Thrills Galore !

A paragraph from today’s Times of India which I found very informative:

Coach Greg Chappell even showed Uthappa how to it with deft body movements. Ganguly, however, provided thrills galore to the thousand-odd, including a bunch of giggly schoolgirls, who had gathered to watch the Indians practice.

With Guru Greg teaching the juniors some of the finer technical points and Dada getting back his voracious appetite, I think Team India is looking “good to go” after a long time.

In an unrelated article (but equally interesting):

Not many though would have bet on Shilpa surviving so long after watching her debut in Shah Rukh Khan’s Baazigar (1993). Some felt her mouth was too wide it kind of evoked comparisons with the shark in Finding Nemo later. Others said, she badly needed a nose job.

How polite. With friends like these, who needs Big Brother housemates?

11 thoughts on “Thrills Galore !

  1. As long as DADA does it, it is right. But how dare those Big Brothers( heheh dont they mean the same)?

  2. while the government of india and her hordes of fans were fighting tooth and nail to get her “justice” , shilpaji quitely sneaked out and spoke her mind (here) . Tch tch , Shilpaji , you broke their hearts.

  3. Shilpa Shetty DID get a nose job for the movie Dhadkan as far as I can remember.

  4. From that article on Shilpa
    Some felt her mouth was too wide it kind of evoked comparisons with the shark in Finding Nemo later. Others said, she badly needed a nose job….
    Ah the thrills of being a journalist! You dish out against somebody, but sugarcoat your thoughts as somebody else’s.

  5. Shilpa does have a good figure – guess that pulled her through, inspite of that wide mouth.

  6. Shilpa has wonderful figure…her mouth though is indeed a bit too wide…a friend of mine had once commented..
    “Shilpar kan ento kora hanshi”..
    I really dont know how to translate that to english though..

  7. Shilpa has a wide mouth. Now, she is facing some big mouth’s. 🙂

  8. Given Dada’s experience with actresses, and the joyous return of his “voracious appetite”, I think Dada will be better able to teach Robin how to handle and play Shilpa Shetty. And Dada is also a master of comebacks. Greg’s “deft body movements” just won’t last long enough for Ms Shetty’s enhanced pseronality…

  9. On a totally unrelated note to this post, what is your opinon on this?


  10. wanted to be the first to report the “one tight slap” of the century… sob… such an insult for guru greg….

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