Krrish Me Not

Hoooo hoooo, hoooo hoooo, hoooo hoooo
Aao sunao pyar ki ek kahani,
Ek tha ladka ek thi ladki deewani,
Lyrics of a song from Krrish

The moment I read that Taran Adarsh had given Krrish his whole-hearted endorsement, my spidey sense started tingling. After all, this is Taran Adarsh we are talking about —the diabolical reviewer whose taste in movies is only rivalled by Monica Bedi’s taste in men.

But then against my better judgement, I sat through Krrish.

A few hours later as the end credits rolled, I felt as miserable and drained as Superman would feel after he has just been submerged in a vat of liquid kryptonite.

Derivative and unoriginal with flaccid dialogues and a basic plot as old as the hills, Krrish is a super disaster of a movie that Superman, Spiderman and Batman working together cannot save.

The movie opens with the first and only wonderous thing you will see in three hours—Rekha playing a grandmother [And this from the lady who insisted that in order to play the “mother” in Mother 98, the girl had to be 16 years old]. Her grandchild is Krishna, a super-genius, super-powerful young man-child, who was withdrawn from school when he was a kid by Rekha (reasons for that to be revealed later)—his superpowers being inherited from his father who was “touched” by an alien (kept on reminding me of Cartman from “South Park” and the alien anal probes)

Growning up in the hills racing a white stallion he jumps around, with gay abandon, wearing very little clothes as women and happy men ogle his bulging biceps. But he is not happy—-a young man, with raging hormones, he feels alone and in a touching scene confesses to granny that he is sick and tired of being only with animals.


Anyhoo, into his lonely life comes Priya—-whose eyelid fluttering, gasping and oooh-aahing damsel-in-perennial-distress character is essayed with Amesha Patelian “deer caught in the headlights” gusto by Priyanka Chopra.

Priya is rescued from a parachute malfunction by our hero Krishna in a sequence inspired by “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” and then the movie follows the plot template of”Ram Teri Ganga Maili” (yes that 1980s Raj Kapoor skinfest where the mountain girl falls in love with the saheri babu while bathing under waterfalls) Of course this is the 2000s—the story is reversed with the gullible mountain goat sorry guy, showing off his sculpted torso at every opportunity, while falling in love with the smart, city girl. There is also a totally lame comedic sub-angle where Priya thinks Krishna is a ghost that drags on and on and one could not be blamed for forgetting that this is a superhero movie he/she is watching.

Priya leaves for Singapore (she is a reporter ala Lois Lane) after her sojourn in the mountains and Krishna, the male Shakuntala, is heartbroken. Back in her media office, however Priya and her friend, a cleavage-displaying lady called Honey, come to the realization that Krishna’s awesome powers could make a great, headline-grabbing story. And so Priya calls Krishna over the phone, feigns love (yes we all know where this is heading) and asks Krishna to come over to Singapore to ask for her hand in marriage from her mother.

Yes this is a superhero movie. Bear with me.

Krishna then comes to Singapore—like King Kong was brought to New York to be shown to the world. Here a fire in a circus (Batman and Robin wink wink) and certain other circumstances make him don a mask (somewhat like the Zorro mask but somewhat more ornate—like the ones worn by the men and women at the orgy in “Eyes Wide Shut”) and a Neo-type black trenchcoaty cape and become India’s first superhero (let’s forget Mr. India, Shahenshah, Shaktiman and Mithunda for a few moments)—–Krrish.

As TOI so politically correctly points out, he then becomes ” too busy wooing his lady love and saving yuppie chinks in Singapore” and crossing wits with an orang-otang named (Chairman) Mao. In the process he reveals a “chink” or two in his armour—that being a tendency to copy in toto Neo’s “Matrix” moves.

There is a villain Dr. Siddhanth Arya (played by Naseeruddin Shah) who has plans for world domination using a “look into the future” machine that looks, down to the last detail, like the future reading machine in “Paycheck”. Anyway Dr. Arya has a rather irritating habit of looking into the camera and pretending to be a newscaster ala Rakesh Bedi’s Khabarilal character in “Tiranga”. Somehow this is supposed to numb my brain with great fear but the only thing I kept thinking was how the government should pay Naseer a certain sum a year so that he does not waste his talent going after money and doing these ridiculous roles.

Hrittik Roshan, the greatest male beef-cake of his times, plays yet another romantic lead except that here he has some exceptional powers (for instance he can jump higher than Jeetendra). Therein lies the single biggest problem with Krrish—it is just another Bollywood formula romance story with a superhero angle fitted in to make it unique (or as they say “hatke”).

Which is why Krrish has no superhero-like, larger-than-life character and certainly no flair. He also has no great lines (like AB had in Shahenshah)—I mean how bad does the script have to be when the best lines are delivered by Priyanka Chopra : “Doge ya pahenaoge?”

Priyanka Chopra is hot but her screen time is as soothing as the sound of fingernails scraping a chalkboard. As mentioned before, Naseer is a washout. And without doubt, Rekha is the hottest granma ever that has walked the desi screen.

The only saving grace: CGI effects that are way beyond anything that Bollywood has seen. Remember that the state-of-art was “Rudraksh” where the special effects of Sanjay Dutt and Suniel Shetty fighting against the background of screensavers was slightly less believable than Bipasha Basu being a professor from University of California and having bikini-clad blonde research assistants.

Summing up, Krrish will be enjoyed by a few classes of people: 1) those that want to salivate over Hrittik’s sculpted body, 2)those who have yet to appreciate the grandness of good “superhero” movies because they have not been exposed to the real stuff 3) the Taran Adarshes of the world and 4) those who want to see a formulaic love-story no matter how many times they have seen it before (this point added based on this comment).

Of course there are more than enough people in these four categories to make Krrish a super duper hit.

For the rest, “avvoid” it like the “pllague”.

70 thoughts on “Krrish Me Not

  1. >
    Great review.

  2. agree! but when hollywood seems to hold on to ‘romance angle’ like a crutch, you can’t fault bollywood for doing what it does usually.

    it will be a long time before a real superhero movie is made with little or no mention of love or songs. that will happen if these people do 10% of the bull shit they throw out in thier stupid interviews.

  3. I liked Krissh and I am none of the following :.

    1) those that want to salivate over Hrithik’s sculpted body.
    2)those who have yet to appreciate the grandness of good “superhero” movies.
    3) the Taran Adarshes of the world. (Puhleeeeezzzeee !! He should be banned .. )

    I liked Krissh because it is good old bollywood stuff and still manages to entertain nicely.

  4. Its actually the crappy part about krish that makes it work. If you want a superhero movies minus crappy stuff watch ALAG… looked better movie (to me) than krishh but it was a miserable flop…becoz it lacked all kinds of crappy things that make krish longer movie…

  5. @Vijay: 🙂

    @Hawkeye: No indeed we cannot. But of course even then Superman Returns, with all its myriad flaws, is way way better than Krrish.

    @Turrtle: Okay add 4) who like old bollywood stuff and dont care about the way it is packaged.

    @PasserBy: Sorry I cannot agree. “Alag” is pretty sad too—-apart from being a frame-by-frame lift from “Powder” (yes there are some differences—the deer in “Powder” becomes the bird in Alag).

  6. I was not going to watch the movie anyway, but the review certainly helps. If I wanted to watch a Rakesh roshan movie, I will dig up my closet and get my Kamchor or even Karan Arjun DVD out and watch one more time.

    The Review was great until the last para where you try to get judgemental about people who may like the movie.

  7. @Sanjay: Yes I have been judgemental. Is it too late to ask for forgiveness?

    Really Sanjay…just chill…I am not conducting a debate with someone or blogging about a very serious issue that I need to be careful to be “politically correct” and “non-judgemental”. Being judgemental is *sometimes* part of being funny—or trying to be in this case.

  8. YOURFAN writes:
    @GB: I don’t have any desire to watch a movie like Krrish – no amount of money or inducement will make me watch it. Nevertheless I only read your review for your humorous writing. I had a riot. Thanks for making me laugh. You should charge the readers to read your funny posts – at least I wouldn’t mind.

  9. Arnab – Dont jump out of your pants and it is you who needs to chill out a bit.

    If you get so much peeve out of a simple comment then disable comments section or block my IP(s), in that way you will have only people whos comments you would like to read.

  10. Also I think you should add another category for people like yourself who dont fit in 1-4 but still watch it either for the sake of watching it or for writting reviews on their blogs. 😉

  11. @Sanjay: Is this what you call jumping out of your pants? What exactly do you want me to do when you say something like this? Not reply to you? Peeved at your comment? Aww…I thought you were the one peeved at my post? Ok for you to be “peeved”…not for me right? [After all the ruckus on the equality posts it takes a lot to get me peeved and so dont think you have peeved me in any way]

    Now pretty pretty please: it’s you who is being unduly combative. (if you think something is judgemental I do have the right to reply right?)—-I didnt think it would come to this on a review of Krrish.

    On a lighter tone (I presume you will understand that), one of my most avid readers wants to catch me with my trousers down, you think I am jumping out of my pants….whats the problem?

    Now as to your comment about the addition of another category for people like myself, also please DO read what I say:

    Summing up, Krrish will be enjoyed by a few classes of people…..

    Do you think I “enjoyed” Krrish?

  12. [GB ] Nice review, I had written on Taran earlier, looks like he is getting desperate to direct a movie himself so he is nowadays praising each and every movie.. he should sing praises to tlv.. mebbe he will get to direct a Mithun-da movie, that for one would be a super fire, sure-fire hit..

    After reading ur review, I am sure not to even venture close to any theatre playing Krissssssshh !!


  13. Shud have waited for ur write up instead of wasting money and my TIME on that movie. It was funny how three diff genres of movies were blend into this atrocious movie starring a monkey no less. Well u have 2 Hritiks in this movie… one an idiot and one a gavaar. He cudnt do justice to both of these roles. Two of them was a bit too much for me to handle. The only thing missing in this movie was dialogues between Hrithik and his horse!!!
    By the end of this movie I was like “someone hit me” ….So people if u have not yet watched the movie….I suggest u take greatbong’s review into consideration!

  14. “for instance he can jump higher than Jeetendra” – priceless

    I wasnt planning to watch this film. and the review has also thankfully removed any iota of possibility of watching it.

    everytime bollywood proclaims a breakthrough film or genre, it very predictably falls into the “formulaic love-story” trap. same wine and the zillionth new bottle.

  15. Darn! I’m a die-hard fan of Hrithik and yea, I usually enjoy those Rakesh Roshan movies. But what was Krrish? It was so incredibly boring – no other adjective just plain boring. No superhero stuff at all thoughout the movie… and too much stunt-baazi for the sake of it at the end.
    Your review is bang on target man. I hope Rakesh Roshan dishes out something better next time.

  16. Arnab says “Do you think I “enjoyed” Krrish? ”

    Well my comments were mainly in response to the following :-

    “Of course there are more than enough people in these three categories to make Krrish a super duper hit.”

  17. I mean how bad does the script have to be when the best lines are delivered by Priyanka Chopra : “Lagaoge ya pahenaoge?”

    hahaha… and of course, remember the shoes, with laces that is.. I found that so funny… I am still going to watch it though… !! timepass…

  18. Would not have seen te movie anyways! but great review:)

  19. “Amesha Patelian” “deer caught in the headlights” gusto? 🙂
    We need to add this to the Bollywood dictionary!

  20. Really grieving for the absence of good reviewers in Indian mainstream press. Thank God for bloggers who flog! Its criminal how high our tolerance level is for the very ordinary movies that come out of Bollywood – timepass, we are like this only, leave your brain at the door. What bs! That’s why our movies outside India are considered quaint anachronisms, & we never win any awards in (or are even showed in the competitive section of) major film fests. With all the halla over Bolly’s follies, regional cinema & alternative directors are also trying to jump on the Bolly bandwagon (if you can’t beat em, join em). I spend (rather, used to spend, thank god for DVDs I don’t have to any more) $10 to watch movies in the Bay Area in California. My friends get defensive that we Indians make movies for ourselves which doesn’t need to be understood or appreciated by others except in our terms. Well, all that quantity needs to produce some quality, or we will forever hold on to the sari aanchals (as in the Bong aachol, don’t know the Hindi equivalent, so Hindi-izing it as best as I can) of Mira Nairs & Gurinder Chaddhas & claim them to be one of our own. Bollywood’s crossover appeal? Where? When? We copy from them, they don’t copy us.

    Btw, wasn’t that upside down pic of Hritik & Priyanka in the ads so Spiderman?

  21. @GHE: I shiver at that amazing confluence of talents.

    @Star: Hrittik and his horse? Yes that would actually have been interesting.

    @Maverick: And so it does.

    @Di: I miss the Rakesh Roshan of his true masala days—“Karan Arjun” and suchlike.

    @sacht1b: Sorry—the dialogue was “Doge ya pahenaoge?”—my dirty mind.(I have changed the line in the post)

    @Sd: Yes now you have been warned.

    @GG: Indeed !

    @Tipu: There is another picture that is exactly Spiderman…Hrittik upside down kissing Priyanka right side up.

  22. Haven’t seen Grrr…ish but it sounds a bit like Koyla, which alas a friend forced me to watch when I was living in Delhi. Also, did anyone notice how in Koi Mil Gaya when HR is in the ‘retard’ mode his Hindi has a Tamil accent. I admit my I was very drunk with a friend when watching it & we may have imagined that whole part…

  23. Hi Great Bong,

    You forgot to mention the great IQ test that was conducted at Krrish’s school. I was laughing my ass off and thought that was the best part of the movie. Must mention though that I could not tolerate the movie for long after that. Guess I am not as big a superman as you are and evidently Great bong kryptonite is not a factor for you.

    Great Post

  24. did Hrithik Roshan too wear his undies over his pants?

    if not, then that could be a key differentiator from the typical superhero movies 😉

  25. I went to see Grrrrish (hey, has anyone thought of a superhero named Girish?) as an accident – I wanted to see Chup Chupke, and assumed it would be on at the same time as it had been advertised the previous night. This was stupid, because I hated it. I agree with your review in large part.

    One more point on political correctness. After the orangutan refuses to climb the tree (are orangutans noted tree-climbers, anyway?), it goes across to Krrrrr … whatever, and holds his hand. Retarded Honey says something along the lines of “Yeah, Hindi-Cheeni bhai-bhai”. Are these the same filmmakers who expect foreign audiences to watch and appreciate their films?

  26. pretty accurate review!

    but hindi films are pretty much a reflection of the indian atitude. cant deny that, so every time we laugh at our movies i guess we should pinch ourselves and think of the
    farce that we really are.
    no wonder we dont have our team playing the world cup most our studs live in fanatsy, we have a terrible lack of disicpline, we are emotionaly weak, lazy and unhygenic

    Movies that are made are infact meticulously a record of our integrity. they are a measure of our soul.

    long way to go for all of us.

    now having said that let me confess i love these stupid movies.i empathise a little with the garishness that these movies celebrate.

  27. Shouldn’t ur title be something like “The Funniest Love story ever”….and common he is better than ur Mithunda ;-)….But seriously Krrish makes me cry 😦

  28. Nice reveiw
    Was put off from watching Krrish after seing the songs previewed on MTv. A “superhero” dancing like a Hindi film heroine from the 80s was too much to take. And plagrization from superhero movies of the West and East (Crouching…) is pathetic. What happened to the Rakesh Roshan of Khoon Bhari Maang.

    Btw saw Corporate. Nice movie.Suggest you watch it. Have put up a review in my blog.

  29. loved all best lines including deer one ,and ofcourse ur appreciation of jeetendra .
    wasnt going to see it anyway but maybe suffer it for my kids sake, esp when Taran recommends.
    btw does he take steroids?…too much beef!
    outright mithun movies r tolerable than these pseudo entertainers

  30. the moment i saw the promos, i knew this was one movie i had to avoid.
    i laud your grit to bear it.

    though i must tell you, i cannot wait for your review of karan johars – kabhi alvida na kehna.
    did you ever do one on kabhi khushi kabhi gham?

    these karan johar flicks are so in touch with the feminine side of things…
    yash chopra lately…

    i saw an award show where they suggested that brokeback mountain if remade in hindi would star karan johar and shah rukh khan…

    badhiya film hogi… kabhi P#$%# kabhi bum…

  31. Ota Krrish na Isshhh hoya uchit!

    Great Post..:)

  32. Arnab da great post.
    But c’mon. seriously you think Rekha is the hottest granny.
    Her dialogue delivery was pathetic with “Beta” attached to every other sentence.
    I guess movie was OK. They would need few more movies to mature into superhero stuff

  33. Copycat, I brand you! You shall hear from my lawyers! I blogged on Krrish myself, without having the movie, based on a preview I’d read. And this is several weeks before, so I came first.

    There are several inmistakeable similarities in my post and yours! Hmmm…You better not tell me you internalized my blog post now. Thats old stuff. Let me know when you come up with a suitable defence.

    Anyway, I demand that you nonetheless go and read my post. It would tell you what I exactly think of the movie myself (and how it seems to uncannily match with your views). Also, then I can properly accuse you of internalizing.

    Krrish – Dancing, Tailoring, Kicking Ass

  34. Hahahaha! After recieving “top recommendations” (hehe, I am sucker for Z-grade movies) from friends like you and Jedi, I want to see this one immediately! I think there should be a sequel to Krrish, wish Mithunda as the evil scheming flying villain.

    Krrish vs Mithun!

    “And without doubt, Rekha is the hottest granma ever that has walked the desi screen.”



  35. I’m guessing the mistake you made was watching Krrish looking for a comicbook fantasy. Krrish was never to be watched as your typical superhero movie. We know taglines and descriptions for what they are : advertising. This is India after all, and one usually finds our “masses” do not appreciate movies that are very different. Why ? Its a matter of escapism. Not appreciation. And so popcorn fare such as DDLJ will be hailed as one of the best movies to be made in Bollywood.
    Even movies we call “real” have elements that distinguish them from real life. Entertainment is still the name of the game for Bollywood.
    My point ? I’ve not seen Krrish, but I will. At the end of it, I might hate it even more than Fanaa, and will probably write a similar review to yours. More for what they could have made it, rather than what they did make of it. The point is Bollywood is finally trying to make something original, however flawed an interpretation they may have of the original. After all, its not like Hollywood does a good job when they remake. Much worse, actually.

  36. Also, I think Suyog’s suggestion would be the equivalent of Neo vs Agent Smith 😛 Someone please send it to Mr. Roshan 🙂

  37. Krrish is clearly the love-child of Nightwing and the Huntress.

  38. re: the first Indian Superhero, why do people seem to forget ‘Shiva Ka Insaaf’ Jackie Shroff was a superhero in that, and that movie preceed all the other movies that people keep mentioning.
    Remember people, India’s first superhero was Shiva from ‘Shiva Ka Insaaf’

  39. Gamesmaster, and the movie told me that he was Rohit’s son !

    Damn ! Have to sue Rakesh Roshan now for meddling with comic book mythology !

  40. Awesome review GB… !
    I am surprised you actually spend time and money on such bollywood movies.
    Do you really have to watch the movie to know it is bs ?
    Anyway, to each his own…

    – divya

  41. I remember Shiva Ka Insaf – India’s first 3D movie!!! Saw it years back in Calcutta’s Minerva theater with my father.

  42. Hrithik Roshan July 9, 2006 — 9:06 am

    Awww so your audience likes Krish. Sod you for putting up such a poor review of my move. Well, I know it was a crappy one but what to do? It looks my father is forced to make movies that focus around me. That is, if I am to continue being a lead star in Bollywood and not a faceless musclebound villian sidekick. Or a jerkoff pseudo beefcake comedian like Uday Chopra. His daddy gave up after a few movies.

    My papa will take some more time to understand. So there may be more crap like Krish coming soon. Hold your nose while watching!

  43. The link to Anandabazar patrika ( in the ‘media mentions’ section doesnt work my friend … how abt a quick fix ? Or did they take back their words 😉

  44. anonymous coward July 9, 2006 — 1:30 pm

    hey … u forgot about all ads in the movie. starting off with bournvita ( i always thought boost was the secret of energy) and going on to the hero honda circus. today’s newspaper says that they collected around 12 crores from the ads itself.

    some of the ads like bournvita and tide are literally forced onto the viewer. another thing which i cudnt understand was the reason why krrish had to go to singapore in order to become a super-hero ? couldnt an indian city be used instead ? instead saving ppl from fire in a circus, he could have saved ppl from floods in mumbai. or perhaps dragged clouds to a parched delhi crying out for rain. atleast that would have diffrentiated him from western superheroes!

  45. i’m so glad that i dnt watch movies much…

  46. @Yourfan: Maybe I will start charging some day—considering the few cents a week I make from my ads.

    @Tipu: Aaah the perfect state in which to watch these movies.

    @Ashish: Oh yes ! That IQ test—oh man.

    @Bonatellis: No he did not. And thank you Rakesh Roshan for that.

    @The Graduate: Yes I do remember that and the feeling of “Who writes such lines?”–Kal Ho Na Ho also had some not-so-complimentary lines about the Chinese.

    @Enjoy!: Unhygienic?

    @100rabh: Better than Mithun-da?Consider yourself virtually head-butted.

    @Dhananjay: Will do.

    @Varsha: Totally. Mithun-da’s movies dont have the pretensions of a “Krrish”.

    @Harjee Kapoor: I wonder if it will be a copy of “Closer”—I wonder if Karan Johar will have the balls to put in hard-hitting lines ala Closer?

    @Abhijit: 🙂

    @Ketan: Rekha is extremely hot …methinks.

    @Nishant: Maybe reviewing a movie based on its preview is not being entirely fair…..even for Krrish.

    @Suyog: Mithun-da as villain would give Krrish an ass-kicking like you would not believe.

    @SEV: Original? Then why does it have sequences from English movies? Bollywood can very well make its own kind of superhero movies—-taking stuff from our legends and folklore? Why not a Chacha Chowdhuy-Sabu movie?

    @Gamesmaster G9: Paternity of Krrish in question? Hai Ram.

    @Raju: Have not seen that…

    @Gautam: Please lets keep Krrish’s patenity out of this—especially since he was born during the 2 years his dad Rohit was away in Singapore and his mother was in India…

    @Divya: I dont spend money—at least not in this case. And yes you do need to watch a movie to say its bs—because sometimes, not often, Bollywood does produce something really good.

    @Tipu: Aaah.

    @Hrittik Roshan: His dad hasnt given up yet—watch Uday Chopra back in Dhoom 2.

    @Anghsuman: Yes they withdrew their words! Its also true that ABP takes down old issues from the website…but that’s not relevant here.

    @Anon Coward: My bad. How could I forget those product placements—of how darling Dadi, who stays away from civilization in sylvan surroundings, still uses “Tide” to clean Krishna’s soiled clothes.

    @Dwaipayan: Aww come on. Its fun. And its made in India. Or by India any case.

  47. Just look at this picture from Krrish. Of course, it’s my problem that it reminds me of the Spiderman kiss.
    Anyway, beautiful review, as usual. I particularly liked those lines about Jitendra’s jumping. Thank God I wasn’t even planning to see this movie.
    And yes, I do remember watching part of “Shiva ka Insaaf” on cable… Shiva (Jackie Shroff) was definitely the first Indian superhero (if you don’t consider Hanuman). If I remember correctly, in one sequence he rides a bicycle super fast and catches the crooks escaping by a jeep. Now that’s what I call Indian! 🙂

  48. @Joy Forever:
    “he rides a bicycle super fast and catches the crooks escaping by a jeep. Now that’s what I call Indian”.

    You do not need a superhero to do that in India…
    Our Major Ram did that in Main Hoon Naa. Difference was: here he rode a cycle rickshaw and the goons were in a Qualis.

  49. Great review! Superman sucked too.

  50. Mr. India, Shahenshah, Shaktiman…

    Bongda – How could you forget Captain Vyom?

  51. bikini clad research assistants……..ha ha..
    but Arnab, mark my words…the next feather in the Roshans” cap will be called “Koi Tumsa Nahi”. waiting for it….(i.e. for its review on this page).

  52. Can any of your *mans dance like Krrrrrish? And he doesn’t need to wear tights.

  53. @Aby: “…And he doesn’t need to wear tights.”

    Ahem… don’t you think that sentence sounds incomplete? Laloo once said something like that about himself… 😛

  54. How can it be a formulaic love story ? Its the love story of a superhero. And why compare it to hollywood superhero movies at all ?

    A superhero movie need not be all emotions and pathos and conflicts interspersed with high voltage special effects and action – reference : Superman returns, Spiderman and Batman Begins, in that order.

    A superhero movie could have a formulaic love story instead, interspersed with medium voltage action and special effects.

    I have to admit though, that we could have definitely done without Rekha and that, Krissh is not a great movie, not something that I will watch again n again, but its a “nice” movie – good for a one time watch and better than the likes of Fanaah. Hah, now I am comparing too !!

  55. Thankfully, i havent watched this movie. I read Taran’s review was skeptical since he gave Fanaa a similar **** review.

    “Anyway Dr. Arya has a rather irritating habit of looking into the camera and pretending to be a newscaster ala Rakesh Bedi’s Khabarilal character in “Tiranga”.”

    that character was hilarious, even when he died in “news-reporter” mode. Samachar samapt or something to that effect. you have a great eye for detail or who would’ve remembered that…i did!

  56. My sole concern after reading this post is: What if Duke saw this movie?

  57. GB, I really like your writings and most of the time they are hillarious and informative. However, I disagree, although not completely, with you on this. I think Krrish was a good attempt at making a desi super-hero movie. At least he invested in hiring some stunt co-ordinator and visual artists from outside India and went one step further from a regular melodrama.

    I certainly don’t think it matches my expectations of a world class Indian movie, but so do most of the hollywood action movies. If you carefully look with the same critical eyes, Hollywood action movies are not created by some “braniacs in nerd patrol”. For once, I found the latest Superman Returns even more boring than Krrish. Krrish was a good mix of desi formula some honest attempt to go beyond what others have gone in MFI (Mumbai Film Industry. I prefer calling it by this name than calling it bollywood. Although its only fair to call it bollywood since it copies majority of movies from hollywood). But the current generation knows better. I think there will be time when they will make movies we will be super proud of. But for now, for whom it matters, they have voted Krrish the best movie ever with their rupees. Or is it the nice cushioned seats in AC halls in new multiplexes?

    I certainly agree that a lot of things need improvement. Dolly was annoying as hell and so was the adventure guide and the whole episode of camping.

    For the dance fans, there is no better male dancer (Its funny that “actors” need to know how to dance but oh well, its bollywood) than Hrithik. Ask the choreos and they will tell you. He is the only bollywood actor who looks better than the background dancers while dancing.

    Keep up the good work GB.


  58. bdd boy, gb! now i can’t keep this site open in office. any hint of negative opinion of krrrrrrrish an i’ll be lynched within seconds.

    i hear people go into raptures about the movie, and have to nod dutifully!

    stick to non-controvertial topics… like euthanesia, or capital punishment…

  59. I would echo most of what Gaurav has written 2 comments above. As much as I like what (and HOW) you write, I do not agree with your Krrish-bashing.

  60. Not to mention-the airport snatching sequence copied from Arnie’s twins, the upside-down flower-handing inspired from Spiderman, etc.
    How come you didn’t mention those cheap product placements-Tide,Vicks,Bournvita,Hero Honda,Samsung?
    Hrithik has worked hard but that is the only saving grace.Or perhaps no grace can save face for this disgrace.

  61. All you Anti-Krissh guys, just a couple of points to ponder over:

    1. Let’s NOT compare Bollywood with Hollywood. We should be happy to learn that bollywood at least trying to attain the Hollywood standards in terms of Technology. I agree, we’re not there yet, but getting there faster than any other Film Industry in the world.

    2. At least Rakesh Roshan makes movies, that we can watch with our kids, and his brother creates music that, even though typical bollywood, is soothing to hear.
    Have you heard Himesh Rashamia? Or have you seen Emraan Hashmi’s movie? What would you prefer your kids watch?

  62. @Modi – Bollywood getting closer to Hollywood in terms of technology faster than other film industry in the world? Ummm.. have you seen any Hong Kong or even mainland Chinese movies recently? They are far ahead of us. Not to mention a lot of Korean, Taiwanese, French or Russian movies. But I have heard from reliable sources that Lithuanian movies still have miles to go to catch up with B’Wood. And regarding kid-friendly movies, I dont have any, so it doesn’t matter if the movies have bestiality or Bambi, as long as they are intelligent, well crafted & provoke emotions (happiness/fun being one of those, though not necessarily the only) other than apathy at the filmmakers.

  63. Trop trop trop bien “krissh” rien à dire sur ce film j’ai trop aimé : des acteurs exceptionels , un scénario magnifique , j’adore Bollywood ! Un mots pour certain qui ne semble pas d’accord sur le fait que l’industrie du cinéma indien va bientôt être l’égal du cinéma américain (d’après les rumeurs) probablement du a son succée partout dans le monde même ici en France , personne vous dira que Bollywood a du succée mais en réalité si et même que Bollywood a gagner le coeur des gens ici bien plus que les films français ou européen . Tout ce dont on veut maintenant c’est que les chaînes française accepte de diffuser des films Bollywood comme ça tous le monde sera content ^^ . Vive Bollywood !!!

  64. ROTFLMAO 😀

    Gr8 Review. I was incredulous when I read the crap that Taran Adarsh doled out, and could barely contain my disgust. I felt vindicated after reading your review.

    I disagree with you on one count however – that Priyanka Chopra was hot in the movie. I seriously thought she had a wardrobe and makeup malfunction… and watching her play the part of a bimbette made me want to puke.

    Anyhow, keep up the good work 🙂


  66. I think the last one SANJAY has gone mad
    Bcoz he has no right to say about the other views
    N E ways GET WELL SOON ……sanjay……

    Best wishes for KRRISH

  67. dejenme decirle que KRRISH es la mejor pelicula que he visto en todo el mundo , tambien dejenme decirles que KRRISH Y PRIYA son mis actores favoritos de la INDIA cuidense mucho y sigan haciendo peliculicas bonitas y fantastica como esa

  68. Krrish is actually the offspring of Jadoo (The Alien) and Preity Zinta. The alien didn’t “touch” his father.

  69. great…i njoyd that !!

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