When A Kiss Isn't Just a Kiss

Two new stars were born in the Mallu porn industry today as pictures of BJP MLA (MLA as in Married Lecherous Aadmi) Renukacharya , a sinister genetic cross between Renuka Chowdhury and Govindacharya, paying lip service to a buxom constituent was released to the public, sending a clear message to Shakeela and her army of moustachioed, undie-clad male consorts that there is a new show in town.

A few PILs may be filed for obscenity and demands for issuance of non-bailable warrants made by our moral guardians.

For once, I am with them.

22 thoughts on “When A Kiss Isn't Just a Kiss

  1. True! Very true. The public has a right to be protected from such monstrosities of bad taste.

    I mean, is this a Sanjay Gandhi type of thing? Trying to mentally castrate us by showing the public these pics? Apres moi le deluge, as KJo and his ilk may say! 😀

  2. aha…its just a kiss…
    and there was 20 feet of keratinous brushy moustache barrier between the lips. Give him a break.

    These Indian politicians need a crash course from Billy boy Clinton before they embark on making their constituents happy.

  3. Yikes!! I don’t know which one is worse…this kiss or the Amul Macho underwear ad!!!

  4. Now every guy in the town has hope….

  5. This is taking the concept of servicing constituents a bit too far… 🙂

  6. Mallu? Karnataka MLA?I am sure Karnataka will have her own pornstars… while bring in Gawd’s own country’s good old Shakku into this…?

  7. One may throw-up after a heavy lunch just by seeing the pics. Yikes!!!!

  8. sirjee give these pics as link with proper disclaimer “Not safe for Workplace”. I opened ur site at my office and u know what……

  9. Hi ,

    This is really good to bring out like this. Also from lady side without her permissin he has not done like that. She aggred and allowed to do that what is wrong with him?

  10. I didn’t understand the Mallu connection to this… Any way, I don’t think she strengthened whatever case she had with these pictures.

  11. Come on yaar! Give it a break! Why do you want to drag Mallu’s into this? as if porn industry is there only in Kerala…

  12. Why doesn’t she release the CD immediately?

  13. I really dont understand your mallu connection here…or that jibe about ‘undie-clad male consorts ‘
    Do bongs not wear ‘undies’?

    K, mallu film industry used a lady from andhra pradesh to come out with a spate of semi-porn movies to cater to those frustrated souls among whom were mallu’s… bongs…and folks from other parts of the country…

    Well at least, the mallu movie industry is still making movies that are way above average to the quality of movies you get from most other parts of the country…the less said about the ‘non undie clad moustachioned males’ in bong movies

    You write well, Arnab..but desist from believing in stereotypes…


  14. Did you know Shakeela is originally from Afganistan? Maybe we should send some of her movies there 🙂

  15. I am an 80 kg of a constituent.
    MLA — Asheem the-financial-muggle-of-WestBengal.
    Do you think he is desperate for my vote?
    Do I, can I, may I — have hopes?
    Ashim DasGupta does not sport herbaceous borders on his face, but he is old to oldish.
    I, on the other hand, am definitely youngishly middle aged.

  16. hello, where did u get the Mallu connection here!!

  17. what is wrong with all of you? why cant you just sit back and hope for more explicit ones to surface? Atleast we wouldnt have to go to debonairblog for fun during office hours.

  18. Yucks! It’s gross! But she seems to be smiling in the second picture and enjoying the moustachioed sursuri . Not harassment as I thought it to be ! :O

  19. All fuckers interest to watch next person sexual life.

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