The Party

A White tent in Monsoon Wedding style on the lawns of the White House. Music playing: Aja Nachle

Dr. Singh, the PM, ambles about.

Bill Clinton arrives.

“Hello there Dr. Singh. I had a favor to ask of you.”

Dr. Singh: “Oh Mr. Clinton, I thought you were not coming to the dinner.”

Bill: “See that’s the problem. That blasted wife of mine dragged me along—didnt want me to be alone with the new lady secretary I hired to look over my papers [wink]. Would it be possible for your country to invite Hillary over for like a week or two on some excuse?”

Dr. Singh: “But Mr. Clinton, she was in India only recently though why I don’t know myself.”

Bill:”I know I know. And those were such lovely days Dr. Singh. I hadn’t had so much fun since that going-away party for interns I threw in 1998. Can’t you again get her over for some days? Please?”

Dr. Singh (uncomfortable cough): “Well you should mmm talk to someone at the Embassy for that….”

Bill:  “Thank you so much. By the way, this here is Mr. Rod Blagojevich and he really wanted to talk to you.”

Dr. Singh: “Rod Blagojevich, you mean the guy who tried to sell President Obama’s  Senate seat and extorted a children’s hospital? Why would I want to talk…”

Rod:  “Hi Dr. Singh. I am sorry for interrupting. I am trying to turn over a new leaf right now and want to go to India, a country I have long admired as one that reflects my values,  for spiritual rejuvenation. I have heard of a guruji who can help me attain a higher level of salvation. His name is Madhu Koda. Could you please make the connection between us?”

Dr. Singh (uncomfortable cough): “Well you should mmm talk to someone at the Embassy for that…By the way, Mr. Clinton, do you know where President Obama is? I really do need to talk to him…..”

A man comes up and pokes out his hand.

“Hello Dr. Singh. My name is Kal Penn and I am part of the Obama administration.  You may have seen me as Taj Mahal Badalandabad in the Van Wilder series of movies. You know the one where I say “In my country, a woman’s mastery of her gastronomical releases is considered the ultimate aphrodisiac!” No you havent seen it? Well then perhaps you have seen me as Kumar in the Harold and Kumar series? Perhaps not.  Well I just wanted to say how much I admire India (my family is originally from it but you would not know since I don’t use my last name Modi) and just as a tribute to my home-country, let me present the people of India with an uncut version of Bachelor Party Vegas…

Dr. Singh (uncomfortable cough): “Well you should mm talk to someone at the Embassy for that….oh there he is….President Obama….Oh hello…”

Obama: “Oh Hello Dr. Singh. I am sorry I was just held up clearing the mess with the state department. If you recall the speech I made about the historical bonds and similarities between the great nations of USA and India, the text of that was  going to be sent out to the press with [insert country name here] instead of India. Evidently the dolt who took that template speech from our knowledge-base forgot to do a search-replace. Duh ! I am sorry to keep you waiting though..”

Dr. Singh: “President Obama, I think it is time we had some straight talk. It is one year since we were attacked by terrorists who were backed by the Pakistani administration. In that one year, the US government has taken upon itself to reward Pakistan with billions of dollars in aid, which we all know will be siphoned off for more 26/11 style operations. If that was not bad enough then when Indian intelligence came to question an US citizen by the name of Headley, an individual who had been planning to come to India for terror operations and is possibly a 26/11 mastermind, we were not allowed access and our intelligence officials were sent home after a week cooling their heels in Washington DC.”

Obama: “I am sorry Dr. Singh about that. Next time I will get someone to take them to see Lincoln Memorial and buy them lunch at Amma’s kitchen in Georgetown.”

Dr. Singh: ” That’s not the point President Obama. It is just that he US has not exerted any pressure on Pakistan. As a result, it has brazenly provided sanctuary for the perpetrators of 26/11 and allows them to walk free. Forget exerting pressure, the US has consistently backed Pakistan in its design of keeping India from having any influence in Afghanistan. All so that Pakistan continue operations against the Taliban, which we all know is as real as a Broadway musical.”

Obama: “I am sorry I have a call here on my Blackberry. Oh Hi Ashfaq..”

Bill Clinton (whispering): “Did he say assfu,…?”

Obama: [throwing poisonous glance at Clinton] “Yes General Kayani. Please please do not be upset. Yes I understand you were expecting 20 million dollars this week. No General. You cannot speak to my supervisor. I said I am sorry you will be getting it this Sunday. You do remember to use it for non-military purposes. Right? No General that does not mean you can buy satellite phones to be used by LET volunteers with it—-non-military means peaceful intent. Right? I can trust you—correct? Cross your heart and swear? Scout’s honor? Ok then ciao…”

Dr. Singh is about to speak when a man suddenly barges in to the conversation.

“Yo Dr. Singh, I’m really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Advani here had one of the best campaigns of all time. One of the best campaigns of all time”

Obama shouts: “Secret Service. Take this man away. I am sorry Dr. Singh this Kanye West guy is simply the biggest internal problem we in the US have. Yes you were saying”

Dr. Singh opens his mouth to speak.

Obama: ” Hold that thought Dr. Singh. My Blackberry again. Aawww just look at this. Would you believe it Dr. Singh I added Pervez Musharaff on Facebook last week and he just overflows me with status messages and updates. I find this most irritating and inconsiderate. Just look at his status message.

The Jihadi General needs your help in Mob Wars to whack an Indian.

Ilyas Kashmiri and 7320,0000 Pakistanis like this

And as we speak, look another status message.

Pervez Musharaff would like to be your neighbor in Farmville

Hah ! This one I am definitely rejecting. The last thing I would want is for this guy to be my neighbor.

Wait. Wait. Now I feel bad for rejecting that offer. Let me compensate

Obama sent Jihadi General a Health Pack in Mobsters

See Dr. Singh. I didnt send him a Winchester rifle or a hand grenade as a free gift but just something very non-military and positive—like Health. This is essentially our philosophy for aiding Pakistan.”

Dr. Singh: “But then they use the Health Pack to replenish the health that was exhausted after “whacking an Indian” so that they may go and whack another.”

Obama: “Well that we do not know. Or have no proof.  Or that is not our problem.”

Dr. Singh (trying another track): “China has become increasingly aggressive against India. That they have been arming Pakistan and creating military bases around India we knew for long. But of late, they have stepped up their provocations by showing Arunachal Pradesh as not belonging to India in their maps and protesting the Dalai Lama’s internal movements in India.

The US attitude towards China has puzzled us ever since you took over as President. For instance, you started out by not meeting with Dalai Lama so as to not make China unhappy…”

Obama: “By the way, why should I meet Dalai Lama? I don’t meet everybody who wants to meet me..”

Dr. Singh: “Well for one he is a Nobel Peace prize winner.”

Obama: “So? Every Tom-Dick and Harry has one of those.”

Dr. Singh: “Mm…Ok. And when you visited China, you essentially endorsed China’s hegemonic designs  in the region calling on them to be a party to the India-Pakistan dispute, knowing full well that China and Pakistan are already firmly in bed and the joint statement cannot be seen as anything but a stinging diplomatic slap on India . I am surprised and saddened at not just how your administration has been pressurizing us once again to sign the CTBT but playing footsie with all of India’s enemies…”

Dr. Singh notices that Obama is once again pre-occupied on his Blackberry.

“Whoa. Dr. Singh hear this out. Just now Hu Jintao sent me a message and what a co-incidence —-it is about India.”

Dr. Singh (panicky): “What? Has China crossed the Indian border?”

Obama: ” No no no. Just an intelligence report from the Chinese. God they have eyes and ears everywhere. It says that in Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty’s marriage, the family stopped the band from playing Akshay Kumar songs. Can you believe that? By the way Hu says Ni Hao to you. And tells you to get an oil change for your car as it has been 161 days and 11 hours since you last got one. God they do know everything don’t they?”

Dr. Singh (exasperated) : “Did you hear a word of what I said so far?”

Obama:  “Ok Dr. Singh. Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was this Dad who had  three sons.

The eldest son earned a lot and was the true breadwinner, paying a sizeable sum so that Dad can pay his health bill, buy clothes and in general live his life. Dad, knowing that he was totally dependent on the eldest, would scold him from time to time but essentially would let him do what he wanted to if for nothing else than for self-preservation.

The youngest son was wild, debauched and an absolute criminal. He lived off on Dad’s and the eldest son’s charity and yet wanted more. If he did not get what he wanted, he threatened to set the house on fire. Hence he had to be paid off.

The middle son didnt earn as much as the eldest and was peaceful, tranquil and positively sheepish. Hence he neither commanded nuisance value nor actual value.Sometimes Dad, in a gesture of supreme tokenism, would throw a party “in his honor” but that was it.”

Dr. Singh: “Hmm…So USA is the Dad….”

Obama: “Yes Dr. Singh. I know you can figure this one out. Now if you will excuse me,  Michelle needs a foot massage and I really should get going. It was a pleasure talking to you and sharing the values of our great democracies and re-inforcing the bonds that have held together the peoples of these two mighty lands.

Thank you.”

57 thoughts on “The Party

  1. The title “The Party” reminds me of the funny Peter Sellers movie with Vrundi Bakshi exclaiming “We Indians don’t think who were are. We know who we are.”. 😉

    BTW GB, are you invited to the party? You live barely 30 miles away from the hottest party in town.

  2. Ha ha ha… So is that an eye-witness report from GB reporting live from the scene? 😉

  3. The dad and his three sons storys says it all. Perhaps the middle son should move away from the neglect and abuse, and adopt another family – where the father is Japan/France (wealthy, aging) and the younger brother is Iran.

    Everytime the US gives aid to Pak, India should sign an agreement with Iran. Increase trade, build roads, open markets.

    And incidentally, Iran has a long border with Afghanistan, and do not really get along with anybody else – USA, Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China.

  4. His real last name is Modi not Patel – at least that’s what Wikipedia says.

  5. Sad but thats how the reality is!!

  6. Great post. I’m happy to see Dr Singh showed some spine.

  7. Prasun, Corrected.

    Bengal Voice: No I was not invited 😦 Maybe next time. Glad you caught the Peter Sellers (Hrundi Bakshi) hat-tip.

  8. if USA is our dad, I guess Russia is India & China’s Mom, and Pakistan is USA’s illegitimate child with Saudi Arabia.

  9. @ Bengalvoice
    I think I saw Kundra (different from the one GB mentions) on the party video clips being on TV. I am sure Sonal would have been invited too.

  10. Nice , intelligent post

  11. The story of three brothers is great. Good one, GB.

  12. Simply brilliant!!! This alone is enough to make u win the best blog award. Forget funniest blog award. This is no flattery, but truth. You have arrived, Yet again!
    Sexy analogies and a brilliant rhetorics!
    I know you would like it to be more subtle (case in point: Facebook), but still this was long pending master stroke from The Great Bong!

  13. great post. you might want to correct “cooling their heals” typo

  14. G00d one Arnab. Keep it up , kudos

  15. I guess the eldest is CHina.. good post..

  16. an interesting party… 🙂
    with great bong reporting, seemed all the more fun..
    Please read this if and when you get time…
    and let me know anything that can help me write better…

  17. Great blog..simply superb…

  18. So what does the great people of Bengal suggest we do, or are they only good and criticizing and giving votes to the left ???

  19. Great post!

    PM’s conversation with Clinton is hilarious and so is Obama’s story. Keep ’em coming!

  20. Excellent satire. A much-needed hard look at reality. Clearly, Obama prefers Ming to Singh.

  21. Hehe 🙂 The three sons analogy was awesome. Lots of folk tales,the pet theme of the potboilers in Indian commercial cinema (till 10-15 years back) have this storyline, where all except the middle son’s characterization is variable. He is the most irrelevant character in the flow and just an element to satisfy the cardinality. Easily influenced by either the eldest or the youngest, gullible and although with quite a few dialogues and screen time (he and his wife), having nary an effect on the final outcome.

  22. Nice one! But funnier than the blog os to see the fourth, sixth comments read “Yay! I am first”, “Second!”, “send my granny an iPod”

  23. @ AP,

    As a humble representative of the great people of Bengal I would surely suggest you what to do…

    However to start with I would prefer a clarification of the characterization of the great people of Bengal who according to you are “only good and criticizing and giving votes to the left”

  24. Good post as always.
    Just wondering when america will (or wants to)come to its senses about its relation with pak.
    America is now what britan was before, refusing to let go of their hegemonistic attitude, poking their noses in others affairs.
    On a related note, happy that india showed some spine standing up to china in the dalai lama’s tawang visit issue.

  25. it is crystel clear how much we hate dubya men, bush is more trusted friend of india then obama. When america got its first black president we celebreted more they san blacks in america and now see what we are getting in return.

  26. @GB,
    That’s right. Hrundi Bakshi ! What a cool party though…with an elephant in the pool.

    @Rishi Khujur,
    Yup. Didn’t you get an invite? 😉

  27. simply awesome

  28. Wow ….. after quite a long time a vintage greatbong article …. deserves a standing applause.

  29. Peter sellers movie was real fun. MMS returns saying “Birdy Num Num”

  30. besides dinner and honor MMS will get only one other thing best expressed in the Hindi phrase “Bambu”

  31. Mushy on Facbook …..ha ha ha …..

    That Akshay kumar- Shilpa incident was hilarious …… how do you come across such articles …..great work ….

  32. BTW : Wasn’t Peter Seller’s “Bakshi” role the reason why Satyajit Ray refused to work with him on the Columbia Pictures “The Alien” ????

  33. great post GreatBong!
    summed a lot of current matters with ever going international political saga.

  34. >>Obama: “By the way, why should I meet Dalai Lama? I don’t meet everybody who wants to meet me..”
    Dr. Singh: “Well for one he is a Nobel Peace prize winner.”
    Obama: “So? Every Tom-Dick and Harry has one of those.<<

    Good one!!!

  35. Great post GB!!
    On a more serious note, I am glad that the USA is not helping us against Pakistan or China. We need to develop our own capabilities instead of looking to the USA or the USSR for help.
    In the short term US help might be welcome but in the long run we will become a dependent protectorate like Israel or Japan.

  36. The empire strike back….That’s the GB we know….Superb blog

  37. I agree….there should have been a seperate table – the RTDM table at the the party- GB, Mithun, Kanti Shah, Mumait Khan, Bengal Voice, the great Rishi, HHBB, Hujur, Ex- intellectual, Shan, Thallasa, Mamta Banerjee, Naren bhai, Sourav Ganguly, RichandFamous, Mohan, Akash Sen and of course myself should have been invited.

  38. @bengalvoice

    Am neither rich Indian, nor a Obama acolite.
    Clinton and Bush used to invite a lot fo first generation Indians in their events.
    Obama invited a lot of second generation American Hindus.
    Good that Sonal and Vivek made it.

    Dont know why the omnipresent Raghbir Goyal wasnt there 🙂

  39. Hmm..did make me smile ruefully.
    Pighoooey and Deshpremi are relevant.
    Jai ho.

  40. can’t help it .. what can we do really .. we can just lie back and suffer .. i doubt we will ever reach china’s might and our internal contradictions are too much to counter external threats like sunny deol ..

  41. This is political/pop culture satire at its best.
    This material can be used for a sketch in a show like John Stewart’s.

  42. @ Pighooey
    “On a more serious note, I am glad that the USA is not helping us against Pakistan or China. We need to develop our own capabilities instead of looking to the USA or the USSR for help”.

    Sorry, but we are way behind on that front.
    Self realization ethos in the defence industry has taken the route of the politician rather than the defence forces.

    So for now stay happy with sub par technology and a lot of “military fatigue” textile exports.

  43. Vasabjit Banerjee November 27, 2009 — 5:43 pm


    Wonderful post, funny, but sums up the Indo-US relationship problems perfectly.

    @Rishi: yes, we do need to develop our capabilities, but that takes years. This, given the condition of our PSU arms industries, which has failed to produce either a viable tank or an aircraft and yet manage to suck more money every year. Consequently, until we have a viable private sector based defense industry, we need external alliances.

    General Comment: The Obama administration is either the most fantastic foreign policy makers in the last 30 years or the absolute worst. In this vein, either Obama is a bit like Karpov-Kasparov, keeping his mouth shut and quietly playing and thinking five moves ahead, or he is plain clueless. However, since he has Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, I am a bit assured that things are not as bad. Conversely, we all know the effect of Colin Powell (sic) on the Bush foreign policy trajectory. In short, I do not know where the ship is headed to and I am scared.

    Whatever it is, Obama is on the look out for the US, not for India, Pakistan or China. That is the basis of international relations: self interest. We can complain that he is not giving us a good deal, but that is because we are not that important to them either in ‘nuisance’ or actual ‘value’.


  44. @ Vasabjit
    Innovation….we seriously lack that in the Defence PSUs.
    And to cap it all, India lacks the ability to reverse engineer stuff too, like China and Paksitan does.

    So that leaves us with a defence industry that is happy to make helicopter doors, and guns and equipments that are already One generation behind when they arrive with all their pompous demeanor.

    Thank Shiva for the tactical skills of our men of war.

  45. @ YourFan2

    Seems like you wanted to gatecrash like that whatever celebrity couple. May Prabhuji-force be with you.

  46. @ G.B


  47. Great…suberb….Eagerly waiting for ‘May I heb…..

  48. Oh amazing blog Arnab!! I am sharing it with people at work and everyone is loving it. It’s really well written and congratulations on being a nominee. BRAVO!!

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