Thank You Everybody

Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind won the Indiblog of the Year and the Most Humorous IndiBlog at the Indibloggies [polling statistics here] setting off mass hysteria in the country.

According to news agency Reumors, Kolkata went on a general twenty-four hour bandh, Mamata Banerjee asked for the resignation of the chief minister, Katrina Kaif signed another three movies, three more political parties demanded separate states, two more Bhojpuriyas were beaten up in Mumbai and Zardari gotΒ  three billion more dollars in “non-military” aid.

Yes mass hysteria. Of the mundane kind seen everyday.

But the most riotous scenes were seen outside RTDM offices where thousands of people were seen shouting for iPods, Zunes and Santosh Mp3 players for reasons unknown.

Meanwhile a solitary man was reported at the scene pleading, in two distinct voices, one normal and one immensely nasal: ” Aare dudes iPod ko maaro goli, koi mera Fulltoo attitude Radio le lo…Please…..koi le kyon naheen raha hai…fuckall…..”

Citizen journalists also took extensive footage of a lady who was present near RTDM offices, a lady who identified herself as a certain Savita Bhabhi, recently unbanned by the government in order to reduce uncontrolled emissions in the run-up to the Copenhagen Environmental SummitΒ  .

According to people present at the scene, she kept on provoking the crowd with ” Aare chodo RTDM ko. Mere pass Ipod Touch hai.”

Opining on latest developments, expert-on-all-things Rameez Raja added his expert comments—- ” RTDM won more votes than its nearest competitor in a public voting competition. And that is why [with a contented smile] it won. You see the Citi secret in winning any election is to get the most votes. That’s the secret strategy. It’s not easy to understand that fact. As a matter of fact, it’s quite hard.”

In a statement to the public, RTDM spokesman Truckdriver Sooraj thanked all those who voted for the blog by paraphrasing a line from the songΒ  Bade Kaam Ka Bandaar [Aankhen] : “Jo vote kiya us ka bhi bhala, jo na kiya us ka bhi bhala” .

And then he gave a very special, most sincere bow of gratitude to every reader who has ever visited RTDM in the more than five years of its existence.

140 thoughts on “Thank You Everybody

  1. Congrats !!!

  2. and then Ravi Shastri chipped in to underline Rameej Raza’s words. “You see Rameez, something had to give!”

    Sunil Gavaskar has hailed this as “A momentous occasion for brown men of all colors thumbing their noses at what was the white man’s bastion”.

    Arun Lal and L. Shivaramakrishnan also said stuff, but people ignored them even before they opened their mouths.

    And yes. Congrats!

  3. yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. we voted for lunacy. so we get lunacy

  4. Congrats πŸ™‚

  5. Hi GB. Congrats a ton! Have been reading your blog for about three years. But commenting for the first time. couldnt help it. OMG! just see the margin of your victory in both categories. Hope the commies of Wb didnt help you out with their patented polling skills πŸ˜‰

  6. CONGRATS !!!

  7. Congratulations!!
    lol@ Rameez raja.

  8. Hey Arnab, I recommend your blogs to one and all and am glad that you won the coveted award πŸ™‚ Are you working on a book? When is it likely to be out?

  9. Congrats Arnab

  10. Congrats GB..:)

  11. The Savita Bhabhi interlude is … well, volcanic!

  12. sarah palin and joe the plumber send their ispeciall wishes and winks. also.

  13. Congrats GB ! Do keep up the good work !!

  14. Oieeee Salaaa.. Congrats!!

  15. Congratulations GB. Well deserved.
    Keep up the good work !!

  16. Hahaha! Voted for you too. Love reading what you write. Congrats! πŸ™‚

  17. Congrats GB! Way to Go πŸ™‚

  18. Congrats! :)Must say you’ve thanked in style!


  20. yep..congrats
    voted for you.

  21. “ami khub khub khushi hoyechi – bhogoban tomader mongol korun”

  22. Where is the RTDM office? I want to shout for an iPod, Zune and Santosh mp3 players as well πŸ™‚

  23. Congrats GB!!
    Way to Go!

  24. Congrats GB!

    This is the first time that my vote has actually helped a candidate to win! I am very glad.:)

  25. Congrats
    Finally a vote that made a difference!

  26. Congrats, GB! You more than deserved it.

  27. GB, We all demand more blogs from you. You can give this in return for our votes.

  28. Congrats … By the way not sure if you read it but Nytimes in its compilation of the Worst 10 things on the internet … put this culture of “first” at no. 10.

  29. Congrats! Landslide victories – these.

    Treat yourself to some water slides today.

  30. “Truckdriver Sooraj”…lol

    Congratulations, GB. Very well deserved..

  31. Congratulations GB .. you deserved it .. again:) A great end to this year for you. All the best for many more accolades. Keep writing and entertaining your die-hard fans.

  32. congratulations GB. well deserved.
    we await with eager anticipation, your book now.
    with due regards,

  33. Congrats πŸ™‚

  34. amazing feet…..prabhuji ka aashirwaad hai tum par…

  35. You deserved it, we all who followed the blog was expecting the same

  36. Congratulation!! totally deserved it… πŸ™‚

  37. Congrats GB!

    And that Santosh MP3 player bit was brilliant …. I was lol-ing for a minute πŸ™‚

  38. Congratulations! Give us more of this humour and we will give you more votes in years to come!

  39. I voted for you in best blog cat..:) won two

  40. Congrats ,Arnab πŸ™‚

  41. Dear Arnab,
    In case Rameez didn’t mention, you are a ‘Class Ect’..

  42. Hey..GB.

    BTW..its not a surprise at all!

    Now start preparing for all the interviews and press conferences you are going to face!! πŸ™‚

  43. Heartiest congratulations GB!!! BTW, being an old follower of your blog, I have noticed your continuing problem in distinguishing chhodo from chodo e.g. “Aare chodo RTDM ko. Mere pass Ipod Touch hai.” — or do you do that on purpose all the time???

  44. Ama kase iPod Touch ache..Ki Touch korbe ki??

  45. Hey, CONGRATZ!!!!!! I voted too.. πŸ™‚

  46. Hearty congratulations! Very well deserved

  47. Congrats buddy! keep it up…

  48. Congratulation GB. By entering hall of fame, u proved that you are a true South Indian.

  49. Congrats Great Bong—- plz update ur achievement in Award Shaward

  50. Congrats…. Finally… there is justice in the world….. Savita bhabhi is back!!

  51. Congrats… finally there is justice in this world….. Savita bhabhi is back…

  52. Congrats GB!!!
    Well done …getting 54% votes..WOW πŸ™‚

  53. Congratulations!! Your posts on cricket are laudatory…

  54. awesome..u deserve it…


  55. Congratulations Arnab!

  56. Many congratulations. Santosh MP3 players – what an anachronism.

  57. Hey, Congrats!!!

    That was the first time I ever voted on Internet.

    Keep up the great work.

  58. First time I saw my votes went to the winning side.

  59. Congratulations!

  60. Happy to see my vote getting counted..

    Looks like I can bring about changes after all πŸ™‚

  61. Great feet Arnab da, keep it have always been a great read..wish you all the success..bag all the records of blogging as Sachin has done in batting!!


  62. GB for president (or should it be PM).

  63. Where do you get these Mithun da photos?!

    Congrats – GB for President!!!


  64. Koob Bhalo..Mubarak ho πŸ™‚

  65. GB..congrats GB i meant greatbong and not glen beck πŸ˜›

  66. Congrats GB !!!!!

  67. Congrats Arnabda !! this should now give a boost to our just demand for a much needed separate Ballygunj state πŸ™‚

  68. Way to go GB! U R indeed the Gr8 Bong!

  69. congrats!!

  70. what a huge margin man, did u indulge in ballot stuffing….
    with that amount of popularity, ,maybe your dream of a separate state for yourself is not far off…….

  71. Arnab,

    Congratulations, and here’s to many more! Keep the blogs coming, and we will keep voting for you…

  72. GB – Congrats!

  73. Congratulations Arnab – two honors very well-deserved!

  74. Bangali Babu ki jai ho!!

    Par Bhaiyya, ee to batawa.. ki Prabhuji eh fotu kaun sa fillum ki hai?? Hum sar par bahut jor maari par kauno yaad naa aayee.. aisa lagat hei ki koi fillum miss-wa gaya humse

  75. Congratulations !!!

    BTW : After a long time the first commentator didn’t ask for an i-pod ….. LOL

  76. I voted 5-6 times for you…
    Atleast Ipod ka headphone to de do… πŸ™‚
    take care and be well…

  77. Congrats!!!

  78. GB heartiest congratulations…for once i thought I have to act responsibly in life and VOTE…alas I tried but after time for polling got over 😦 you still won and I am happy for you…Go on!

  79. Congratulations and let the champagne flow ,cheers to a whopping victory

  80. Congratulations!
    And, you are welcome πŸ™‚

  81. Congratulations GB…. Pls. continue..

  82. This voting business have enhanced my blog awareness(That means I’m reading more blogs, before this is the only one i read)

    congrats for the marginal victory,(what u dont need to correct all the time)

  83. Congrats GB…hoping to read more of your blogs in new year

  84. You left a point. Boycott would have said these rankings doesn’t make sense.

  85. Congratulations!
    I voted for you!!
    But I am surprised by the total number of votes, being even less than 5000.

  86. @ Arnab
    So where is the party this weekend?
    If I may suggest Minerva or Tiffin’s for Saturday lunch buffet.
    Tiffin’s chicken curry is better than Minerva’s and its just 10 mins drive from ur place.

    Yeah I know u hate driving… so I will pick u guys up.

  87. Thanks everyone for the wishes.

    @Rishi: This weekend unfortunately have plans to go to Arundell Mills (see I am driving !!) for India shopping. But I shall definitely take you up on your offer. :-). Had the lunch buffet (vegetarian) at Woodlands recently. Was not impressed much.

    @Arun: Movie is Minister Phatakeshto.

    My book is releasing February end. Will be in India from beginning of March for a month. I will be in Delhi till 10th approximately and then Kolkata.

  88. Congrats dude and keep blogging!!!!

  89. “reduce uncontrolled emissions in the run-up to the Copenhagen Environmental Summit” ….. vintage stuff…….congrats and keeping it coming GB ……. all eyes and ears here….

  90. Congrats.

    And its now time to dig out an old link.

    Remember this comment:

    Malice never wins! Ha ha ha . The people have voted with their feet. Bettered in every way, in terms of originality, quality, talent and now the numbers. πŸ™‚

    Heh. Immense pleasure came. The sheer WTF edness.

    Stripped, castrated, sodomized, humiliated and exposed.
    Bang bang bang bang boom boom boom boom.

  91. Congrats.. Awaiting an Avatar review from you, I already have tickets for Sat. πŸ™‚

  92. Congratulations GB. Truly well-deserved.

  93. Congrats!

    LOL @ Rubbish Raja!

  94. Congos, Arnab.. RTDM defenitely deserves it..:)

  95. Hey Arnab, congrats! I have been reading your blog for years, just that I don’t comment. But this occassion demands a comment. BTW I didn’t vote for u, but anyways u have wished me “bhala”, so that’s ok πŸ˜› But seriously, you have been doing a great job over the years, pls keep the posts coming. Enjoy!

  96. Congrats GB!!! U really deserve it..
    voted 4 u πŸ˜‰

  97. @ Greatbong
    Ok another time maybe.
    Woodland’s buffet never worked for me.
    Do try Saffire’s (in Bowie).
    It has nice phuchkas as appetizers and Jalebis as desser soemtimes.

  98. Congrats!
    Looking forward to the book launch.

  99. Congratulations. I voted for you.

  100. Congratulations GB keep posting!!!

  101. The greatest thank you speech-in writing ever..Hey greatbong whiach are the spectator sports that you like other than cricket?

  102. Congrats!!

    regarding the hysteria, what will happen when the book releases???

    The mind boggles.

  103. Congrats GB,

    I was in two minds when I voted for you. Usually people I vote for, do not win – perhaps my luck is changing πŸ™‚

  104. @ Greatbong
    Oh haan!
    If you are into the Maryland food culture, try out “Bottom of the Bay” on Rt. 1 near Laurel. Its a old seafood shack.

    The sauteed soft shell crab there is truely a gift from Varuna deva.

  105. Congrats GB! One Zune for booth capturing?

  106. Baba GB, stupendous baba, Hall of Fame baba, dhulo dao baba!!

  107. “And then he gave a very special, most sincere bow of gratitude to every reader who has ever visited RTDM in the more than five years of its existence.”

    Oops…this old-timer seems to be behind the latest developments. πŸ™‚

    And your blog has many yourfan2’s now, or rather youripod2’s. πŸ™‚
    youripod-first, second third and so on…..:)
    So they all deserve that gracious bow, each and every one of your readers.

    So hearty and warm congratulations. Enjoy the celebrations with Rishi and others. I will raise a glass to you and your demented mind tomorrow.


  108. Congrats to the demented mind. When is the book coming out btw?

  109. congrats man u deserved it !!!

  110. Congrats Arnab.

    History repeats itself. Would love to meet you wnen you are in Kolkata

  111. congrats GB !!! you deserve it .. you have made us laugh for over 5 years now..more power to your blog !!

  112. Clap clap clap clap… Thrilled! :))

  113. Correcting Vivek’s comment there… you have made us laugh as well as cry, Great Bong… How can one forget Andaman Cellular Jail and the likes?
    Love you :))

  114. congratulations GB! hay-uge fan!

  115. The Rameez Raja part was awesome…GB at his humorous best…. Congratulations…

  116. RTDM’s inclusion to “Hall of fame” also deserves a mention, no?

  117. congrats! as a long time fan, feeling mighty pleased.
    now, if only india can pull a few punches against the the lankans today …

  118. The SB…uncntrolled emissions line is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!

    I LIKE the wayu think! πŸ˜€

  119. the boys at the alimuddin are very bemused.

    they were abso clueless that RTDM was handing out gizmos for booth capturing.

    “only five thou, we could have made it five lakhs”, they said.
    “shaala, every sector five machine thhekey ponchashta patthano jeto”, they said.
    “shobbai ki ekta ekta chaitam naki? para’r club’ey ekta ekta dilei hoto”, they said.
    consolation was…….
    “didi boleychhey, shamner election-ey tthik tthak kaaj korlei…..”, they are saying.

    in barrackpore, i am also flummoxed.
    you mean you won without the ‘boys’ pitching in?
    the party changes, but the ‘boys’ are constant.

    so, it is really, really JAI HO!
    (the original one, not the pussy cat dolls wallah)

  120. Congratulations on winning The IndiBlog of the Year! Hoo hoo! SuperCool! ;]

  121. Congrats !

  122. Congrats. You deserve it

    Hope to read many more blogs in the years to come.

  123. Congratulations!

  124. “According to news agency Reumors, Kolkata went on a general twenty-four hour bandh, Mamata Banerjee asked for … and Zardari got three billion more dollars in β€œnon-military” aid.”

    so nicely summed up and tinted with humor … u r the GREAT BONG indeed! πŸ™‚

  125. Good to see a leaner trimmer blogroll too. Heh. Good riddance.

  126. Congrats Arnab. By now, you must be getting tired of receiving Indibloggies Awards repeatedly. πŸ˜‰

  127. Congrats a lot. I voted for you and good to see it reaping results.

    “.. Santosh mp3 players” – vintage stuff man. Keep up the good work.

  128. GB,
    waiting for your book more than any SRK fan has waited for his next flick ( though which wont be much different from last) or Himesh fan for his next nasal magnum (0.44) o-pus.

  129. Congrats…well deserved winner

  130. Congrats, Greatbong! Keep us entertained with your howlarious posts :-).

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