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The original incident: [Link]

A Singapore national by the name of Chuk Lay Hoon was detailed at Indira Gandhi International Airport and suspected of carrying explosives inside bottles of honey. The security people made him drink 10% from one bottle and even after that refused to let him carry the bottles causing much heartburn all around.

Now the Poor Joke that this inspired.

Security guard 1: Ai ! What is this in these jars? Yeh machine to bol raha hain explosive
Security guard 2: Likha to hain honey….
Security guard 1: Don’t believe it. Usko woh honey chukne ko bol humare saamne. Agar bach gya to theek hain.
Security guard 2 (to puzzled passenger): Chal. Chuk le.
Man (not understanding—thinking they are saying his name): No No. Not Chuk Le. Chuk Lay Hoon.
Security guard 1: Abhe. Bol raha hain ki “chuk liya hoon”. Abhi chuk ke dikha. Yahaan pe. Here here

Next month’s PJ: Same joke but with the man’s name as Bum Sook Li and the security guards in search for hidden contraband material .


32 thoughts on “The PJ Of The Month

  1. Hi Arnab,
    I agree with Manu; not of the Greatbong quality we admire.
    But then that is why this is a ‘poor’ joke. Otherwise, it would have been a ‘rich’ joke, right?

  2. Ha Ha. Funny PJ, Arnab !!!

    How about some good ole Bengali PJs ?


    What do you call a ……

    An angry Bengali letter? Chitti-chitti Bong Bong

    A talkative Bengali? Bulbul Chatterjee

    An outlawed Bengali? Kanoon Banerjee

    An enlightened Bengali? Jyoti Basu

    A Bengali who works? A work of fiction

    A stupid Bengali girl? Balika Buddhu

    A Bengali marriage? Bedding

    A Bengali voyeur? Keyhollo

    A mad Bengali? In Sen

    A dark Bengali who lives in a cave? Kalidas Guha

    A Bengali mobster? Robin Ganguli

    A perfumed Bengali? Chandan Dass

    A Bengali goldsmith? Shonar Bongla

    Wait, there’s more….

    What’s bigger than the state of Bengal? The Bay of Bengal

    What’s common between Bengalis and sperms? Only 1 in a million works

    When does a Bengali sound like a dog? When he says “Wow”(Bow)

    What does a ghati call a burping Bong? Mukhopadrya

    What do you call a Bengali who doesn’t eat fish? Ahilsa

    What do you call an enlightened Bengali?- Jyoti Basu.

    What do you call an outlawed Bengali?- Bonduk Bannerjee.

    When does the Bengali sound like a dog?- When he bharks (works).

    How does the Bong learn the alphabet? A for Orange, B for Bhegetable….(Vegetable)

  3. Continued from earlier comment…

    What do you call a Bengali who makes ad banners for a living? Mr. Bannerjee.

    What do you call a Bengali who talks a lot, sometimes without making sense? Mr. Chatterjee.

    What do you call a Bengali who takes bribes? Mr. Goosh.

    And finally, What do you call a Bong that writes Great blogs? Mr.GreatBong, of course !! 🙂

  4. Arnabda…..eagerly awaiting a review of “Singh is King” ….after your Sanwaariya classic I am sure that one would be great.

  5. From the article :

    “In this particular case, there is also a strong chance that the screener did spot explosives but accidentally isolated the wrong bag”

    Does this mean the actual bag containing the explosives was let out?

    Very scary

  6. Heh arnab, where do u seek out these kinda tidbits?

    As for PJ haters, cmon guys, this is not a blog which spouts principles of arthashastra, silly stuff is fun too, except if it gets really silly as below –

    That’s not right?……………………..Sum Ting Wong
    See me ASAP?……………………..Kum Hia
    Stupid Man……………………………Dum Fuk
    Did you go to the beach?………….Wai Yu So Tan
    I bumped the coffee table………….Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin Ni
    I think you need a face lift…………Chin Tu Fat
    It’s very dark in here………………..Wai So Dim
    I thought you were on a diet………Wai Yu Mun Ching
    This is a tow away zone…………..No Pah King
    Our meeting is scheduled for next week….Wai Yu Kum Nao
    Staying out of sight…………………Lei Ying Lo
    He’s cleaning his automobile……..Wa Shing Ka
    Your body odour is offensive………Yu Stin Ki Pu
    Great…………………………………..Fa Kin Su Pah

  7. Kriss Bass, I really think that you shouldn’t indulge in such comments. You are much better of sucking down bigger things! 😉

  8. reminds me of the a famous..err infamous mahabharat which did the rounds when we were in school… had some lines like

    “porom dharmik chilo viswamitra muni, …… niye gelo… sukuni…. ”

    etc etc and such dagor lines

  9. Good one that was…..

    I and a friend of mine have a habbit of creating poor jokes… I would really love to get your feedback on these……

    (PS: Am a big fan of your PJs… :-))

    What are a bull’s all time favorite bollywood movies?
    Mission Istam-bull and Ba-bull !!
    Where do all bulls go for pilgrimage?
    Maha-Bull-eshwar !!
    What is a bull’s under wear called?
    ?????? (Bull-Undy) !!
    What do you call a very heavy Bull???
    He is called as “Bullky”
    What do you call a Bull who is a devotee of Sai Baba?
    Bull’s Eye (Bull-Sai) !!

    All the above jokes were quite Incredi-bull !!:-P

    Kindly rate them….:-)

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