My 55 word story


[Noone tagged me….but here goes]

Punch drunk with lust, she moves away the sheets and invites him wordlessly to join her on the bed. He is sculpted like a Greek God. She shivers and opens herself up to him. He however quivers and smiles embarrassedly.

“Finished soo soon?” She complains.

“It’s just a 55 word story. What do you expect?”



18 thoughts on “My 55 word story

  1. Yeahh of course. What I meant can be clear if the word “better” is replaced by “made more jarring” in the earlier comment. Nevertheless, perhaps the funniest among the ones that I read before.

  2. did this have to be exactly 55 words long? Here’s mine.. tel me wat u think

    “She awoke with a start, sweating profusely. He was still at her side. She smiled, and climbed out of bed. She would wake him later.

    She slipped down to the kitchen, careful not to trip on the wires crisscrossing the floor, reminding herself to take down the Christmas lights.

    Then, she made herself a sandwich.”

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