings or treat you on an equal footing with them. For them you are just a beggar (which again you actually are) who comes from a third world country to take their jobs.
    You don’t like it there, go back home and stop wining like a girl.

  73. About the Copenhagen incident, well I don’t blame those people with what the Arabs have done to their country. It used to be such a beautiful cuntry backin the 1980’s when I went there for the first time as a kid. Now they have no Arab (Muslim speciafically) areas where the locals can’t even dream of going. The first murder in 50 years was commited by a turk. Now rapes and molesting incidents are so common place in contries like Sweden, denmark and Norway. I just don’t blame these people for what they are doing.
    They invite you to their land and then you shit on their faces, what else do you expect from them.
    However I believe in all fairness. If a foreigner has to come to India, he has to live by or values and laws. Just like a woman cannot g bare headed in Saudi Arabia, or you cannot eat in public during Ramadan or you can’t spit in Singapore, likewise you follow our laws and our norms when you are on our land.
    So when a white man comes to India, I expect him to keep his pedophilia and his drug habit back home.

  74. No wonder Americans get blown to pieces by “brown” sand-nigger Arabs. Keep on discriminating people, and get blown by bombs.

  75. honestly…until i started communicating with ppl all over the world on forums i wasnt prejudiced. then during my dealings on the net it became fairly obvious that the middle east was the worst. they broke the rules the most they scammed the most they tried to infect ppl. the far east was right behind them. the top part of africa (mainly egypt was another big offender. eastern europe was a distant 4th. south america was a mixed bag but tended more towards being bad members western europe was a mixed bag but most members were good. the best members by FAR were from the us the uk canada australia and newzealand…..


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