The Heartland Strikes Back

Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya
Glanirva Bhavathi Bharatha,
Abhyuthanam Adharmaysya
Tadatmanam Srijami Aham.

Indeed. These are “yada yada” times. With terrorist, corrupt politicians and chauvinists everywhere trying to tear the country into “tukda tukda”, the nation, especially those appearing for railway exams out-of-state, look for a messiah, an avatar of mythic proportions.

The good news is that he has arrived. His name is Kamal R Khan (KRK). Director and hero of “Desdrohi” releasing this week in a theater close to you.

A common man. a graduate from a center of learning in the Hindi heartland, comes to Mumbai to earn his living.  But there he is exposed to the blatant chauvinism of the local population who hold his poverty and his migrantness against him. After some “locals” attempt to beat him up (but end up on their backs instead) he thunders the following lines, lines that beautifully reflect the difference in mentality between people in different parts of the country.

Jitne nafrat humhare liye tumhare  dil main  hain , usse zyada pyar tumhare liye humare  seene main hain. Kabhi UP Bihar aake dekhna, mehman ko bhagwan samajhte hain hum [Video]

In other words, the amount of hatred that the Manoos have for the Bhaiyyas is surpassed by the love that the Bhaiyyas have for the Manoos. That is evidenced by the fact that Bhaiyyas come to Mumbai out of their love for the locals and not the other way round. It is also true that genuine, incorporeal love for “mehmaans” (guests in your household like the sister of your wife) can only be found in the heartland, a fact attested to by Lucky Ishtaar Radheshyam Rasia as he tells his guest-loving mates in a private music video (not associated with the film of course) that blends desire, relationships and nuclear weaponry in a way that is truly unique—“Humre saali ke choli main bhaiyya do tho “aitom” bomb wa [Video]”

As our hero is framed for being a terrorist and a campaign of violent hatred [led by a politician (played by Aman Varma) whose resemblance to a real-life character is purely coincidental] is initiated, the essential question behind the headlines is framed simply.

Aaj tumhare dar se Mumbai choroon. Kal kisi aur ke dar se Dilli chorun. Phir ek din kahoge Hindustan chor do

Not just with earth-hilwa bakchodi like “Aye inspector, mera naam Raj Kumar Singh Yadav hain aur Yadav sirf raja hota hain, bhikari kabhi naheen banta” our hero also strikes back with flying fists, thundering kicks, shooting pistols and most importantly with the patent-pending “Chapra Chop” wherein he gets down on his knees thus lulling his opponents into thinking he is surrendering, then slides forwards, delivering a bunker-busting to the adversary’s “vada pavs”. [Video see from 1:21 to 1:23]

Be warned oh “Gunda Raj”. Be warned.

[Thanks to Rakesh Venkatraman for bring this to my notice]

37 thoughts on “The Heartland Strikes Back

  1. hehehe! first one to comment! finally the honours!! 😀 …. it certainly seems that this may be yet another classic from the stables of B grade Indian cinema 😛

  2. Sounds very interesting to me.
    Must see.

    It’s always nice to check out the links.

  3. Bronz Medal. Will comment later 😉

  4. Don Ayan de Marco November 1, 2008 — 6:58 pm

    (Not a comment on this ‘masterpiece’, But a great review GB). I feel the more trashier the film, the more beautiful the review becomes. Trashy films rinses out every ounce of creativity from the critic and he sees a challenge in reviewing the film. This is often not the case for good films.

    If the film is a comment on the MNS issues that are going then I want to say that Raj Thackeray (or should it be Thakre,anyways..) is right when he mentions the ‘problems’ of the Marathi manoos. I think the problems are real but the method that he has adopted to remove this problem is unacceptable. Being a Bong, who has stayed in Maharashtra for a few years, I can say that all Maharashtrians are not indifferent to outsiders. Similarly not all of them try to regionalise matters and are patriotic (as Indians). If I am not mistaken it is the only state whose motto has the country’s name before the state’s. (remember Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra).

  5. Master story teller, you are a magician of words !

  6. in a song that blends desire, relationships and nuclear weaponry in a way that is truly unique—”Humre saali ke choli main bhaiyya do tho “aitom” bomb wa


  7. I am already eagerly awaiting the latest James Bond movie (to be released in a couple of weeks) and now you have told me about a movie that is on its way to become the cult(est) movie of times to come .. the wait will never get over.
    Thanks again to Bong and the ever so alert readers of this blog who keep on the info on these ‘Earth-hilwa’ movies coming.

    Don Ayan de Marco :
    I agree with you, that not all Marathis have the same stance as of the MNS goons, in fact a very few have. And that’s exactly why its important for us to always remember that we don’t end up generalizing this. You know, like start blaming all Bengalis for the Tata Nano fiasco etc.

  8. He has sued Kingfisher Airlines and eventually got them to pay for some flight delay last year (one of the rare cases of consumer activism and win in India)?

    GB adds: no unsubstantiated allegations please. hence comment edited. thanks.

  9. A worthy successor of ‘Gunda’ finally arrives. In fact, I’d boldly call Desh Drohi as the ‘Gunda’ of the 21st century.

    It is 100% pure, undiluted, uncompromising (f)art.

    Btw, here’s the entire story of the film. Thou Shalt Be Enlightened

  10. Truly a masterpiece. And yes….timely!

  11. excellent. cant wait to watch desperate gracy and the hot KRK(due respects,sir)..

  12. compltely understand arnabda 🙂

  13. any alien terralogist from betelguese lV would think that the B grade filumms were created solely to be written about in this blog.

    question : who reviews C grade films?

  14. “His name is Kamal R Khan (KRK). Director and hero of “Desdrohi””

    I think it is directed by Jagadish sharma and not Kamal. He did pen few songs for the movie though

  15. hey GB u got it wrong………he is d producer nd actor

  16. This pest named RAJ THAKRE should be dealt nicely.I would love to see the world premiere of desdrohi in mumbai.Lets see wat dis RAJ has to say about the movie.

  17. This movie was on my list from the very first day I saw the promo on youtube.

  18. Cheers bong!! Great film this one!!

    Btw its Chodoon ” Aaj tumhare dar se Mumbai choroon ” 😀

  19. err… did KRK visualise the tensions B/W ‘us’ and ‘them’ to escalate over the past few weeks..??

    Or was the movie completed in a single start-to-finish schedule (after MNS trashed the poor job seekers) as a tribute to the ‘departed’ (back to their state, i mean… no reference to any ‘martyr’ fallen to Mumbai Cops bullets!)..??

  20. “Kabhi UP Bihar aake dekhna, mehman ko bhagwan samajhte hain hum” …

    indeed …whenever delhi bound trains reaches bihar & UP …passengers are greeted with bhakts who do punch puja if the local travellers are not given seats to share..

  21. i wonder where this dude gets his money from… promos are running everywhere.. from ndtv to subway outlets.. thanks for the review..

    on an aside.. since you seem to be a bengali with a soft corner for bhojpuri you should really read ‘sea of poppies’ by amitav ghosh. he’s killed it.

  22. after the Karzzzzzzzzzz review, just when i thought i couldn’t chuckle any louder, thanks for another great giggle!

  23. Perfect timing to release this movie.
    Really dying to see this masterpiece.

  24. Ha, ha, ha…Must Watch for the next week!

  25. Apparently we Trashy Movies folks on FB aren’t the only ones who are eagerly awaiting the appearance of this messiah.

    I see tremendous potential in this – perhaps not the calibre of Gunda – because it took Kanti Shah more than a decade of directing films to perfect that masterpiece. KRK abhi bachwa hai.

    By the way, I wonder if you noticed KRK’s homage to Dilip Kumar in his dialogue delivery. Truly a ham king who’ll be a worthy successor to SRK.

    Deshdrohi trivia of the day – this film has the maximum number of villians of any Hindi film – a grand total of 11.

  26. KRK………hahahaha……great post 🙂

  27. I seriously thot tht “KRK” was a joke… realised with horror tht he calls himself tht.. altho’ in “brackets”… :)))))))

  28. Good one GB!

    Slightly OT but can we expect a review of Fashion?

  29. Totally totally hilarious review! Have to have to get my hands on this movie ! 😀

  30. Update:

    The Maharashtra govt has banned the release of the movie in the state for 60 days. All Marathis, get your torrent managers ready.

  31. a very disturbing step taken by the Maharashtra government .. .. yet another incident that depicts how the state tries to strangle the voice of the just and the righteous .. but we are with u KRK , u r the face and voice of the oppressed millions ,long live the revolution!!

  32. For years on end, I was living in my illusory world of ‘Prem Agan’… I was myopic to such an extent that I refused to believe that a more potent device of the nuclear variety could ever come out of Bollywood. But here it comes. Cheers greatbong for the fantastic review… I hope Mr. KRK continues to live longer and produce other such gems… this guy can give Shahrukh Kumar a run for his money.

    By the way, if you folks interested in some cheap fiction, you can visit my blog.


  33. this refers to Thalassa’s post….

    talking about dear old Kanti Shah, have you come across a movie called ‘Garam’? another one of his gems… ranks along side Gunda.

    It starts off with “Yeh Bobby hai, yeh garam hai, aam ladkiyon se kuchh jyada hi garam”

    a bus scene…

    bobby is walking with her boyfriend (Rocky) on a bangkok pavement when Rocky takes her leave… as Rocky is turns away she says “Rocky tum to bus ke us passenger ki tarah nikle jo seat pe baith ke usko garam to karta hai, lekin stop aate hi utar bhi jata hai” an allusion to male sexuality I suppose.

    another gem from the same movie: Bobby is now married to some rich and impotent guy, and she happens to meet Rocky by the pool side (her husband is not around)… both of them get into the pool, and Bobby is talking about fidelity and similar stuff when Rocky says referring to her marital status… “Bobby, note chahe kisi bhi bank ka ho, naam to us pe reserve bank ka hi hota hai”…

    For those of you who missed out on this great piece of cinema from the greatest film maker of all time… do watch it, and send me links if you find any…

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