A Few PJs



T-shirt that’s selling like hot cakes in Janpath:

(On T-shirt front)I had to let go the Prime Ministership for the royal son. I had to let go the Presidency for the royal confidante.

(On T-shirt back) And all I got in return was a lousy Poddo Beebhushon.


Shakti Kapoor on hearing that Tom Alter won the Padma Shree:

Who cares? Aoooo…I only want Padma Laxmi


Why does Manoj Kumar not want to receive the Padma Bhushan?

He is afraid people will call him “Mr. Bharat” Bhushan.

All of them very poor jokes? I agree. But not as poor a joke as the granting of our Shris, Bhushans, BiVibhushans and Ratnas.


23 thoughts on “A Few PJs

  1. Names itself is so yawning; make some flashy names like ‘Bharat ke shan’, ‘Bharat ke aan’, Mr. India, Mrs India, ‘Bharatmata ka beta/beti’, Hindustani etc.

  2. Expecting a better post from u regarding the Bharat Ratna fiasco that happened this time, with name of even Bahadur Shah Zafar propped up. I sincerely feel its time to honour our greatest sportsperson, industrialists, scientists and artists with the highest civilian honor, the Bharat Ratna.

  3. @GB–The jokes are poor.. but you are not to be blamed , the theme you chose is in any case a poor joke.

    @Sam-How about “Rustam-E-Hind”?????

  4. hey, what about the Church desperately trying to find a couple of genuine miracles to make blessed mother teresa into (yet another) st teresa.
    that was one PJ alright.

  5. I dont understand why Sunita Williams (Padma Bhushan) is nominated for an award?? And Shyamalan (Padma Shri)? and Edmund Hillary? (Padma Vibhushan) Can we please keep it to Indians who have done service to India???

  6. By the way, GBong, thanks for correcting it for me with the (amazing) picture of the right recipient. I was under the impression that young eminent playwrit and scholar Dr. Parnab Mukherjee of Kolkata was awarded the Padma Vibhushan for his awe-inspiring intellectual contributions.

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