Are We Not Forgetting Someone?


It is no longer a crime for a man to wear pink.

“Tu bhi gay mere sang gaye saara jahan gayeja  gayeja gayeja”….

India finally made another tryst,  that too peeche se angootha laga ke, with its destiny, not in a full measure but substantially with the decriminalization of homosexuality.

History will remember this not only as the occasion when Celina Jaitley, with her blogs on iTimes, galvanized the nation and unintentionally her career with her espousal of the “gay cause” [Check out this video where Celina says everyone who has helped her to become what she is today is gay] but also when all religions in India provided an unified front.  Christian, Muslim and Hindu religious figures put aside all their differences relating to who will go to heaven and who to hell and came together to express their disgust for this love of man for man (and for woman for woman), their combined sentiment appropriately summarized by The Great Yoga guru: “Homosexuals are sick people, they should be sent to hospitals for treatment“, (a precursor hopefully to his new CD “Samalinga-itya se mukti” where he will show how breathing in and out will cure you of asthma, diabetes and the desire to peek into the neighboring cubicle at an urinal).

However I have a question. While we are busy protecting the rights of our sexual minorities, have people forgotten those of the sexual majorities?

Who is to protest the criminalization of  heterosexual activity, especially the kind that is engaged with oneself in a darkened room with a computer on, as the government of India in its wisdom bans the website Savitabhabhi?

Will all those cool and hep youngsters who came out onto the streets for same-sex couples, be willing to join a messiah in a “danda pakarke Danda March” in protest against the assault on our rishta with the most famous Bhabhi ever?

Will some celebrity in the fashion of Celina Jetley take up the “Save Savitha” cause —-Sherlyn Chopra are you listening?

Will the minority appeasing ruling classes tell us why oh why Savita Bhabhi, a patriot who has given her body for the national interest in one of her episodes, showed us that bra salesmen are people too and  over the past year provided a depressed country ten seconds of release every night, is considered such a huge threat to the national security that she should be banned?

Tell me why do jholla-wallahs and the “socially conscious” candle-light people care for the human rights of terrorists but not for ours—the silent heterosexual majority?

I am waiting for the answer.

64 thoughts on “Are We Not Forgetting Someone?

  1. Good one. 🙂

  2. To be fair, Arnab the Delhi HC also legalized oral sex, anal sex and pretty much everything else in between, all around and with whipped cream on top for heterosexual couples as well.

    S.377 defined unnatural offences as everything that did not involve the straight (pun not intended) missionary position

  3. Hm…deep thought man…..nice post

  4. when savita bhabhi was blocked, a few inches of me just dropped dead 😦

  5. Danda march! for Savita Bhabhi and desibaba 🙂

  6. Removal of 377 was way overdue.

    One small step towards removing a mideaval European legacy on this part of the world.

    Disgree with Swami Ramdevji, with due respect to all his Gnana.

  7. Hindu traditions have accomodated LGBT aspirations with respect for 5000 years. There is no shame or sin associated with being LGBT in our Hindu tradition.

  8. In Hindu scriptures, there is NO eternal heaven nor eternal hell prescribed for people, and definitely not because of their sexual orientation.

    Not many people might know that Mr. Ashok Row Kavi (India’s foremost Gay Rights activist) is a proud and practising Hindu who also trained as a Hindu Monk with the Ramakrishna Mission (another Bengali contribution to the world).

    Ashok Row Kavi writes: “I may be homosexual in a Western sense, but I don’t come from that tradition. I’m trained as a Hindu monk in the Rama Krishna order, and I was in this training when I first came out as a gay man. My counselor in the monastery, who was an older monk himself, said it was my mission to go out into the secular world and organize and work with my people. The monastery and the ashram are not places for you to hide—you need to go and sort it out. So that’s what I’m doing.”

    Ashok Row Kavi also describes how India has drifted from the Vedic acceptance of homosexuality because of the influence of colonial British education.
    Hindu society has been quite accepting and inclusive of myriad sexual identities.

    – Effeminate Shikhandi and Tranvestite Brihannala are accepted for who they are in the Mahabharat.

    – Compiled after extensive research atleast 1500 years ago, much before the barbaric foreign invasions of India, Vatsyayana’s Kamasutra describes gay and lesbian sexual mores in ancient India.

    – Eunuchs (Transgendered people) are considered auspicious and are welcomed (and rewarded with cash) at sacred rituals such as Hindu weddings and Babies’ Naming Ceremonies (Namkarans) in many parts of India.

    – In fact, there are Hindu temples which are patronized heavily by eunuchs, transvestites and homosexuals. One such temple is located in Tamil Nadu at a remote village called Koovagam, some 30 km from Villupuram district. Every year on a full moon day in May, eunuchs congregate at this temple to worship Iravan — the Temple Deity who is the son of the warrior-prince Arjuna.

    Accepting homosexuality isn’t something new for India — but we have to recover that tradition.

    How many of us know that Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code is a colonial British Relic which has been enforcing an archaic Victorian-era law banning homosexuality in India?

    So, let us as Vedic Hindus, joyously welcome the Delhi High Court Ruling. Let us please not try to mimic other religions that prescribe Death by Stoning/Beheading and Hellfire to our LGBT brethren.

  9. Pliny the elder July 4, 2009 — 1:19 am

    I protest the move – this should be exclusive to us Romans – our baths and our togas were so convenient.

  10. Its an interesting judgement, provides a lot of fodder for Indian media for weeks to come!!

    PS: Why ban SB there??!

  11. Savita Bhabhi July 4, 2009 — 4:26 am

    Please save me…please

  12. Now, Manoj Kumar’s ‘Bas yahi apradh mein harbar karta hun, Aadmi hun aadmi se pyar karta hun’ will require to be amended. Waiting for your Lalgarh post.

  13. Bhopale,

    I already blogged on Lalgarh a few posts back “My Name is Red”.

  14. Lucky you. You still have your 10 seconds of release.

    The judgment was well drafted one. I read most of it yesterday. Very well reasoned and difficult to dismiss. The very people who are opposing this judgment will be quoting it in days to come when it comes to protecting their freedom.

    Hindu opposition to it is any case week – as has been pointed out above by Voice of Dharma. Some vedic scholar type was quoted as saying that if semen falls anywhere other than the intended place all hell will break loose and some such non sense.

  15. To be very frank this is the first time the high court has done something with a lot of courage. Irrespective of the topic of homosexuality, the very fact that the judiciary has made a move in the direction of logic is interesting.

    For the people who think all this is not indian culture..i don’t know what to say….these people never protest when rakhi sawant dances for some shady tune ( infact they play it at various wedding functions !!!!!)

    But it is a major victory for human rights. The move by the delhi high court will surely increase india’s human rights index if not the human development index !!!

  16. It is good that article 377 has been repealed.
    However, one more clause should be added in judgement.
    Now south indian men / women should get preferance over others.

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  18. Contrary to popular opinion the high court judgment has not only made the LGBT community happy but also bosses across corporates in India. Without any fear they can now tell their juniors “.. target nahin karega to g*** maar doonga”. The Law is now on their side. Rejoice.

    And of course, they can use ‘sirf do boond’ Japani Oil as and when it hits the market.

  19. i feel targeted indian family system unnecessarily and as a purpose. some of the forum content were in really bad taste. I do watch porn and its my view as average tech savvy indian.

    And about gay and lesbians law amendment…its good that they will not be harassed. But i feel such things become embarassing if brought in light too much…..even straights feel awkward while bonding…too much “Dostana” comments.

  20. my comment removed ?

  21. nice article… Well written

  22. Why Savita Bhabhi, a patriot who has given her body for the national interest is considered such a huge threat to the national security that she should be banned.

    It also gives me thrill. don’t got me wrong, notv that type of thrill. but the thrll to watch savita bhabhi baring adventures during office hour that to in office terminal when there are many colligues around

  23. Finally, something on which all our religious “gurus” can agree upon. Seems like the – major issue over a minor tissue – has taken precedence over matters of heaven and hell.

    Really appreciate the judgment by Delhi high court; and I hope that Supreme Court upholds this judgment when our religious nutcases appeal against it.

  24. Kavita Bhabhi July 4, 2009 — 3:37 pm

    I am conflicted on Homosexuality in my heart but since Science justifies it I think its okay..But I guess I can never bring myself into watching gay porn!! Two females going at it thats a different matter!!! To all the Romoni gons here do you ahem enjoy gay porn the way males enjoy the female counterpart??

  25. hahahahahahahahahahahah !!
    Save Savita ……..

  26. The best way to protest this is to set up mirrors of the site. The cannot ban them all.

  27. Hail Savita Bhabhi!!! Does she endorse PETA yet … Animal welfare is as relevant an issue as National interest.

    a small correction, the correct hindi word for homosexuality is “Samalaingikataa” instead of “Samalinga-itya”. Yes, I accept I am from the so called cow belt.

  28. MumbaiMeriJaan July 5, 2009 — 2:12 pm

    GRAMMAR again!
    “A Unified front” NOT “AN unified”

    Bas yahi apraadh mein har baar kartaa hooooo…
    Aadmi ho aadmi sey pyaar karta hooo…

  29. I agree with you buddy. Me wants Savita Bhabhi back.

  30. Hi GB,
    Blocking TB6, desibaba, savitabhabhi etc. is conspiracy by LGBTs to forcefully convert all to join their community :).

    Celina and Co say homosexuality is part of nature and is common to many species so it should be legalized. What about hunting, killing, polygamy etc. They too are in nature. Should we go ahead and ask for legalizing them as well?

  31. A totally fair question..the hypocrites will be shifting in their seats reading this 😀

  32. w.t.f.ittabari July 5, 2009 — 7:29 pm

    the point which everyone, particularly the national media seems to have missed is that the Delhi High Court judgement says s. 377 says consensual sex between ADULTS does not come within the purview of offencecs against the order of nature..

    that means.. for the first time..since Lord Macaulay.. masturbation and any sex between a man and a woman not in the missionary position for procreation is now officially legal. you, STRAIGHT PERSON, are only now allowed to feel carnal ‘release’ without attracting redressal from the State.

    so more than 377 legalizing homosexual sex it has LEGALIZED HETROSEXUAL sex.

    now, I do hope this illustrates how far a distance we have to go before porn becomes acceptable to Indian society?

    btw..people please learn something from the Iranians..educate yourself on circumventing government controls on the internet.. it’s super easy and you owe it to the nation.

  33. Save Savita..Bahabi, with u.

  34. Hara hara bom bom July 5, 2009 — 10:23 pm

    Hail the Congress for this brilliant piece of legislation. Long overdue.

    And it was hilarious to see the arguments of the anti-gay camp. How :
    1. Homo-sexuality (HM) would obliterate birth rates
    2. If HM be legalised, why not incest and bestiality?
    3. HM would dry up the ‘moral fibre’ of a country, leading to an effete society.

    These arguments can be challenged.

    1. Only 10% of the population of a society is estimated to be HM. The remaining 90% can more than adequately compensate for falling birth rates.

    The West provides a live model of the recent development of HM. It has not led to a vast swathe of society donning an HM mantle. In fact plummetting birth rates is a phenomenon of hetero-sexual apathy.

    Far more dangerous is the phenomenon of a particular community waging demographic warfare by swamping stable societies with their mass-multiplying factory production of ‘soldiers for the cause’.

    HM is the informed, consensual act between mature adults. Both incest and bestiality are usually preying upon a party that is non-consenting yet inable to resist or protest. For e.g, incest is usually performed by exerting undue influence over minors.

    And how far do we take co-sanguinity? There is a custom of marrying uncles with nieces in some South Indian socieities. In the Islamic world, marriage between first cousins, and uncles and nieces, is a long upheld tradition. To us, it may seem nothing but an inch away from direct incest. To them, it is not.

    And we really need to review our value system. Which is better? A barbaric Afghan plunderor, regularly descending upon the plains of hapless trading communities in India, massacring their docile menfolk, and hauling away innumerable married women and daughters in to hell holes of harems, where they are regularly raped and brutalised?

    Is this really worse than a growing brother and a sister exploring each other’s bodies out of curiosity.

    The former we consider a great conqueror and fill reams of our history books with awe. The latter are stoned to death.

    Like the Spartans? And Hadrian? Eugene of Savoy? Possibly Alexander the Great as well (bi)?

    So many pefectly decent, honest HM men and women have suffered so much pain and shame when there is no ethical basis for it. Tchaikovsky, Diaghilwev, Oscar Wilde. Its time to put a firm stop to it.

    Hats off to this great decision in India.

  35. Arnab, tell me you are joking and not serious while writing this blog. Or are you also one of those zillion people who think that homosexual relationship is limited only between certain anatomical parts of two men (or women).

    I agree that GOI’s standing on pornography is as antiquated as article 377 itself, but equating gay right movements to censorship of certain website is just ridiculous.

    As a gay man, you wouldn’t imagine, how I have passed my teenage and college years. While my friends went gaga over Sridevis and Madhuris and Juhis, boasted of their sexual conquests, reminisced about their girl friends and fiancees, I was all alone, recoiled inside in shame and frustration, sometime blaming myself, my genes, my upbringing for being a square peg in a round hole.

    The whole Indian media, especially Bollywood has been too generous to heterosexual males since times of Zeenat Aman. Straight Indian guys had access to smuggled copies of Penthouse, Pussycat or Playboy or our own desi Debonair. I do not know what were the contents of Savitabhabhi website, but a whole blog on just a deprivation of just one drop, when you have a whole lake to drink?

    It was only when I turned 30 when I came out to my own self, and got rid of the shame, guilt and the peer pressure. So the Delhi HC’s judgement came as a partial relief to me, to think that in future, younger gay people won’t have to go through situation that I have gone through, once the Indian society slowly accepts the concept of homosexuality

  36. @Babu P,

    First sympathies on your pain of growing up. I truly understand it would be a very confusing and traumatic experience for you especially since I am sure some of the jokes and innuendo engaged in by your heterosexual friends must have been homophobic.

    As to your original question, you should understand (of course if you have been regularly reading my blogs) many times I write in a mock-serious style. Censorship and criminalization of homosexuality are two entirely different issues and there is no serious attempt to link or equate the two.

    As a related question, your email id (which I am not revealing) contains the word “fag” in it. As I understand the word “fag” is a pejorative for homosexual. Yet as a homosexual yourself, why did you use it? If your intent was to mock traditional attitudes to homosexuality, then I ask you to interpret this post in the same context.

  37. Honestly, I still can’t bring myself to become comfortable with the HC removing section 377 and legalising Homosexual raltionships…In a way, my views could be prejudiced by the Hijras, who forcibly try to take money from you on those long-distance train journeys.
    But i Guess, it was only a matter of time before HB was legalisied. After all, a ban and a stricture have always driven things underground and made them more thriving…

    BTw, I found your this particular article, touching upon the whole issue in a peripheral way only..

  38. Then, why does the law ban consensual smoking by an adult? Why is not even smoking zones allowed in offices?

  39. Why,

    Then, why does the law ban consensual smoking by an adult?

    The law does not ban “consensual smoking by an adult”. It bans smoking in public spaces where you do not have the permission of others to fill their lungs with tobacco smoke. Thus there’s no analogy here with sexual freedom.

    Why is not even smoking zones allowed in offices?

    It is as long as the smoking zone has a separate ventilation system. Same goes for bars, pubs, etc. But most places don’t want to spend the extra cash to build a separate zone.

    Delhi HC Judgement Brings Communal Harmony to India At Last

  40. @Maska
    The discrimination against sexual minorities, is one of the reason why Hijras (majority of them being male-to-female transgenders)are reduced to panhandling travellers.

    As Voice of Dharma pointed out, Hindu society, from pre-historic times had institutionalized and absorbed the sexual minorities, ordaining them with a “special” status, that would make it difficult for the vast majority to treat them with disdain, thus ensuring their basic human rights.

    The Church influenced system of the Colonial rulers, reduced these individuals into severe marginalization, to a point, where they did not have any option, but to beg.

    While the Church and its diktat, is crumbling in the West, and transgendered individuals have been gaining more and more rights (especially over the past 25 years), it is ironic that Hindu society continued to mimick their “colonial masters” for so long.

  41. Here’s a suggestion – instead of only celebrating the end of this monstrously antiquated piece of legislation, shouldn’t we now start a campaign to legalize homosexual marriages and allow homosexual couples to adopt kids? Ms. Jaitley?

    Yes, I know – it’s not even legal in most Western countries, but there’s nothing uniquely “Western” about homosexuality that prevents us from taking the lead on this.

    And I also know that it will be completely unacceptable to more than 99% of our population (if our religious heads are making so much noise about repealing 377, one can only imagine what they might have to say about legalizing homosexual marriages) but that doesn’t mean it’s not the morally correct thing to do.

  42. Hi Arnab, nice post. This is indeed a historic decision by the judiciary of India but I believe I support it more because of my support for individual freedom. Being gay or straight is a personal choice and no other person or body should have any business in it.
    But I have a question about which I am a little confused, it may be termed off-topic here but may be someone can enlighten me on this. What I have know is being straight or gay is a biological thing and people have no control over it. If that is the case, why is it that people from a specific industry have more number of gays than other industries? I think you will agree with me that fashion industries have more number of gays than other industries. Also, male makeup artists, designers have more gays among them. What I am saying is that if the sexual preference is something natural and people have no control over it, how come we don’t see a homogeneity in this. Could it be that sexual preference is actually a result of the environment and past experiences?

  43. Hi

    These are entirely my thoughts, but some of them might help answer a few questions.
    Being a Gay person in a hostile world is difficult,while the fashion industry in general is more accepting and its natural for humans to crave acceptance, in a way finding a niche would be the goal, so gravitating towards those groups should not be a big surprise. Secondly, the general notion about gays are that they are more interested in shopping,hair and make up, dressing etc. may be its a general preference to make it a career..I have seen some lesbians interested in cars, machines and hitting the gym, meaning they have leanings towards what would seem like typical male stuff.. I do know research chemists, lawyers, engineers who are gay. It might be a biological things for transgenders but its a personal choice for LGBT’s I guess. I always think that like heterosexuality seems natural to us, homosexuality feels normal to Gay people.
    Freedom of choice in a legal way,between consenting adults should be nobody’s concern except the people involved.
    Procreation is being helped by science from a while now, test tube babies, artificial insemination or surrogate mothers have been in vogue to help out straight people so i can’t understand the outcry about Gays.
    As long as humans take responsibility for their actions, it should not matter. Thought about adding a comment about not swinging back and forth and cheating partners but then again, cheating is a common phenomenon across genders.

  44. @greatbong

    Yes. I could understand the jest/humour in your article. I just vented out my frustration on the over-emphasis of “heterosexuality celebration” in media, particularly sites like TOI and rediff, which has new pics of ladies dressed/posing suggestively everyday. Not that I am looking for my share of male pictures, but just that emphasis on stereotyping that “all men are interested in looking pictures of women in various state of disrobing” is very tiring.

    Yes. I have “fag” in my mail ID just as my jab against political correctness. I am so comfortable with my sexuality, that I would hardly notice if anybody called me “fag”, “queer” or “gandu”. My sexuality is a very small portion of my whole personality. Its’ roots also lies in that Simpsons episode where Homer screams at John about how those words are a privilege of straight people to make fun of gays

    But thanks for a nice reply.


    I am in Canada, and it is perfectly legal in Canada for two men or women to get married and raise a kid. Canada was 3rd country in world to legalise gay marriage and first country to give same adoption rights to gay couple as straight couple. And yes, I sincerely hope same thing happens in India, may be 50 years down the rode

    It seems that there are large number of gays in fashion industry, maybe because they are too obvious and “feminine” looking. However, most of the gay guys I have met have teaching background (professors and high school teachers) – I would say @80%. There is something about the teaching profession that attracts gay men, I don’t know what. But I have seen gay men in all walks of life.

  45. HHBB:

    “And we really need to review our value system. Which is better? A barbaric Afghan plunderor, regularly descending upon the plains of hapless trading communities in India, massacring their docile menfolk, and hauling away innumerable married women and daughters in to hell holes of harems, where they are regularly raped and brutalised?

    Is this really worse than a growing brother and a sister exploring each other’s bodies out of curiosity.”

    Wow HHBB wow. True.Maulana said “Homosexuality is an offence under Islam and there are very few nations that have legalised it,” the Maulana elaborated. He termed it unnatural, ungodly and against Indian culture and moral values. Heh. The maulana talking about Indian culture. Heh. I look forward to the day Islamic gays stand up for their rights.


  46. Banning Savita Bhabi is probably the best thing the Govt did for ….Savita Bhabi. The site came into prominence with the initial hullaballo it caused among the sanctimonious Big Brothers. Now theres no stopping it. It is like banned Cuban cigar. Would be the most sought after porn on the net, given that the maximum porn traffic on the net is from India.

    All one needs to do to see the site from India is to go to browser settings and use a proxy IP of a different country. How can you ban a site? Shame on our so called IT savvy country for going the China way.

  47. Babu:

    I just vented out my frustration on the over-emphasis of “heterosexuality celebration” in media, particularly sites like TOI and rediff, which has new pics of ladies dressed/posing suggestively everyday. Not that I am looking for my share of male pictures, but just that emphasis on stereotyping that “all men are interested in looking pictures of women in various state of disrobing” is very tiring.


    In short….that is because TOI and Rediff know that in a repressed culture, any amount of sex sells. The approval of gay rights will do nothing to stymie this. This is because the majority of the population is still straight.

  48. Banning Sabita Bhavi wasn’t a good idea. A website when draws 200,000 hits per day (more than Bombay Stock Exchange) creates tremendous potential to use this huge traffic flow to some revolutionary cause.

    Regarding section 377, I always wondered if unnatural sex ( oral, anal etc) even between heterosexuals were criminal offense, how come the law accepted manufacturing and sale of of flavoured condoms ????
    My question remains.

  49. now ur plugin wrkin gfine i dont know y in previous cmntg identity was changed

  50. dhoorendhar bhatavadekar July 7, 2009 — 5:13 pm

    As a modern and rational Indian, and moreover as a person who would like not to judge others(and decidedly not criminalize them) for their behavior (which may be congenital), I would like to say “two cheers” to the high court judgement.

    Well, not quite three because there MAY be some public health implications down the road.

    But again, we are destined to mimic the prevailing western norms – after all that’s how we happenned to get this “law” on the books in the first place.

  51. Madhu/Babu P
    Thanks for your response. Now that you are saying, it makes sense. I had always thought there is something in fashion industry which makes people gay 🙂

    Again, I fully support the govt’s decision to legalize homosexuality as sexual preference is an individual choice and state should not have any business with this.

    Banning savitabhabhi was a cruel decision. It violates freedom of speech. There are thousands of other objectionable sites which are far more dangerous but nobody thinks about them. Personally I don’t have any issues with this kind of sites if they are properly regulated.

    And I thought China is a communist country.

  52. Well as u pointed out Ram ‘chagol’ dev babaji thinks Homosexuality is a disease & he is about to launch an appeal in the SC… I wonder which world these people live in… I would love to see Bruno do Ram ‘chagol’ dev babaji!

    BTW Savita Bhabhi is sure to hit back maybe under a different name but then considering our Indian attitude towards morality and our unfailing hypocrisy it it not surprising!

  53. Hara hara bom bom July 7, 2009 — 11:57 pm

    @ Joyjit – “Ram ‘chagol’ dev babaji thinks Homosexuality is a disease”

    Whoa, who, whao, now hold on for one second here. Let’s put things in perspective, and not allow “hatred of Hindu” values to be unleashed.

    I do not support Ram Devji’s stance here, but his protests are within the framework of the law. Further Ramdevji is a demi-god who has provided physical sustenance to millions, and mental reassurance to hundreds of millions. This is a great feat.

    Do you see now why we can still admire him for his noble tasks, possibly the greatest humanitarian efforts in todays world, and still oppose his stand on HM? contrast this with the mad mullahs. Their antipathy towards HM’s are not in any way milder than Ramdev’s, yet unlike Ramdevji, what single redeeming feature of their hatred do they have? Calls for Jehad against kaffir Hindus from mud-brick minarets is not allowable to be quoted by you as a redeeming feature.

    @ Joyjit – “Ram ‘chagol’ dev babaji
    Hmmm. Interjecting fauna in some ones name is neither mirthful or intelligent. By those same dreary standards one could call you “Joy-kutta-jit” and roll on the floor laughing. How sad. Grow up.

    @ Joyjit – “Indian attitude towards morality and our unfailing hypocrisy”.

    Yes. Well. There’s hypocrisy and there’s hypocrisy. Inspite of your mockery and contemptuous snivelling at Indian value systems, we can pass a landmark judgement like this with virtually no violence. And in Pajistan’s won NWFP, aka “Taliban’s own country”, people are stoned to death for adultery and illicit relations like homosexuality, yet not only is prostitution rife, the sexual abuse of little children is rampant too. A few years back, the main reason for honour killings in Lebanon was because incest had caused the girl to get pregnant.

    As I said, there’s hypcrisy, and there’s hypocrisy.

    @ Joyjit – “I would love to see Bruno do Ram ‘chagol’ dev babaji!”
    Yeah, well. I’m sure many people would like to see Bruno ‘do’ you. Don’t count me in that group. And don’t count Isla Fisher either.

  54. Good one 🙂 But the ads right below the post are distracting. Hope you keep the focus on the content more 🙂

  55. Good post. I totally agree with you about the ban on SB. There are millions of other porn sites which the government can’t block. So why is SB getting this harsh treatment? I say this despite not being a fan of the site myself. But there is a bigger problem at hand here. It’s about all these self-proclaimed upholders of Indian ‘culture’ trying to be the moral guardians of this country. Shouldn’t the government be focussing on more important matters? Every individual should be able to live their life the way they want to. Who the hell are these sanctimonious bastards to tell people what to do?

  56. Savita Bhabhi was reducing the crowd @ Theatres, TV Dance Shows & other places, So, it had to be banned, … you get it?

  57. Rocky's suhaag July 8, 2009 — 12:57 pm

    Rocky’s suhaagraat will be a pay per view affair.
    Tickets available at UPTO 50% discount.
    Offer valid till stocks last.

  58. @hara hara bom bom: i dont have a issue with him lodging an appeal my problem is that he claims it to be a disease! Duh!

    And just by adding a derogatory word in my name, you can serve no purpose. I don’t even care…

    And the best part is that you have brought pakistan into a debate out of no where for god knows what reason. And the reason for mentioning ‘Bruno’ was because the whole movie is to bring out the homophobic tendencies in people and it would be really interesting to see him interact with someone who thinks homo sexuality is a ‘disease’ which can be cured with his ‘demi god miracles’…

  59. Hara hara bom bom July 9, 2009 — 3:29 pm

    @joyjit: I dont have a issue with him lodging an appeal my problem is that he claims it to be a disease! Duh!

    Yes I know this. My issue was your dragging Ramdevji thru’ the mire in your efforts to express your disapproval… Duh square !!

    @joyjit: And just by adding a derogatory word in my name, you can serve no purpose. I don’t even care.

    That’s fine for non-entities like you and me. But we should treat Ramdevji, a person who has done so much good, selflessly, freely and boundlessly, for millions of people who had lost hope, with a lot more respect.

    Heck,if Ramdevji were a Christian, he would have been given the Noble Peace by now. If he were a Muslim, he would have received the Nobel Peace Prize by now … twice.

    @joyjit: And the best part is that you have brought Pakistan into a debate out of no where for god knows what reason.

    It was because you had branded Indians as unfailing hypocrites. I don’t think you know what real hypocrisy is, so I tried to enlighten.

    You should give credit where credit is due. This has been a landmark judgement for India. For a society steeped in tradition, a development as profound, far-reaching and radical as this acts as an acid test of the liberality of the belief-system nurturing it. The fact that this has passed without a single flutter so far, is irrefutable proof the innate liberalism, plurality and tolerance of India and its Hindu backdrop.

    @joyjit: The reason for mentioning ‘Bruno’ was because …. it would be really interesting to see him interact with someone who thinks homo sexuality is a ‘disease’

    You had said “I would like to see Bruno ‘do’ Ramdev”. Do you know what this implies? The last time you heard your mate saying “Oh, her? I’ve already done her”, you can be very sure he not talking about taking minutes of an interview on a notepad.

    Be a bit more careful about terms and how they can be misinterpreted. Or perhaps you are just playing at innocence like a soggy moggy (Bengali term)!!

    The irony is, Joyjit, I agree with you. I find Ramdevji’s comments extremely distasteful. But this is an observation which will have no tangible effect on the future of HM in India. However, the immense good that he is doing, will confer solid, tangible and monumental benefits to India. So treat him with more respect please.

  60. @ HHBB

    Even a Nationalist like Arnab, who otherwise tries to be fair and balanced, would have deleted a post from Hujur, that lets say, calls Nizamuddin Aulia as Nizamuddin Bakri Aulia.

    Is this double standard, inadvertant, or is there latent fear that almost has goten embedded into the Kafir and Dhimmi mindset?

    PS: Arnab you can delete this post becasue it was meant for you to read.

  61. Hara hara bom bom July 9, 2009 — 6:21 pm

    Hi Keshto,

    I think that’s slightly harsh on Arnabda. His runs by far one of the better and more liberal blog-sites, giving us a lot of lassitude.

    You see, Keshto, we cannot expect a 50:50 playing field. A millenia of tradition and experience means that both Hs and Ms are uncomfortable with a 50:50 scenario.

    A Muslim believes himself to be God’s gift to mankind, literally. He believes in a 100:0 scenario vis a vis Hindus. A Hindu on the other hand, because of an ingrained defeat complex, is always willing to cede more to the other party to remain in their good books out of fear of unintended slight. Thus a H is happier with a 65:35 scenario (i.e he receives 35) rather than a 50:50 scenario.

    This is evident in the media, in our interaction with others, business deals etc. And because of this status quo, any attempt by Hs to raise the 65:35 to 50:50 will be frowned upon, both by Hs and Ms.

    Arnabda is far, far better than the 65:35 equation and I thank him for that. And this is from someone who has had numerous posts deleted!! The number of times I’ve spent hours typing up a nice report (lnks between Nazism & Islam, genocide of Armenians, the deterioration of the racial balance in Australia, etc etc etc), seen it appear on the blogsite with satisfaction, only to wallow in despair a few minutes later when it has been ruthlessly removed …. aaaargggh.

    And even so, I say Arnabda is quite liberal and tries to retain posts that are relevant and non-offensive.

    There is opportunity for him to be ‘more’ liberal though!! 🙂

  62. Many renowned bloggers have expresssed their opinion on article 377.
    Some even supports bestiality and more in the name of freedom !

    I dont understand why media/Film makers is giving so much space to this topic.

    This will only encourage same sex and bestiality experiments.

    For example When MJ died and media covered this news. people googled abt him . Purchased music Cds, posters etc. So people reacts to news they consume.

    In several cases of bestiality in west..the reason to do it was ..that they wanted to copy what they had seen over internet. They wanted to have fun .

    So let the marginal guys n gals live in peace and just ignore them for the benefit of the society . They should not make a scene abt their sexuality in common places especially where children & adolecents are exposed.

  63. GB,

    I just came across this song by a new band called Shor Bazaar. Its about savita bhabhi. As a tribute. Its hilarious. The lyric is out there. This is the band site Maybe you should write a post about the song.


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