I Accept Defeat

I was planning to write something funny today. But no matter how much I tried, I came to the conclusion that I would never be able to beat this.

I have posted about Shahgufta Kabir before where I pointed out her claim to fame— she has been accused of carrying on an affair with Babulal Gaur, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh. And also of having broken her husband’s bones.

Now this 33 year old woman (whose 60 year old husband claims she is 45……somehow I trust the husband on this one in light of the fact that the professed age of the average female does not follow the terrestrial solar calendar but the Martian one–657 days a year) has been accused by her husband of calling “Babuji Dheere Chalna” Gaurji a “naughty boy” while making kissing sounds on the phone.

Incidentally, the naughty Gaurji is a sprightly 75 years old.

Shahgufta totally knocked the wind out of her husband (not for the first time if I may add) by saying that if she indeed called someone a naughty boy over the phone then why would it be the geriatric Gaur who, according to Ms Kabir, did not possess appropriate youthful qualities.

Agar main ishq karoongi to Gaur se kyon? Jiske na mooh mein daant hai, na pet mein aanth hai?”

Bone-breaking blow to husband and ego-breaking blow to possible paramour.

Kabir is the WMD they have been looking for.

Incidentally, this line has now displaced “Tu Vidya main bhi Vidya ” ( the reported pick-up line used by VC Shukla on Vidya Sinha) as Indian politics’ best sex scandal line.

Koi Shaq?

6 thoughts on “I Accept Defeat

  1. I was shocked and amused at the same time (I wonder what my facial expression would have been like) when I came across this news piece yesterday. I still can’t imagine Babulal Gaur having an affair with someone, at least at his present age!
    And TOI reported it in an interesting manner too. Mr Kabir seems to have had quite an illustrious career, only to get his 15 minutes of fame for the most absurd reason!
    Shagufta Kabir is, of course, in a class of her own. That statement (involving teeth and intestines) was an absolute smash-hit, though I think it’s been plagiarised from some classic B-grade Hindi flick.

  2. Cracking. My imagination now runs riot. I can see that these three people now plan to sit together to sort out the problem directly. It would be a bombshell to follow their conversation at such meeting. The title of that skit will definitely be “Viagra”.

  3. Arnav,
    The expression is certainly not original, in fact it is fairly common way to ridicule old age in Hindi.

    Regarding “I still can’t imagine Babulal Gaur having an affair with someone, at least at his present age!”, I would let out another expression. Admi Aur Ghoda Kabhi Boodha Nahin Hota šŸ™‚

  4. “Tu Vidya, main bhi Vidya”

    Anyone else smell something faintly homoerotic in that line?

    I can tell a classic when I read a classic and that pick-up line is a classic, yes sir. šŸ™‚


  5. The Chief Minister however refuses to say anything.
    “I have no complaints,” Gaur said.

    Why should he , the old fart seemed to have had a good time šŸ˜›

    During the press conference, the 60-year-old husband — who says “my grandmother was Irish and my grandfather a German — maintained he had long-standing family relations with Gaur.

    More on the vidya sinha episode please we all arent as old as you banga

  6. @Arnav, I also could not imagine Babulal Gaur carrying on with 2 ladies (no less) …but then again “power” is a great aphrodisiac.

    @Akash, that’s real life for you—a skit.


    @Krishna…no nothing homoerotic abt it…sheer originality…..

    @Anon…you dont need to be old to know things that happened before your time….I hope you know that.

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