Bhakti Mein Shakti

Anu Solanki (24) told her husband that she was going to immerse a statue of Ganesha in the river. She left her car running and vanished. Only to resurface a few days later, alive and well, with another man but not before $25,000 $250,000 of public money had been spent looking for her. Her husband Dignesh Solanki was shocked at her flight, though he did remember seeing romantic SMS-s that he himself had not sent on his wife’s phone two days “after” they were married a year ago.

Moral of the story: Next time your wife says she is driving down to the river, alone, with devotion for Ganesha/ Narayana/Shiva in her eyes, just check her cellphone to see if they have been leaving messages for her.

26 thoughts on “Bhakti Mein Shakti

  1. An old story just flashed my mind where a person throws and axe in the water and god comes with golden and silver and then original.
    here the script is the same only characters are changed.
    girl falls in the river and comes out with another god. πŸ™‚

    first time first to comment… πŸ™‚

  2. Correction Arnab..$250,000 and not $25,000

  3. seems like 0 has no value for u GreatBong

  4. @Srikanth and 100rabh: Blame it on my salary and my middle-classness—my mind freezes up beyond $25,000

  5. To add insult to injury, this lady claims that she and her beau are not “romantically involved”. Why, oh why, would he drive from LA to Chicago, pick this girl up, and drive all the way back, if he were not in love with her???

  6. Actually, she says her relationship with her husband was “platonic” too. And her boyfriend was looking for a roommate for her in CA. All very confusing, but this is the kind of stuff that soaps are made of.

  7. This happened in our neighboring suburbs. There were posters (A4 size print outs) all over put by her husbands family.
    Stupid girl!

  8. dudu,

    we await your review on the “jangal” series that produced such gems as “jangal mein mangal”, “jangal ka husn” and “jangal jindabad”

  9. better solution: don’t give her the car. If she wants to run away, let her walk.

    BTW, isn’t this a blessing in disguise?

  10. You are not a middle class….Had you been, then chants of few thousand crores losses/frauds of K brand serials would have made you accustomed to such high denomination. You are definitely a class apart.

  11. Hence the birth of a new idiom: to immerse the Ganesha = to elope with lover πŸ˜‰

  12. Anyone remembers that old Hindi film song

    “Main tujhse milne aai mandir jaane ke bahaane”

    Temples are excellent pick-up spots. All my high school friends loved going to the temple for Diwali because they could check out the guys.

    I know more than one couple who found each other while attending a Sikh religious procession.

    And of course you know what the fervour of Durga Puja is really all about.

    Although seriously, this idiot should have had the balls to tell the husband it’s not working out instead of perpetuating this drama – he seems like a nice bloke overall.

  13. That comment above was by me. Didn’t intend for it to be anonymous.

  14. Tarzan, do you know the episode 2 of that story? The man’s wife falls in water now, and the god appears with Rani Mukherjee. The man readily accepts that this is his wife. The god is furious. The man replies, God you gave me all the three axes the previous time. This time if you give me three wives how would I support three wives?

  15. Could i request you, on behalf of almost all of your readers, to write a post on the india vs australia match? Pretty please?

  16. Hey GB

    I was expecting you would have already written a post on the umpiring fiasco that was Sydney. If you are not planning to write on this (I doubt that though), please do consider writing one. Maybe reading your comments on Ponting and his men’s unsporting behaviour would help sooth our flaring tempers a bit


  17. GB
    yeah i agree with other readers. please write a post on the india australia match, worst umpiring decisions and unsporting behaviour of the australians (that would be a compliment for pointing & Co.), i am sulking in anger after reading India’s manipulated loss to australia

  18. yeah, that post (on the match) is a must.
    But still (bad umpiring or good umpiring), I am awed by the Aussie performance and the Aussie luck.
    I will never forget the Aussie celebration after the match.

  19. Yup would like to know ur views abt recent Umpiring decisions and ban on Bhajji.

  20. hmm…. Girls were always clever…. not stupid annon πŸ˜‰

  21. Arnab da, I dunno if uve come across this ar’tickle’ –

    truly, bhakti mein shakti hai

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  23. wow the story was so twisty. i thought that when she left and was found 2 days later, i thought she was kidnapped. thats jus a weird husband who after seeing the sms did not have the balls to ask her wats wrong

  24. I had read the article about her in a newspaper. It was so funny to see this blog about her being “Lost” and “Found”. πŸ˜€

  25. Yup would like to know ur views abt recent Umpiring decisions and ban on Bhajji.

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