They Will Be Back

It was with a heavy heart that I read about the defeat of Laloo in the Bihar elections. I feared that now that Laloo has left, samosas would become bereft of potatoes and bears would vanish from the jungles.

But they havent.

Could it be because the:

“Jab tak rahega samosein main aloo,
Jab tak rahega jangal main bhaloo,
Tab tak rahengein Bihar main Laloo”

was nothing but badly rhymed political hyperbole?

Of course not. The reason why samosas and bears remain unmolested is because Laloo has never left Bihar. He cannot. Because he IS Bihar.

Nitish Kumar is nothing but a pretender—a Laloo loyalist who turned against the great man. Just like Ravana was also actually a disciple of Rama. Nitesh’s sojourn on the throne is only a temporary aberration—a minor perturbation in cosmic tranquility. Laloo and Rabri—-the Ram Sita of this generation will be back if not for anything else but for the continued perpetuation of samosas and bears. And also for some fodder.

I am sometimes amazed to see the amount of hatred the “bhodrolok” (gentry) have for Bihar’s first couple. Laloo and Rabri are projected as uneducated village bumpkins who orient the newspaper based on the pictures, are corrupt to the core, indulge in blatant nepotism, endorse sycophancy and a whole lot of assorted bad things.

The reason for the hatred is because the gentry feel threatened by Laloo. Because Laloo embodies their greatest fear—that the unwashed, hair-sticking-out-of-the-nose, rustic sons of the soil will rule the country. The so-called classy junta rely too heavily on their assumptions of the world—that education is necessary for success, honesty is the best policy and the good guy wins at the end. Laloo shows the middle finger to these utopian, boy’s scout values and that is precisely what makes so many people intensely uncomfortable.

Its fine as long as its the Oxford educated crowd are indulging in corruption—-merely perks of the job. But get caught stealing cattle food and then it’s all “shame shame”. If it’s the upper crust, we call it the “old boy’s network”, if it is Laloo then it is nepotism. Making money on defense deals and contracts —“kickbacks” and “commissions”. Making money of cow fodder—oh so plebian. The nation’s leading singer singing your poems and releasing an album just because you are the prime minister— a tribute. Laloo Chalisa—a shameless attempt to kiss ass.

Hypocrisy? You bet.

Laloo never sold out his roots. Even at the top, he remained essentially a cowherd whose hands were more comfortable holding a bovine udder than the pen of policy. A story told by Laloo many years ago was that when he went to the Far East to attract investments for his state he wore a suit to make the corporates feel comfortable but in deference to his roots, declined to don underwear.

Laloo has done more to expose the workings of government than any other. His Holi meetings with the ministers of his cabinet were rambunctious, from-the-heart affairs where he delighted in pulling down the pajamas of his ministers—-if that is not transparent governance then tell me what is?

Laloo speaks the language of the “pipul”—-his cheeks of Hema Malini line perhaps symbolizes how clued in he is to the language of the streets. No high faluting “yeh banana hain woh banana hain” but a plain and simple criterion of success ! It very well may be that the roads of Patna resemble Om Puri’s cheeks more than Hema’s but that is solely because of the neglect of the center.

Harvard has studied him, Mahesh Manjrekar has named a movie after him. Mamata Kulkarni has danced for him. Pooja Bhatt has eulogized him. He has an university named after him—-Jadavpur. And what’s remarkable is that this university was named in his honor even before he was born.

In that respect, he is not just a living legend, but also a mythical figure.

Can this man ever really be out of power? Can he?

In passing, I feel sorry for Ram Vilas Paswan and his campaign symbol—an Osama Bin Laden lookalike. I feel sorry for Nitish Kumar because he is not up against a person.

He is up against an institution.

He is up against an ideal—that being that in a truly democratic India, everyone has the right to be corrupt and exploit others regardless of the social station that they find themselves in by virtue of their birth.

Laloo and Rabri will be back.

45 thoughts on “They Will Be Back

  1. By far this is the worst post by you which I read. It is so un-greatbong type. What is happening with you? Go back to your roots, Hindi movies, and rediscover yourself. BappiDa is waiting.

  2. Subhendu, I thought that the Ganguly post was the worst I had written(going by your last comment on my Ganguly post) Or have I plumbed the depths this time? Its sad that you think my roots are trashy Hindi movies and desibaba—I would like to believe that its a bit more than that.

  3. yep,exactly,I am in complete agreement with you.
    I had written something very similar about an year ago, in my first blog (which I deleted because of sheer laziness). Do u remember reading it?
    but this time,u r going to get some unfavourable comments(starting with the one above me), because the section of the population reading your blog is exactly the crowd that takes this high-brow petty bourgeois attitude………

  4. Don’t bother about the negative comments – i look forward to more from you on LALOO. Laloo will certainly be back. To me Laloo is the cleverest Indian politician ever – after Indira Gandhi. He will return the same way Indira Gandhi returned – after all history repeats itself. In any case the railways will ensure that he is in the wheels of the nation in every way. His innovative transformation of the shaky economics of the railways has been great revelation. Seeing him in Jeena Isi ka Naam Hai was a treat – he has an amazingly direct way of reaching out to people – however tough the situation may be. See how carefully he hides his pretty good academic credentials for a politician and positions himself prominently on the charpayi milking the buffalo. Brilliant!

  5. Pepsi, Cola, Fanta to be banned in trains: Laloo
    Saturday, May 14 2005 20:13 Hrs (IST) – World Time –
    Chhindwara (MP): Popular brands of soft drinks like Pepsi, Cola and Fanta by multinational companies would be banned in trains as well as at stations and indigenous products like buttermilk would be served to passengers, Union Railways Minister Laloo Prasad said in Chhindwara today (May 14, 2005).

    “A ban will be imposed on serving of cold drinks like Pepsi, Cola and Fanta in trains as well as at railway stations”, Prasad said at a public meeting after laying the foundation stone of the Rs 384 crore Chhindwara-Nagpur broad-gauge line project.

    “From now onwards, passengers would be treated to milk, butter-milk and other tasty drinks in the trains”, he said.

    The Railway Minister, however, did not specify when the proposed ban would come into effect.

  6. Laloo back to aloo poetry

    Press Trust of India
    Posted online: Friday, July 15, 2005 at 2001 hours IST

    Kanpur, July 15: Returning to his trade mark style after a hiatus, RJD chief Laloo Prasad on Friday said ‘Laloo’ will remain so long as there is aloo (potato).

    Jab tak hain aloo, tab tak rahega Laloo (Laloo will remain so long as there are potatoes), he said in a slight departure from his earlier reference to aloos and samosas.

    The reported quote was: jab tak hain samosa mein aloo…

    Addressing a gathering on the occasion of the inaugural of the Mumbai-bound Udyognagari Express, the Railway Minister said for the past decade or so, his family had “been harassed with cases like the fodder scam levelled against him and his wife, Rabri Devi. How can a person sitting in a high chair become a thief or do anything to harm the nation,” he said.

  7. laloo inclusion unconstitutional: barbie devi

    laloo yadav is now available at a toystore near you! yes, you can now gift your little ones a laloo doll decked up in shri laloo-ji’s trademark white pyjama kurta. laloo’s entry into doll-dom has proved to be a super hit with kids, and the dolls are selling like hot cakes. while that is certainly good news for laloo-ji, the doll mazdoor zangh is displeased with the way events have played out. for the first time ever, smt. barbie devi, the unquestioned diva of dollywood spoke to degreecopy in an exclusive interview

    degreecopy: barbie devi, were you surprised when sri laloo was launched into dollywood?
    smt barbie devi: well, considering that the elections are to take place in bihar, one can expect netas to resort to gimmicks. but yes, i was taken aback with lalooji’s decision to enter dollywood.

    degreecopy: he did consult you on the move. why did you advise him against it?
    smt. barbie devi: see, dollywood is not child’s play. all of us….superman, gi joe, he-man, we’ve worked our way up dollywood. it is an industry full of professionals who have decades of success behind them. we’ve worked our way up the toy ladder. my personal opinion is that laloo’s entry will politicise the doll world.

    degreecopy: what took place at the emergency meeting at doll-bhawan?
    smt.barbie devi: frankly, the mnc dolls were perturbed at the turn of events. they felt it will not be a level playing field once laloo steps in. there are fears in dollywood that laloo will soon move a motion to promote desi-dolls, and sideline the mncs. he might demand reservation and subsidies on membership to the dollhousie (the exclusive doll resort).

    degreecopy: but he has proved to be a hit with the kids…
    smt.barbie devi: arre, what is so great about it? it’s the initial hype. kids like anything new. let us wait… lets see the situation a few months down the line. besides, he has always been a hit with you media fellows. you put him on the front page and on tv. he has bribed dukaanwaalas to put him on the main shelf in their store. to give him maximum coverage. but i am confident that merit will triumph.

    degreecopy: some would say dollywood has over-reacted to laloo’s success…
    smt. barbie devi: obviously, we are under pressure to do something about it. we owe it to our owners. gi joe will soon get a desi makeover from one of india’s top fashion designers. superman will for the first time carry a lathi on his journey… so yeah, everyone is dealing with it in their own manner.

    degreecopy: you were not in favour of his medical reimbursement package….
    smt. barbie devi: that’s utter nonsense. i will never indulge in such infantile acts. in fact, i demanded that every member of dollywood have equal rights to plastic surgery, liposuction and every other medication necessary to deal with abuse from children. dollywood is a tough industry after all.

  8. Heard of Laloo rakhis? Well, rakhis with Laloo Prasad Yadav’s face on it was a rage this year and sold a record-breaking number last week. It sold three times more than Amitabh Bachchan rakhis! The sales figure is estimated to have touched an awesome Rs 11 lakh which is far ahead of the second highest seller Amitabh rakhis at Rs 3 lakh, in Raipur alone. This is the third consecutive year that Laloo rakhis have done great business. Other stars like Aamir Khan, Sunny Deol, Hema Malini and also TV actress Smriti Irani have rakhis in their names that did great business but no abhineta could get even close to the neta.

  9. Now in L.A.: Laloo’s goat’s milk ice cream

    I’m doing an ice cream tasting for Variety’s new weekend section…we’re going with mostly locally-made ice creams, but I couldn’t resist buying some of Laloo’s Goat’s Milk Ice Cream from Petaluma. Laloo’s is made by a former producer who made the wise decision to leave Hollywood, move to Sonoma County and raise goats. Some of Laloo’s flavors include Chocolate Cabernet, strawberry and pumpkin. I tried Chiffon, which is basically straight goat’s milk flavor, and Black Mission Fig. These ice creams don’t really lend themselves to being eaten in a big bowl with chocolate sauce — they’re more like dessert cheeses that can be paired in small quantities with fruits or nuts. The fig was rich and sweet, and the strong fig flavor pretty much overwhelmed any discernible goat taste. This ice cream would pair nicely with a lemon or chocolate sorbet or perhaps some melon. I liked the Chiffon a lot, but the distinctively goaty taste is not for everyone. This one was wonderful drizzled with some pomegranate molasses and toasted walnuts, and would also go well with dried apricots or perhaps grilled pineapple and bananas. Laloo’s is available at Whole Foods and Gelson’s.
    Upside: Goat ice cream is actually relatively healthy, with only 150 calories and six grams of fat per serving. Plus, the assertive taste lends itself to small servings. If you like Indian kulfi and chevre cheese, you’ll want to try it.
    Downside: At $7 a pint, you probably won’t buy this every week. The flavor selection seems somewhat random, and at the moment, there is no explanation of the flavors on the cartons. Even some people who enjoy goat cheese, however, don’t seem ready for goat cheese ice cream.

  10. What about Laloo’s 200 cows?
    Posted on Tuesday 29 November 2005

    PATNA: Divested of their sprawling official residence, Lalu Prasad and his wife and former Bihar chief minister Rabri Devi have been allotted 10 Janpath here – the same address as that of Congress president Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi. But there is a problem: it cannot accommodate their 200 cows.

    The palatial bungalow on Circular Road, popularly known as 10 Janpath, was allotted to them on Sunday, four days after Rabri Devi was served a notice to vacate 1 Anne Marg, which the couple occupied as chief ministers since 1990.

    Rabri Devi has been asked to make way for Nitish Kumar, the new chief minister of Bihar who ended the 15-year reign of the Rashtriya Janata Dal this week.

    But though huge, 10 Janpath is less than half the size of the chief minister’s official residence spread over five acres.

    The couple is now confronted with a problem. How to accommodate the 200 cows, two horses and other pets that live with them at 1 Anne Marg?

    The cattle and pets had specially constructed sheds at the chief minister’s bungalow, which the state’s most famous couple occupied for 15 long years.

    Lalu Prasad had moved into 1 Anne Marg along with his wife and nine children on March 10, 1990 when he first became the chief minister of the state.

    Though 1 Anne Marg was never notified as the official residence of the chief minister, located in high security area, it was considered the most apt for the person occupying the post.

    Three other chief ministers – Bindeshwari Dube, Chandrasekhar Singh and Bhagwat Jha Azad – had lived in the bungalow earlier.

    Lalu Prasad on Saturday criticised the state government’s move asking them to vacate 1 Anne Marg as an attempt to humiliate him and Rabri Devi.

    The authorities had shortlisted four bungalows for the couple, and 10 Janpath was finally selected. The bungalow was given the name 10 Janpath by its earlier occupant Sadhu Yadav, the brother of Rabri Devi.

    Only a few months ago Sadhu was forced to vacate the bungalow following a Patna High Court order. After that it temporarily housed the National Security Guards.

  11. They may or may not be back. But your post will have nothing to do with it. If they’re back, ever you’ll pull out this post and say, “see i told you, i’m a political-analysis-stud.”
    If they’re not, you’ll ignore this post.
    But whatever happens wont be for the reasons you quote.

    I don’t know what you do for a living, but really, you need to get out of your glass-palace.

    I’m just a city reporter. But i never make shit statements like ” It very well may be that the roads of Patna resemble Om Puri’s cheeks more than Hema’s but that is solely because of the neglect of the center.”

    How so, pray tell? last i checked, roads were a municipal problem. How does a municipality get rich? House tax.
    And state govt. funding.
    of course, state governments get funding from the centre. So, what are you trying to say? That the centre cares more about the roads of the Pimpri Chinchwad District than of Patna, a state capital?

    You said that the “bhadralok” hate laloo… but dude, the gentle folk didn’t vote him (her also) out. The common, ungentle folk did.

    What are you trying to say? That democratic voice, which decided they didn’t love him anymore, is that of a fools?

    What are you trying to say? that people like EC observer KJ Rao didn’t do their job to ensure fair trials, and that the trials were rigged. Say it straight, be a man.

    In a post sometime ago, you said “I blog because no newspaper ever publishes what I write.” Very true. Because what you say has no real experience behind it.

    Bihar’s biggest problems are not its roads. Go, find out sometime. Then write back.

    I’m not a big nitish fan myself, but i hope to god he can undo some of laloo’s doing.

    And I know laloo’s not stupid. that’s not the big accusation.

    But really. Thank you. You inspired a whole new Blog!!!

    Lets get it on 🙂

  12. @Sourav: Yes I do remember your post. The problem is that people here do not understand sarcasm.

    @Anon: Thank you for all those Laloo factoids. Oh yes he is a smart cookie all right.

    @4WD: One look at your comment and you can see all that is wrong with today’s press. The part about Om Puri’s cheeks—yes I know the municipality takes care of that but you see Laloo in a speech once said that it is because of the neglect of the center that is responsible for the condition of Patna. Cant you get sarcasm even if it comes and pokes you in the eye ? Come on man say it out loud.

    In a post sometime ago, you said “I blog because no newspaper ever publishes what I write.” Very true. Because what you say has no real experience behind it.

    Aaah my friend I feel so hurt. Yes yes I am not worthy. Of course looking at your native intelligence and keen analytical skills I am thankful that you do not find me “capable”.

    However let it be said that you spoke a bit too soon my friend. I shall leave it at that for now.

  13. Ok,maybe these people have to read enough Arnab posts to grasp the sarcasm here.Enough Said.Never mind.
    Arnab: More drunken phone calls comin’ up, except this time they will be from random obtuse folk cursing at you for being in favour of the ‘The Hairy monk'(thats a famous bar in NYC)!!

  14. Ha ha ha!!!

    That was fantastic. And that 4WD ought to take a chill pill, watch a Hema Malini film, grab some sleep, read some Laloo Chalisa and drink some rabri before his blood pressure rises to a dangerous level.

    I was rolling on the floor when I read about the Om Puri’s cheeks’ comment. The true measure of success for this post will be the negative comments you get here. It is said that a person gets enraged about what he reads only when there is certain amount of truth in it. So thanks making us go red in our faces with those insights about subtle differences between old boys network and its plebain counterpart.

    It’s difficult to imagine someone who doesn’t appreciate the biting wit and sarcasm here and goes off on a rant for some inane reason rather than smile at our own prejudices.

    Also thanks anonymous. The part about the Barbie Devi and dollywood was rip roaringly funny!

  15. Problem with people like 4WD is that they have a ZERO sense of humor.
    Sarcasm is just a word in the dictionary for them.

    Boss if we can’t laugh at ourselves and find some humor in life, then why are we alive man ?

    Post is good. I never thought of the comparisons made by Greatbong between Laloo and Vajpayee before.
    And the sarcasm is funny. Not as great as some of your other posts though, Greatbong.

    4WD is mad.

  16. Soham Pablo wrote: “Problem with people like 4WD is that they have a ZERO sense of humor. Sarcasm is just a word in the dictionary for them.”
    Chetan wrote: “That was fantastic. And that 4WD ought to take a chill pill, watch a Hema Malini film, grab some sleep, read some Laloo Chalisa and drink some rabri before his blood pressure rises to a dangerous level.”

    Above two comments have summed up my comments beautifully. In our society majority of people lack subtle sense of humor. They only understand bollywood style humor – loud and sometimes offensive. But I thought that the younger generation who blogs and read blogs has a better sense of humor. The only conclusion that I can draw is that 4WD is not a young person and thus we should exonerate him for not understanding the humor. I find this article extremely funny and sarcastic.

    @4WD: I think you are living in a “glass palace”. All that Greatbong is trying to say thru his sarcasm is that it does not matter who is at the power, things will remain pretty much the same for the people – especially for the poor. Greatbong to me is not a fan of either Laloo or Nitish nor has he ever claimed anywhere to be a “political-analysis-stud”. If you are not above 40 then what is wrong with you guy – don’t you understand sarcasm and why put words in other people’s mouth?

  17. @4WD: I forgot to write one line. By pretending to not understand the underlying humor are you trying to promote ? If that is the case it did not work because I did not go to the link (usually I do)

  18. ROFL!!!

    Chetan forwarded the link to me via email – this was hilarious!! The sarcasm was spot on – om puri – LOL – too good an analogy!!!

    Man – dunno abt others, but please keep writing whether a newspaer wants your or not 🙂



  19. ok. so i woke up today, a little more sober, and felt a little stupid.

    ok, so i didn’t get it.

    but its ok, cos nobody knows who i am in real life, and i won’t feel all that stupid at my meetings.

    i only read the last bit now. Sorry for being slightly idiotic. I’m sober now.

    another time.

    just, whoever said i’m old. What shit. You don’t need to be old to be stupid. Take that back! I’m not old.

  20. And i do have a sense of humour, allright? its how i attract women. I just didn’t get it this time, which is ok, it happens to the best of us.

    I promise to read through before taking off. ok?

  21. May I break the tone of banter and wise-cracking and offer a serious response to the post?

    I have been an unabashed admirer to Laloo for many years. His ‘social justice’ theme tickled my egalitarian sentiments. The abusive anger of the gentry and the upper castes of Bihar made me plump for him even more. His vociferous and no-holds-barred fight with the prissy Advani and BJP, made me admire him. And his victory in election after election virtually convinced that the guy must be right for the majority of the unwashed masses of Bihar. What is democracy, after all, if it doesn’t work for these downtrodden sections?

    I was getting second thoughts since last three-four years. Was Laloo merely riding on cynical ‘secular’ coalition politics? Was he cynically using the media streotyping of him as the rustic baffoon to provide entertainment to drawing rooms, and winning the favour of middle-class liberals like me (and perhaps like you GreatBong)? After all, what I was getting to hear from Bihar, even from his one-time admirers, was that he was doing bugger all in the state. I went to Bihar some three years ago.

    It was one of the most depressing trips of mine. Not merely because of broken roads (there was plenty of that, of course) and the enveloping darkness that grips the state after evening because of lack of electricity (there’s none really, town after town and village after village). I was feeling acutely depressed because of the pervasive hopelessness among the people. There was no glimmer that things might improve – this, mind you, not only among the upper-caste babus, but widespread among rickshawpullers, coolies, scavengers, petty traders: in short, the section for which Laloo claimed to work. There was fear too – stories of kidnappings, ‘capture’ of houses and criminal corruption were rampant. It looked like Laloo has set up a political coterie-criminal gangs nexus to overlord the benighted state.

    Laloo no longer looked cute to me. 15 years is a long time. People could not be condemned to this kind of life because Laloo was entertainting, or smart enough to couch some home truths about the gentry in smarter language, or he sided with the ‘secular’ political coalition and provided to challenge to BJP.

    Sorry, having to leave. Will continue the response later.

  22. In a post sometime ago, you said “I blog because no newspaper ever publishes what I write.


  23. @4WD: It is me who thought you to be above 40 because after reading the whole article you still did not get the humor. Usually (mark the word usually – not always) people above that age in India are too serious. I never called you stupid. But I fail to recognize your sense of humor which you claim you use to attract women. Since you showed your lack of understanding subtle humor how can you impress women with your sense of humor? By the way I am a woman and as far as I know you from your comments on this post and others of Arnab I don’t find you attractive or humorous. Arnab sure is hilarious.

    You conveniently forgot to mention anything about my comment regarding you putting words in people’s mouth (your insinuation of Greatbong claiming himself to be “political-analysis-stud”).Of course I also made a comment on your wrong advertising skill for a certain link. I wanted to hear your response on these. My thinking of you to be old did bother you enough to make a comment.

    Anyway, I think you should make good of your promise of “I promise to read through before taking off. ok?”

  24. Brilliantly written post, as usual.

    But this time round, not withstanding the obvious sarcasm, I’m unable to comprehend where Greatbong *personally* stands on the issue.

    So Arnab, pray tell me, which of these would you answer in affirmative : First, Second, Or None?
    a) Are you pro Laloo?
    b) Are you anti-Laloo?

  25. I think you are a rubbish writer with an innate sense of self – proclamation. You are a usual thoughtless creature found in some suburbs of India who knows taking tea and giving all sorts of meaningless lectures. Close your blog. The way you show your self in the picture on this blog (thoughtful) becomes comical after reading your blog!

  26. Hi,
    I have the seen the state of state Bihar for last 30 years. But under the rule of LALOO, Bihar conditons detoriated day by day… Yes I agree that Laloo is very popular but everyone will be agree on , Joker will be always popular…What Laloo has done? Any one can say here … Whoever is posting comment here in favour of Laloo, has never seen the actual situation of Bihar…
    People need ROTI..they need security… An what Laloo has offered to his support.. Nothing..
    IF anyone want to see where his support is working or getting ROIT.. See in any Metro (Like Delhi, Mumbai, Calcuttat), their support will be working in Hotels waiters, or sellling Pani puri or working as a security guard…
    I think It is a SHAME for a state gorverment, if it can not give an opportunity for their people to earn 3 thousand rupee in their home.. Go in Bihar Villege, You will not find any young people.. Why this migration from BIHAR..For this only one person is responsible… That is LALOO…

  27. The article was very aptly written. But after going thrgh all the comments including those from the blogger it is rather dissapointing to see that what the greatbong is taking about LPY is not sarcasm at all. At one point he is pro-Laloo and at the next he is anti. It is always a well known fact that politicians in India is always like that, they every now & then take the people for a ride. So who r the real ones to blame ?????

    BTW – gr8bong I came to ur blogpage by reading the article (on Indiatimes webapage)
    about Sourav and all the posted comments on that. It was a nice one really. Liked the way u got the facts politically correct though not deemed fit in pure cricketing sense. True there was some sense of betrayal atleast he wud have expected a decent farewell but he was simply not performing at all.
    In the nd these lines written by u sums it up all ………..
    ” can say for myself that my support of Sourav has never been blind. True as I mentioned before, anti-Bengali barbs do provoke an emotional reaction from me but that does not mean I am going to let go of all reason. Because I want India to win. Period. ……..”

    That shld be for all of us coz we r Indians 1st and last also. No regional namings pls.

    and in my opinion we shld try to be like this and let go of the RAJ mentaliry of Castes and prejudice.

    Well, i had more to say but I shld not make other readers bore by my comments.

  28. I think enough or regional bashing.I just hope u post a blog which describes Sourav’s performances in test arena against all team home and away. Do you think he has the fitness to be up there?Well he has been a terrific one day player NO DOUBT over this fact.But for once wasn’t time to give uo the seat for better tommorow at the end of the day no one is dispensable.Not many people playing internationally like Ganguly.STOP COMAPARING HIM TO SACHIN.there are some more reason which i wish i could mail but could not find any form of your contacts.I hope common sense prevails.Sorry for posting a comment on Laloo post but sorry pal could no find space

  29. @Soham: Thanks for your observations.

    @yourfan: And many thanks to you for consistently having “understood” what I have been trying to say—in this post and in others before. Sometimes negative comments do introduce a sense of self-doubt but then I see that at least one person “got it” and I am happy again. Thanks

    @4WD: Okay okay…its all good. …till the next time 🙂

    @Supremus: :-)…oh yes I am keeping writing all right.

    @Anon: Yes I am a rubbish writer. And I do intend to close my blog the day you send me a picture of you kissing your own elbow.

    @Pradeep: Thanks for the link.

    @Rani, Vulturo and Nosferatu: I understand that my ambivalence about Laloo has not been clearly explained. I am writing a follow up post where I spell out my exact stance.

    @Tarun: Thank you for your input on Sourav. I do not understand why he cannot be compared with Sachin—is he God ? In any case, I am not primarily a cricket writer…I refer you to Prem Panicker’s blog for some insightful cricket writing. Again as I said in TOI, there are many CRICKETING reasons for which Sourav maybe kicked out , but by that same token there are others too who need to be shown the door. And remember, past records dont count anymore—its performance in the near past. However, since the attack against Sourav has been primarily personal, performance is a moot point fighting over.

    And not a lot of people like ganguly in the international cricket world—well good for them. Sourav isnt here to win Mr Congeniality.

  30. Here I come in after a break.

    Watch out for the trains coming from Bihar. They’re brimming with people. People are deserting Bihar by the hundreds and thousands. They’re not the babus only, but largely the unwashed masses – boys, girls, included – looking desperately for some employment because there’s none back home. So for whom was Laloo working? Rabri baby and Sadhu baba?

    It’s another matter that this great Bihari exodus is creating new opportunities for the community. Those who migrate usually end up being more prosperous. Look at Marwaris and Sardars, on the one hand, and Bongs, on the other. Marwaris and Surds were always ready to move to anywhere there was a hint of an opportunity and they grew rich as a community, while Bongs, so long they stayed stuck to their beloved Cal or to their mothers, remained perhaps culturally rich, but economically very poor. It’s only now when they’ve started migrating – like you GreatBong – that there’s some prosperity and purchasing power in Cal and a sense of optimism in the city.

    Apart from this, the great Bihari exodus has created a large money-order economy for Bihar, plus an invisible transfer of agricultural techniques and technology that has led to an upgradation of its agricultural economy. The labourers in Punjab learnt about new crops and new agri methods and took this knowledge back home (when they went back for their holidays; they never go back permanently). As a result, many mono crop areas of Bihar today have three crops a year.

    None of this was because of Laloo, it was despite him. If you’re sufficiently cussed you can say that Laloo’s grim raj forced the community to move out and hence this positive fallout. But that’s not the express purpose of a government. In Bihar, disease, ignorance, poverty, crime, caste wars are pervasive. Laloo, as I said, doesn’t look cute to me anymore. His jokes no longer evoke mirth. Not to me, but more importantly, I guess not to his own people either. And that’s why he has got licked so badly. I suspect this is the beginning of his end. And Nitish may not appear a pretender to Biharis, as you say GreatBong.

  31. hey came to ur blog thru indiatimes..hope you know they published your blog there abt ganguly..

  32. If criket is a reliegion than Saching is GOD.I have reason to believe that u have been following cricket for a while.I hope i am not wrong.Is there any cricketer who has matched Tendulkar for runs consistency,the way his carries himself and weight of being a “TENDULKAR”.Ganguly has not been axed his has stamped his feet on an AXE.Remember like Sachin ganguly shouldn’t remain to a region.May be i will blog on him sometime.Don’t worry i will make it a point to make my post unbiased and unpartisan

  33. @Greatbong: In your return comment to me you wrote: “Sometimes negative comments do introduce a sense of self-doubt but then I see that at least one person “got it” and I am happy again. Thanks.”
    I am honestly very glad that you don’t delete those negative comments as it is done by quite a few bloggers. Remember some time back, once I wrote to you about one particular blogger who blocked my comment which was made on his comment on one of your articles. According to me the negative comments give you different perspectives (may be some times wrong – but at least different). It also gives you the reason to ponder which is a must for an objective, sensible writer like you. Good blogger/writer definitely needs to know the pulse of the readers.

    Happy blogging and congratulations on your TOI online article on Saurav.

  34. @tarun – It was an interesting observation from you. Ok. Point well taken. If Sachin is GOD where do u put LARA???????

    Now where is your unbiased and unpartisan view………….?

    If you are true follower of cricket (take it as a religion) hope you would appreciate my approach.

    Stats of Lara speaks in volumes of his ability as a great cricketer of all times.

    And if Sourav is not performing (sans the political benchmarks) why not the same yardstick should be applied to Sachin also. To quote you … Is there any cricketer who has matched Tendulkar for runs consistency, the way his carries himself and weight of being a “TENDULKAR”.

    I would request you either you mention clearly if you are comparing Sachin with only Indian guys or with other fellow cricketers around the world also.

    Remember Lara was honoured by the gr8 Australians recently for his performance against them. Its sheer irony that the high & mighty Aussies respect Sachin only as a gr8 batsman but, I repeat but, they fear Lara very much.

    To give an example for my justification I still remember the 3rd test in Antigua in 1998 where Lara along with Courtney Walsh scored vital partnership of 65 runs for the 10th wicket partnership to take the match away from the mighty Aussies captained by Steve Waugh. Remember Warne, McGrath, McGill, Gillespie was part of that squad too.

    So please refrain yourself from making such comments in your blogspot until & unless you get your facts and figures correct. It is always advisable that you learn some blogiquettes and blogligation before you start your own blog.

  35. Hmm.. where to start? The comments for this particular post have taken a very convoluted route and finally culminated in Lara vs Sachin.

    Subhendu seems to be disappointed. 🙂 Well too much of a good thing aint good is it, Subhendu? But knowing Great Bong, such a post like that is round the corner. There are only so many hit films a year.

    4wd: well hes better that Akash Sen. I got a bit angry when I read his comment, but things fell into perspective after reading his own blog and his subsequent comment.

    yourfan: I understand you , but probably not every pejorative comment desrves a scrutiny. Sometimes silence can be as effective as “Of course looking at your native intelligence and keen analytical skills I am thankful that you do not find me “capable”.
    (That was a great one Arnab.)

    Chetan hit the nail on the head.

    @Tarun: Your comment was very puerile dude. I have to say so. Did you read Garfield Sobers proclaiming a few days ago that Andrew Flintoff was a better allrounder than him. And ahem no less a person than the Don claiming that Sachin the modern version of him. That called humility dude. If Sobers can compare Flintoff to him and Don can do the same to Sachin , why cant Saurav be compared to Sachin? Now everybody knows Sachin is a better player than Saurav. Yes. But therein lies the immaturity of most of the Indian cricket fans. On a recent channel 9 commentary stint, Benaud was comparing Warne’s grip with Sarwan’s grip. Now go and tell Benaud that he is an ass! It all depends on the context dude. Saurav has done very well as a ODI player. In fact he is India’s second best ODI batter ever and one of the world’s all time top 10 best ODi batters. So if any Indian batter can be compared with Sachin in ODI’s on past performances , it is Saurav.

    Simple…Sachin is peerless…but why do you say that its blasphemy to compare him to anybody? People like you would even consider it as a sacrilege to talk about his recent one day form. So whom should we compare to Sachin. Somebody like Ravi Shastri?:) …who was a very ordinary player but when he holds the mike with Chappell projects as if hes as big a cricketer like Chappell. Hmm.

    All this bullshit about who is better , weighing different persons is driving me crazy. And it will go on…Rahul fans will say that he is the best…just like Metallica fans will go on endlessly as to wheather that hit “Master of Puppets ” song was about coke or heroine. The end result will be that another KLPD in 2007 and Australia winning again with GC sucking his middle finger.

    Sorry pal for disagreeing with you. I think that Brian Charles Lara is a much better test batsman than Sachin Tendulkar who has single handedly won may Test series for WI. Now come up with a logical counter- argument OK. Not some blabbering like he is GOD (you have every right to feel so, but dont rant it out of context here and dont try to impose your views. Disagreement is OK, but never try to project that what you are saying is the final word.)

    Arnab…sorry for the long post. Congrats are on Indiatimes (I know its a bad site, but despite many rants by bloggers, I still believe that the print edition is still the best in the country…and that many bloggers who bash it would actually would love to see their blogpost being prominently displayed on the main page link of Indiatimes. Hats off for keeping unrestricted comments also.)

  36. nice, very.

    On another note…..fascinating to read the comments thread. The only other place with so much passion in the comments must be sepua mutiny.

    what fun.

  37. Who has more runs in international cricket?Who has more centuries?Who is more consistent?Answere these and you might hate to admit it but truth is a bitter pill to sorrow.Answer for question,we do not follow monotheism and thats the same with cricket,Lara has his own space and known for his BIG better Sachin is a masterclass crowd entertainer.Both have good records against Australia.

  38. Great Bong, Laloo’s departure is quite a big blow. I had hoped that he would stick around till 2016 and help India get a few gold medals at the Olympics !

  39. @Rani: I dont think that this is the beginning of the end for Laloo. Indian people have very short memory and whatever illwill LPY has accrued will evaporate in a year or two. And in Bihar people vote extensively on caste and religional lines—corruption is hardly ever an issue. The reason LPY lost was because of the alliances Nitish was able to forge…he may not be so lucky the next time.

    @Navin: Yes I know thank you.

    @Ms Palme: Thank you.

    @Sunil: Oh yes passion. We have that here all right.

    @Raj: 🙂

  40. Dear Arnab,

    Would you consider allowing three of your Ganguly posts to be published online in ICF? ( Indian Cricket Fever)

    I took the liberty of posting your
    blogs – with due credit – yesterday

    Here is the direct link:

    Have a nice new year.



  41. Yes sure you can. Do contact me by email if you want to put something up as I dont often check my old posts for new comments.

  42. Arnab,

    What is your email?


  43. greatbong TA gmail TOD com

  44. lalu yadav zindabad,rabri devi zindabad.both will return.

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