Priyanka Parcel

Priyanka Chopra is offering to spend some time with you—and it’s all for a noble cause.

And just because you are in Andaman and Nicobar Islands or in Arunachal Pradesh doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Because as the ebay listing informs us: Ms. Priyanka Chopra can be delivered anywhere in India for FREE.

So step up for a worthy cause gentlemen . [Don’t forget to check out the pictures of the auctioned item on the ebay listing–after all you want to be sure you are bidding for the right Priyanka.]

And wait for your postman to come knocking on your door carrying the most amazing parcel you will ever receive.

[Priyanka Chopra update: Tim Berners Lee, Donald Trump and Priyanka Chopra get together for something exciting. Extra extra ! Read all about it !]

41 thoughts on “Priyanka Parcel

  1. Can i pay extra or something to have her delivered to the US ?

  2. from a wife's point of view August 14, 2006 — 6:39 am

    on the sets with priyanka chopra?
    pay so much to watch her make a bollywood tamasha.

    i’d prefer some time alone with farhan akthar.i hear he used to write poetry once upon a time.sigh . he is the rare combination looks+brains+sensitivity.dunno why noone’s offered him any roles yet.

  3. HAhaha!

    It’s finally time to sell off what’s left of my kidney.

  4. “few memorable hours with her on the movie sets and get enchanted by her performance as she transforms into her latest role” – No thanks!! :p

    Had it been “One day and one night on a yatch”, I would have convinced my parents to sell the house πŸ™‚ !

    And someone actually bid for 2,46,000!!??? Ridiculous!!! For that much he could have got a date with Rakhi Sawant I think πŸ™‚ ! Have you seen Corporate btw?

  5. Wonder why nobody’s offered me a role yet… *dammit

  6. errrm, what are the deliverables from our side then? πŸ˜‰

  7. Good question Bonetallis. What can I do with a shipping- is- free delivery if I just have to watch her on the sets. Ok…having sex on cocaine with the delivery may be a bit too far fetched, but surely there has to be some other incentive.

  8. Anybody read the fine print?
    She comes with a bonus item…. a 7 foot-300 pound bodyguard-gorilla from the rocky outcrops of Bundelkhand…. paid for by her beau, Harman Baweja. The abovesaid carbon based biped is grizzled veteran from the Bob Cristo-Omar Bakri-Russel Crowe Institute of Pyschotic Bouncers, Dongri. πŸ˜›

    Enjoy your “time” with her…. NJAHAHAHAHA

  9. from a wife's point of view August 14, 2006 — 9:28 am

    bollywood is indian’s best ambassador. it would be interesting to find out what people in remote places think of the average indian. extremely bohemian, beautiful people who wear bikini like traditional attire.people in love who start singing ,standing dangerously atop sharp cliff edges. and who celebrate during family gatherings by enacting sleazy dance routines. perpetually musing over infatuations.never able to move beyond boy-girl story lines.people who never have good sex.


    The above comment stripped naked the basic truth about Bollywood.

    Dont have anything to say now.

    Except that I am not sure what’s so hot about Priyanka, there are a lot of dusky beauties in India, particularly down south.

    Have you guys seen Simran in any of the Tamil movies?

    She failed in Bollywood but Priyanka looks like a toilet-cleaner in front of her.

  11. I just decided to fire my toilet-cleaner.

  12. from a wife's point of view August 14, 2006 — 9:54 am

    and i dont even have a toilet cleaner.

  13. @ wife with a point of view…LOL at indians have bad sex…well sometimes they completely forget to have sex watch Devdas and Veer Zaara …no one wants to have sex…

    no wonder srk looks so uncomfy in KANK making out scenes…he has never done it before it seems…

  14. Grief for all the Indian guys out of India and without a toilet-cleaner.
    HaÒ€¦ HaÒ€¦

  15. Someone win that auction and send Priyanka to me – she is hot. Hot hot hot hot!

    I want to be Nana Patekar (From Bluffmaster) when I go out with her πŸ˜€


  16. i am sure the figure quoted there is in paisa! so, how much it comes out to be? Rs 2,460? nyaah! still not worth for smelling her perfumed body odour from six-foot distance closely monitored by that 7 feet shaytan!

    @ Mukul: man u striked it hot.. SIMRAN is too good for PC. sad that she didnt bloom in b’wood. dunno how come such dumbs like PC, LD are tolerated so far? they are like those big bazaar – clearance sale stuff! ISSE SASTA AUR NAHI..

    @GB: is it a 1 paisa auction? then i can start bidding too…


  17. @Suyog: Have a penchant for laptops eh? πŸ™‚

    @from a wife’s point of view: Good one! A very accurate analysis!

  18. Hold it. Which movie shooting is going to happen? A ritu porno movie? πŸ˜›

  19. Well the funniest part is that there was a bid for 5crs which has been withdrawn- it seems the guy entered a few extra zeroes. Wonder what the intended amount was!!!

    Anyway, come on people, look at the brighter side- fashionstyle’s INR 246k was good for the best laugh I’ve had in months.


  20. Item specifics :
    Condition : new

  21. @T.O: Some guy bid for 5 crores, shagged off, had a consequent moment of clarity, realized that he should be thinking with his brain and withdrew the bid.

  22. @Dangit: Shipping only in India. Sorry. However you could organize Bollywood Dhamal night and get Ms Chopra to US.

    @From a Wife’s POV: Well we can only hope that some enterprising NGO will put Farhan Akhtar up for auction.

    @Pradeep: πŸ™‚

    @Ali: No I havent seen Corporate. Date with Rakhi Sawant vs date with Priyanka Chopra? Tough call.

    @Bonatellis: You are talking like a Project Manager. Deliverables ! πŸ™‚

    @yourfan2: Incentive: some frank naughty talk like Jaya Prada does with an Immortal Being.

    @The Wanderer: Harman Baweja? The person opposite him Kareena Kapoor agreed to go topless (for 2.5 crore)? [She subsequently withdrew and Priyanka Chopra stepped in]
    @From A Wife’s Point of View: The reason Indians dont do good sex is because they dont get practice. Most honest decent people have sex after marriage and with one person—-how can one excel if such is the state of affairs?

    @Mukul: Oh yes. Simran. “Aankh maare ladki aankh maaren”. Varry garamm…

    @Pradeep: That’s a start.

    @Nandini: You should see Om Puri with Rekha in “Aastha”….Om Puri seemed to be in great physical/emotional pain.

    @Amitabha: Heh.

    @Suyog: Dirty mind !

    @Surfryder: It’s far past the 1 paisa stage…

    @Ferrari: That would be a transformation worth paying for.

    @T.O: Cant beat Rohan’s answer to what you said.

    @Nishit: :-). And we are expected to believe this is an “honest” disclosure about the state of the merchandize. Ebay I tell you—-you just cannot trust.

    @Rohan: Hilarious.

  23. 37

  24. @Greatbong:
    You have a competitor.

    Iran’s president launches weblog

  25. that’s interesting!!! bidding for priyanka chopra… well, it proves that we haven’t moved on much from the days of mahabharata.

  26. You do not have to pay everytime.

    I was harassed in US, says Bipasha Basu
    “I wanted to attend the parade, but I could not,” she said, adding that she was harassed physically and mentally in the car by two people who were taking her to the parade.

  27. Lazy Libertanian August 14, 2006 — 5:36 pm

    Wonder if the “item” in question carries a “Warranty void if seal broken” tag attached ?

  28. Whoever bid that huge an amount of money for an hour’s of acquaintance is obviusly:
    1. Well off
    2. Horny
    And I have remedies for both:
    1. If you really want to be charitable just give away your money anyway (probably be cheaper)
    2. Ever heard of ‘playing with one’s self’? (better yet, with that amount of money, you could paint the town RED and then some)

  29. before me was Dr. Jeffrey Sonenfeld, founder of Yale. So, I felt I was sandwiched between two stalwarts whoÒ€ℒd crush me.

    A quick google reveals that Yale was founded on October 16, 1701. So the item number 190018469738 has already been crushed by a 300 year old man and ebay is claiming it’s a new item. No wonder I never visit ebay – cheaters.

    Anyways, wrong Pr. 246,000.01 for pretty Preity (of year 2001).

  30. This here e-bay thinks that only the worse halves or would-be-worse-halves have got monies to spend.
    As someone’s wife has rightly pointed out, we are also game to bid for
    1. Amartya Sen (brains wise)
    2. Rajat Kapoor (looks wise)
    3. P. Chidambaram (economy wise, before the next budget hits us)
    4. Chairman of Reckit and Colman (Harpic wise — they also sometimes give a toilet brush free)

  31. Lets see what happens after 5 days!!!
    The seller has a very good reputation and review (summing together becomes a total of zero, and member since 26-Jul-2006 in India).
    How difficult is to create an ebay account?

  32. greatbong i wonder why you have not blogged about about aastha? your rituporno pales in comparison of basu bhattacharya…no?

  33. Beauty with brains – thinks the founder of Yale is still alive.

    If this were Rani, I might think about bidding. Priyanka’s worth Rs 10 at most.

  34. Well, the auction ends.

    Go the end of the page and some interesting things.

    bid of 250,000.00 retracted saying Entered wrong amount

    bid of 50,000,000.00 retracted saying Entered wrong amount

    bid of 244,000.00 cancelled saying administrative cancellation

    something fishy going on in here.

  35. i would love to be the delivery boy!!!

  36. how are you sexy

  37. aseem
    you are very sexy

  38. hi
    i love u
    i like to fuck u
    i like to sleep on your tits

  39. Babylicious thAng December 23, 2006 — 4:36 pm

    she iite figga but i seen beda brothaz…holla…i aint 2 hawt wit indiez but i think dat guy abraham should neva work wit her. peace out a town dowN

  40. Babylicious thAng December 23, 2006 — 4:40 pm

    da brotha who b tawkn bout sleepn wit da monkey…sleep on yo own titz bitch…fawkn bullshytt

  41. how much i have to pay so that she can sleep with me for at least four nights

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