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Since we already have had some discussion on the press on our side of the border, it should only be fair that we also analyze media ethics of our friends on the other side.

Alternatively, we can just cut the crap and watch this video ([Highly recommended viewing] of excellent “live” reporting of a Pakistani news channel (link sent in by Bengal Voice and Aditi) which has, as of today, displaced this video of our ex-commando general enjoying a charged dance routine from the top position in the list of favorite Pakistani video nuggets. [This (the seven second itch) becomes now my third favorite and this (overenthusiastic rabble-rouser who shouts out-of-turn) my fourth]

While on the subject of Pakistan and in the context of Youtube, it would be interesting to watch this song from a Pakistani movie called Bedari (1957). Yes it is a total lift (tune, concept) of “Aao Bachchon Tumhein Dikhayen” from Jagriti (1954) (An interesting fact is that the same person (Rattan Kumar) has acted in both the Pakistani movie and the Indian original). [Links courtesty Ritu Chandra]

What I found most amusing about the song, (the glorification of Bin Qasim was of course expected), was when the “patriot” while glorifying the motherland says so of some of her sons, as if this is a badge of achievement:

Bandook ke chaaon main bacche hote hain jawaan yahaan !

Also of great interest are the lyrics of this song where the same patriot is exhorting “is mulk ko rakhna bachchon samhal ke” (Take care of this country kids)

Tum rahaton araam ke jhule main na jholoon
Kaanton pe hain chaalna mere hansten huen pholoon
Lena abhi Kashmir yeh baat na bholoon (repeat twice)
Yeh baat na bholoon
Kashmir pe laharana hain jhanda uchaal ke

And in news which in no way follows from the generational agenda and the accompanying pride in a violent upbringing that has been so beautifully articulated in a popular culture artifact, an unwanted guest announces, apparently in his own words, his nationality and his profession

44 thoughts on “A Few Videos

  1. Chad Nawab – What a dork!!!

  2. The movie is actually Bedaari and not Bedadri, a minor correction ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Chand Nawab fucking rocked..!Besides him that Rock on guy is also very famous on the you tube circuit these days(Roadies 6.0,

  4. damn…missed it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Very funny post. However, politicians and fundamentalists acting as retards and film-makers copying blatantly is one of the few concepts that are as much Indian as they are Pakistani.

  5. where do u get this stuff from?
    Wait!! Are u one of those Hindu Zionists that Pakistani guy keeps talking about?

  6. I am amazed by the dedication of Chand Nawab. I only wish RGV would have shot so many versions of RGV ki Aag, ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. The Bedari/Jagriti contrast is brilliant

  8. In fact even the “sabarmati ke sant” song has been copied inthe same movie… it has been replaced with Jinnah….
    Even the child siging the song is on crutches as in the Indian movie… i think they just did a Ctrl C, Ctrl V job and replaced India with PAkistan…
    no originality

  9. Interestingly the sair of Pakistan does not include East Pakistan. Why am I not surprised

  10. @ Chand Nawab: ROTFLMAO!! that was one seriously excellent piece of reporting! (sarcasm of course intended) ๐Ÿ˜€

    @ Former commando doing the naach: LOL! wtf was the guy thinking? whatever happened to protocol/etiquette of senior govt. office? he danced like a eunuch!! hilarious and BIZARRE! (But I still think it cannot beat that IPS officer who cross-dressed, pretending to be an incarnation of a Hindu diety or some story like that! That was bizarre personified!)

    @Scratching balls: absolutely hilarious (but c’mon, we all get itchy, don’t we? ;)) …. the TV feed switched to another view as soon as they saw the hand going down to the groin! LMAO!

    @Molvi guy: He was obviously a right-wing, ultra-hawkish nutjob (similar to the ones we have here – these nutjobs are everywhere, so you can’t really fault Pakistan for it. That said, such notjobs have to be contained and thats where the Pakis choose to look the other way. Whats more, they look away because they seem to be implicitly encouraging such activities. Its cheap for them – they don’t have to really bother using actual soldiers and have actual guts! All they have to do is keep encouraging nutjobs financially & socially and see India & the world suffer.)

    @Paki song …. every patriotic song has got some dangerous jingoism attached to it and that Paki song is no exception. To them, we are enemies from whom “is mulk ko sambhaalke rakhna blah blah” …. to us, they are enemies …. however, I do agree that the tone of the song got overtly political and indeed sinister in some sections (especially the inclusion of the Kashmir bit), considering that its been shot as an idealistic and naive call for patriotism amongst children.

    @Kasab’s admission: the guy has obviously been brainwashed by the venom-spewing terror-grad-schools in Pak and across the world …. I heard that they offer Master’s and PhD.’s in everything from terror planning, modes of attack, etc …. Last heard, a lot of distinguished people from the spheres of narcotics, organized crime, charity frauds, pyramid schemes, propaganda, terrorists are expert permanent and visiting faculty at these centers of international excellence in terror.

  11. Chaand Nawaab… from Karaaaaaaachi.

  12. I think Chand Nawab should replace Rajdeep Sar’dard’desai

  13. Great videos GB! But I still think our yugpurush’s “String theory” videos the funniest.

  14. I trust you have seen this ..


    just *how* far can you have your head up your bottom ..

    Its scary.

  15. Chand Nawab attacks his line with all the tenacity of a student who has mugged up the answer to a question in its entirety and will get it exactly right…

    Unbelievable videos… I had tears in my eyes…

  16. holy shit.. KARACHI train guy is wicked !!!

  17. red: they were trying to be consistent with the original. jhaanki of hindustan also leaves out the entire south ๐Ÿ™‚

    gb: lena abhi kashmir… it is interesting that in the corresponding jagriti song, the teacher exhorts the children to choo lo aasmaan ko. So while we were trying to reach for the sky, all they could think of was Kashmir.

  18. fantastic post. chand nawab……… i had tears in my eyes with laughter.

  19. The terrorists who attacked aamchi Mumbai seem to be inspired by the first line of the song “Hum laaye hain toofan se KASHTI nikal ke”. If iam correct isn’t Kashti the urdu/hindi name for Boat.

    Whereas the original Jagriti song had “Hum laaye hain toofan se kishte nikaal ke”.

  20. chanakya: original also had ‘kishti’ meaning the same.

  21. @mohan

    You’re right thanks for the clarification.

  22. A phenomenon quite rampant at this blog.


    The ball tampering video of the Law Minister (seven year itch) was too good.

    For all those who understand go to the Punjabi dubbed versions… they are a real treat.

  24. GB,

    Regarding the jingoism in the Pakistani version of ‘Aao bachhon…’, though it strikes us as strange that anyone would extol ‘bandookon ke saaye mein bachche hote hain jawaan yahan’, but that has been the reality of the tribal belt of Pakistan from time immemorial. And for a song with ‘veer ras’ this is not unusual even on this side of the border. Let me quote Subhadra Kumari Chauhan’s immortal Jhansi ki rani in this context, where the poetess writes

    ‘barchhi dhaal kripal katari uski yahi saheli thi’

    Or even in our version of ‘Aao bachhon tumhe dikhaayen’ Kavi Pradeep is not too far behind when he writes

    Ye hai apna rajputana
    naaz ise talwaron pe
    isne saara jeevan kata barchhi teer kataron pe
    yeh pratap ka watan pala hai aazaadi ke naaron pe
    kood padi thin yahan hazaron padminiyan angaron mein

    There is enough celebration of violence in this piece as well.

    Someone had mentioned something about the exclusion of East Pakistan in the song. There is an interesting pattern regarding that aspect in both the Indian and Pakistani versions of the song which might be of interest on this blog which has a lot of Bongs. Both of them has a stanza dedicated to Bengal. Our version celebrates Subhash Chandra Bose and the revolutionaries, their’s does the same put replaces Subhash Bose with Siraj-ud-daula
    . The most interesting part is that both these stanzas got snipped in the final song!

    I’ll dig out the links of the full version and post them later

    And for someone who said South India was excluded from the song, not true. The first stanza mentions south – Dakshin mein charno ko dhota sagar ka samraat hai’.

    The main thing that I did notice after hearing this song was this…. at the end of the day, Pakistan really did not get much after partition. It got barren land and salt plains in Sindh and Baluchistan, fierce tribal areas up north and west. Punjab was pretty much the only worthwhile part of the erstwhile India that went to Pakistan since East Pakistan was lost anyway.

    I am not sure if I bought this up before

  25. The future events unfolding – Pak will deny support in any form to Kasab, for lack of choices. Indian media and social worker bleeding hearts will get him a sure-shot acquittal. Kasab will be sent back to the Land of Pure and despite whatever repent he claims now, he will be back with vengeance with more brthers in arms.

  26. @AlphaQ,

    The Punjabi dubbed versions of that video were the ones that got me ROFLMAO too …

    I guess the minister felt that before he spoke out his solution to the issue being discussed, he must begin from scratch !!

  27. Arnab da,

    Re: the credit to Aditi di….

    I posted the link to the Chand Nawab video on โ€˜Comprehension Excercise’ soon after Eid day (which is when all the log in Karachi were going to Androon-e-mulk).

    Lekin aapney iska credit kisi aur ko de diya? Ya Allah! Bahut na insaafi hai yeh ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. @Bengal Voice: So you did. I apologize. Credits given now.

  29. @HulG: This is priceless. I see a new cast member for my planned sequel of Gunda—Gunda II, Bullah Ho Gya Kharah.

  30. i should’ve posted this link earlier but nevertheless would like to know your comments on this

    http://outlookindia.com/full.asp?fodname=20081222&fname=ARoy (F)&sid=1

  31. This one is too good- International Guerrillas, Urdu Movie villain is an evil Salman Rushdie, heroes – a couple of smooth guys out to kill him. How does it end? The evil Salman Rushdie gets zapped by lightning from heaven. Pakistani magic realism, I suppose.

  32. Hi GB,

    Here’s another one from pakistan


  33. Diligent is not what i’d say the reporter is. I think he was just repeating that because it was his only moment of glory.

  34. Hilarious!
    About Rushdie movie:
    I think Rushdie has even briefly mentioned it in one of his essays. He was against its banning in Britain.
    Anyway, here’s the clip of promised divine laser guided final justice

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