Fame Hungry Women Of India

Dear fame hungry women of India,


Do you have no shame?

Not even an iota of self-respect?

Well if you had, then you would stop going after Sree Sant (the Saint) who has made it clear that he is not interested in you, especially those of you who are non-entities and also do not look like Angelina Jolie.


Who is she? Please understand that she is a non-entity for me. Moreover, she is definitely not Angelina Jolie that I am going to remember her face. I didn’t even recollect her face when I was told that I had proposed to her. A few days later, I started receiving these weird calls. I have stopped receiving any calls from unknown numbers,” says the cricketer from South Africa.

But is it true that he wanted to date Daisy after he met her? “I don’t think that I would stoop so low that I have to date an unknown, struggling actor. I am shocked at these allegations. I don’t want anybody to use me as a tool for publicity

Please understand that Sree Sant, mega-star and break dancer and Brad-Pitt look-alike, is out of your league. So do not bother apologizing and begging him to come back.

Oh for heaven’s sake, leave him alone. You are just wasting your time.

Cause no matter how much you desperately try, he would never “stoop so low” as to cavort with “unknown struggling actors”,  considering the fact that he himself is a known struggling bowler.

This maverick pacer works out using dumbbells but not using dumb belles. Come on women !

The thing is this kind of thing has happened before when he was linked to another unknown, by the name of Lakshmi Rai (seen to the left exercising his perennially injured back )


“Being a celebrity comes with its own share of troubles,” says Team India’s angry young boy adding: “People need to know me before they judge me. I really don’t understand why I get linked with actors. I am just a little friendly with them, but that’s what gets me into trouble. The truth is, none of the actors I have been linked with — Surveen Chawla, Lakshmi Rai and even Priyanka Chopra — have been my girlfriends.”

That is essentially the problem. You start behaving in a friendly manner with non-entities and these fame-grubbers immediately start using that as a stepping stone for success little realizing that with their un-Jolie like looks they can never hope for mind-space from this handsome hunk.

And so because of your reckless actions, oh fame-hungry women, the country suffers and the Sant, never shy of a few tears, weeps in frustration.

No more of course.

From now on to prevent misunderstandings, he will only play with people of his own league.

[Picture courtesy Cricinfo, a common email forward, Setanta.com and Matrubhumi]

60 thoughts on “Fame Hungry Women Of India

  1. do i get an ipod ?

  2. third.. and breaking in the top ten for the first time!! 🙂

  3. Wtf! Hahahaha… 🙂

  4. If I was a magazine editor, I’d totally hire the guy who photoshopped that first pic. Incredible – not for a moment would I have believed that it’s our Sant ji wonly.

    Have you checked out this Daisy chick? She’s very pretty – but it seems that cricket is the great equalizer when it comes to beauty and the beast.

  5. Appam C is back with a bang !

  6. Yes I do agree that Sreesanth is struggling nowadays. He is in fact struggling really hard to shrug off the undoubtedly striking appellation bestowed upon him by the Fake IPL Player.

  7. “This maverick pacer works out using dumbbells but not using dumb belles. Come on women !” 😀

    This made my day!

  8. “I don’t think that I would stoop so low that I have to date an unknown, struggling actor”

    Of course, wait for Angelina Jolie, you could be the baby sitter

    After viewing the last picture if any woman tries to woo him,she would be a “dumb belle”

  9. 1. wats is the deal wth ipod. someone answer. :-s

    2. his name s not sree santh. its sreesanth. (if its not purposeful.) we mallu people rarely have last names.

    3. and no, am not a star struck female. surely not this star!

    4. seriously, he s so gay. even though bein gay s not a bad thing, he makes girls like us sympathetic towards boys.

    5. good article!

  10. er…. Daisy Bopanna is a ‘struggling starlet’? like hell she is.
    She’s one of the top stars in the kannada film industry, and she is Coorgi which translates to extremely goodlooking, and extremely tall. much better than Mr. Appam C.
    she’s easily better-known than he is in karnataka. wtf is this article all about?

  11. Oh GB that camel looks way too cooler than our maverick pace bowler here! Hilarious post anyway. These are bad times with both the girls and the balls for our sreesanth. But he will definitely bounce back with his monkey dances! Watching cricket is getting harder and harder. 😦

  12. appam will never change….hayden finally had to laugh at his sledging antiques today after he got out….kutte ki dum………..
    infact bhajji shud be banned for life for not slapping him hard enough..

  13. the picture of the camel was wicked. Uncanny lookalike. you are an evil man. LMAO!!!!

  14. oops…tht comment was mine but link is nt my blog…some wordpress error i guess….apologies to the blogowner

  15. S, the picture was forwarded as that of the great player. The credit for associating the picture with him is not mine.

  16. GB,

    Daisy is very popular in Karnataka, and Lakshmi Rai is one of the most famous contemporary heroines in all southern states. But cant blame you for this,but you certainly do not know South Indian stars like the back of ur hand to comment. Sree is an Appam C but you do need to think twice before calling him a struggling bowler.Yes, he is no McGrath but he is no Agarkar either.

    The camel dude looks awesome. hats off once again to your choice of pics, esp the ‘exercising his perennially injured back’ one.

  17. Wall,

    What have I commented? It is the man himself who has called them “non-entities” and “not Angelina Jolies” and that he cannot remember their faces, so insignificant are they. If you have problems with that then take it up with him. Again the association with the camel I cannot take credit for.

  18. Hey Arnab I sometimes seriously get doubt that you are the fakeipl player. His way of writing is strikingly similar to yours. Giving those weird names to players is very similar to the way you give names. Appam Chutiya is kind of inspired from Gunda about which you have written a lot.
    But the only aberration is couple of posts in FakeIpl player where he wrote disgustingly about Preity Zinta. I thought may be its not you. You don’t write that below the belt kind. 🙂 Yeah me too smitten by FakeIpl player and acting like a detective. 🙂 🙂

  19. That motor mouth cannot shut up, even after yesterday’s Hayden dismissal, he could be seen shooting his mouth off. And that jackass has the gall to comment about Daisy Bopanna and Lakshmi Rai, man, that guy’s got ba**s.

  20. The camel pic was awesome..ROFLMAO… In fact the camel looks better than his separated at the ‘kumbh mela’ twin.

    In his last post FakeIPL wrote that Appam Bhai was behaving himself these days. Alas, that was a mirage. Appam is back to his original style. Hayden slapped him without going anywhere near him. It seems Appam is destined to get slapped once every IPL. What to do, its in his ‘Stars’.

    But I do not understand the strategy of Daisy Ji.
    If she is lying then she should have chosen a better target, say Dhoni or Rahul Gandhi. The publicity would be immense and in any case it is all a lie. Why pick up the saintly Appam Bhai and get laughed at.
    If she is telling the truth then.. er.. the fact that she didn’t slap him earlier tells a lot about her.

    The opening lines of Fountainhead come to mind:
    Appam stood naked at the edge of the cliff.
    There was laughter all around.
    (with apologies to Ms Ayn Rand)

  21. I think Harbhajan or anyone else should slap him once more 🙂
    He deserves it!

  22. I’ll just quote statements of yours:

    This maverick pacer works out using dumbbells but not using dumb belles.


    From now on to prevent misunderstandings, he will only play with people of his own league.

    The second one juxtaposed with the picture hints at something “happy”!


  23. GB,
    The Malayalam newspapers that gave unwanted coverage and attention to this esteemed player of the millennium, should stop by this post.
    How I wish!

    Gopumon, that is what the media calls this rising star.How I wish you could read Malayalam.


  24. haha excellent post. SreeSanth is the biggest idiot I have known in the Cricketing field. Not only incompetent, he’s insanely annoying when he has no talent to back up his bullshit.

    Women have more taste and cannot get this desperate to date [edited]

  25. Amazing! Was laughing all the time while reading this post. 🙂

  26. Don Ayan de Marco May 8, 2009 — 7:13 am

    Hillarious post. But the illustrations were funnier. Somethings should be left unwritten.

  27. @Nikhil Narayanan: What does the word “Gopumon” mean?

  28. Well hope the sant reads this article and takes a reality check absolutely free…

    and about he sledging players, come on the ‘na-mard’ lost the right to play the gentlemen’s game & also sledge when he wept inconsolably once Harbhajan slapped him…

    He deserves where he is right now out of Indian cricket team struggling and in page 3 for his penchant and passion for scent of women

    Terrific stuff as ever

  29. Hilarious article as always.. by putting that lookalike pic, u ve insulted the poor camel 🙂


    Sreesanth’s mom addresses him as GOPUMON, which is basically Gopu’Beta’.. hence the reference to appam Chutiya like that

  30. Appam C is getting lotsa attention… Camel pic was awesome!

  31. I think it would have been more ppropriate to find a picture of a donkey, dont you think ?

    When will this guy learn, seriously, he is mental !

  32. Idris Baxamusa May 8, 2009 — 5:04 pm

    wers bhajji..????
    this guy needs one more slap….
    but this time i m sure bhajji wud be praised for doing this deed…

  33. Great, as ever

  34. GB,

    ‘before when he was linked to another unknown’ was the base of the last post. Now he surely hasn’t called his captain’s girl unknown has he? The word ‘comment’ was unwarranted. 🙂

    @Nikhil – spot on. GopuMon gets a lot of unwanted attention back home.

  35. GB:
    Great picture selection as always.
    The news is hilarious. This being news and people actually caring about Sreesanth amazes me! These are the times I am glad I am not working for the media.

  36. aabba c again in action
    Are you ready for xchanging blogroll links
    Pls do mail me

  37. What did Dhoni do in the above pic 😉
    Who looks more happy? Appam or Dhoni?

  38. Sree is so natural for the ‘One Tight Slap’ (sprite sponsored Channel V hilarious filler).

  39. I am rolling off my seat reading the comments, with the ones with the name Appam on ( i m a mallu) , the name has achieved cult status thanks to the fakeipl blog.

    GB i know you don’t regard that in a good light, but some of the nick names he has coined has been fabulous, esp the one for yusuf, its spot on when you consider his batting! 🙂

    jus imagine sree being called Appam C by his Indian team mates!perfect! lol

  40. that was really very funny..
    pictures explained all..:)

    Visit me sometime..:)


  41. In the first place I don’t see the point of this blogpost. Sreesanth doesn’t deserve any attention, not even a remote blogpost.

    And Lakshmi Rai, an unknown??? That’s your gross ignorance coming to light. You probably are a self-proclaimed expert on everything Bollywood, but spare us your expertise on the South.

  42. Sandeep, you ignorance shines through. Read the above post properly..and understand that those words were said by Sreesanth and not GB.

  43. fake ipl player is better thn u.

  44. Just to clarify, not against you – even DNA gets it slightly wrong – Daisy is not a struggling model. She is a popular actress with 3-4 hit movies to her name. Unfortunately, Kannada actors remain a no-name outside the border, which is why Deepika Padukone can claim she debuted in Hindi films even though she was already 1 year and 1 film old actress in Kannada when she debuted (as per her definition).

  45. Lol, nice post man! And people,i dunny why you are all blaming poor Sree? I, myself, dont like to be linked up with anyone else except for Pamela Anderson ( Vo alag baat hai ki Pamela aunty wouldnt even thukofy at me) 😉

  46. Where did u get that camel pic from??? Awesome similarity…… I’m sure Daisy will thank her stars that the idiot himself rejected her once she sees that……

  47. Funny. 🙂 A great part of Sreesanth’s performance is derived from his confidence. It is that ego, or the idea of it, that enabled him to perform like he did a couple of years back. But he is not good at hiding it while articulating his thoughts. Hence he sounds like an imbecile, and comes off as a joker. But isnt this expected from Appam Chutiya?

  48. have written my take on this issue here

    an adults only post 😛

    dont let your parents know about it


  49. Greatbong, I know this is a site dedicated to bengalis and bollywood all around. Also this is not the first time you professed your marked ignorance of movie industry south of vindhyas. People like you refer to Bollywood movies as Indian movies.

    But calling someone Appam Chutiya or ignoring the comments referring to another person by his place of birth can be considered a form of racism. Coined by some Boka Gandus or Hilsa Gandus.

    Bengali’s are known to take their Bengaliness a lil too passionately and here you are no different from the flock. You are getting too carried away by the comment list.

  50. That picture! My god! Such striking resemblence to the idiot! Whoever picked it has a keen eye!

    And on Daisy, her second name suggests shes from Coorg, a place known to quite easily make some of the most beautiful women going around – that idiot should thank his stars she chose him for publicity, if she indeed did!

  51. Sreesanth is a grown up man with a 12 year old’s brain. It is a shame his intellectual growth stopped at such a young age.

  52. Appam, Appam!! That’s the only correct way to call him Arnab-da….can’t help it…..ota bhable peter moddhe bhosbhosiye sodar moto hasi uthe ase!!

    I wonder what’s his family gonna call him when he comes back!

  53. Ha! Ha!

    A very good read… and very aptly put indeed!!!

    Priyanka Chopra, who counts Gerard Butler for a friend… must be choking over her coffee… wondering when did ‘she’ become this appam’s girl friend… !!! Yuk!!!

    And lets not scare Angelina Jolie…

    Lakshmi Rai has since moved on… to MSD… Wonder why this ‘appam’ ran around the field after taking Dhoni’s wicket… Hmmm… daal mein kuch kaala hai… !

    Or, perhaps… ‘grapes are sour’… and this special kind of ‘appam’ has been ‘forced to retire’. Well sort of…

  54. Haha, the camel really does look like Sreesanth aka Appam C!

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