Another Day in Paradise

Aah the sheer joy of destroying public property. [Picture courtesy Telegraph and Sanjoy Chattopadhyaya]

Here are two Kangress supporters from Kolkata smashing windows of a public bus as the city faces yet another debilitating bandh.

Observe the heavenly bliss on their countenances. [The Telegraph calls it “gleefully picking up road dividers and attacking a state bus”]

This is what their entire lives have led up to, one moment when their ordinary useless existence, spent playing bridge on local trains, forcibly extorting subscriptions for the community Pujos, watching Rojgere Ginni, attending Didi rallies and in general doing dadagiri (and didigiri),  come to fruition.

For one moment, one glorious moment, they are at the center of the world. They have the power to stop students from going to examinations and the sick from going to the hospital. They have the power to inflict suffering, cause nuisance and severe financial damage and make sure that Kolkata with its collapsing public transportation has a few less buses come Monday.

And in Kolkata such moments of dream fulfillment come. Again and again. As Paulo “Chhai phelte bhanga”Coelho says: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. In our city, the entire universe isn’t needed. Mamata-didi and her minions, the Congress and the CITU are enough. 

In the city of false dawns, vampires walk in the light. The law looks away as infrastructure and opportunities are destroyed. To be honest, what can they do? Any attempt to arrest these “peasants” and “common people” and “angry folks” and  what have you will be met with violence and resistance. And God save our souls if in the inevitable fist-fights a single button from the protester’s exquisitely tailored shirts from Naihati pop off. If that happens, then the intellectuals of Kolkata will come streaming out of their Ballygunj Circular Road apartments like wailing banshees, “Citizen’s Forums” and “fact finding committees” will be formed faster than an army of intestine-munching zombies, a certain jeebonmukhi artist will belch out the fart of the Devil and call it a song, another protest twenty-four bandh will be called and all shit will hit the fan.

Better to just let the roof be set on fire. Better to let the motherf-s burn. The buses suck anyways.

And better to back out of a critical infrastructure project that will not only lose the state millions in investment but also send a knock-off effect that will potentially kill the chemical hub at Nayachar and several other proposed projects. After all, the Bengalis are not interested in development as long as they get a bandh holiday on Friday (note how all spontaneous displays of people’s disaffection lead to long weekends) and as long as they are suffused by the “feel good” that Naxalite Luddite-ness and the good hour of sleep that follows a “sorshe-ilish”(Mustared Hilsa) lunch  brings.

Finally, just to show that even God cannot help but laugh at the state of the state here is a picture, again from that excellent photo-essay at Telegraph.

On the side of a bus set aflame by Congress supporters (backed by Trinamool) it says “Hum hain toh dum hain”. [English: As long as we are here, we have the life-force. Bengali: Amra jotokhon achi, amader ache alur dum]

Brilliant. Just brilliant. On a day the state accrued untold losses, lost investment in millions and saw the wanton destruction of public property, there was at least one silver lining of dark irony amidst the gray smoke of burning metal and of shattered dreams.

[Images courtesy Telegraph]

[Note: The Bengali sentence means “As long as we are here, we will eat potato curry”]

96 thoughts on “Another Day in Paradise

  1. Very nicely written. What should be done to these people who destroy public property?

  2. The theme, my friend, is “kaal”.

    “Kaal” is tomorrow, when your work will be done. Tomorrow never comes.
    Which leads to “kaal”, or the morrow for which the Bangali has no heed, as long as he can grab a mike or a leading role today.
    Which again leads to “kaal” as in “kaalbela”, the day of reckoning. But even that winces and retreats when faced with the sorry mess we’re in today.

    Pass my my ektara, somebody. (It would be such “oposhonskriti” to play a fiddle while the state burns)


  3. ‘This is what their entire lives have led up to’
    You sure hit the nail on the head.

  4. Wow, just the look at her face had me smiling! At least someone is happy…

    And the fact that she’s there in her heavy two tone saree with shoulder bag and all 🙂 Awesome…

  5. The people in picture should be punished by law. PIL should be lodged against these.

  6. Arnab_da,
    No mention of the “luchi” ?

  7. No one should complain about this. Least the people living in bengal. They have chosen such life for themselves.

  8. Unfortunately this is not a Bengali trait. This is an Indian trait. Indian population somewhere down there (no pun intended, well, is intended) remains very frustrated. And that leads to bandhs, destruction of public property. Recently in Gujarat there was a horrific rape case of a young school girl, and the rapers also filmed mms of the same. Opposition which is your dear Kangress, took it upon themselves to call a bandh. When the bandh was not supported by BJP, they tried to strangulate the Vidhaan Sabha for the same reason.

    We live in a culture of bandhs, and destruction of public properties. Jo sab ka hai woh kissi ka nahi!

    BTW, this trait of Bengalis you should list down in one of your previous articles. Wait..not really..this isn’t going to go away.

  9. It is ironical that the opposition to the Left forces are resorting to those same very tactics for which the Left is reviled by us “capitalists”.

    To borrow from a memorable dialogue from “Scream” – The Left parties did not create bandhs and rasta rokos. They just made it more glamorous.

  10. I dont know y some these fool people destroy indian local property thse sud be punished for all this whether it may be anyone

  11. But how long can Kolkata afford ‘shorshe eelish’ is the question? Every single state machinery is close to ruins. However, this ‘misguided anarchism’ is not limited to any particular political party nor is it a fresh idea. I have witnessed ‘bus porano’ 15 years back and if I recall right, the expressions on the faces of the perpetrators weren’t any different. (Looking at the woman should I be lauding them for gender equality?) Living in another city for many years now, I realize more things change more they remain the same.

    Every day there is a ‘swell’ of Bangalees arriving in other cities looking for opportunities and the ones who remain are probably looking for their 15 mins of fame in this fashion. I am not trivializing the trigger but the means. Maybe change will come with pain. But I doubt that. As I speak with many folks who live there, I get this alarming sense that they are perfectly ok with the bandh/bus-burning. Yes there is the obligatory noise about ‘economic loss’ but beyond that Kolkata is happy enjoying a long weekend. There is this entire generation that grew up ‘enjoying’ the bandh holidays and would know no better. While watching the news, my nine year old asked ‘what is bandh?’ and for that I am grateful.

  12. great post…
    waitin for ur article on gulam nabi azads poppulation control stratergies….

    here is the link

  13. …. “Chhai phelte bhanga”Coelho ….. ufff…vintage GB stuff……at least the bandh was not applicable to RTDM….

  14. “Amra jotokhon achi, amader ache alur dum”

    Given that potatoes are selling @Rs. 13/kg – soon the state will be left with only the “Potatoes_highly Defected” variety

  15. Unfortunate to call ourselves part of the same race of these people. I think it is indeed the Indian mentality to destroy, desiccate and deface what is beneficial to us. We will never learn and we will never grow. It’s a shame.

  16. Still missing the big picture.
    These are just manifestations of the secondary symptoms arising out of the hushed-up primary symptoms, which arises out of a debilitating malady.

    Wait 15-20 years.

  17. A huge fan of your writing. I think you should do an in depth article on rituparno, an extremely fertile subject imho

  18. beatiful writing greatbong. my mom recently went to kolkata and on her way to Jadavpur University from the airport, she saw three different morchas.
    maybe the bongs have figured out something no one else knows.

  19. State of Kerala July 18, 2009 — 1:29 pm

    Story of my life…

  20. What a shame.. They dont realize that its eventually their own money thats going into the drain. This is not just a problem in Bengal, its a pan-India epidemic…a social disease.

  21. I am from Kerala. The same thing happens there as well every second week. Buses burning, bandhs, everything is exactly the same.In malayalam, its referred to as “Samaram Samaram”. Both states are communist bastions. You think that’s more than just co-incidence?

    When I was 11, my parents decided they wanted a better future for their only son. I’ve been staying in Bombay ever since.

  22. Rightly said GreatBong Da! Only my state can beat your state in such foolishness and that is UP.

  23. god help ze bongs ..

  24. Remember those bandhs in Kolkata… waking up at 4 am to be ferried to office premises as at 5am the gates would have to be closed.. if it’s a 24hr bandh then prepare to stay over at the office for the night… sometimes would risk a bike ride from a friend in the evening. It’s sad that whole eastern India is going to the dumps. Kolkata had the potential to lift up the region, but now with Mamtadi all set to win the next elections that hope is gone.

  25. Vasabjit Banerjee July 18, 2009 — 7:04 pm

    I agree and disagree with your evaluation:

    First, I agree that the wanton destruction of public and private property has become a characteristic of Bengali politics. This, unfortunately, started in the fifties under the aegis and sometimes direction of the CPIM and its minions, who were then in angry opposition to all forms of capitalist development (the kind they are all for today). However, history should render us aware, not justify our drawbacks. The results of such methods of protest are, I agree, terrible for the entire province.

    Second, the collapse of law and order is also inevitable because the state apparatus has become completely intertwined with the CPM party structure. The CPM controlled everything from the local club that oversaw social activities to the party office that passed binding informal laws on division of property and divorce. Thus, when the party structure collapses, the state apparatus to control violence will go with it.

    Finally, I confess that I really am enjoying the violence. There, I said it! I really like that the CPM is bleeding.

    [edited by GB: Vasabjit, I think one can make one’s points without endorsing violence targeted at individuals. Hence edited.]

  26. Hey Vasabjit….r u really out of ur mind…..u want them to go n burn the building with EVERYONE in it…..hold ur thoughts there… matter wht ur explanation is(which u will try to give in the reply), u r still a CC…

  27. kando sudhu kando! abaak aar chupchaap sabai!

  28. Shoot at Sight!!

  29. ” After all, the Bengalis are not interested in development as long as they get a bandh holiday on Friday (note how all spontaneous displays of people’s disaffection lead to long weekends) and as long as they are suffused by the “feel good” that Naxalite Luddite-ness and the good hour of sleep that follows a “sorshe-ilish”(Mustared Hilsa) lunch brings.”

    Could not agree more…besides these ppl should be taken to task…nincompo@#*

  30. What will change? Nothing. It’s been downhill in Bengal for the last 25 years, and nothing will change.

    Say if Didi comes to power after the elections, there will be as many bandhs, probably more, and the CPM cadres will burn the buses…. That’s what has become of the state.

    These political parties should be made responsible…. if a bandh is called by X party, at the end of the bandh, a list of all destructions to public property should be recorded, and the party X should pay up.

    Also, corporates should be able to retrieve their losses from the political parties because of the bandhs.

    Simple. If you want to have your bandhs go ahead and have them, but pay up for the fuckups resulting from it.

  31. Here’s the link to the incredible pictures of a CPIM mob chasing Congress legislators (another this happens only in Bengal moment) that led to the Congress response in Kolkata:

    And sadly I actually agree with ‘the buses suck anyways’! BTW, can someone please explain to me the Paul Coelho remark???

  32. Hi GB,

    Great post as always. While I still long for Calcutta and have all the good intentions of going back, events like this just weaken my resolve (yet again) and I thank my lucky stars that I got out! It’s sad but it’s true.

    No matter how much I miss the boimela, college street 2nd hand boier dokaan, roll, phuchka, park street, and of course Durga Pujo, in my heart I know I will not survive in Calcutta anymore. The city has even lost its intellect. Every time I go back I am disgusted by the sheer lack of spirit and work ethics: nothing, absolutely nothing runs properly; the taxiwallahs are complete crooks, the buses ghastly (murir tin), the metro an old hag and the first port of greeting the airport- a shit hole (just have a look at Hyderabad, Bombay or Delhi airports, and you’ll know what I mean). The place does not even look like a city!

    I now conspire to ensure that even my Baba, who is due to retire soon, can get out of Calcutta and yes there are jobs in all other cities except for Calcutta.

    Sad am very sad!

  33. @Scripps – Its MUMBAI , not Bombay

  34. @Scripps: how does it matter? the only thing that has come out of changing names is wastage of public money! FYI it is still Bombay High Court, try telling Mumbai to their Lordships!

  35. well the last comment was for Mumbaimerijaan

  36. Hello everyone- it is my first time commenting here!
    It seems to me that we as a nation have gone so far away from what we should have been, that now it is difficult to come back even if we want to.
    If political discourse can fall to even lower levels, why not the public? After all- if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em..

  37. Vasabjit Banerjee July 19, 2009 — 5:16 pm


    I like the violence because I am aware both as a scholar and a former citizen of the state the quotidian coercion and violence exercised by CPM and its allies for the last three decades. I am also aware of how certain intellectuals supported this in the name of ideological purity and government funding for pet projects. Also, some of the biggest leftist intellectuals talked abouy poverty and injustice and lionized the government, while spending their time in Oxford, Cambridge and Columbia University. I also saw how the educational system crumbled, where erstwhile glorious institutions, such as Mitra School, South Suburban, Hindu, and Hare were given up to third grade party cadres and made open to everything short of daylight robbery. I also witnessed, because of my father’s involvement in the medical profession, the wanton destruction of the health infrastructure; though the same ministers and their administrative minions visited private hospitals. Places like Kothari, CMRI, and others got rich, while PG was Medical College was under funded, badly administered and manned by party identity than capability. I saw how in one twelve month period (1988-1989) all of the neighborhood boys (then our Dadas) left for wherever they could. I saw how unions supported by the government struck at businesses, our family businesses, for bonus payment even as we could not pay the newly imposed taxes because we were not making profits. I saw how making money in the eighties became a crime and quite impossible through most of the nineties. Finally, I heard from my tearful parents that I better leave the city, since there was no future there: “choley ja, ekhaney aar kicchu baki nei”.

    All the while the international community applauded rural development in West Bengal? the Sachar Committee report lays to rest that fiction. The central governments refused to do anything as long as the CPM kept a lid on political violence, which ironically was made a feature by the CPM when it was in opposition. No one in India tried to raise a storm when CPM thugs tried to kill Mamata Banerjee. Why was the murder of D.C. port Vinod Mehta in an area controlled by the CPM backed Forward Bloc denizens never fully investigated? The fearful administration never stood up against the system after that incident.

    Finally, I offer sincere apologies for overreacting to the arguments. Arnab is correct about criticizing me for personalizing the debate; my apologies for that, as well.


  38. true! the Frankenstein monster in back to haunt the state.

  39. absolutely brilliant and well timed article Great bong. can;t stop thinking the great lady and the guy in teh first pic are siblings… same features to my eyes!

  40. Paulo “Chhai phelte bhanga”Coelho …
    Hehehehe 😛

  41. This violence is nothing new. This was started by the CPM goons who are now in power as early as in 60s – 70s. The vandalizing attitude is started by them and the congress-tms are just following them. I am pretty sure, if TMC comes to power after two years, the CPM will not do anything less than this. Having sais that, all this atrocities must be prevented by a strict governance, if the police and the government remain ignorant and dont take any action against this, they are getting encouraged more to do more hooliganism.

  42. Not their fault, long back some Bangali poet wrote something that sounds likeAami table, aami chair,
    Aami kauke kori na care!
    Any society where the growth of primary school seats is consistently, for several decades, outpaced by the growth in the number of kids who should be occupying those seats, is doomed. No matter what other positive things the people and the government do. After one generation, there is no more a shared language between the people and administration, and it is no longer even possible to convince the people why population is a problem. Imagine a kitchen flooded from leaky plumbing, the floorboards rotting away, the cabinets all sodden, and imagine what kind of plumber would try to rip out and replace the water-damaged material and repaint the place, without first closing the water mains upstream!
    No point being smug about other places in India. It’s a matter of time. BTW, even the likes of Arundhati Roy are beginning to realize why democracy of uneducated masses will, as a theorem, self-destruct.

  43. For the first time I saw Greatbong’s desperation and irritation out in the open. You have always been disappointed by such events but this time the veils of humour and sarcasm were pulled away partly. Intentionally I’m sure. How long can you laugh away these scoundrels?
    Take heart. Doomsday is not far

  44. Firstly Paulo “Chhai phelte bhanga”Coelho > Dudhorhosho!! (Jaataa present lingo.
    And “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. .. Hey! That sounds so much like Omprakash Makhija’s acceptance speech on O.S.O 🙂

    And then, while reading the post and the comments …

    I am glad that my parents who somehow showed me the ‘escape route’ by not enrolling me in the best Bengali medium school but in what was some had then called Tyaa(n)sh’eder school (English medium school, don’t ask for a translation). I do not care for what I have left behind.. but what about the ones I have ‘left behind’. I shared the link with a fellow Bong at work.. and then we spoke about it. He compared the state of being as ‘frog in the well’, he is happy that his daughter would have a wider perspective of life.

    The first pic reminded me of the Gujrat riots, we had watched through the insti-boundary walls how a sedan driving couple helped themselves at the looting a neighbourhood bakery, along with their children. They had carried away crates of bread and other goodies. The Kolkata couple should have got their children to complete the happy family weekend educational activity.
    After all, if they are taught these early, they will survive and probably rule this jungle.

    @ Salman
    It was summerised through pics on TOI as Mian Biwi – TV = Baby.(here the words are simply used by me to rhyme and not to denote any specific identity/group of people). Actually, the article had interesting snippets of the life of we citybred are not really aware of. Do check this Sunday’s edition of TOI.

  45. Hara hara bom bom July 20, 2009 — 11:37 am

    PS : Bengal? Hahahahah. India ‘superpower’? Hahahahaha.

    Here’s the deal.
    In 15 years time, there will be no Indian Kashmir.

    In 25 years, there will be no Indian Bengal.

    In 60 years time, there will be no India.

    In 70 years time, there will be Hinduism.

    Straggling remainders of Hindu knowledge, like Pranayama, Yoga, Raja Yoga etc, will soon after be swallowed up under the aegis of ‘Chinese civilisation’ where possible, or ‘Eastern teaching’ where not.

    This is bound to happen, as we have willed it so. Our constant and relentless actions to disintegrate our state & its bulwarks are bound to convert the situation from hopefuly (1947) to grim (1970s) to disastrous (1990s) to irretrievably lost (now?).

    Some of us will live to witness this. I am glad that I am 30 , and will not.

  46. @J … it matters because the correct/official name for the city IS now Mumbai. That should be enough reason for any level headed person to use the proper name.I don’t want to rant about how bombay is a mispronounciation of mumbai by british etc. (i guess you can google it).

    On one hand we want to criticise and admonish the lawlessness of our country, but we’re too lazy/cudn’t care less to use the proper names of our cities.I know calling mumbai bombay is nowhere in the league of destroying public property etc..but i think you get my point.

    So for reference 😀


    Also, I don’t understand the Bombay High Court argument.You mean to say unless every little trace of the word Bombay is not removed from names you will continue to call it by the wrong name?

  47. @Mumbaimerijaan: Well my argument is very simple. While I do understand the sentiments attached to so called “original names”, changing names of cities are a huge burden to the exchequer. With every change in name fiat, every official document (including letterheads which are printed in zillions by governments) need to be changed. Don’t you think it is much better to spend this money in something useful-health, infrastructure etc.? A city can very well be called something in one language and by another name in some other language (e.g. Kolkata in Bangla and Calcutta in English), what’s the problem? Btw this monumental waste of money was one of the reasons why the High Court did not change its name.

  48. and just to add on, therefore the act of changing Bombay to Mumbai was a destruction of public money (your money as well!!)

  49. Just Imagine these lampoons are going to capture Raitars building (wb Assembly) in 2011 assembly election.

  50. I thank my ancestors for leaving WB 100 yrs ago.

    A proud 4th generation “probashi”

  51. Frankly am dismayed!! Still grappling to find a rhyme or reason to this. The present party in power may have been the guru of vandalism but that’s when they didn’t have power, and then later when they were in the “dark ages”. But now, when they are trying change things for Bengal, can’t they force/muscle their way to a more lawful scenario? or are they scared of losing the superior ability at vandalism??

    As I noticed someone said, democracy for the uneducated is disastrous, I would add irresponsibility is the prime ingredient.

  52. HHBB wrote: “In 25 years, there will be no Indian Bengal.”

    You are bang on target.

    HHBB wrote: “Some of us will live to witness this. I am glad that I am 30, and will not.”

    Perhaps you can join us in stopping the deluge.

  53. HHBB wrote:

    “In 15 years time, there will be no Indian Kashmir.

    In 25 years, there will be no Indian Bengal.

    In 60 years time, there will be no India.

    In 70 years time, there will be NO Hinduism.”

    We will not let it happen.

  54. This is so sad…. i just dont get it… Somehow the only political parties which do well are the ones which promote lawlessness and chaos! the left did it for years and just as it was about to turn a new leaf, they have been routed and the Didi bahini which is setting its own milestones in lawlessness is now the emerging force! I am so so sad and frustrated… Unlike a few others in this forum, I am not a ‘proud probashi’ but rather a sad probashi. i would like nothing better the going back to where i started but the way things are going, the light at the end of the tunnel is from an incoming train 😦

    and @Bengal Voice & @ HHBB: you guys have absolutely no idea of what the problem is but you rather get your idiotic ideas and conspiracy theories into every discussion no matter whether they make any sense!

  55. dj wrote: “Just Imagine these Lampoons are going to capture Raitars building ”

    Funny guy… Did you mean: “Just Imagine these Lumpen(s) are going to capture Rioters’ Building” 😉

  56. @joyjit,

    oooh…”idiotic ideas” eh? Such refined language is typical of dodos. Just ask your folks (and my folks) how and why they fled from East Bengal? And then ask your idiotic self whether you’ve packed your bags to flee West Bengal too. Obviously, you have your thick-skull stuck so far up your cowardly behind, your eyes are obviously clogged with dung.

    In case you didn’t get the drift, do you know about the barbarism that happened in Murshidabad last week? The past one year in West Bengal has seen gruesome and well-coordinated Jihadi mob attacks on Hindu civilians’ lives and property; Jihadi mob assaults on Hindu monks, temples, Melas and Durga Puja pandals; widespread kidnapping, rape and sexual-slavery of minor Hindu girls by Jihadi hooligans; and a general state of fear resulting in the Hindu psyche.

    Recently, are you aware that a multitude of Jihadi atrocities on Hs have been perpetrated with impunity in several districts with a substantial “M” population, including the following:

    • North 24 Paraganas (Sarberia area under Sandeshkhali P.S.; Kadambagacchi village in Barasat area; Bhebia village under Hasnabad P.S.; Anarpur under Baduria P.S.)
    • South 24 Paraganas (villages of Paschim Gabberia, South Bele Durganagar and Gorerhat, all under Joynagar P.S.; Kharimachan village under Basanti P.S., Dakshin Moukhali village under Canning)
    • South Dinajpur (Dewoor, under Kumarganj P.S.)
    • Murshidabad (Beldanga town; Lakshmanpur village in Berhampore)
    • Haora (Uluberia, Chengail and Panchla)
    • Bardhaman (Masterpara locality of Asansol city; Jamalpur village under Purbasthali P.S.)
    • Paschim Medinipur (Sepai Bazar, Khaprel Bazar, Bara Bazaar locality of Medinipur town)
    • Nadia (Aishmali village under Dhantola P.S; Shondanga under Dhubulia P.S.)
    • North Kolkata (Belgachhia area)
    • Birbhum (Kamarpatti in Rampurhat town)

    Are you even aware of the gory details? But of course you don’t know about this silent genocide or you simply don’t care about such lesser mortals. You live in faraway Siliguri and your cowardly ass thinks you are safe from such Jihadi attacks. Hah …Keep on dreaming, pal! This is History Repeated for Dhimwits like you who never learn from it. Where will you run to, this time around?

  57. @bengalVoice: Assuming whatever you say are gospel truths, how exactly are these incidents related to the topic in question?

    PS: I dont want to spam GB’s personal blog space to quench your personal vendetta.

    PPS: I have stayed in darjeeling, siliguri, asansol and Kolkata. i wonder where have you stayed all your life?

  58. @joyjit

    You still don’t get it, do you? I guess that’s another day in paradise for you.

    You don’t have to take anything I say as the gospel truth. I am sure a man of your experience (who has lived in *gasp* 4 places) has the means to verify these horrible incidents.

  59. @mumbaimerijaa
    Were you born idiot or were you hit repeatedly on head by Raj’s goons ? Bombay shall remain Bombay.

  60. Wonder when you would fight for me ??
    I am dying of suffocation..

    Help me Arnab…

  61. @ Bengal Voice
    With your detailed information, I am wondering how you mispronounced Howrah as Haora. It would be interesting to know the sources of your information which seems to be eluding the mainstream media in the languages that I speak, read and understand. If your information and sources are correct, why are not you making it known by not limiting yourself to this blog, it needs to reach the wider audience or ‘dodos’.

    If I go by the timeline that you have mentioned, it is to be taken that India alone would be affected by nothing else other than the ‘onslaught’ and the rest of the globe would be immune to this cycle. Is that possible, specially considering that our neighbours have pretty much worse situation in their hands. How can you be so sure that the political system of our country would not get NDA rule, with the ‘youth’ such as Varun Gandhi and Yogi Adityanath not being at the helm of affairs being lead by Mr. Modi?

    Just to assure you, Hinduism would not die, it is just not possible. I am however wondering as to which form it will take considering the self appointed guardians is trying to homogenise it endlessly. (I hope you have read the fate of Manipuri children at various Kannada coastal area Maths on the last of Tehelka). What do you think about that?

  62. just to cheer up! wat a song…

  63. “Shoot at sight!”

  64. Hara hara bom bom July 21, 2009 — 12:07 pm

    joyjit @ “you guys have absolutely no idea of what the problem is but you rather get your idiotic ideas and conspiracy theories into every discussion”.

    Actually Joyjit, most people, including you, know exactly what the problem is. Instead, however, of tackling it head on, we are petrified of even articulating it, and would rather waste our dwindling resources in violent bandhs and Congress-Communist pitched battles.

    Thus my observation of our assured obliteration. With our frenzied zeal in dismantling whatever is left of our crombling infrastructure and protective armour through intra-Indian violence, our days are numbered.

    Important developments are taking place. India is being increasingly cornered by the three remaining superpowers, USA, China and the Islamic lobby.

    Manmohan’s shameful capitulation in Egypt, of delinking terrorism from bilateral talks with Pakistan, has removed a significant weapon in our armoury. We will thus be forced to start negotiations (read secession) wrt Kashmir, even while Pakistani bombs are merrily exploding in our midst. What a farce.

    And next? We will be forced to share information details about terrorists with that arch-terrorist master itself, the ISI. Hundreds of sincere people in India and Pakistan, risking life and limb of themselves and their families in secretly gathering information on terrorism, all to prop up the crumbling Indan state … with India’s engrained bureaucratic bumbling negligence, it is a matter of time before their identities are handed over on a platter to their future torturers and executioners. How long do you think sincere people will continue supporting as shameless a state like that.

    And once these supports that prop up our security are removed?

    Obama is already busy trying to clip India’s economic success through foisting emission targets and dismantling IT outsourcing. And all this on a visit in which the USA wants us to buy products from them.

    Do you see the contempt we are held in? Who will intervene on our behalf if war breaks out between the Islamic lobby & ourselves? No one.

    Sit back and watch as developments unfold. Our view that all is well with the world if we ourselves are sincere is suicidal. We have systematically bartered and bargained away our diplomatic and strategic assets, one by one. Each day, our enemies chests grow fuller, while ours dwindle. This will not continue ad infinitum, there will inevitably come a time when our chest is empty. Then?

    We are not standing on shaky ground. We are sinking in quicksand.

  65. Hara hara bom bom July 21, 2009 — 12:57 pm

    heejeebeejee (HJee) @ You had made certain comments to Bengal Voice (BV). Pardon my interjecting with a few remarks

    @ HJEE – “With your detailed information, I am wondering how you mispronounced Howrah as Haora.”

    This is disingenuous. Note that Haora is phonetically closer than Howrah. There is no ‘hawh’ at the end of the Bengali pronunciation. I can also bet my bank account that you say “Howrah bridge” and not ‘Rabindra Setu”.

    Please do not ignore important observations on currently occuring violence with spurious side-steps like this.

    @ HJEE – “It would be interesting to know the sources of your information which seems to be eluding the mainstream media in the languages that I speak, read and understand.”

    Please grow up. The objective of the mainstream media is not to educate people on important developments by investing in journalistic risk and effort, but lulling people in to inertia so that they can continue to buy the tattle in papers and thus line the pockets of media fatcats like N.Ram and P.Roy.

    Are you aware that the BBC has been caught (& admitted to) sending e-mails around to its staff instructing them to ensure that Mus are shown in a postiive light? Or that they intentionally stuff their shows with larger numbers of Mu & Mu sympathisers so their viewpoints can be emphasised and reinforced?

    What about the Tehelka farce? Kofi Annan admitted in his visit to Paksitan that the UN resolution on Kashmir was not binding. The Pakistani press ate him alive. He was due to arrive in India the next day. Can you appreciate what his admission would have done to boost India’s position on Kashmir? It would make it internationally unassailable. That very day Tehelka comes out with its idiotic, biased, semi-false to completely false in places, motivated, twisted and warped reporting on ‘corruption in the BJP’. 100% honest and sincere people like George Fernandes are raked through the mud.

    The important voice & message of Kofi Anna is drowned in the cacophony of screaming and baying Tehelka & Congress agents. And India loses its strategic advantage.

    You see, people like you and me do not deserve to belong to a state which can hold on to Kashmir. We are deserving of the servitude that we have become accustomed to over 1,000 years. No worries, our wishes will be met.

    @ HJEE – “It If your information and sources are correct, why are not you making it known by not limiting yourself to this blog, it needs to reach the wider audience or ‘dodos’.”

    Inspite of the code of silence enforced by the mainsteam media, there are ample sources you can utilise to keep abreast of current developments. Are you aware that barely three months ago, there were horrible attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh? You can follow this up on

    Richard Benkin’s site appears to be reliable. There are tonnes of information available on the internet. It is even easy to dintinguish the chaff from the whey.

    Claims of “lack of information” can no longer be used as a defence.

    @ HJEE – “If I go by the timeline that you have mentioned, it is to be taken that India alone would be affected by nothing else other than the ‘onslaught’ and the rest of the globe would be immune to this cycle. Is that possible, specially considering that our neighbours have pretty much worse situation in their hands”.

    The rest of the globe is frenziedly trying to extricate themselves from the conflict they have become mired in in Afghanistan and Iraq. What better way for them to walk away clean, while keeping their counterparties happy, than feeding India to the vultures?

    You see, this is not a conspiracy theory, but a fact. Let us study it. This ‘exactly’ what they have done in the last 60 years.

    Has Britan not backed Pakistan & the Islamic lobby against India 100%? Before and during partition? During the attacks on Kashmir?

    Has not the USA closely embraced Pakistan as a clsoe ally even while there is a plethora of proof linking Pakistan with massacring Indians? Even when Pakistan is culpable of a known mass genocide less than four decades ago?

    And China? You can see its spittle dribbling from its salivating lips in its obsession to swallow up the whole NE

    Our only firewall, the USSR (not Russia), is gone. Finished.

    Even today, the USA is pumping billions of dollars after billions of dollars in to Pakistan, even when there is irrefutable proof that a huge portion of this is used to propagate terrorsim in India.

    Wake up. Smell the coffee. The USA and Europe are ‘supporting’ terrorsit activities in India. They are claiming they do not. But through their actions, like ‘financing’ paksitani terror, they unequivocally ‘are’.

    @ HJee – “How can you be so sure that the political system of our country would not get NDA rule, with the ‘youth’ such as Varun Gandhi and Yogi Adityanath not being at the helm of affairs being lead by Mr. Modi”?

    Relax. That will never happen. The Joyjits and Shans and HeeJeeBeeJees will ensure that such a protective development never takes place.

    After all, how will the downfall of India, which we are all unconsciously striving for, be achieved then?

    @ HJee – “Just to assure you, Hinduism would not die, it is just not possible. I am windering what form it will take …”

    No need to worry your pretty little head about what form Hinduism will take. The statement in my post immediately preceding this is relevant, so I’ll copy past as I am too lazy to rephrase it :

    “Our view that all is well with the world if we ourselves are sincere is suicidal. We have systematically bartered and bargained away our diplomatic and strategic assets, one by one. Each day, our enemies chests grow fuller, while ours dwindle. This will not continue ad infinitum, there will inevitably come a time when our chest is empty. Then?”

    Religions, faiths, countries, nations … peoples. All are created and sustained by focused effort, aligned strategy concentrated and conscious action. This is what created Roman, Islamic and British empires. Apathy and self-imposed ignorance has strangled unsuspecting nations in to oblivion. Hinduism has survived in the past because of the frenzied and determined resistance and sacrifice her heoric sons and daughters have made in the past. Nothing else. Without it, we would have disappeared long, long ago.

    And each day, our heroes dwindle, we fritter away the victories their deaths have purchased for us. We have no further stalwarts to assume their position, rather we elect leaders who are racing us to the cliff to hurtle in to the abyss below.

    If we believe this collapsing status quo will continue for long, we are only deluding ourselves.

    I pray that I am worng, and you are right. I fear that I am correct.

  66. @ heejeebeejee

    Howrah is commonly used in the English representation of that district.

    Haora o bola hoye uccharon hishebe. Pronunciation-wise (in Bengali) it is Haora.

    Chinsurah is actually pronounced Chuchuro; and Midnapore is pronounced Medinipur.

  67. @heejebeejee, joyjit,

    I’m sure you have heard of the “Boiling Frog Syndrome”.

    “If you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will of course frantically try to clamber out. But if you place it gently in a pot of tepid water and turn the heat on low, it will float there quite placidly. As the water gradually heats up, the frog will sink into a tranquil stupor, exactly like one of us in a hot bath, and before long, with a smile on its face, it will unresistingly allow itself to be boiled to death.” (from Daniel Quinn’s The Story of B)

    The boiling frog story is a widespread anecdote describing a frog slowly being boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. The story is often used as a metaphor for the inability of people to react to important changes that occur gradually.

    The same holds good for Bengalis, Indians, Hindus etc who are blissfully spending another day in paradise, unaware that the gradually heated water of adverse religious demography is slowly boiling them alive.

  68. @heejebeejee, joyjit, Bengal Voice, HHBB: As the great Kakkeshwar kuchkuche would have put it, “Lege ja, lege ja! Narod! Narod!!” 😉

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who visits this blog as much for GB’s posts as for these comments about the Bangladeshi refugees. 😛

  69. @ Anirban,

    Need a quick clarification…Who(m) or what did you mean by “Bangladeshi refugees”?

  70. @ Anirban “Lege ja, lege ja! Narod! Narod!!”

    Please note that it’s not about engineering discord. It’s about sincere exchange of information.

    The Bangladeshi refugee issue keeps cropping up as it is a terrible thing that is happening in the here & now. To our people.

    For e.g., I was very encouraged by the ushering in of the Shaikh Hasina government by a massive mandate in Bazngladesh. This is no mean feat in itself in an erstwhile extremist theocratic state. I had real hope that this would result in positive developments on the ground for Bangladesh’s straggling human population. Has it? Read the Richard Benkin article linked to above and form your own conclusion.

    Anyway, I am not going to get embroiled in this again. I aim to conclude by reiterating my timeline in the backdrop of our systematic dismantling of the state infrastructure alluded to (but not confined to) this post :

    In 15 years time, there will be no Indian Kashmir,

    In 25 years, there will be no Indian Bengal,

    In 60 years time, there will be no India,

    In 70 years time, there will be no Hinduism.

    Your kids and mine will either be (a) dead or (b) sporting skullcaps and merrily beating up their varied portfolio of spouses.

    Unless we can emigrate away first. 🙂 There have recently been very positive developments on this front for me. 🙂

  71. The previous comment wasn’t mine. Will the Real SL-IM-POSTER please stand up..please stand up…please stand up? 😉

  72. I presume the previous comment about “emigrating” was from HHBB.

    Is running away permanently from the battlefield the only solution? Is this what Lord Krishna said to Arjuna – “Drop your weapons and emigrate far far away from Kurukshetra”?

    Is this how we honour our ancestors whose “frenzied and determined resistance” and the immense “sacrifice by heroic sons and daughters [of India] in the past” saved whatever is left of Hinduism (in your own words)?

    C’mon HHBB.. you can do better than that. 😀

  73. Amar Sonar Bongoooooool………………

  74. Hara hara bom bom July 21, 2009 — 11:25 pm

    The real (not so) SLIM (but certainly SHADY) poster stands up !! Sorry Bengal Voice, sometimes the name box ‘defaults’ to the previous poster, and requires manual correction. I must have missed it on that occassion !!

    @ Bengal Voice – “Is running away permanently from the battlefield the only solution?”
    For me, yes. 🙂 And the salary inducement overseas ain’t too bad either !!

    @ Bengal Voice – “Is this what Lord Krishna said to Arjuna – “Drop your weapons and emigrate far far away from Kurukshetra”?

    If you thumb through ‘my’ copy of the Gita, this is exactly what the shloka says. You may be suspicious though as to why the shloka appears crossed out & overwritten in handwriting !!

    @ Bengal Voice – “C’mon HHBB.. you can do better than that.”
    Actually, I can’t !! 🙂

    Needless to say, a lot of my comments above are leg-pulling. I am however emigrating overseas. Not fleeing. But earning a lot more, and giving my children the opportunity of a better future. I do owe them that.

  75. @Joyjit: You fell into the trap, man. Don’t you realize by now that any comment on the trolls would automatically cause them spew forth a torrent of hateful bilge? They want you to provoke them – otherwise why on earth would anyone bring in the communal angle to a story on bandh violence in Kolkata by political parties? You duly answered the obvious provocation – and hey presto – 1000 word posts predicting the end of the (Hindu) world…

    I have read many funny and humorous comments on Arnab’s blog, but I doubt any can compare with the description of George Fernandes as “honest and sincere”. hahaha

    No wonder I come back for more…

  76. Shan, maybe jal-haoa badal will broaden HHBB’s perspective & he will be a tolerant citizen of the world (though from his previous comments in other posts I understood that he has travelled further & wider than Marco Polo & Thor Heyerdahl combined, though unfortunately that didn’t seem to have helped).

    HHBB, safe travels.

    To paraphrase Voice of Bengal (who hopefully lives in WBengal),
    In 15 years time, there will be no Indian Kashmir,
    In 25 years, there will be no Indian Bengal,
    In 60 years time, there will be no India,
    In 70 years time, there will be no Hinduism.
    In 1 years time, there will be no HHBB in India

  77. Hara hara bom bom July 22, 2009 — 8:55 am

    Ahhh. Look who’s crawled out of the woodwork? Shan & Pankaj.

    So, even Shan is admitting that BV & I are responding to comments made about us, and thus we have a justification to comment on this thread.

    However, Shan and Pankaj have …. none. So why are they gratifying us with their unfailing inanity here? Could it be that they have very little else to do? Are they eagerly looking for an opening to cheer up their humdrum days?

    And why does Pankaj seem to sneakingly venture out on the back of other Hindu-hating posters? Why can he not come out with an intelligent comment of his own rather than piggy-banking? If this keeps up, than, like a ‘Peeping Tom’, people will start perceiving him as a ‘Peeping Pankaj’. 🙂

    Start developing a character of your own, my friend.

    @ Shan : “spew forth a torrent of hateful bilge?”

    Please highlight which ‘single’ comment of mine above contributes to a torrent of hateful bilge?

    You have made these sort of inane and false comments many times before. Each time I ask you to prove it, or retract and shut up. Neither do you prove, neither do you shut up.

    But that is you.

    @ Shan : why on earth would anyone bring in the communal angle to a story on bandh violence in Kolkata by political parties?

    It is answered in black and white above. I commented that our existence is extremely fragile as it is. This intra-Indian violence will merely accelerate the decline of India.

    Which part did you miss? For someone who has commented that foreigners have patted him on the back for his command of English, you seem to be very successful in acting the part of the village clown.

    @ Shan : George Fernandes as “honest and sincere”. hahaha

    Why is he ‘not’ honest? And why is he ‘not’ sincere? I am not asking why you find it funny, as I am not remotely interested in what gives you the giggles. I am asking for facts.

    @ Pankaj Roy:

    Sorry to see that you are green with envy. Both at my good fortune of having travelled extensively. As well as the fact that I am moving abroad with a very good job.

    You should try some decent travel, it will certainly both your mind and your knowledge. There have been occasions before when you have confessed in your postings that you were clueless about the facts being discussed. I guarantee you, if you travel more, this embarrasing ignorance will disappear.

    @ Pankaj Ray – In 1 years time, there will be no HHBB in India

    As usual, you are wrong. Again. I am not emigrating in ‘one year’. I am moving in three months.

    I am going to Australia, Melbourne. I had thought about Canada, but in the end finally fixed Melbourne because :

    (a) I have received a very good job offer there which put me on immigration fast-track. Aus is quicker than Canada to emigrate to anyway,

    (b) the climate’s better. Vancouver is beautiful, but it rains too much.

    (b) my parents can emigrate with me soon … it is costing me A$30k per parent. After what happened this year in Kol, a horrible, burning summer and monsoon, Kol is becoming increasingly oppresive for people above 60 to live in. My father is 59 and taking early retirement.

    (c) I have already bought a house there.

    As a foreigner, I am restricted to new developments, so its a large display house but in a modest location (Point Cook). Ah well, Toorak will have to wait. When I do buy a house in Toorak, I shall have a glass of champagne on your behalf dear Pankaj …. and ‘wish you were here’

    … not !! 🙂

  78. I am surprised by this post and the comments !! I am just surprised !! I fully agree with vasabjit and found your blog to be completely biased against TMC / Congress almost as if giving a clean chit to CPM. And as it is evident , most of the people commenting on this blog including you are either ignorant of the ground realities or just don’t care.

  79. @ Sourasis

    Do elucidate.

    If possible, along the following parameters-

    1. What are the major “nodes of power”?
    2. Who are the “power brokers” and what are their interests?
    3. What are the “faultlines”,if any; vis-a-vis, social, ideological, economic?
    4. What are the history of those “faultlines”?
    5. How does it effect the individual citizen and the state?

    Would love to hear more.

  80. @HHBB
    I’m very happy for you, my friend. I hope you can continue to serve Mother Bengal with all your resources….and say Hi to Richard Benkin if you see him in Australia. He knows me quite well.


  81. @P.Roy

    I am sure the 70-year timeline projected by HHBB must have filled your heart with great glee. Just using a fake H-sounding name cannot hide the fact that you are ‘green’ with envy, and a lot else. Peace !

  82. Hara hara bom bom July 22, 2009 — 4:27 pm

    @ BengalVoice,

    I’ll make this my last post on this blog thread, as I think I am reaching the limit that GB will permit me to deviate from the original topic.

    Thanks for your kind wishes. Once I get more time, I’ll touch base with Rishi & you. Of course I’ll continue to do whatever I can for my country and faith, even if I’m blowing on a didgeridoo and have got Skippy on the b-a-a-a-rbie !!

    Needless to say, I was being comically despondent about the timeframe above. But neither should we grow unduly complacent. Such naiivete has lost us not only vast tracts of land, but millions of innocent lives in the last 65 years alone !!

    Accepted, the current incumbent donning the Gandhi turban is infinitely less dangerous than his horrifying and grotesque 1940s namesake, but nevertheless, can we rely upon an adequate number of Hindus rising to the occasion when the hammer falls?

    When I look at you and Rishi, I am confident that all is not lost. Then when I picture millions of mini-Shans and Pankaj Rays loose on Indias streets, alleys and villages, scurrying around mischievously, individually compleetly insignificant, but with the collective power to cause a lot of obstruction if not irritation, then a chill hits my heart.

    Of course, in the darkest hour, when all seemed lost and the sun was about to set, Hindus have always found a deep well of faith, dignity and confidence that has propelled them to fight back. Partition was not a result of Hindu cowardice. It was an outcome of disgusting and hopeless political suicide.

    [edited by GB: If I understand properly what you tried to say (and I might be wrong), there was a call for communal violence. If indeed that was the case, then yes you are skating very close to the edge of not being able to use this comment space]

    All may not be lost. 🙂

  83. Hara hara bom bom July 22, 2009 — 5:02 pm

    Hi GB,

    Ram Ram Ram Ram. To clarify, there was no call for communal violence by me at all!! Gosh, what were you thinking !! You are dismantling my fair name here 🙂

    I mentioned the Godhra aftermath not because I revel in it. I have expressed my pain and aversion to it on many occasions on your blogsite.

    I mentioned the Godhra aftermath because if communal violence is unleashed on the Hindus (like 1942 and 1947 … and millions of times before that and scores of times since), then the perpetraters cannot assume it will be walkover over ‘pliable Brahmins’ and ‘degenerate Banias’. The Godhra aftermath proved to the world that if a Hindu is provoked adequately, his revenge can be as bloody and painful as a Muslim’s.

    Godhra is like the (Western) Allied brutality in WWII. Mass bombing of completely defenceless civilians. Slaughter of surrendering German soldiers in Normandy. Horrific. Criminal. But perhaps an unavoidable facet of the brutality sparked off in an idealogical conflict.

    Thus communal violence should never take place. The extremist elements among Muslims should realise this and shed their actions of mass breeding and terrorism, and will away their wet-dreams of conquering India.

    Please note that the gulf between my completely neutral and normative “5 words” on Godhra, and what you thought I was alluding to as expressed above, is so vast, that I have waddled back in to the thread to correct.

    And now I’m off to sleep for today !! Sweet dreams all. 🙂

  84. MumbaiMeriJaan July 23, 2009 — 3:40 am

    @J .. if ur still looking at meeeee comments.
    Agreed that it costs a lot of money to change names. But its been DONE now. How is you using the wrong name making it any better?

  85. heejeebeejee wrote: “Just to assure you, Hinduism would not die, it is just not possible.”

    How is it not possible? Your heart says so, huh? Hahahaha…That sort of wishing thinking is quite noble, my friend, but your assurance has no solid ground.

    So, what makes you think Hinduism is specially endowed with great powers to resist extinction? In practical terms, any religion is only as strong as the number of its followers and the global spread of its influence.

    If Hinduism gets wiped out, it will NOT be wiped out because of its noble philosophy or lofty ideals. It will be wiped out when Hinduism cannot hold onto India and loses its dominant role in its land of birth (the Indian subcontinent) and may be replaced (amongst its followers) by other belief systems that seek world domination.

    As a rule, Civilisations and Religions do not survive by sheer-luck. Hinduism is alive today only because the previous generations of Hindus made tremendous sacrifices and contributions to protect their belief system. The last 1000 bloody years of Indian history stand as a shining testimony to these untold sacrifices.

    Vivekananda …Let’s keep our emotions and heart-felt wishes aside and look at facts, statistics, trends. First, I request you to do some historical research and cartographical (map) analysis. Dig through your History Books and the World Atlas.

    1) Please find out – during the last few centuries, how and why Hinduism has been wiped out in 75% of the land-mass* that used to be Hindu and drastically continues to drop in numbers in what’s left of it – the remaining 25%(Rump India). You have another 20-30 years left to stem this rising tide or get wiped out i.e. if you get the big picture here

    * East Bengal, Sylhet, Sindh, West Punjab, Baluchistan, Gandhara/Afghanistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kashmir valley, Northern Kerala, Border districts of West Bengal

    (On a lighter note … If there are no Hindus left in India to practise Hinduism, can we count on the birds, earthworms and bandicoots in our sacred soil to practise Hinduism? Obviously not. )

  86. 2) Our own Vedic Hinduism’s cousin – Zoroastrianism – once dominated vast stretches of the Middle-East and Central Asia. But what is its fate today ? The worldwide Parsi/Zoroastrian population is barely 1 Lakh people and shrinking. The Parsi/Zoroastrian religion, that has produced some of the most illustrious men and women of our times, may become extinct within a few decades – not because its philosophy is flawed, but because it has few adherents and most importantly, because it could not hold onto Persia (Iran) – its nucleus, its provenance, its motherland that gave birth to it…After Persians lost the Battle of Qadissiyah to the Arabs, do find out what happened to Zorastrianism.

    3) Then look around the world whether Religions can get snuffed out, extinguished for ever. Many Religions have come and gone. Once “Mighty” Religions have now become extinct throughout the world.

    • With no adherents, the mighty Greek and Roman Religions have vanished into thin air.
    • All that is left of the exotic Pharaonic Egyptian Religion today is a few crumbling pyramids and zero followers.
    • As for the well-developed Sumerian, Babylonian and Mesopotamian religions that have long disappeared off the face of the map, look no farther than their location (Iraq) to see how their former adherents are faring.
    • And do we even know that a global religion called Manichaeism even existed?
    • Or do we recollect that the Assyrian Religion is as dead as a dodo?
    • Or do we remember that the Germanic/Norse/Scandinavian Religion’s only reminder that it ever existed is – that some days of the week are named after Woden, Thor and Freya (Fria)?

    When all these Religions were at their zenith of glory and at the pinnacle of their grandeur, would any follower (of these religions) have believed warnings that their Religion was going to become extinct? 😉

    One religion supplanting another by killing and conversion is quite a normal fact of life – whether or not, we like it. The answer is: Do you want Hinduism to join the pack of Extinct Religions or would you want to prevent such a great loss to humanity? Of course, the Death of Hinduism can be prevented and it must be prevented.

  87. 4) One more thing. As a pragmatic person, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a Divine Avatar to miraculously descend on the earth and protect Hinduism. Even if we were to go by Indic scriptures, it would take another 427,000 years before the next Avatar is born. So, how do we Indians plan to hold the fort until that Avatar arrives? The answer is obvious – by we ourselves doing what we expect the Avatar to do.

    Shivam Bhutvo Shivam Yajet – The best way to worship Lord Shiva is for the devotee to become like Lord Shiva Himself (by imbibing His qualities).

    Wishes seldom come true, unless you work at it. Wishful thinking and complacency are lame excuses for not doing anything. Let us not be like clucking chickens in an abattoir – choosing to be in denial and in complacency.

    This lack of threat perception is quite common among Indians and must be dispelled. It reminds me of the meek Jewish civilians standing patiently in long queues leading to the gas chambers at Auschwitz, looking up at the thick columns of smoke emanating from the crematoria chimneys, and convincing each other in total denial: “I don’t think there is any chance the Nazis will exterminate us”. I would rather that you emulate the Jews of Warsaw ghetto, who knew what lay in store for them.

    If you feel that your civilisational faith is precious not simply because it ancient and unique, but most importantly because it has so much to offer to the world (World Peace, Yoga, Ayurveda, Classical Arts, Visual Arts and Sculpture, Astronomy, Mathematics and Sciences), then you must do your bit to protect your civilisational faith and salvage the situation.

    Unless YOU do it, nothing will change (and things will automatically do downhill). Until and Unless YOU do it, its just wishful thinking.

    From my own experience, I know only one thing… WE must be the change we wish to see in the world.

  88. @TheOtherVoice-

    People like HHBB, Rishi and Bengal Voice are educators! I understand that when you have mastered a course, hearing the same thing again and again like a broken record might be quite exasperating, but please do realize the fact that there are always new students on this blog. Plus there is just too much pseudo-secularism floating around in the Indian media. We need to counter that.

    Many people come here to read the TRUTH. Now there are two ways of looking at it-

    1> That we realize the TRUTH, and even acknowledge it privately. But we hypocritically mask it with politically correct statements, like the pseudo secular media does. But too much obfuscation of truth can create an Orwellian type situation. If you say that the revelation of the TRUTH is a crime, then you are nothing but thought police.

    2> That we say it as it is. There is a paucity of people who say it as it is. Therefore people like Rishi etc are doing a service to people who suspect that the TRUTH is out there, but didn’t know where to find it, till they inadvertently stumble upon the comment sections of this blog.

    I wish I could write more. But it is a sad day! HHBB, one of the greatest sons and amazing minds of India is leaving his Southeast Asian adobe for Golden Antipodean shores. I feel like crying! What a loss to our country! As big, if not bigger than the loss of the Kohinoor to the Brits.

  89. I really wonder whether any Gross National Happiness (or any such Happiness index) captures the real cause for all of this!

    Or rather, why assume even the happiest person, living a life full of health and wealth, would never succumb to such *pleasures* of vandalizing public property?

    Or is it .. human psyche?

    Take me as an example, I remember I was caught throwing a stone at my school principles office (when I was in Class I). Was reprimanded, and havent done it since, but gee .. it was fun!

    Great article, btw!

  90. Hara hara bom bom July 27, 2009 — 11:38 am

    @ yourfan2 “But it is a sad day! HHBB is leaving his South Asian abode for Golden Antipodean shores”.

    Thx for your kind words & nice compliments, yourfan2. Rest assured, I shall continue to be involved in Hindu affairs even in Australia.

    Who knows, it may work out for the better!! With hopefully a calmer pace of life there, I’ll have more time on my hands which I can utilise for doing even more research on our faith and culture.

    You can wrench the patriot out of the heart of the country. But you can never remove the country from the heart of the patriot.

  91. Hara hara bom bom July 27, 2009 — 11:55 am

    Absolutely, positively, unfailingly last post on this thread.

    Just to show why I am emigrating :

    Boko Haram !! Boka Halaal ??

  92. @Yourfan2
    “That we say it as it is. There is a paucity of people who say it as it is. Therefore people like Rishi etc..”

    🙂 our Karma

  93. It is exactly the internecine tomfoolry that leading to tragedies like these, not getting reported.
    What a shame, it takes a Christian organization to report incidents like this.

    Happened last week. We will respond with a relief campaign as usual…the best we can do.

  94. HHBB to HJBJ@ ” I can also bet my bank account that you say ‘Howrah bridge’ and not ‘Rabindra Setu’. ”

    Interesting (and related) piece of trivia:-

    Byomkesh Bakshi mentions the Pontoon Bridge (that was the predecessor to Rabindra Setu) in “Pother Kanta”. Remember the story of the Bicycle Bell that shoots Deadly Gramophone Pins into Kolkatan businessmen’s hearts?

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