Immature Confessions

Telegraph India came up with a list of Calcutta bloggers. And if any sign is needed that Calcutta is becoming cosmopolitan then it is this. A blogger whose moniker is “Greatbong” is nowhere on that list.

It may also be a sign that I dont make the cut. Qualitywise.

Here’s my official stance.

I blog because I love to. I dont care if anyone reads this blog. Dont care for comments. Dont care for readers.
Now here’s the truth.

I blog because I love to write. However I also care about whether people read my blog and whether they comment on my posts.

And yes (if it is not painfully obvious by now) I feel kinda bad that my blog did not get noticed by the Telegraph.

And now that I have shared my immaturity with you, dear readers, let me continue with my life.

9 thoughts on “Immature Confessions

  1. You have an uncommon sense of humor , and i personally think this is the best blog on the internet , infact i visit it every day, i shudder to think what i might have to do if you think of not updating this blog.

    Im the one who is anonymous singing praises for you.

  2. Arnab,

    Tomaar bloger ullekh thaaka uchit chilo.

    Tumi ki kono din quizzing korecho…
    Jidi kore thako obe Parnab ke nischoi chinbe..
    Or opor khub lekha likhi cholche —

  3. Who needs recognition from Telegraph of all places anyway – ‘Bartaman’ (Bhagaban chara kauke bhoy kore naa !) is what you should aim for 😉

    Anyway, for all its worth – I really do enjoy reading this blog – its part of my daily morning blog-perusal sessions.

    On the mention of Parnab in the previous comment – I too have noted the sudden activity in the blogosphere regarding his activities and credentials. For example this post:

    Someday, when the pain had eased, I shall write about our run-ins with Parnab circa ’94-’96 when I was semi-actively quizzing from KGP. Meanwhile here are two Parnab gems that I had to endure:

    1. All the action in Catch-22 takes place during the KOREAN WAR (as in M*A*S*H) not WWII !!

    2. Jayalalitha was the Chief Minister of Karnataka

    ’nuff said !

  4. Now this is one anonymous I like
    :-)….Thank you Anon, Ani and Jatayu. And no I am going to keep on blogging of course…

    With respect to Parnab here is what I have to say: (copied from a comment on baghiescup)
    Wow. Ok here’s the deal. I have sat on quizzes with Parnab at JU.(There was this one time where we were even on the same team…yikes)

    What used to happen was this guy, a pseud and a pheko, used to come with his friends (a gang of about 4 teams), copy answers from others on the written round (they would all sit together forming one happy family) and just totally destroy a good round of intercollegiate quiz.

    And then when Parnab was the quizmaster. OOh heavens save ! He used to have this round where the participants would give him a topic and he would “make up” a question about it….and when I mean make up I mean “make up”.

    Example: Ok Team D, what’s your topic?

    Team D: Mm…..Tintin.

    Example: Hmmm let’s see. What’s the name of the unfinished Tintin which Herge died before he could finish?

    Team D (excitedly); Tintin and Alph-Art

    Parnab: (wicked arrogant smile on face)…..No….

    None of the teams can answer. And then with a Mephistophelean chuckle, Parnab enlightens us.

    “Tintin in Calcutta”

    (I have never found a Tintin title by that name)

  5. Arnab… weren’t on the list because you’re not in Calcutta anymore (don’t ask illogical questions like why other bloggers who aren’t in calcutta are on that list). This IS the reason.

    And Parnab was an ass…..

  6. Yes that would be a most illogical question.

    BTW Sunil, how do you know Parnab?

    It’s ironic that everytime someone abuses him, my name also gets abused.(P-arnab)

  7. Arnab,

    who the hell cares what “some” people had to say about some list of calcuta bloggers… their authority over the matter is anyway limited by the amount we want to give to them 🙂

    As far as I can remember, in all the 4 years of our undergrad together, I have never known anyone your equal in picking up just about any pamphlet on any topic and re-editing it (while class would be going on!) to make it into something absolutely hillarious. Wish we could keep some copies of those too.. would be a gem of a collection to your blog posts 🙂

  8. I used to be a fairly active quizzer….and have been in a couple of quizzes conducted by the legendary Parnab mukerjee 🙂

  9. Are you eating your words now, Arnab?

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