Didi, didi, didi didi zeen iddiwaah
Didi waah, didi, didi deedi ha zin el daryag

–Khaled (Didi)

I wanna be your diddi.

And no this is not Mamata’s election ad.


16 thoughts on “Diddi

  1. I don’t get it. Looks like another dating/matrimonial site, probably targeted towards desis in New York. So?

  2. I remember the song when it came out first in the earliy 90s. Everyone was humming it. There even was a bollywood “take” on Diddi. With anupam kher if am not mistaken.

    Anyways, does the third responder get an Ipod charger at least? πŸ˜‰

  3. I guess you can’t post quality blogs on both Fake IPL Player and this blog on same day.

    I have a feeling you are the fake IPL player. His Lingo, humor, sarcasm, style has lot of similarities with you.

  4. This is AWESOME!

    Have sent the link to friends I think will find “Diddi” useful to get a move on with their sad lives.

  5. Ahhh ….Didi!!! Khaled, the exiled Berber French-Algerian raΓ― singer (who’s in hiding and fearing for his life in Paris), should be asked to make election-campaign songs in Bengali for our homegrown “grassroots” Didi. πŸ˜‰

    And I would recommend that all other raΓ― music fans listen to the other famous Algerian Berber-Jewish singer/DJ called “Cheb i Sabbah”. Cheb i Sabbah’s 4 Indian-classical music fusion albums are simply marvelous. Check out Cheb i Sabbah’s:
    – Shri Durga (1999)
    – Maha Maya-Shri Durga Remixed (2000)
    – Krishna Lila (2002)
    – Krishna Lila Select Bhajans (2002)

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