Handy Ghandhi

Gandhiji on the train . The racist ticket checker asks him for id. Gandhi turns around and sings this jingle.

I spent my time adding spice and flavor
From family recipes back home in India
I like to introduce you now in South Africa
So come and try today
Handy Ghandi is my name
Handy Ghandi
ooh Handy Ghandi
Handy Ghandi great curries no worries

Enough of fooling around. Handy Ghandi is the name of an Australian chain that sells Indian food (I first read about it on Ranajit’s blog

The irony of it all.

The master of the “fast-unto-death” has now been made the poster-child for selling succulent lamb curries. The next thing we will see: Gandhiji on Celebrity Deathmatch drawing blood

No wait that has already happened—–Gandhiji wasted Chengiz Khan.

Coming back to Handy Ghandi

The colonial hubris is unbelievable. The Aussie owners sell Indian food because Indians are a large demographic and many Aussies also, I am sure, like the exotic curry.

Yet they do not think twice of creating a caricature of the father of the nation to sell their wares. Because while they are entirely comfortable making money off Indians, they are unwilling to give us “respect”.

And the non-Indian customers savor the experience—make fun of a person held in high esteem by the “natives” and yet savor the exotica of their food.

Great, colonial fun.

After protests from Rajmohan Gandhi (Ghandi), the company has decided to change its logo from the old one—the original was an actual caricature of Mahtama Gandhi to a modified one which still looks like Gandhi , albeit a well-fed pre-Satyagraha one. The bad thing is that the logo now looks like the stereotypical “towel head” .

The old logo

The new towelhead

In my opinion, Rajmohan Gandhi should insist that “Handi Ghandi”s food be served without salt . And the people who want to enjoy the food should be made to walk some distance to get their sodium chloride.

That would be some amount of poetic justice.

11 thoughts on “Handy Ghandhi

  1. Well pointed out…..

  2. Why am I not surprised with this??

  3. Because this is not the first time the West have chosen to be disrespectful to Gandhi. Even the way his name is pronounced and misspelt is proof that they could not care less.

    This treatment is reserved only for us Indians however.

    Have we ever seen a caricature of Martin Luther King selling jambalaya rice?

    Or of Mao Ze Dong selling egg noodles?

  4. I do not know whether you already know this.

    Taslima Nasreen’s French Lover mentions an Indian in Paris having a problem with his restaurant called Lal Killa going bankrupt.

    He changed the name of his restaurant to Gandhi !!

    The French could relate Gandhi to India. In fact, they knew the name Gandhi better than Lal Killa.

    And as the story goes, the restaurant was up and running.

  5. Rajiv Indira Sonia Rahul Priyanka Sanjay Meneka and Feroze varun all used/use ‘GANDHI’ brand to sell themselves. So Handy used it aswell.

  6. Its funny when so many Indians & foreigners lile Rajiv Indira Sonia Rahul Priyanka Sanjay Meneka and Feroze varun all used/use ‘GANDHI’ brand to sell themselves, no one has a problrm. So Handy used it aswell. Whats the problem then …..

  7. to be precise the curry houses name is HANDI GHANDI not HANDY GHANDI.
    this shows that the people doing the research to bring the curry house down could not have cared less about the fact that on numerous occassions the co-owner specified that it was mis-spelt to avoid direct connection to the gandhi family!!!!!!!

  8. The people of India are carrying on about this issue they should worry more about the fact that the movie bride and prejudice was filmed in the golden temple and many of the scenes showed that the actresses did not even follow indian tradition and cover themselves up the proper way now that’s disrespectful

  9. Great colonial fun?
    dont be ridiculous. for a start australia was a colony of the UK.

    How does The actions of one business represent ‘The West’, whatever that means.

    this business may be owned by Indians, or Indian Australians,,, would that make it less offensive to you?? It is a franchise chain, what if some of those franchises are owned by Indians and others by whitey. Are white owned ones colonial insensitivty and indian owned ones just poor taste???

    In the end though, Australia is a capitalist country, and business does not care about offending people unless it will effect profits. In my opinion though, anyone who is offended, at an individual or national level, by some crappy company’s attempt to sell (most likely) bad curries needs to grow up and chill out. life is to short to be offended by such silliness.

  10. About 8-9 years ago, when I took the DC Metro train to College Park station, a kind American gentlemen sat down next to me and asked me if I was from India.

    When I smiled and replied that I was indeed from India, the curious American wanted to know what language I spoke. I remember his words clearly. He asked me: “So, do you speak Gandhi?”

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