New Blog URL Inauguration

This is my new blog address. I am now snowed in New York and havent gotten around to answering the comments from my last post. Which I shall do asap (as soon as I figure out how to get back to DC). Do adjust your bookmarks accordingly ( the redirect from my oldsite will be up soon). Kindly put all new comments here.

If anyone is having speed issues with the new site, kindly do tell.

[Comments have been stopped on this post because of spammers]

37 thoughts on “New Blog URL Inauguration

  1. Heartiest Congratulations!

    Wishing this new template and your blog all the best and hope to experience rollicking-abdomen-cramping-tear-inducing-laughter-and-intelligent-fun and wonderful stress busting moments everytime I visit this blog. Nice pose in that pic! Awaiting your next post.

  2. Amazing template sir.. I saw the other template that you had put on a temp site or something.. This is much better refined..

  3. Very nice work.
    The banners are very well done
    pHite kaata ta ektu uutshober madhome korle hoi na?


  4. Should I say how lucky you are to see all that snow or should I say that I am so sorry to know that you are snowed in? Anyway I expected a fantastic post (vast majority of your post are in any case fantastic) for inauguration. Instead I get this short note!! Although you are snowed in NY, what is preventing you from writing a fantastic post? I think it is better that you use your boring time (assuming you are not enjoying all that snow) in a hotel of a snowed-in city to write an inaugural post. It seems that you have an access to Internet and a computer otherwise you won’t be able to even send that official note. Waiting for the post. Wish you all the best for your new blog.
    I don’t like to send my email with my comments. I don’t like that the emails are required fields over here. I like the choices that one had in your original blogsite.

  5. One more thing. Your tracker Icon is really small unlike your original blog site .I realize that all those records of entries are now redundant since you are starting fresh – but that saddens me because who doesn’t want to keep track of records!
    I gave a fictitious email – it does not belong to me.

  6. It looks really nice.
    Hopefully you have worked out all the bugs in the system and now you don’t have to worry about anything other than just writing your blog.

  7. Hi
    U r earlier setup was more aesthetic.I hope u will make the look much better after some time.

    Kudos to great bong.

  8. @Chetan: Nice pose in that pic ? Which one—I can assure you that I do not occur in any of the banners 🙂

    @Anthony, Michael: Thank you….glad you liked it.

    @Hutum: An utsobi post to follow.

    @yourfan: Alas such is the comments system on wordpress. You are however free to give a “jaali” email address —but I think that will get your comment into “moderation”. If it’s not too much trouble, you may create something like yourfan@rediffmail and that way it’s all right. In any case, this comment moderation thing I need to change in the settings….still am to figure out everything about WordPress.

    As for a more detailed post, I am now snowed in New York at my brother-in-law’s wife’s place and where as it is I have lost social brownie points for doing my blog stuff….now if I had started to “write” then it would have been “whisper whisper jamaibabu has become a blog recluse”.

    Now as to the tracker, extremetracking allows you only one tracker per site. So I cannot “reuse” my old tracker which is a pity because I lose my old stats. Hence I had to get a new one. Now the reason I made the image small is because their standard icon looked rather ugly in the new design and in order for their tracker to work, all that was needed to have the image but not at their specified size. Which is the reason I have made it so small.

    @Mallik: I am sorry you didnt like the new look. I personally favour this look over the last blogspot one mainly because there were a few misalignments there.

  9. @yourfan: Removed the restriction that an email address has to be supplied in order to post a comment. [Do tell me if it again asks you the next time] However may have to take alternative measures in the future if this “relaxation” leads to a proliferation of “spam” like Viagra and suchlike.

  10. Congrats Arnab !! LongLive !!
    i am a regular reader of RTDM for quite some time. Simply you are the best !! Keep up the gr8 work….

  11. Welcome to the exciting world of wordpress hehe!! Great banners, and I am sure now with categorization and all, we can now search through your older stuff and read it with much ease!!



  12. GB
    Love the new site, esp the banners.
    Bring em on.

  13. Welcome to WordPress. Snowed in New York is not all that bad 😉 Have a safe trip back to DC.


  15. Biplab (satchisgod) February 13, 2006 — 6:52 pm

    Unperturbed by Connery dadu’s threats to Indy…will just say…Holy Effing Christ!…total blast of a site!…esp. the banners!

    And who the fuck is Puru Rajkumar anyways?

  16. I read your blog and send comment from my office computer. If I leave a comment to your post with my real name, then my identity is automatically displayed in Leave a Reply’ with ‘welcome back ….’on the same computer. Obviously I don’t like this automatic display of my identity on my office computer for all others to see. If you don’t change this I think you will lose a lot of comments from people like me who preferes confidentiality.

  17. Congratulations on the successful migration! Looks cool. It’s amazing that you managed to keep your comments intact.

  18. hey…this is a great idea, glad you moved your website-
    You now have a good enough client base to open your own shop ;-)!!-You in NY ? Call me-631 252 2738.

  19. Sweet new home…what’s your twin brother doing on this site? 🙂

  20. Brilliant new look.

  21. hy! i have a blog at blogger and just bought a domain i use it to redirect my blogspot site, but when it loads it swiches adres to blogspot one. how can i change it? does blogger support domains i bought to post there so it would be for example: etc. ??? please help!

  22. Hey….please get that clip of the fat boy laughing back up.
    Otherwise……she’s looking good.

  23. The new site looks great Arnab…..and better organized than the blogspot site.

  24. FAQ rocks! And yes, the template suits your blog very well, although like some other commentator here, I would also love to see the fat boy banging his chest somewhere.

  25. @Tridib: Thank you…I hope to live long too.

    @Suyog: I am sure of that too. I am yet to categorize/format-clean some of my old posts—will do that with time.

    @Dreamweaver: Thanks…so you like the new look now.

    @SV: Thank you…26 inches of snow…all bus and trainlines stopped in their tracks….not fun. Of all the weekends in the year I had to choose this one. But the trip back on Monda was hassle-free.

    @Srin: Thank you…

    @Biplab: :-)…Puru Rajkumar is the son of the legendary “Jaani” Raj Kumar. He was “launched” in the horrid “Bal Bramhachari” where his wooden looks/acting ability quickly brought a finis to his career—despite intermittent apperances as a terrorist and a rapist….

    @Anon: Well then just create an imaginary name—or better still post as Anon and just add your name to the text of the comment. That way the next person will only see “Anon” and nothing else.

    @Sujatha: It’s easy to keep the comments—WP’s import script does that. However it did screw up the [p] of all my blogspot posts because it “stalled” midway.

    @Puloma: Alas back again. Will call. Was very close to your place@Newport—but at too unearthly an hour.

    @Oz: Twin brother? You mean the handsome guy on the profile picture.

    @Swarnali: Thank you so much.

    @Vurdlak: Since I do not exactly know the answer to that question, let me direct you to where Ujval hosts his site on blogspot but its his .com which is displayed in the browser bar. I am sure that Ujval can help you better.

    @Ameoba, Venu: Oh ok the fat baby. Its good to see that there are at least 2 people who liked him. Most people didnt—a lot of folks told me that it’s a disturbing/attention-hogging presence on my blogspot site. When I shifted here, I no longer needed a seperate “feed section” since K2 already supplies a feedicon. Hence bye bye baby.

    [Plus I was afraid my picture is beginning to look more and more like that kid]

    @Sunil: One of the main USPs of WP is the power it provides you to organize your information. You pay a slight overhead in terms of speed as everything is dynamically generated.

  26. Very very nice !! looks like M of fame has definitely some competition !! hopefully we will have a Prabhuji banner and a soul moosik devtaa banner also ??


  27. Sexy design. Looks great in Firefox.

  28. Congrats on the indpendent domain and more importantly on shifting to wordpress.. 🙂

  29. Hi GB……

    Like the new look ! One suggestion: would it be possible to preview and edit comments before they are posted ?

  30. Hey GB,

    At present, I like this site. But, for most of us the content matters and hopefully, we are gonna get a wonderful post this time from you.

    Keep Blogging!!


    PS : Best Of Luck for your social skill class with your relatives 🙂

  31. And haan, sorry I forgot to add, I am loving the banners..Spend quite a time refreshing the page just to see the different banners 🙂
    Good Stuff there!!!!!!!

    btw, whose idea was about the banners??


  32. @GHE: Comparing me to the great Megha with respect to site design is like comparing Ravi Behl with Mithunda….it is sacrilege.

    @Kamini Rathore: Thank you and yes IE does screw up some formatting.

    @Pratyush: Yes as someone has pointed out, leaving my rented apartment for my own house.

    @Bongopondit: Yes there is now a live preview just below where you type.

    @HP: I hope so too….my social skills are far beyond luck. The banners were constructed by my wife and I—-both of us heavily contributed to the selection, look and placement of the images: the site design was a husband-wife bonding project. And I know you are saying: Awwwwww 🙂

  33. This is cool. Let me know where to send domain-warming gift! 😉

    Looking forward to more entertainment! 🙂


  34. BTW, Why does BlueHost owns your domain instead of you?

    It should be something like

    I would suggest that you make yourself as the Technical/Admin contact.

    Good luck,

  35. @JD: That was a service which Bluehost offers of *not* putting my name in the whois entry. I still own the site (I asked them about it before I opted-in for the service)—it’s just that the whois database is regularly abused by spammers and hence I thought it would be better the way it is.

  36. My good wishes and the very best of luck for your new site.

    Though I started blogging recently, I too have been deating whether or not to shift to wordpress which has better features but can be operationally difficult for multiple blogs. Perhaps the path you have chosen is the best.

    You really have a unique expression and that Andaman Cellular jail blog was really the best post I have come across in six months of blogging. Happy blogging.

  37. ‘sup bangabandhu, congrats on urenew blog, looks kickass in firefox


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