World Cup Snippets 2

The first controversy of World Cup 2007. And it concerns a particularly insidious “gas leak” in the Hilton Hotel that Pakistan was staying in that led to the evacuation of the Men in Green.[Link]

Mohammad Sami, the Pakistan fast bowler, told how he ran down a corridor to escape from the building after saying he saw smoke in the hallway. At first it was thought there was a fire scare, but later reports suggested the problem was gas.”

Gas. Now normally all cases of gas-related incidents are blamed on Abdul Razzaq who is addicted to spinach. But since he is not there, the investigative agencies are at a loss as to the source of this accident that led to a woman, with her face covered with an oxygen mask, being carried out of the main hotel building on a stretcher and into an ambulance.[Link]

Inzamam-ul-Haq who has now taken to writing down his life priorities on his T-shirt (Eat, Sleep, Gym in that order) refused to comment and sat on the pavement with a shellshocked expression, just as if he had been hit in the back by the Rawalpindi Express. Shahid Afridi, the Peter Pan (never-ending childhood) of the Pakistani team , in the face of such a dangerous situation showed exactly why he is not the brightest bulb in the pack.

Afridi added: “I have no idea what happened. I had just woken up when the security man knocked on the door and said ‘get out of the room’. But I went back to sleep. Then he knocked again, and said ‘get out of the room’. Then I did and went downstairs.”

In related news, Pervez Musharaff called Dick Cheney on the hot-line, citing today’s gas-eruption as as another example of a terrorist attack by the Al-Qaeda who as the General would like us to believe, target Pakistan because of Musharaff’s ceaseless war on terror. He also asked for 16 F-16s and two billion dollars in aid as a “reward” for continuing to be a front-line state in the war against terror.

Meanwhile, Islamic militant organizations, all based in Pakistan, have denied their role in this attack and accused the humus-eating Israeli Gassad agents of hatching a Zionist plot to gas Yasir Arafat, currently a member of the Pakistani team.

41 thoughts on “World Cup Snippets 2

  1. Freaking hilarious. Looks like public is honored about being the first one to post….I thought I would give it a shot πŸ™‚

  2. Very hilarious post GB, very very nice post. LOL.

  3. As usual; informative, funny and addictive. great going GB

  4. “Gas” and “Pakistan” in one sentence. That’s becoming a bit too common , no? No prizes for gassing that one πŸ™‚

    Great post GB. Enjoyed it tremendously.

  5. You write so well. A real talent. Enjoy every bit and keep coming back for more. Have been reading your posts for a while. But this is the first time commenting. You really do a great job!

  6. Eat

  7. Inzi needs a new t-shirt. Eat Sleep. Sleep. Gee is it time to eat yet?

    Pakistan – Fire – Controversy – I think we are headed for a classic World Cup. I am surprised that Australia and England haven’t started whining already…. I wonder which countries Australia will refuse to play this time.


  8. abdul razzaq’s spinach addiction…. priceless πŸ™‚ any bean-addicts in the team too?

  9. Did you notice the Abdul Razzaq article you linked talking about the manager of the team vowing to ‘get to the bottom’ of the problem ? πŸ™‚

  10. If Inzamam continues his dietary habits like this, then keeping wickets when he is batting will be a nightmare for all the wicket keepers. They would need to war some gas marsks.

  11. Great Post,hilarious & Refreshing.
    Just wondering If this would have happened to Indian team who would have last to get out SG OR VS:-),first would have definately Great Chappel

  12. To quote the immortal Alfred E Newman: “It’s a gas”

  13. Inzy: pak’s reply to Gaseous Clay πŸ˜‰

  14. A very very sad-istic gas-ture indeed…whoever might have done it. πŸ˜€

    See the sad expression on the face of every Paki Cricketer in this photograph.

    Abdul Razzaq’s addiction to spinach and Plotted attack on Yasir Arafat … masterstrokes. πŸ˜€

  15. “Shahid Afridi,the Peter Pan”.. ROFL :d
    The look on Inzy’s face in the photograph suggests that he might have smelled his own gas! ‘Aloo’ tikki anyone??
    Hilarious post Greatbong! πŸ™‚

  16. This whole thing can be used by the non-skipper batting with Inzamam. Reminding him of ‘Gas’ can help get him run real fast to the other side of the wicket. What say?

  17. Look at Charl Langaveldt’s snap here, as if he has lost his way while on a long trek:

    The caption says: “Charl Langeveldt sits in the car park outside the Hilton Hotel after a gas leak prompted an evacuation”

    After seeing his posture, many would be convinced.

    That Afridi comment was a gem.


    “Mohammad Sami and Danish Kaneria wait patiently after smoke at their hotel caused an evacuation.”

    πŸ™‚ No we didn’t Bogart that joint. But the eyes tell the story.

  19. The world cup has begun with more emphasis on the hotel than the matches. How do you dig out such gems as the Spinach addiction which was posted by Crook-Info 2 years ago !!

    Have you heard of the story, pi-poo, phi-soo [Pith poorche (back is burning), phire soo(turn around)] ?

  20. Hilarious to the core.
    I wonder what dhoni would have done if he was asked to evacuate in the middle of a his breakfast.

  21. Sehwag Sucks…….what a loser. Couldnt score a single run and that too chasing 85 runs !!

  22. Ha ha ha…
    This is an amazing post.

  23. ” Now normally all cases of gas-related incidents are blamed on Abdul Razzaq who is addicted to spinach.” Hmm..does that give any clues about how paki pacers derive the energy for their super fast deliveries?

  24. Awesome,GB. You Rock!

    Cant stop smiling all the way through your article(s) and right from start to the very end, you manage to keep the smile on on your readers’ faces by some amazing writing!
    Keep up the good work!

  25. I loved the ones on Abdur Razaak and Yaseer Arafat, too good!

  26. Yes Asterix, Sehwag really sucks. Seems someone his tied his feet with a very strong rope and he can’t move. What an idiotic batsman he is.

  27. Wonderful stuff GB – keep it up!
    Indigenously developed Pak chemical weapon leaked due to unattended fissure… dirty bomb?

  28. ha ha ha, amaging. hope you cover the rest of world cut news in the same spirit.

  29. :)) Hahahaaaa!! It’s just Toooooo Funnyyyyyyy.

  30. Nice one..!!

    Incidentally, from the same link on Razzaq’s spinach addiction…
    Zakir… . “God knows, maybe. Believe me, we can’t get to the bottom of the problem.”

  31. too good posts just started reading ur blog today.

    u should seriously consider writing this stuff like a book

    will be reading as long as u write πŸ™‚

  32. I in my haste to delete some spam comments may have deleted a comment by Kailas which said:

    Good Post but not your bestÒ€¦Ò€¦
    Come on GB ,U can do better than this.

    . Just putting that thought back in here as a matter of record.

    @All: Thanks for liking the piece. Will keep my eyes and ears for the more gaseous events at this year’s World Cup.

  33. Maybe ALOO did the trick !!

  34. How dare you even think of deleting my comment??
    I am as upset as Inzy in the Picture………

  35. Times Of India reported that from now on Inzy will reply to questions which are asked to him in Urdu, and it seems to be a long drawn process with the translators and his drawl thrown in. What say you Arnab?

    ps _ I had once called u Parnab by mistake and and got quite some bokuni from you. Now you are conducting quizes !! Post what you asked naa…

  36. Nice post GB…and good picture selection…its funny that to promote tourism, they talk in urdu…maybe from now on Sreesanth will start giving interviews only in Malayalam πŸ™‚

  37. arnab – I think we deserve a post on Gavaskar – Ponting story.

  38. @Dipanwita

    haha… how can the paki cricketers speak urdu ? For most of them, punjabi is the mother tounge…

    – D

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