Phir Hile Sur Mera Tumhara

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara is, without doubt, one the most iconic symbols of late 80s Indian popular culture. Some love it for the music. Some for the visuals. Some for the memories associated with it—of father coming back from work as it played on the TV or everyone rushing into the living room to catch a then-rare glimpse of Amitabh Bachchan.

And some, like me, for the sight of  P K Banerjee (who gave Bengalis such enduring phrases as “Dui Milan-r Milan” while presenting Italian League soccer on DD) wiping his bald spot as he and Arun Lal get down from a metro train, with the same cool swagger that would later inspire Quentin Tarantino in “Reservoir Dogs”.

So when I heard of an attempt to re-mix and make Mile Sur more relevant it for a new generation, my heart brimmethed over with joy at the brilliance of the idea. After all what could be more sure to succeed than to take a much-loved work of art and try to make it better. After all, look at how RGV improved on the original Sholay and made that movie whose name I forget but which rhymes with Haag. I was even more excited when I heard that Zoom TV, the guys who know how to make use of their zoom lens like no other (witness this expose wherein scratches made by adamantine claws on Deepika Padukone’s back prove conclusively that Wolverine is the new man in her life), were the brains behind this project.  I was now sure that the focus of this new Mile Sur Tumhara (called Phir Mile Sur Tumhara like Phir Hera Pheri and Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayi and Phir Haathon Mein Sharaab Hai) would on the common people, like the man rowing the boat or the mahout as it was in the original, and less on Bollywood because after all Zoom Isko Dekho.

Once I saw the new Mile Sur Tumhara, I was blown away by the same euphoria that overpowers me everytime I come to the scene in the original when 16-wickets-on-debut-and-never-anything-after-that Narendra Hirwani, the dashing youth icon of the late 1980s, walks down the beach in a sweater.

This was the perfect re-adaptation of the old favorite, one that was guaranteed to strike a chord with the “Let’s have some raunak shaunak, let’s have some party now, let’s have some ralla rappa” generation with glamor exuding from every frame and the peppier, more happening “Yehi life ka gist. So let’s twist” demented variations on the overtly simple original.

Of course there was one major fail for me. No it was not the outlandish length of the whole thing—-after all rubbing sande ka tel on anything does extend it outrageously as we all know from engineering college hostel. No what was really shocking for me, was despite the theme of the torch being passed on from one generation to the next (hence Prakash Padukone becoming Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan spawning Amitabh Bachchan), there was no room for Jeetendra’s son Tusshar Kapoor and more importantly for Mimoh. I mean come on now. No Mimoh. Remember Mithunda in the original? Remember the elephant also?

But then this flaw, major as it was, was still swamped out by the other glittering successes of the music video.

Success 1: Aishwarya Rai channeling the Sharmila Tagore expression from the original.

Success 2: Abhishek Bachchan popping out from the back with a “I come as a package deal with dad and wife” apologetic smile.

Success 3: Rituparna-mashi and Bumba-da (Prasenjit , the outrageously bearded Paaji [Bengali for naughty] Paaji [Hindi]) representing the best and brightest of today’s Bangali intelligentsia (in the 1988 version it was people like Sunil Gangopadhyay , Mrinal Sen, Suchitra Mitra and Nirendranath Chakrabarti)

Success 4: Deepika Padukone doing a Liril tribute (after all the director of the music video is the man behind the original Liril Ad)

Success 5: Shiamak Davar proving once again that he is the Johnny Lever of dance.

Success 6: Aamir Khan doing the old  Bam Bam Bole meets Aati Kya Khandala facial expressions and “I am a superstar and watch me blend me with commoners” act that he does so well.

Success 7: Pagal-e-Azam Sonu Nigam, looking as fresh as he stepped out from the sets of “Jaani Dushman”, doing his excessively exaggerated gayiki and ada-kaari.

Success 8: Shahid Kapoor continuing his Chance Pe Dance act

Success 8:  And finally and awesomely, Shahrukh Khan, in his hammy goodness, packing in seventeen seconds of undiluted over-acting  concluding with his “never-seen-before” arms-outstretched romantic pose just to remind you, in case you forgot, the filmy flimsiness of the whole act.

Yes I can truly see this becoming the new song of a new India.

Now I wait eagerly for “Phir Baje Sargam Har Taraf Se” with Pritam, Himesh and Rakhi Sawant.

102 thoughts on “Phir Hile Sur Mera Tumhara

  1. Completely agree… Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara totally sucks…

  2. First ! the new version is laughable !

  3. Oh . By the time i submitted it , i was second (

  4. First…..where is the ipod?

  5. they dint have Saifeena… wonder y!!!

  6. I expected Katrina Kaif. She is everywhere. Why not here?

  7. iPad for me today….

  8. Not just the video, I did not like the music also.. to long and lacks melody..

  9. @greatbong

    I was expecting lalit modi, Rakhi sawant, Himesh & PAF Air cheif . They are everywher now a days, Female fetocide, Indo pak wa and what not.

    Did they guy who actually made it see the original one.?

    Anyway Deepika was a nice inclusion in this one….Sexy legs!!!!

    But No Prabhu Ji (mithun da)!!!! That’s not acceptable!!!!

    O cruel cruel world!!!

  10. Oh no, not Baje Sargam and other fillers! The original Mile Sur had Ashoka Chakra appearing at the end of the song and I was disappointed to see SRK not carrying one in this new avatar, che che!

  11. Every composition (in order to qualify for a composition) must have a soul. This new version was terrible, it gave me an opportunity to understand the difference between a Kishore Kumar and a Sonu Nigam. What were the producers thinking? electronica and hamming with a maestro thrown in regularly (likes of Amjad Ali Khan) certainly does not bring the soul in the music and the collective goosebumps that the listeners used to get. Shaimak Davar, Aishwarya Rai and her package deal – buy one get one free, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra can hardly qualify as national icons (not to mention other names that were featured.

    A big mess and I am expecting that the next time around, Himmmmmeeeesh along with Shankar Ehsaan Loy will remix jana gana mana and have Mimoh, Shiney Ahuja, Annu Kapoor, Manoj Kumar, Amir Khan’s wife (all two of them) and IPL stars to feature in the song

  12. Where is Sreesanth – He could have done some break dance with Bhajji’s balle balle n then Preity Zinta giving them a hug..

  13. I thought the sign language bit that Salman did with the kids deserved a mention.It was nice to include a much neglected strata of our society into the song.

  14. I kinda saw it coming though from SRK. The quivering lips, the outstretched arms etc. I also missed the Great rockstar of our generation Himesh Reshammia and where was Dhoni? Tendulkar turned out to be unlucky both times. First time, he was not around, second time, he was a has been.

  15. Shah Rukh’s outstretched hands…… how i hate it! Is Bollywood the only source of substance for our nation?! These people who claim to be representatives of youth, who make such videos and remixes clearly have no idea of the pulse of youth.

  16. They should have included Momota-didi to add at least some fun element to it. When i watched the video for the first time, i had this feeling – ‘why on earth?’

  17. I hadn’t seen the old one for a very long time now, and I had missed the launch of the new one. I just saw both, one after the other. BIG mistake! I’ve lost count of how many times I physically twitched and winced when I was watching the new one. Amazing how it managed to be grossly under par and a nasty overkill at the same time! Also, what’s interesting to notice is that the old video properly devoted time to each region of India and also had a lot of common people from each of the regions in the video. The new one is overtly Bollywood-y. Interesting to know what Zoom’s version of “contemporary India” is.

    I guess we’re all unanimous on this one for once, it SUCKED!

  18. Completely agree, GB! But there was one heartening feature: no cricketers! Or did I miss them when I dozed off after the Ash-Abhi synchronisation?

  19. Also there is no mention of the 7 sisters in this video!

  20. I find it distasteful to contemplate the horror if they decide to remake this.

  21. I love your style of Blogging….if you do get time please do visit my blog –

    This blog is about Indians visiting Mars! My sense of humor is as demented as yours…so you may like it…gimme your thoughts about it!

  22. @greatbong You forgot to mention about Salman Khan and his baniyan ad in the song!

  23. Super article! Died laughing… almost as funny as the new version itself !

  24. Its the worst thing to happen in the name of national integration. And thank you to the video makers to let us know that you have to be a celebrity kid to represent India and all those poor sportsmen pushed in at the last for microseconds. And the double worst thing: computer graphics making it look like a shaadi ka video…

    the part of the problem is that “hum logon ne aadat bana ke rakhi hai, poorani cheezon ko chhedne ki…”
    as if by remixing and remaking – hum India pe ehsaan kar rahein hai….

    GB – India is no more about common ppl…its a country that only looks upon tv stars and bollywood celebrities….
    worst…they think cinema is all about celebrityhood…

    whats the difference between Taliban and them…?

  25. Prasenjit, Rituparna and Shaan for Bengal?? Are we so starved of cultural/intellectual icons?? Considering Antaheen just did well at the national awards….
    And no Dada?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!

  26. in spite of being an out and out srk fanatic, i have to admit that the salman khan bit was by far the best bit of the video. may be becoz he didnt open his mouth 🙂

  27. Great Bong da, I have been an avid fan of yours since time immemorial, but have never written a comment. This time I decided to.

    First things first – great post, as always. But your post, like the remixed song, left us longing for more. Where was the Shilpa-Shetty-new-icon-of Rajasthan comment? Where was Rohit-bal-thegya-icon-for-Kashmir comment?

    Dada, you are losing your touch, it seems 🙂

    Yes, and SRK, well, he could have bene put in the same frame as Rohit Bal and KJo, like Bachchan-Jitu-PrabhuJi – holding hands and looking at each other with great longingness !! 29*13 at its best !!

  28. LOL! Sande ka tel

    Deepika PaduCone was kept not as a Liril Ad but to represent justice personified. Deepika and Justice! You might guffaw but yes she is kanoon incarnate because KANOON KE HAATH BAHUT LAMBE HOTE HAIN.

    What was Pidyanka Chopda doing there?

    And how could you forget Banian Khaan :O !

    My take on the song [serious and in Hindi]

  29. And how can you forget Shilpa Shetty doing a Rajashtani? Okay she owns Rajasthan does that make her a Rajasthani 🙂

  30. they probably made it so terribly so that we could unanimously agree (bringing in National Integration) on the extent to which it SUCKS!!

  31. hope they don’t touch ‘baje sargam’ I liked that more than mile sur.

  32. OMG they’ll make baje sargam with the retards from MAGIC from the movie rock on.

  33. i ws wonderin on a version of such a gr8 song… whr hav bn d real icons of india… viz lata ji, sachin, aasha ji, rekkha, APJ kalam, alka yagnik…. instead dey hav DEEPIKA, baniyan dhari Salman, priyanka, shahid, shilpa!! (yeakkkk itz pathetic!!) duznt giv a feel at all of patriotism or to feel proud of india but be ashamed of what we have created after 20 years of the original version… wondering why ranbir kapur has been taken in d shot… looks as if he’s been beaten up jst b4 d shot… shiamak makes no sense again.. itz just an ok-ok glamsham show … dazz it!

  34. Brilliant stuff, GB! As usual, of course! But you could give it a re-read as there are a couple of typos. One that I remember is “Aari Kya Khandala”…

  35. Two small corrections. In the original version, as far as I can remember, among the Bengali intellectuals coming out of the metro train were singer Suchitra Mitra (not Sen) and poet Nirendranath Chakrabarti (not Annadasankar Ray).
    You may think, Baba is again in his correcting mode!

  36. This is totally hilarious! People around me are wondering what’s wrong (once again) 😀

  37. Painful – 16 minutes long and terrible composition as well.

    And to think that they managed a much superior product in the 80s – under six minutes, excellent people and complete coverage of all the regions of India.

    And this obsession with Bollywood and actors is just too much.

  38. @Great Bong
    Ah, but Katrina had to be ignored – she’s half British, but more importantly half KASHMIRI. The horror. How would Baba Thackeray feel?
    Or maybe Salman had more than compensated with his extra exposure

  39. Suchitra Mitra, not Suchitra Sen.

  40. i missed Rakhi Sawant, Smriti Irani, Himesh Reshamiya and Raju Srivastav

  41. I always knew GreatBong was/is a BIG great fan of Katrina Kaif!! 😉

  42. begal line is totally neglected….atleast there should be sourav, who is bengal legend icon now! even if we keep politics apart(keep didi out!)….some new gen should have been added from sports(only baichung!)/film(rituporno ghosh!)….cultural world is totally missed! no writer, poet, singer (shaan is more from mumbai, than ER)…..prosenjit-rituparna are okay, because still there is a missing link….both are still crowd puller….even if u say rituparna ‘mashi’…she is still carrying her sexy image very well… compare to other new comers…..anyway, the total show is a fail…..

  43. Great Bong,
    You are slowly turning out to be a conscious of our generation. May god bless you with more wisdom and courage.

  44. How did they leave Amar Singh out of the package deal? Did he resign from that too?

    A more detailed review by Krish Ashok here.

  45. lol! its 16 mins long!

  46. May be a little cameo by the great KKR and the Thackreys would have given a sense of extra patriotism to the viewers. Not to mention some naxals ( any where from the red corridor) and ND Tiwari with 20 something damsels in the background. However I really missed Rakhi and her dulhas in sync with Himesh, that would have been a killer performance.
    Wondering if Zoom ‘isko dekho’ in support with aman ka/ki (tam)asha could have borrowed some members of the IPL 3 cry baby with their awesome Military strategist from across the border? They missed on this one for sure.

  47. One good thing that came out of it was that people who were not aware of the original one would have seen it. And compared it to the new one. And would have cursed ‘phir mile sur’. Sort of like how people of my generation came to know about the good songs of the 70s-80s because they were remixed.

  48. just 1 line “gane ke maa-behan kar di” but again you have to be special talent to distroy something like what RGV did with sholay.

  49. Totally agree with you bong fan. This was more bollywood-esque than any national integration video that has been made. And there are no cricketers. How come they did not include even a single player from team India?

  50. I seem to be in two minds after watching the video. I commend the effort, it did capture the intent of the original with some new additions. I did not like precisely the bits you didn’t like, like Aishwarya/Abhishek, SRK hamming, Aamir’s bit, etc. It definitely is too long, but the production values seem to be better. Looks like some new communities have been represented, like the disabled kids, gays(via Karan Johar) and new languages as well. Like I said, it’s hard to make up my mind with this. It has both good and really bad parts. Thanks for posting the link, brings back a whole lot of memories.

  51. Vintage greatbong.

  52. AAAARGH! Now you have gone and spoiled my sweet memories of the original one forever. This is what they call “Sukhe thakte bhute kilano” in Bengali.

    But this tendency of “remaking” good things is by no means new. Perhaps it is worth mentioning a tale I heard from my grandma. Long before my birth, once All India Radio decided the “Mahishasur Mardini” by Birendrakrishna Bhadra that was aired on every Mahalaya was now old, and they “remade” the stuff adding, among other things, recitation by none other than superstar Uttamkumar. When it was aired on Mahalaya, my grandma told me, the reaction was spontaneously unanimous – people turned off their radios and played recordings of the older version that they had with them. Needless to say, AIR reverted back to the older version from the next year.

    Just goes to show (like the new video here) that star power isn’t everything. Quality and dedication count too.

  53. well the only development for me from the original is the increased time for the telugu script, earlier it came and went in a flash, now the Chinese eyed Mahesh babu has quite an extended screen presence, next only to SRK perhaps…

    i also liked the words used to describe Aamir in ur write up and it does sound funny when i read that he doesn’t like award nights and distances himself from all such events, i very well remember when he attended a function years back and even said on air that he would have become a teacher if not for an actor… nice words used for Abhishek Bachan too & ur admiration of the vacuous physical beauty of queen B is second only to SRK again or i dont know if she supersedes the King Khan in this department…

  54. dada not your best post. i m a big fan of yrs. read evry post but am disappointed for letting off new mile bollywood lightly

  55. Yet another fantastic post… I am in love with you, Greatbong 🙂

  56. Don Ayan de Marco January 29, 2010 — 6:06 am

    The playback voice did not match Deepika and Priyanka. As far as SRK goes…everyone expected him to do such, so no surprises there…but Aamir Khan shocked me. I think it would have been a better idea if they would have featured actresses from a generation earlier like Madhuri and Kajol instead of the newer ones.

  57. Nice post GB
    if anything the song has integrated the whole country in common hatred towards it. A deplorable act..

  58. Oh I dont like it for 2 reasons

    No one from Cricket? I think the budget did not allow this.

    And no one from Pakistan? If SRK is there, his neighbours should be there as well na. Shame shame…. I hope people in Lahore and Karachi see this and burn effigies.

  59. Arnab da..
    I have not seen the comments sections..
    But there seems to be two Success 8’s..??

    By the way.. Nice post !!

  60. This is the bomb – Nicolas Cage watches ‘Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’

  61. Good post. Though felt incomplete. Every shot in this is worth bashing. Please add more to the post.

    1. Salman’s piece is what lot of people liked. What idiotic biting thing he does at the end…didn’t make sense to me.
    2. Aish and deepika showing there intricate makeup? mascara? Whats with the close-ups?
    3. Deepika Padukone? Have no words to express how crappy It was.
    4. It was more about the big EGOS of these celebrity kids? Each demanded a minute slot I assume, no sharing the screen with other stars. National disintegration.
    5. In fact, lets all vote to ban this trash.
    6. IS this shown on TV in India? Like the original mile sur.. used to be?
    7. Can DD sue Zoom for the huge insult to the original composition?

  62. I liked the Salman Khan sequence. A few years back President Kalam invited children who can’t see to sing the national anthem at the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas. IN our headlong rush to criticize (we are Indian, we are like that only!) most of us missed the significance. Salman Khan isn’t singing, he is using sign language with a group of children who don’t speak or hear. So once in a while appreciate those who demonstrate sensitivity, and then criticise to your hearts content.

  63. eternal_sunshine January 29, 2010 — 6:28 pm

    Arnab da,
    With the opening sequence of the ‘Phir Mile…’ I thought it was just an extension of the ‘Aman ki Aasha’ stuff that our yellowest newspaper group Times is promoting. I wass not miles wrong. Thank you for giving words to my anger. You have rightly treated everyone including Amir doing ‘Aati ka Khandala’. That was a Changez Khan rape of the song. And Sharukh did what can be termed as his sexual relationship with Karan – he sodomized the song.

    Best line of this blog – ‘Shamak Davar proving once again that he is the Johnny Lever of dance.’. EXACT WORDS THAT I COULD NEVER THINK OF. You are great.

  64. Oh god…I laughed so loud reading this post…brilliant! 🙂

  65. One more thing: Did you all see the expressions of people behind Sonu Nigam? hilarious. Director could have just told them “Guys! Look happy. Look impressed with this dude!”

  66. Nice post GB , because it brought my attention to this classless,horrifying and “wannabe” (the Gen-X term) video …
    The pre-economic-liberalization-video was awesome, not in the least, because it portrayed real icons and that too so naturally…I mean,Padukone Sr. tapping his fingers casually on the steering of a jeep,Miranda sketching on the beach and that wonderful ensemble of south indian actors and dancers on the beach listening to Balmurli and what of the unique Bhimsen Joshi whose voice soared higher than the mountains…wonderful,simple,earthy & classy just like the period that represented our nation!

    Now cut to Bollywoodized version and the inflated egos (everyone probably wanted a 30 sec slot I am sure)! Priyanka looks condescending,Deepika looks anything but normal (whats with the lip gloss),Aamir (really!),SRK(no surprises from the man who made aSOKA look like a teenager frisking around like a little puppy),Sonu (totally in love with himself)…It would have been better had they included Vishal Bharadwaj,Resul Pookutty,Aparna sen,chetan bhagat,Anil Kumble and so many other more deserving personalities.

  67. Oh yes, forgot to mention the good bits-
    Abhinav Bindra,aman and ayan ali with the sarod (that piece they played is in a wonderful album called Truth , a must buy),the beautiful Shobhana,shankar-ehsan-loy,rashid khan,the last 2 mins or so….

  68. it is truly a disaster….

  69. One more thing…aishwarya channelized the Hema Malini expression…you know with that rain…Hema & Sharmila were both great in the original

  70. Awesome video! Last time I laughed so much was while watching S(t)ri S(t)ri Himesh in Radio 😀

  71. Kailsah Surendranath says this version seems more Bollywood-y because “today’s stars are more charismatic” than the older stars!

  72. really i tried finding some melody some patriotic feeling which never came. but then shunning it as totally rubbish wud be killing the creativity. so we must appreciate the effort which did not strike a chord. keep it up better luck next time.

  73. This new attempt has its own moments…rehman & AB are good to start with, sallu’s bit is well done, there is a small piece by shivamani…and ending is good too. No doubt it falls short of the original but i think that is primarily due to the video and not so much due to the musical piece…which i kind of liked

  74. What a bunch of elitist snobs you are!! You think India is just made up of poets and musicians and the “intelligentsia” as represented in Mile Sur part 1?
    What about the underprivileged masses who were left out? They have been captured in Mile Sur part 2 which is by far a superior video. Take for example the following categories of havenots who have found representation in part 2 :

    malnourished women (Deepika)
    gays (KJo, Rohit Bal)
    mental retards (SRK)
    husbands facing domestic abuse (Abhishek)
    jilted lovers (Shahid Kapoor)
    people without money for shirts (you know who)
    menopausal women desperately clinging on to their youth (Rituparna)
    pot-bellied middle aged men (Bumba da)
    children being forced by their parents to do something which they clearly have no talent for (Amaan and Ayaan Ali Bangash)
    The list goes on and on

    Bravo Zoom TV for showing us the real India. Shame on all of you for not having the stomach to digest reality!

  75. These are instances which makes one truly wonder, how exactly was the whole issue discussed on the drawing board? Hey, we have a truly iconic song. Whats the best way we can screw it up?

    If only we could see what the creators were thinking….

  76. u forgot salman khan, though he was in for some novel act this time and as much as I hate him, he maybe was the only sensible part of the whole act

  77. er @deshpremi why the hate for gays!!

  78. I hate remakes…!!! Can’t they have something original in their mind?? If so much unable then do not do anything…!!! Why to spoil the old memories of thousands of people and strip off the elegance of such a amazing composition?

  79. @Ramesh,
    What makes you think I hate gays? My point is that they got no airtime in the first Mile Sur, an error which was corrected in the second version.

  80. This new version is such an insult to the first one. It has actually diluted our childhood memories.

  81. Good take on the filmy ‘flimsiness’ of it all :D.
    Very well said!

  82. I also have to agree with DeshPremi’s observations that you seemed to have grossly overlooked.

  83. DeshPremi’s comment is as good as the OP 🙂 Thanks.

  84. Hi bong.

    Though iagree that it is not as good as the earlier version but atleast we are getting something good to watch on the TV(if you compare to other stuff TV).
    Its overly filmy as it is a product of zoom TV. But still its better than the no brainer stuff on TV.

    I would be happy if they can edit the video and include some common people, the new developments in india(Metro, NH-8, glittering NCR, Defence developments), some cricketers, Bindra, Vijender ..and soem national icon.
    Its badly missing them.

  85. All those people from the film/music/sports world who were left out must have been pissed off initially at their non-inclusion in this crappy video.

    Now, after hearing the flak it has received, they must have heaved a sigh of relief.

  86. hehehe…
    this is awesome post and the comments…read each one of them…i mean each one…

    u guys wont blive…i havent seen the newer version yet…read at many places…dat it sucks…and now after going thru this entire page i am sure it SUCKS better than my current gf…

    gotta catch the fun when i reach fun…surely will write on a post on it…thnx all.

  87. Rajasthan ke hone ya na hone se kya matlab… Bharat ki sabhi bhasao me gaya gaya hai, rajasthani me kyo nahi… shilpa setty rajathan royal ki owner hai, mana… par vo hindi me gaati hai. . . rajasthani me kyu nahi

  88. I hate this song…. and apeal to all rajasthani just dont think this is petriotic… this song is making you foolish

  89. take a look at the faces of those crowding around sonu nigam in the video


  90. Zoom has proven once again, that it tops the list in terms of frivolity and sheer lack of substance.

    There are far greater people in our country than these bunch of moronic (so-called) celebrities. Add to it, a hamming SRK, A Sonu Nigam singing opera style and a Deepika Padukone flashing her legs (nice, but ain’t worth shit when it comes to national integration and so was completely out of place) and you have a complete recipe for disaster.

    The older one made me proud . The new one makes me ashamed. Zoom folks, you people suck, you really do.

  91. Whose damn idea was this , yeah baje sargam may also come up with
    bharman bhankar and Bhloy beating Hakhi Hawant’s Butt and Haanch Jhaliye dancers replacing the traditional ones.

  92. @Seemanta
    There are far greater people in our country than these bunch of moronic (so-called) celebrities

    Yes dats true but unfortunately these are ones getting limelight. How many of us remembers that Ustad Ali akbar Khan died on the same day as MJ. We were so busy with the latter and preferred to inculcate its indi version among us than thhe former’s morning raga
    Its us that gets reflected
    oops does Sachin and Kalam stay in India??????

  93. “Tendulkar turned out to be unlucky both times. First time, he was not around, second time, he was a has been.” ???!- what has Ranbir Kapoor done to be featured? …. oh and i missed Bebo besides the other common misses that everyone added …oh and i felt that Akshay Kuma could have made the full house of Bolly’s so-called first row of HEROES(!!)

  94. You missed Laloo prasad yadav!! No seriously. 😉 Afterhaal, who has dah couragewah to maghically make dhe fodder scam money disappear, get arreshted and top that, givf your parliament sheat to your wife!!

    Common people we should run a campaign to get him included for the next remix. “Sab ka Khaonga Paisa,
    fodder ya railway ya ho kisi ka”

  95. you dont like anyone in the world, do you? have ridiculed many people who are actually very talented and made the nation proud at times..’phir mile sur mera tumhara sucks’…agreed!..doesnt mean everyone in the video is have written some really misplaced words about a few great people! rethink and edit your post a little..! thats a offense!

  96. I was seoiursly at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

  97. Ha ha so true..some things need to be left alone.This version was beyond sucky but very telling of what has become of our culture.from organic to plastic.
    Aamir Khan and those kids were truly cringeworthy.

  98. They truly murdered the original song….

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