Who's That Girl !

Repent all ye sinners ! The end of the world is nigh.

Is that a genetically altered mutant? Is that one of the designs God rejected when he made Eve? Is that the result of prolonged exposure to nuclear radiation ? Muscle-building steroids stimulating growth in the wrong places?

No it’s pavement dweller’s worst nightmare, deer-hunter, bed-hopper, uber-sensitive-man Salman Khan come to mete out divine justice and retribution to a sinful world in his latest incarnation as a muscular woman—a female embodiment of the mythical “Kalki” avatar. [Picture: rediff.com]

And since something about this picture is making me strangely aroused (maybe the possibility that Salma sorry Salman Khan may be taking off his/her top any second now), I need to take my medication pronto.

27 thoughts on “Who's That Girl !

  1. for a change ( from our silicon actresses),i am sure this time they are for real…sallu the real woman is here…

    Greatbong you are not the only one who is aroused..i wonder why Akshay Kumar is standing the way he is..

  2. He he he….
    Nice find prabhu…..
    I dont think Akshay is going to stay up for much time.. πŸ™‚

    Salman can really give mallikas, nd Rakhis and Neha’s run for thier money….


  3. This is what I get for turning up my nose at TV and Bollywood. Utter and complete clulessness about such mines of deliciousness.

    Where is this from? (I SAID I’m cluless, okay?)

  4. Er, never mind the formatting.

  5. With a “chest” like that, I dont think he required any padding. What next? Salma advertizing the next uber-sexy Victoria’s secret?


  6. Hey bhagwaan,


    Why punish your readers with such views.

    Kuch to raham khayiye. πŸ˜‰

  7. Lucifer S. Morningstar on a tricycle! What in the name of all that’s unholy is THAT?

    I have seen musket armed *Chinese* highlanders in Scottish Kilts fight Japanese Nazis in Luxembough in Fantasy Mission Force, Men dressed up as women who are dressed up to impersonate men in Monty Python and The Life of Brian, a Kung Fu Jesus fighting lesbian vampires who have taken over the world, Cartman’s left palm puppet-Jennifer Lopez pleasuring Ben Affleck in South Park, Leslie Nielsen fight Gorbachev-Gaddafi-Khomeini in Naked Gun. I have seen Ed Wood’s classic “Plan 9 from Outer Space”, I have seen Mamootty design a multirole fighter aircraft with Windows Paint in Sainyam and Master Pain a.k.a Betty and his Kung Fu cow Moo Niu in Kung Pow…… I thought I had seen it all!

    But THIS, my friends, takes the cake! It takes the cake, the platter, the baker, the French bakery right upto friggin’ Marie Antoinette…. and Salma Khan shoots them with his hunting rifle, pulversizes them to dust with his bare hands and drives an SUV over the gory mix!

    The Horror, the horror…

  8. Ha ha,
    Sadly the joke’s on US. It was not enough for Salman Khan to show off his steroid-biceps to the fairer sex…now he is out to woo the unfairer sex as well!! Akshay Kumar looks like he can’t control himself any longer and is “growing” with love.

    If you are psychic (which I am)then you could perhaps hear what’s going inside the heads of these guys:
    AK – Man, I gotta say…you DO look quite ravishing.
    SK – Shut up man, I really wanted to get in the shoes of
    the character.
    AK – And what shoes are those?? High heels??
    SK – No, I mean…I’ve always wanted to understand how a
    woman feels. You know the creature that I call and
    rant to, whom I abuse and drunkenly insult?
    AK – I understand. But you really did get inside the
    character well. Perhaps you should stick to such roles
    unlike the rest where you’re just running under trees
    SK – I’m getting the itch to remove this pretty clothes and
    get into bed with you karate kid.
    AK – At least, wait till the camera is away. I was a waiter
    you know.
    SK – Tere Pyar ka pyas mujhe pagla kiya ja raha he…

    Alas, it is here that my powers fail me. Perhaps because they do not wish to venture into further dangerous and horrifying territories.

  9. ‘a female embodiment of the mythical Ò€œKalkiÒ€ avatar’ — ha ha, great line, that was funny…thanks!

  10. Quite a turn-on. Looks like AK is a male stripper and Salma is the bouncer at the joint that he works for. But again….Salma may be the queen bee.

    Great photo! Inspired by your post of KAKP I guess….If Mithun and SRK can do it…so can we…they will say.

  11. Great Bong strikes again!

  12. Seinfeld Episode The Letter :
    “Old Man: [staring at a portrait of Kramer] He is a loathsome offensive brute, yet I can’t look away.”

  13. Sweet Venus!
    Well, thats the most clothes Mr. Khan has been seen wearing in recent times.
    Or is this disguise to avoid the Chinkara police ?
    He stands exactly the same way – man or woman, cop or crook, angry or sad. Maybe, just maybe, its natural.
    Akshay does seem to have a “hmm, what next” look on his face.
    I guess Salman’s trying to make a point. No – make that two!

    Great find GB, great find. I wanna know whats feeds u read πŸ™‚

  14. Super photos…can’t stop laughing

  15. sallu begum is looking really saucy πŸ˜€

    but i dont think i wanna see sallu taking off that top, nor do i think would akshay mian :-O

    is this a horrendous mistake or the revelation of the century… the crossdressers association mite be holding a press conference soon to announce the name of their new president… no prizes for guessing who that will be πŸ˜‰

  16. Well, another male bastion has fallen and I am not complaining for one can always hope for a “Salman khan” from her. She should be sporty- after all she is with the khiladi- Akshay Kumar. Had Salman been in the photograph, it would have been an “Ek se bad kar ek of a different kind”. Even the macho man would not minded being bashed up by her.

    Another greatpost from greatbong. Trust you to come up with something unconentional and interesting.

  17. @Dodo: Interesting observation about AK’s hands.

    @Ezaz: Indeed he can.

    @Rimi: Forgot the name. Some new “family” movie which has the Zinta in it. Aaah.

    @Supremus: No indeed he does not.

    @Gaurav: Rahem…kahe ka rahem.

    @The Wanderer: That’s life. Just when you thought you had seen it all.

    @SirPyscho: πŸ™‚

    @Anya: πŸ™‚

    @yourfan2: Of course…someone has lifted my KAKP plot…damn you Vikram Bhatt..

    @RahulGhosh: And so does Sallu.

    @//slash\: The rivetting attraction of a train wreck.

    @Sameer: In this case, just Rediff.

    @Abhishek: Same here. When I first saw this picture on Rediff, I just stared at it for a few seconds, my “nerve endings firing away”.

    @Sumod: I want Sallu to take off his top or at the very least start making threatening calls to Ash mam saying he is now going to drive out of competition.

    @Hiren: πŸ™‚

  18. this is a TRUE equal opportunity act.

    a modern ardhanarishvar sort of ..

    or is it ardhanari-hingsradanav — to be more exact.

    ps. wonder how much he was paid to sport this look. you can see that even the other actor is trying to work that out in his mind.

  19. Really GB.. where on earth do you find such things???!!!

  20. @dodo … that was a really keen observation .. you honed in on the spot !

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  22. Holy Crap!!

    This is probably what they mean when they, ‘something to jumpstart your morning’ πŸ˜›

  23. Cool!!! Gr8 stuff, seems finaly Salman Came to know that whats his position next to Akshay, as sallu thinks he is the Most handsome Guy in Bolly, check this out man, as he stands beside our Khiladi Kumar, Cool Man Cool, i like it Now he knows where he stands beside Akshay

  24. @rahul
    not so cool Man, not so cool, in the equality rants perspective.

  25. @Rahul
    oops, I meant your comment is not so cool if taken in context to the equality rantings not the picture in general, I had to correct it otherwise GB would think I am against all the pictures he puts up in his postings.

  26. haterz… salman khan is the best!!! son of a bitches go take steroids and see if you can fuckin work out as much. “whole bunch of pussys”.

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