An Appeal

Please read this post about a trust in the name of Manjunath Shanmugam, an IOCL employee who was murdered for trying to stop petrol-adulteration. The immediate aim of this trust is to raise money so that Manjunath’s assailants do not walk like Jessica Lal’s murderers did.

9 thoughts on “An Appeal

  1. Hi,

    We have a site which is visited by a lot of IIT and IIM alumni. I am getting this posted on my website on the homepage.

  2. Hi Arnab,
    I see you have mentioned the Jessica Lal case in passing. What about your spin on Shayan Munshi (the one-hit wonder from Jhankar Beats) and the main guy on whom the prosecution was hanging its hat on. He turned hostile ( a really great bong eh!) and the rest as they say is history.

  3. @Vivek: That would be greatly appreciated.

    @Debu: How does Shayan Munshi’s being Bong have anything to do with this? Jessica Lal’s murderer wasnt Bong—you dont call him a “Great Jat” do you (I really dont know where he is from nor do I really care). I have nothing but utter contempt for Shayan Munshi ( I shall write a post on the Jessica Lal case). However I also feel that the thrust of your comments was wholly unwarranted.

  4. You get me in a wrong way greatBong. I made the great bong remark to show my utter contempt for him and that he was a disgrace to Bengalis. Written words are always up for multiple interpretations….

  5. Ooh sorry then Debu. Yes I interpreted it wrongly….and now we are in total agreement.

  6. It really is blood-boiling to know of Shayan Munshi’s cowardly escape out of a chance to bring justice to somebody. I am dying to read what Greatbong has to say about this in his post. Waiting meanwhile….

  7. One thing I like about this notice is that there is not mention of IIM. It isn’t nice but many people are bothered precisely because he was from IIM.

  8. This Shayan Munshi guy is a real is a glaring example of a Gadhar, a traitor, who would have selled himself. Prob. earned few lakh bucks for a switchover from a friend to a murder accomplice. He should be treated as a murder accomplice. Had he some honour left in him, he needs to hang himself and never appear in public again.

    Society needs some corrective action to maintain some sanity.

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