Seen This Fashion Bomb?

Above is the sketch of the man suspected to be behind the bombings in Hyderabad.

Just what we needed: a terrorist with Elton John goggles. One word of advice, son. When you meet those virgins in heaven , do take them glasses off . With those shades, even your Jihadi achievements wont help you in getting laid.

44 thoughts on “Seen This Fashion Bomb?

  1. bwahahahaha, who is writing these descriptions? it sounds like a matrimonial ad on “very fair, hair very smooth, enjoys long walks in certain parks”

  2. Yeah man… you must have got some good money for this..
    get a pair of new shades dude… 🙂

  3. yaar.. those 72 hoirus (virgins) and 28 young boys (gilmans) are NOT virgins anymore.
    That same lot has been servicing jihadis and Ghazis since the 7th century. Every Taufiq, Dilshad and Ali has enjoyed them.

    Our friend, when he reaches Jannat will only end up with 72 shrivelled whores.

  4. If he’s wearing Elton John shades, chances are he would not be interested to meet virgins 😉

  5. @ Anonymous
    28 Gilmans (young boys)… dont forget them…its little known….but they are equally important as the 72 virgin Houris. (together they add up to a even hundred)

    Why should a gay Jihadi go unserviced?

  6. GreatBong,

    Seeing the story that the cops had to spin to tell us how they came up with this mugshot, I’m inclined to think that they got it from an informant but are passing it off as a photo-kit. I’m also inclined to think that the guys who added the Elton John spectacles had great fun doing it. You know, what better way to insult a dreaded terrorist than to show him in pink sunglasses.

    In fact, Mr Punna Rao is a big time strategist. The suspect will be so angry seeing his photo in pink sunglasses (with their association to gay pop singers and all) that he’ll start looking for the police artist. And walk into a trap that the Hyderabad police have so cleverly set for him.

  7. Interestingly the koran is subject to interpretation because of certain prevelant phonetic trends during the time it was written. So our Fashion bomb might end up with:
    1. 72 raisins
    2. 72 virginians (american patriot state)
    3. 72 viruses
    yes this is a terriying thought to all jeehadis everywhere.

  8. ah! now I know what an asshole looks like.

  9. the shirt is snazzy too!
    what about his trousers?
    does he wear faux gucci shoes?
    are his socks emerald green?
    is he a lifebouy user or does his pockects stretch to lux?
    does he dream of ‘parfum’ or is rexona good enough for him?

    questions, questions…….that Mr Punna Rao has some major questions to answer.

  10. @ null
    true..why should only Gods have fun.
    I have it too… whenever i all goes back to that worm in the apple (i mean mango).

  11. Do you still think that he/they will go to Jannat ?
    Let him/them have some hottt time out there… 🙂

  12. @ Tarzan
    “They” do think “they” will go to Jannat.

  13. Once we’ve nabbed him, could we, as punishment, send him to Elton John’s private chambers??

  14. @ Rishi khujur :
    Their thinking doesnt match to almighty’s thoughts 🙂

  15. @ Tarzan
    yallah….:) who else would know better.

  16. Help me understand this: how does the witness know the person he saw is the suspect? Surely, we are not talking of two people meeting each other in a lonely graveyard and then one of them disappears followed by a grave ripping bomb blast.
    In a crowded place, how do you know who is the suspect?

  17. Posthumous Post August 31, 2007 — 7:53 am

    Rishi Khujur,

    As per Quran, Allah and his Prophet, the 72 virigins will remain virgins forever eventhough there would be countless orgies. May be the torn hymen just seals itself. Hail Allah! Hehehe.

    No wonder that Muslims buy this crap argument.

    Greatbong.. keep up the good work.

  18. Tru…

    “With those shades, even your Jihadi achievements wont help you in getting laid.” as always tru greatbong mark.

  19. @ Kong: hilarious.. raisins, virgins and viruses!

    the infamous ‘burger’ of the ic whatever number hijack ( i would hazard a guess but i think flight 714 is a tintin comic) also had shady shades..

    moral of story: beware of elton john, bono and all bengalis who favour photo-chromatic spectacles.

  20. Hey GB,
    How did you miss mentioning the Dulara song “Meri Pant Bhi Sexy, Meri Shirt Bhi Sexy”!

  21. a virgin from jannat August 31, 2007 — 10:13 pm

    Assalam Walekum,

    We virgins here are under lot of phycial stress. With more and more mujahids making to heaven daily, each of us have to serve almost 100 people a day. And many of them ( I think out of isayi influence) want a full 2 hour entertainment from shahi hukka (a head) to shahi malai.

    Anyway since our emoluments has not increased to compensate for extra work hours, we have formed a CITU union and are currently on strike. We got this great idea from few ‘commies’ who were given special permission to visit jannat from jahannam due to there service to Islam.

    So I want to let all the jihadi bhais (yeah bhais!… what.) to know that this is not the right time to come here until our demands are met and the strike is called off. In fact since the strike was called, there is already a waiting list of 5000 mujahids waiting for their turns.

    BTW some kafirs seem to be puzzled upon the fact that how are we still virgin. Well, Allah created the entire universe from scratch, do you think it is a big deal for him to seal torn hymen!!!

    khuda hafiz,

    P.S Md (pbuh) says AW to you all!

  22. @ virgin from Jannat

    Dear Hourie,

    With you all going on strike, I shudder to think about the workload befallen over the 28 Gilmans (Young Boys). Have mercy on them, after all – they are only your “Bhais”.

    Trust me, you won’t achieve anything out of this strike. These “commies” have nothing constructive to offer. They only know destruction. Very soon, your “Jannat” would get converted into “Jahannum”.

    Don’t believe me. Then ask one of those Jannat visitors from the Land of West Bengal. Surely, there must be one.

    I implore upon you to call off your strike. What are your demands, any way? Why don’t you look for alternative employment at the “SWARG” or the “HEAVEN”.

    I remain hopeful that I would have the good fortune to receive your service, someday.


  23. @ Greatbong
    You are sure to land up in somebody’s DO-HIM-AWAY (DHA) list.

    @ Nitin
    Your reply was a perfect rejoinder to Greatbong’s words of wisdom.

  24. @Pri: Heh.

    @Tarzan: Tough getting good stuff in the chor bazar of Dhaka.

    @Rishi: As pointed out, the virgins are auto-repairing.

    @Anonymous: In that case also his bases are covered.


    @Kong: LOL again. Terrifying….going through all that and then being denied due to some ambiguous language in the Terms and Conditions.


    @Swati: Yes you wonder whether he was seeking attention or avoiding it.

    @Shekhar: Along with some candles that haven’t burned out.

    @Gurdas: Maybe he was carrying around something that people who go to see a sound and light show usually do not.

    @Michael: 🙂

    @Bhopale: Sridevi na Madhuri na Juhi se kam, yeh ladki hai yaa..atom bomb atom bomb..

    @A Virgin from Jannat: Glad to see that RTDM reaches jannat.

    @Random Inclusions: Maybe…

  25. Hara hara bom bom September 7, 2007 — 12:22 pm

    @ null : true..why should only Gods have fun.

    Well, your link talks about Hindu mythology. Hinduism allows it’s creative writers of 3,000 years ago to use religious icons as symbols in their stories.

    This is completely different from Hindu spirituality, where clear connection with Brohmo (God) is established. Hinduism is the only religion to have established tried, tested, objective and clear methods of achieving this.

    Later religions like Xtianity and Islam had their mythologies too, perhaps not as elaborate as the earlier Greeks & Hindus (as their imagination was a lot more sterile and fanatic). For. e.g., the whole Koran is nothing but a glorified (& very poor peice) of mythology.

    The problem is, unlike Hinduism, these faiths have no spirituality at all. Just proclamations to mass murder and ossify in a society of palaeolithic troglodytes.

  26. @Hara hara bom bom: Please – you may claim to be an ardent follower of Hinduism, but you haven’t a clue of what Hinduism really is if you insult other religions. To loosely translate Saiyad Mujtab Ali in Chacha Kahini, “A man who cannot see the merits of other religions has not understood his own”

    Remember – “Jato mat tato path (As many beliefs, as many roads to the divine)?” That’s Hinduism for you. If I admire my religion, it’s because it respects and allows other opinions to exist – including other religions and even atheism.

    On my part I’ve read quite a bit of Christianity and Islam – enough to find their mythology quite interesting. Your biased mind is incapable of seeing the spirituality in these religions. Spirituality is, I have noticed, is in the attitude of the believer. And there is a lot to it in both of them.

    While I may not be enamoured by many aspects of these religions, there is a lot to admire in them as well. For that matter, I’m not entirely enamoured by every aspect of Hinduism either.

    So, please don’t be a bore and fill up the Arnab’s comment section with things you really don’t understand.

  27. Hara hara bom bom September 7, 2007 — 2:13 pm

    @Sayon :
    Ahh, the sarva-jnani now wades in with his blank comments of “YOU don’t understand” and “YOU don’t have a clue”.

    Where have I claimed to be an ardent follower (practitioner?) of Hinduism? W.T.F converted me to a shiv bhakt !! Dont’ even believe in the Pauranik Shiva !!!

    To be honest, Hindus are not keen on insulting other faiths. They are nurtured from birth on a staple diet of mutual respect. It’s when they grow up and see their faith being relegated to trash 24/7 by Xtians and Muslims that they then get completely fed up and point obvious facts back.

    Ok, Islam is more than a mere proclamation to mass murder. That was a flippant comment intended as a direct report to null’s crude nonsense on Hindu gods & goddesses. It wasn’t a statement of fact.

    On a serious note, I am aware of fa’ma and the Sufis, & the beatific experience of the Xtians. I’ve actually witnessed the whirling dervishes in action in Konya.

    These aspects of Islam, and the brilliant culture of the Abbasids & Granada are breathtaking.

    However, none of these faiths lay down systematic methods like Hinduism to physically experience divine bliss in the here and now, in an objective manner.

    That is the unique feature of Hinduism. Theresa of Avila and Augustine and Aquinas, & Omar Khayyam may have seen the truth, but they stumbled upon it. There may have been esoteric sects in Xtianity and Islam who expounded Vedanta (Gnostics), but they were fringe elements who were often persecuted by their traditional faiths (Albigensian Crusade was the most brutal one of all).

    Hindu Raja Yoga (and even Tantra) on the other hand enshrines the empirical science (oxymoron?) for experiencing God by all.

    This you will have to admit is completely lacking in the other faiths.

    Which works of Xtian & Islamic mythology you like? I adore the Arabic Nights, though I doubt if that can be called ‘religious’ mythology.

    Also, you were ready to cut down a Hindu when he was perceived to insult other faiths (I actually wasn’t, I was retorting to null’s rubbishing of Hindu gods above). You will appear far more objective and credible if you employ the same approach with others who rubbish Hinduism. Why did you not retort to null’s link that rubbishes Hinduism?

    Is it because to self-styled ‘secular’ Hindus, “all paths are equal, except for Hinduism, which can be trashed”?

  28. @Hara hara bom bom: Sorry my friend, I’m even more disappointed in you. For a person who has had the privilege of seeing some of the nicer parts of Islam and Christianity (something which even many Christians and Muslims have not had the chance to see), your conclusion that these religions preach only hatred is evidence of your bigotry.

    There are two ways to deal with others who rubbish your religion: Provide evidence of the greatness of your own (a la Swami Vivekananda)- which works when you’re dealing with a rational, though misguided person, OR laugh at the person’s stupidity – which is the only way, when dealing with bigots.

    Plus, where did I thrash Hinduism – I though I presented evidence of why I admire my religion?

    What I detest is how people like you cannot see the good in other religions. I strongly suspect that if you had been born in one of the hellholes in the Middle East, you’d have been spouting the same messages of hate you claim to detest.

    BTW, on the charge that I do not refute null’s link that rubbish Hinduism, I do not care to reply to an idiot. I had a nice laugh – option 2, as you see.

  29. Great Bong, the very title of the post is so incredibly funny…Kudos

  30. Hara hara bom bom September 10, 2007 — 3:41 pm

    I thought my earlier post made it clear, but may be not, so I’ll clarify.

    I “DO” have a lot of respect for Xtianity & Islam. My scathing retort above was only direct response to null for his trashing. It wasn’t a statement of my overall belief in Islam & Xtianity.

    I have visited some mosques & many cathedrals. Saint Peter’s made me weep in awe (especially Pieta). I was more moved by San Marco than I was in Halebid, it was so exquisite (even though most of the stuff was stolen from Constantinople)!! The first glimpse of the inside of Hagia Sophia stupefies you stiff for 5 minutes.

    Basically, Hinduism needs Islam & Xtianity as much as the latter need Hinduism. The religion of the future will have to combine elements of all 3.

    – Islam for the discipline & fervour,
    – Xtianity for the organization and charity,
    – Hinduism for the technique & science of spirituality.

    It is precisely because each is a master in it’s speciality, that it has ended up ignoring the other elements that are so critical for spiritual evolution. And thus we have this mega-mess.

    Saying that, the threat to established world systems from an exploding Islamic population is real & can’t be dreamt away.

    You quoted Vivekananda. Vivekananda used to say that if you hit a rock 99 times, nothing may happen, but it shatters on the 100th hit. So even though not evident on the surface, a huge transformation was taking place inside.

    Similarly, Islamic populations are hitting critical mass in most countries of the world, from contrived mass birth rates, mass immigration, mass refugee-fication, mass overseas marriages, mass living off benefits, mass terrorism etc etc etc. T

    here may be a world of difference between what’s happening on streets of Paris & lofty religious hadiths (well, at least some of them), but this won’t help me & mine “when” (not “if”) mass riots break out. And break out they will.

    Eurabia & DUK (Europe & Disunited Kingdom) are waking up in horror to this reality, as natives become a minority in their own streets. And so are we in India, my friend.

    Anyway, now for something nice. I’m interested in your views of Xtian & Islamic mythology. It’s difficult to find pure Xtian and Islamic myths, as both of them are heavily influenced by pre-Xtian / Islamic cultures (like the tales of Luqman, Shaddad, Solomon & Bilqis, or the twin horned Dhul Huraiqa (?), who is basically Alexander.

    Even so, there are some myths that are purely Xtian (Rosicrucians, Alchemical) & purely Islamic (the cycle of tales of Ali, e.g. the Ogre’s head) rather than Hewish or pagan. These tales are fantastic. Can you advise me of a few more good sources of Xtian & Islamic myths?

    I also noted your points on how to deal with insult of one’s faith. Good points; I agree with most, but I still think Hindus are too good for their own good. They would ‘laugh’ at Null’s vilification of Hinduism, but “pounce in to action” at a Hindu’s quid pro quo treatment of Islam !!

    And this is a fundamental Hindu strength, as well as a fundamental Hindu weakness.

  31. Dear Hara Hara Bom Bom,

    You are a well-read and well-travelled person.

    Regarding your take on Sufis, I will leave you with a verbatim quote from an Iranian whose nome-de-plume is “Doubtless” – He is an openly ex-Muslim apostate activist on Faith Freedom International.

    All these are his words below, not mine. Let me know about your thoughts on Sufis, as well.


    by doubtless on Sep 08, 2007 – 11:39 AM

    ” Sufis do not speak gibberish. Sufis are the sugar coated poison pill of Islam. You demonstrate why sufis internalize lies and deception. They are the vanguard of of the cult of Islam. Sufis carry the hatred and the violence of islam gently into and among the kaffirs and when there are enough muslims then the sword of islam is unsheathed.

    What your ancestors repaid India is written in the blood of 80 million kaffirs slaughtered. And you have the gall to lie and try to deceive and now try to separate sufis from Islam. Sufis claim to know the secret of existence by knowing eternal life via mysticism stoop to lie and deceive to save their miserable hides. At least the sikhs died with honor but did not sink to give the mullahs blowjobs as the sufis have done historically around the world.

    Algebra and Alchemy are not from Sufis. Muslims have merely translated the books looted from the kafir libraries and that is now known. Contribution of the muslims to algebra or alchemy is minor if any.”

  32. Hara hara bom bom September 19, 2007 — 5:10 pm

    Dear Hujur,

    I find your comments highly informative, trenchant and incisive. Keep up the brilliant work. I will read your links to Sufis.

    In my praise of Islam & Sufis, I was not extolling historical Sufism; I know that it was employed by Muslim expansionists as a front, sometimes resorting to espionage and 5th columnism. I’ve even read articles by English writers who consider Nizamuddin Auliya (?) to be a criminal gang-lord. I don’t know how valid this is, perhaps his armed adherents were not criminals but religious zealots along the line of the Sannyasis of Ananda Math (what a great book, what a glorious revolt).

    Anyway, the historical Sufi movement is heavily tainted. I was more talking about the spiritual ‘theory’ of Sufism, shorn of its historical reality. In that, I find parallels between their fa’ma and our Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

    Saying that, have you seen some of those Qawwali singers? They’d put the fear of God in Sumo wrestlers !!! 🙂

    As far as Islamic contribution to science goes, in addition to their original contribution, they have copied a lot as well. But the great thing is, they have not taken credit for it, but nobly attributed it to it’s Greek, Persian or Indian source.

    Like the numerals that they clearly call Hindu numerals. As well as ganit, which they termed as the maths from India. Also, in Moorish Spain, their writers praised India highly for its contribution to world culture.

    This is a million miles away from the brutal reality of millions of Hindus being murdered beneath their smouldering temples. But it is a noble aspect in the Arabs (& the Islamic civlisation of that period) which I like acknowledging.

    There’s a fantastic book on India’s contribution to maths by Georges Ifrah. I heartily recommend it.

  33. @ Har Har Bom Bom

    I support Hujur’s point.

    Sufi Islam has done more damage to humanity than its “puritan”counterparts.
    In the Indian subcontinent, ie, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, (which makes up nearly 60% of Islam’s numbers), most of the groundwork for conversion was done by Sufiana Orders with active and violent backing from their maistream Shia and Sunni political masters.

    It is a perfect example of “Good Cop/Bad Cop” being played at a societal level.
    Bengal and Kashmir were the worst hit.

    The Hindus responded with the rustic Bhakti Movement as a effective counter-strategy

  34. Hara hara bom bom September 20, 2007 — 6:22 pm

    @ rishi khujur : “The Hindus responded with the rustic Bhakti Movement as a effective counter-strategy”

    Hi Rishi. I do not agree with the view that Bhakti arose as a counter-strategy to combat Sufism. IMHO, that is a view propagated by :

    (a) Western historians who wish to portray Hinduism as passive & reactive. As if ‘cunning Brahmins’ devised Bhakti only as a ‘response’ to a dynamic Islamic force. i.e Hindus could not devise a liberal movement for its own sake.

    (b) Islamic/st historians ‘of India’, who wish to attribute everything good in India to Islam. A Pak journalist even suggested that the reason Banglaore is so prosperous is because it once had a Mulsim ruler, Tipu Sultan !!!) 🙂 So even if a ‘good’ movement is not Islamic, it arose as a ‘response’ to Islam, so Islam can take credit for it anyway !!

    The mass Bhakti movement in Bengal (Nama Sankirtan) arose in the 15th century. Yet Bhakti is clearly outlined in far earlier works :
    (a) The Geeta – 1st century AD (at latest)
    (b) Alvars of South India (5th – 8th century AD)
    (c) Bhagavata Purana (9th century at latest)
    (d) Narada Bhakti Sutra (12th century at latest)

    (b) & (c) enjoyed great popularity at grass root levels. Whereas Sufism, even at a spiritual level (ie discounting its subversive historical employment), is an esoteric religion which would have little appeal for the masses. Thus Muslim bauls of Bengal are more like Hindu icon-worshippers rather than vice versa, & Qawwali did not become all the rage.

    Muslims claim that Islam spread through Sufism, but that may be to deny that the true causes were less metaphysical, jehad & jizzya.

    The strong roots for Bhakti were always present in Bengal. It was the personal magnetism of Chaitanya that spread it like wildfire.

    A bit like Swami Ramadeva & Pranayama. 🙂

  35. @ HHBB
    Very good points.
    But it cannot be denied that post Islamic agression, Bhakti became an important tool for the sustenance of Hindu Dharma, because of the strong and agressive approach of Islamic rulers and the new converts towards existing organised classical Hinduism.

    Actually Sufism has little to do with spirituality in itself. Most of the spirituality aspect of Sufism was brough into it by new and native converts from Hinduism.

  36. @ HHBB
    amake ekta email likho…
    Tomaar shonge onek kichu discuss koraar aache.

  37. Dear Tarzan,

    In the very second post, you wrote, referring to the Islamic “fashion-bomb”: “Yeah man… you must have got some good money for this..”

    My take:
    These brave “religious warriors” don’t wage Jihad on Kafirs for monetary rewards in this life.
    These Mujahids slaughter Kafirs because the Qu’ran explicitly promises sexual rewards in the after-life (with 72 virgins in heaven).
    In a nutshell … For killing non-believers, true “believers” don’t get paid, they get laid.

    – Hujur

  38. Dear Hara Hara Bom Bom,

    I would be delighted to brainstorm and fine-tune some S.M.A.R.T. goals (for on-going grass-roots work in W.Bengal) with you.

    Please send me a blank email at: Porus_Rex(AT) so I can share the details with you.


  39. circulate a fake job hunt for such idiots and who agrees readily should be eiminated.

  40. or better provided a pass to whorehouse certified 100% hiv+!!

  41. From the rediff article.
    ” We made the sketch based on the description provided by an eye-witness ho had seen the suspected accused. The suspect was carrying a black bag,” the additional CP said.”

    LMAO- Eye witness ho.

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