Rajneeti—the Review

When I first saw the promos of Rajneeti and more tellingly the image of Katrina Kaif moving through cheering crowds, in a look cleverly cultivated to make her look like the most powerful lady in the land, my pulse quickened. Was Prakash Jha going to give us the definitive Indian political thriller with thinly veiled allusions to the great Phemily? I imagined the ‘Half Blood Prince Who Joins the Opposition’, ‘The Chosen One Born To Rule”, the “Regent Who Kept The Throne Warm” , the “Dallit Messiah Who Went From Friend of Phemily To Sworn Enemy” as protagonists—-rubbing my hands together in glee at the prospect of a game of “spot the allusion”, especially if they used one of Katrina Kaif’s iconic songs “Kya baat hai kya cheez hai paisa” some how in the narrative.

But then a side of my brain said “Surely not”. The Queen Cong and her knaves would never allow a nasty tell-all and “spontaneous outbreaks of public anger” would lead to the movie being taken off the theaters, even if it by some miracle got by the censors. Then another side of my brain said “This must be a hagiography” from Prakash Jha, who after a disastrous run as a Lok Janashakti Party candidate, might be looking at something bigger and what better way to go up the rungs of the Party than by making a film extolling the struggles of Queen Cong.

After seeing Rajneeti I can say it is neither [no wonder the censors from the party to whom the movie was pre-screened had no problems with it], having as much connection with real events as Ajab Prem Ki Ghajab Kahani (there might have been a reference to a prominent Jharkhandi politician but I am not sure). While lesser talents copy from one source, Prakash Jha shows his directorial chops by copying from two. Mahabharat has been done before by Shyam Benegal in Kalyug, and Godfather done to death by Bollywood, the most amazing being the legendary “Atank Hi Atank” (its dialogs like Paisa…gardan ki nas katke bhi kamaye jaate hain aur pyjamein ka nara kholkar bhi ,delivered by Isharat Ali of Lambu Atta fame, being what I tell people when they ask me for financial advise), principally because of the appositeness of the title where each scene was one “Atank” followed by another.

But truth be told, Mahabharat and Godfather had never been done together. Before Rajneeti that is. Wow. Kya idea sirjee.

Lest you accuse him of having copied,  Mr. Jha remixes things up a bit, in the best traditions of Preetam—–like some of Michael Corleone’s story becomes Sonny’s and vice versa, Kay and Appollonia are merged in, the Tessio sequence does not happen at the end, and the bloody thing found on the bed isn’t a horse head. But that does not save the audience from an intense sense of deja-vu even more so because there are no twists in the tale, no ” I did not see that coming” moments unless you can consider as surprises—-Naseeruddin Shah’s blink-and-miss-it impregnator role and Katrina Kaif’s “License gari chalane ke liye ya tumhe kiss karne ke liye” (or something on those lines), cringe-worthy in the same way as Shantanu’s subtle come-on to Ganga (Kiran Juneja): “Main ganga snan karna chahta hoon” and Pandu’s famous last lines “Tumi ati sundar ho Madri” from B.R. Chopra’s original.

Despite assembling a star-cast of some of the best actors in Hindi moviedom today—Nasseeruddin Shah, Manoj Vajpai (I originally thought his last name would be an allusion—relevant factoid Atank Hi Atank had a character called Gogia Advani), Ajay Devgun and Nana Patekar, most of their characters are given short shift (with the possible exception of Manoj Vajpai) as the lion share of narrative space is given to Arjun Rampal, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. Nothing much was ever expected of the latter, Ranbir Kapoor is the only saving grace and Arjun Rampal is well Arjun Rampal. As wooden as a mahogany table, his election speeches seem to be an extension of  his working the crowd in “Rock On”  and when he goes postal, he exudes as much menace as a model pissed of at being made to wear non-color coordinated shoes. No wonder people like Devgun and Patekar were not happy at the final product (Nana refused to be associated with any of the publicity) since the lion’s share of the final footage and space in the promos was given to the marketable faces rather than those that can act.

It’s all a pity because I really liked “Gangajal” and “Apaharan” and because political dramas are Prakash Jha’s forte. Here he is fully taken in by the demands of commerce (it is most decidedly his biggest budget film) and that has lead to a product that will neither appeal, by and large, to the multiplex audience (because they have seen better versions of the Godfather and Mahabharat and will not find the in-references they were expecting) nor to the front-benchers (who would have preferred to see Katrina Kaif wet in a sari with mango juice dripping on her).

A disappointment, even more so because I was really looking forward to “Rajneeti” more than any other movie this year.

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  1. finally i commented ! 🙂

  2. well well, disheartening to know you were disappointed by the movie.. whether it appeals to the audience or now ..would be decided in a couple of days..but yeah one point where i totally agree was that the major chunk of publicity was given to ranbir katrina and arjun though it was actors like Nana Patekar and Manoj Bajpai ..who stole the show !!!

  3. i was eagerly waiting for this movie fr a long time too, but as u said, there was nothing symbolizing todays political scenario…

  4. Mahabarata , the greatest political story ever

  5. labor_day_sale June 7, 2010 — 1:05 am


    why don’t you try writing reviews for ‘new-wave’ of Bengali movies made by pioneers such as Anjan Dutta oe ritu-porno?

    There is a new one called “Mahanagar@Kolkata”.

    Search for the poster in google image and your monday morning would be ROFL 😛

  6. Prashant Kaul June 7, 2010 — 1:36 am

    Hey … great review as usual greatbong. Bang on with everything…

  7. Well, the Queen Cong’s men did do some censorship – like deleting a scene which shows EVMs can be tampered with and changing a dialogue which says “le gayi widhwa sab samet ke” to “le gayi bitiya sab samet ke”.

    But that is beside the point. The movie is neither-here-neither-there sort of stuff. A singular lack of imagination in sidelining the major players. Accept it, Kat as Indu is pathetic, so is Arjun Rampal, who evokes laughter more than anything else. Ranbir is made the “all-stud-superhero-who’s-Micheal-plus-Arjun” to bring in the girls and the aunties. He should stick to his “bachna Ae haseeno” and “Wake-up-Sid” sort of roles.

  8. Yes – This offering from him is a disaster. Has some good moments; but very few. He had the plot, the people and the flair (history of directing heartland potboilers) – but gave it all away for the sake of multiplex acceptance.

    Its also pretty surprising that a director of his calibre gets creatively inspired by atleast half a dozen scenes from Godfather and does not quote the same – either in the beginning or in the end credits.

    At the end of the day – a Nana show – amazing poise, elegance and measure in facial expressions and voice modulation.

    I am waiting for a day when someone asks a bunch of directors the 5 reasons why they hire that nitwit Rampal in storylines where his muscles or wooden face is not required but more serious things like – emoting and acting is needed

  9. “(Nana refused to be associated with any of the publicity) since the lion’s share of the final footage and space in the promos was given to the marketable faces rather than those that can act.”

    Can you give any references for this.
    I am just curious as to was this the reason or was there something else

  10. Thanks.
    I had read about the tiff between them but none of the articles I read said anything about why the tiff happened.

    Thanks for the link GB.

  11. You forgot the ‘Karna-Kunti Sambad’ at the end, where the dialogues suddenly went back a century (‘jyasth putra’ etc. etc.). The audience at the hall were in splits.

  12. And DevG wore kanon mein baali. Kunti was like fifteen years younger to Karna also.

  13. Bingo! Mahabharata and Godfather had never been done before until this one. The story looked revisited yet boringly unique.

    This was one of the most hyped movies of recent times. Apart from the actors’ performances, the movie is a dull dud overall.

    Katerina Kaif had absolutely no role to say, yet the promos showed her to be the protagonist of the movie.

    After giving unforgettable movies like Damul and Gangajal (I didn’t like Apharan much because of the level of hamming), Prakash Jha comes with a movie projected as the next big blockbuster.

    It is already a hit, but it has left me feeling shortchanged because of the level of expectations I carried to the hall.

  14. GB,
    Thanks, I am warned!!!

  15. Also the Bhagwat Gita Gyan delivered by Nana patekar at the end makes thing more hilarious. It appears that the director wanted to forcefully relate his movie to mahabharat. katrina’s speech at the end was a tribute to her acting skill. From now directors should minimize her dialogues as much as possible.

  16. Don Ayan de Marco June 7, 2010 — 5:31 am

    Absolutely agree with your review. Kalyug was much better. Also you need to throw out your logical hat to watch this movie. I mean in the span of one election an entire family/party gets killed. Had it not been the Mahabharata and Godfather, no one would have gone to watch this film. Also I was disappointed in the way my favourite character from Mahabharata, Daanveer Karna, was conceived and played by Ajay Devgn in this film.

  17. Was looking forward to watching this film, but I suppose I’ll wait and rent the DVD instead. Thanks for the warning.

  18. I haven’t seen the movie but I have heard that Sonia Gandhi wins the elections in the end. Is it true? I guess the end couldn’t have been any different, no??

  19. GB, all true. Another relevant warning (!) is that the film is almost 3 hours long.
    However, the multiplex that I watched it in was full even for the 10:30 pm show .. a day after the release. I think the first day audience does not want the latter day audiences to miss the torture by warning.

  20. Since you don’t like it, I am dead sure I will!

  21. Haven’t seen the movie, but thought Manoj Bajpai’s hairstyle in the film was a dead ringer for the one sported by Mulayam spawn Akhilesh Yadav. Check it out:

    I may be imagining this, but once upon a time Mulayam used to have a mustache that was similar to Manoj Bajpai’s in the film as well.

  22. And what of the timeline? can so many twist and turns exists during a single election. was the EC sleeping?

  23. Dude!! You forget to rip….err sorry appreciate the compelling Hospital Sequences!! How could one forget the scene where for some reason no clears away when during the Defibrillation to revive the head honcho Pratap..

  24. Bizarre movie. Totally unexpected from Jha who had made such memorable films on the hindi heartland politics as Gangajal and Apaharan.

    The phrase is short *shrift*, btw.

  25. There were only three Indian movies I wanted to watch this year. Rajneeti, Raavan (or preferably ‘Villain’) and ‘That Girl in Yellow Boots’. Obviously, Rajneeti should never have been on the list in the first place. Sad to see Prakash Jha succumb to commercialism…

  26. One big mistake was the promos of this movie. In the middle of movie you know that Arjun’s character is going to die and Katrina will come in politics. We knew the climax in promos, what a pity!

  27. What!! There is no Katrina Kaif in a wet sari with mango juice dripping on her??

    GB, yeh tumne yeh kya kiya! Ab main kiske liye zinda rahunga!

  28. Yes Vivek, you are right. This occurred to me as well. The promos did indeed give away the climax. Also, I felt the promos were misleading as well. Katerina Kaif didn’t have the kind of ‘major’ role as was made to believe in the promos. She, in fact, didn’t have any role at all.

    I completely agree with Soumen Roy as well. Prakash Jha really tried hard to relate Rajneeti with the Mahabharata. Else, why on earth should there be words like ‘jyestha putra’ in the dialogues?

    I don’t think Katerina Kaif is a bad actor. However, it will be very difficult for her to play these kinds of roles given her accent. She is better suited for movies like Namastey London or Race with ‘foreign stories’.

    Prakash Jha is definitely a man of much greater calibre when it comes to weave a story and direct it into movie.

    By the way was it Prakash Jha at the tea stall near the polling booth who said the ‘bidhwa/betiya’ dialogue? Sure looked like him.

    Another thing I like about Prakash Jha movies is the river banks with temples. Makes me feel really great every time I see those scenes with so many people gathered on it. Reminds me of some of my favourite places in this planet.

  29. A dinner of Mahabharat and The Godfather as entrees, combined with Sarkar for dessert produces ‘Rajneeti’ the next morning….

  30. I guess it is already a hit… not sure if I want to watch it though. But… there has been no shortage of ‘good reviews’… with TOI giving it a 4 star rating.

    Plus… given the dearth of movies… especially after ‘Kites’ bombed… people may want to watch it. Next up is ‘Raavan’. Lets see…

  31. It wasn’t that bad..

  32. gr8 review, sir.
    btw,shld be “advice”.
    ur razor sharp intellect and the ability to articulate that, inspires me…
    once again, gr8 blog.

  33. Dumdum_er_Aantel June 7, 2010 — 8:10 pm

    I think, Ranbir Kapoor did a good job. Apart from the occasional buffooneries, it wasnt that bad(of course relative to other recent hindi movies).

    Kat did not have much role but she did what she was hired to do. Nana Patekar was great. His facial expression, dialogue delivery shows that he thought about the character. Some of the twists were expected but atleast did not feel like out of place.

    I always thought, if Ajay Devgan can become a hero and marry Kajol, why not me. I look no worse than him. He worked on his body, put on some weight and acquired this personality that he is not someone to mess with. Time for me to stop eating rice and start working out.

  34. You know what I hated the most? He made Katrina look ugly and fat… AAAAARGGGGHHH

    Also note that anytime anyone had sex… there was a baby…

    And the completely unnecessary disco dance in the middle…..

  35. Amarendra Utsav June 7, 2010 — 9:09 pm

    Bang On Mr.Bong, with my heart into my throat i can bet u wrote this review without lifting ur pen even for 5 seconds. The fimmaker has cheated us, i had promised myself that the only movie(hindi) which i will see this year will be Rajneeti wat do they think are we blind and they can play with our genuine expectations.
    This film has raped me, where can i appeal? The only way left to me is to boycott the bollywood but how will i? I m a humanist.

  36. @Dealer -Also note that anytime anyone had sex… there was a baby

    There was no baby when Rampal did the act with Shruti Seth

  37. I do not agree with you. The movie was a decent watch and as close as it can get without getting chucked forever by the congress party. The main theme did follow that of Mahabharat and yes Kat-Rabir pair was mostly publicized. However i went to see the movie and was not disappointed because Kat was kept behind the scenes for most of the time 😉 and Ranbir was just okay. However, the best performances were undoubtedly by Manoj Bajpai (not Vajpai) and Nana Patekar. The controversy that you point to I believe is more of a media hype. Finally, the thing that counts Rajneeti has won at the box office.
    So overall you call it disappointing butI don’t believe it was disappointing. Though ya if you were intending to see an awesome political drama then you cannot make Kat look like Sonia Gandhi or have anything to do with the largest party in the country. It is never going to go through the censor.

  38. GB,
    Your review tells me that u didn’t like the movie, but u didnt hate it either. The movie was gud in general. Yeah, Arjun ‘Wooden’ Rampal and Kat trying desperately to get desi…with bindi n all…did some ham acting.
    But I think Ranbir did justice to the role. He gave the look of a young brain…not to be taken seriously by the opposition in the beginning.
    Also i looooooved Nana Patekar and Manoj Bajpai’s good performances…Can anyone confirm…I think Nana Patekar was playing the role of Krishna…right? The way he says in the end to kill Ajay Devgn n all.

  39. no doubt shyam benegal’s ‘kalyug’ os the best adapted movie on mahabharat. Rajneeti is a collage of mahabharat and godfather. but as far as i am hearing manoj, Arjun And ranbeer are getting most acclodes. And most importently rajneeti is wining election in box office with thumpong majority lik Didi won election in kolkata and saltlake.

  40. Raaj Neeti = hodgepodge (0.4 Mahabharat + 0.4 Godfather) + 0.2 random indian political incidents (rise of Dalit politics, Ramnath Rai in movie looks & sounds like Sitaram Kesri, assasination of Rajiv Gandhi, Colombian Girlfriend of Junior G & so on)

    + a predictable super performance from veteran real actors such as Nana, Manoj & Ajay
    + a unusually good performance from commercial actors such as Katrina, Ranbir & Arjun (still good from their standards)
    + a slutty Shruti Seth
    + a firangan whose only job is to kiss & strip
    + two very major flaws youll come to know when youll watch the movie
    (a to-be-CM happily kills the SP of city with a baseball bat & rapes his old gf & then hopes to win 52 seats)
    (the final scene reminds you of late 80s action movies which starred dharmendra, mithun & had mohammad hafeez as playback singer)

    very cleverly made but Unoriginal

  41. Ghulam Kundanam June 8, 2010 — 5:17 pm

    Prakash Jha ne rajneeti me jitani gandagi dikhai hai, ootani gandi nahi hai. parantu rajneeti me paisa rahega to gandi ees had tak bhi go sakati gai. think how politics become losses?

  42. I was waiting for your comment on the ‘Korno kunti songbad’ part of the film. To me Ranbir’s character was a big conundrum.
    A)Ranbir was potrayed as Mr.Cool, who makes well calculated moves and has everyting to become a perspicacious politician. He is pragmatic and stoic and when needed, can distance himself from everything and remain focused.

    B) This same person had also chosen to do research in English poems and so was bent on being poetic than diplomatic. Mr. Jha forgot that people who are blessed with this creative aspect are never pragmatic, forget being calculative. ‘Yo log dewaane hote hei, dil se soch te hai dimaag se nahi’.
    The only rationale I can dole out to peole who, like me are confused about this is Ranbir’s character had really efficient protein blockers to block his poetic proteins when needed and trigger the malicious ‘rajneeti’ protein.

  43. @KP, “+ a slutty Shruti Seth”

    I am assuming this is that Sitapur girl. Most memorable character and performance of the movie. Best part was mixing those sultry looks with those rustic dialogues (“hum aise hi seva karte rahenge”).

  44. Shaswata Panja June 9, 2010 — 4:23 am

    The fecundity of the women in the movie just horrified me!!!! I now know why India has seen the biggest population explosion in human history –India managed to add a whole world’s population of 1750(800 million) in mere 63 years!!! It took the human race 71,750 years to plant 800 million living souls…!! We indians did it in a mere 60 years We are 12,000 times more efficient than the ROW..Back to Topic

  45. @ Mohan

    yes….*that* woman politico….shes really cool. One more line which will go down as one of the best of all time “Humara sitapur khayenge?”

    @ Shaswata
    the funny thing is all the so-called people’s leaders are openly defying government’s billion-rupees effort (did you know it was India who started worlds first family planning campaign way back in ’52, ironic isnt it?)? What do we get? A Rahul Mahajan?! 😉

  46. Savita Bhabhi June 9, 2010 — 8:44 am

    shruti seth’s role was offered to me…bt it could not be finalized as GoI has banned me 😦

  47. Can u believe in real life that Raj Thakrey and Udhav Thakrey fight with each other in public place with gun? But in this movie Ranbir Kapoor and Manoj Bajpai done.

  48. this much awaited flick which to be honest i only heard of few weeks before its release as am not that glued to the television as iam to the net is like a kids chess game where pawns and knights are killed without much foresight about the repercussions of the outcome of the end game;

    the liberties jha took to switch characters sometimes within mahabharath and sometimes between the epic and godfather also are appalling… the switch of nana from krishna to shakuni some times, and the switch of rampal to Yudhistir and Sonny Corleone & Sonny and Michael Corleone is another example

    the icing definitely was the climax wherein lady kath asks the male protagonist to stay back when he doeskin reply in the affirmative she then reveals that shez expecting his brothers baby;

    as rightly said people ve seen better versions of both and cant expect much from this over rated multi starrer hyperbole…

  49. terrible movie period .. but it’s a big hit .. anything works in india and anything fails .. this is one of those shite in whose success my money has also gone, i saw ‘welcome’ to see what the hype was about and now this .. i have never hated a movie which was so well reviewed .. aye it’s all the infiltration of corporates, foreign hand and if not them the red brigade into our film industry .. god help us all

  50. Lipi Mukherjee June 9, 2010 — 6:19 pm

    Great blog…This is the first time that I went through your blog and it is outsatnding evluation of the movie.look forward to more such blogs.

  51. Have not seen the movie Rajneeti, but LOL at “mai Ganga snan karna chahta hoon”
    Why did I miss this gem of a dialogue!

  52. @ramesh

    i agree with each & every word of you. bollywood, in fact, hasnt had a creatively fruitful period for quite a long time. (maybe, just maybe there was one in early-to-mid 80s until onset of Jeetendra-JayaPrada movies).
    For Each DECADE, we can count, like less than 10 movies, which can be called original, creative, well-made (acted, directed) & uncorrupted. Not all of them have been hits. And those which have (id include slumdog, 3 idiots, ghajini,OSO) worked are, frankly, a spine-chilling sign of how appalling our tastes are.

  53. As wooden as a mahogany table.
    jata, kotha hobe na

  54. @aparajita

    *B) This same person had also chosen to do research in English poems and so was bent on being poetic than diplomatic. Mr. Jha forgot that people who are blessed with this creative aspect are never pragmatic, forget being calculative. ‘Yo log dewaane hote hei, dil se soch te hai dimaag se nahi’.*

    That’s a romantic myth, actually. Human beings are pretty complex and creative people can be quite pragmatic and calculative when it matters to them.

    I enjoyed the movie, by the way.

    Director: Prakash Jha

    Starring: Ajay Devgan, Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah, Arjun Rampal, Nana Patekar, Manoj Bajpai

    Review By: Dr Usman Khawaja

    Well Machiavelli and Mario Puzo might never have heard of Mahabharata, but here they all mingle in an incoherent, clumsy and half -baked tale of political fervour and family feuds, which becomes feverishly excessive yet never actually achieves that singular moment of frenzy, where you can rise above superficial and fake sentimentality.

    Election fever and an empty plot based on GODFATHER, KALYUG, and MAHABHARATA, reigns in this epic family tale of Indian politics, starring a plethora of stars in an overcrowded script riddled with potholes and plot deficits, and even poorer characterisations as the director struggles to give it a false sense of persuasive energy but all fall shorts, despite some potential which betrays sporadically through the screen anecdotes in minor trivia, which is rather pathetic as this could have been a quality venture if the script had more meat and the characters had some of that meat to eat.

    Bhasker Sanyal (Naseeruddin Shah) is totally inept and wasted as a left wing firebrand who pays for a love affair by a self imposed exile.

    Sooraj (Ajay Devgan) is the angry poor man stereotype who will stop at nothing to damage the rich and powerful and he too is wasted as the scowling middle aged man pretending to be a young fire-brand revolutionary, while the best sequence in the movie where drama should deliver is wasted in total frustration in a clueless confrontation between him and his repentant rich powerful mother in sheer melodramatic faux pas.

    Brij Gopal (Nana Patekar)is a mentor for one of the rival political families who comprise the two feuding political giants who will run India in future, depending on who plays the best ploys, ranging from assassinations to bombings to framed rape charges against the feuding opponents who are all cousins and brothers but seem to have nothing else but time for planning political conspiracy and anarchy,which also describes this rather mediocre version of ”Copolla’s Godfather” guised as a political yarn.

    Prithvi Pratap (Arjun Rampal) is actually quite good as the cousin who holds the top position, but is betrayed by Veerendra Pratap (Manoj Bajpai), the other cousin who will stop at nothing to claw his way back to the top, and in the process Bajpai brilliantly steals the entire movie single handedly, from under the noses of everyone else as the evil lonely man who seems to be the only real politician in this medley.

    Indu Sakseria (Katrina Kaif) is the so-called rich, beautiful and tragic woman caught in the middle of these men who is lost both in the script and as an actress, since she has nothing to do except switch lovers like a game of musical chairs, she rises from one fake tragedy to challenge every contender and it becomes even more of a fracas than all the rest of the frenzy.

    Sarah Jean Collins (Sarah Thompson) is playing an Irish girl in love with the Indian cousin who is the mastermind in this ridiculous riddle and she cannot act and is strictly there for a few kissing scenes and is the weakest link in the cast.

    And Samar Pratap (Ranbir Kapoor) is the ultimate Machiavelli, a bespectacled political master of the MACHIAVELLIAN craft ,worthy of Rasputin himself who is both moral and evil incarnate ,and a genius who is the most unconvincing character and his relationships with the two women actually elicit inadvertent laughter and snide remarks from the audience ,as he goes jogging in a scene in the middle of this violent massacre and than decides to take a shower with Sarah in the buff, and is totally beaten hollow by both Arjun rampal and Manoj Bajpai in the movie.

    MR. JAHA, is a wonderful craftsman but here he has too many cooks and they spoil or ruin this broth, with no one to focus this vision of a political tirade, overwhelmed by a plot borrowed from renowned classic sources and also spoilt by some totally inane lines in major key sequences which ruin the dramatic affect, yet he succeeds in at least creating a ponderous and pensive atmosphere where the violence and tragedy at times engages your attention.

    He keeps the pace going and that is one of the few qualities here with the cinematography as well as the fact the script is only interrupted by one short rude song briefly in a disco, otherwise this is a turbulent ,inconsistent and rather pointless remake of previous classics, which fails to deliver the hype created by the production design or an all star cast ,which are both much bigger than the innocuously void characters and the trite violence which seems injected artificially rather than being a part of the political thriller, with a finger in every pot.

    It is far better than both ”KITES” and ”MY NAME IS KHAN ”, both equally hyped and pretentiously ludicrous Bollywood epics, but it leaves a lot to be desired and that is an understatement, and much of the credit for that goes to ”Manoj Bajpai ”and ”Arjun Rampal’’,who have given convincing performances, despite ill defined characters which needed to be developed but got lost in the crowd that is both ” India and Bollywood ”itself.

    The movie can be seen once as it grips you at times but it does not convince you ever, and that is one thing Mr. Jaha has never been guilty of before this epic multi-starrer in past with his middle of the road but intelligent cinema.

    Plusses: Manoj Bajpai, Arjun Rampal, Direction, Cinematography, Production, Atmosphere.

    Minuses: Story and screenplay borrowed from “GODFATHER”, Sarah, Ranbir and Katrina Kaif.

  56. Sabita Bhaujai June 13, 2010 — 7:36 pm

    @Savita Bhabhi, Arre o Bhabhi ji, kaahe aisan jhooth mooth ka afwa phailati hain. Oo roll, Arjun Rampal ke samne wala, matlab ke role … oo roll hamka opher karthele Parkas ji. Phir humka bole aapka upar ka dimater tanik jyada hai … hamre paas itna badhiyan camra nahi hai ke aapko aur aapki chhati ko ekan hi camre mein utar payen … to bhaujai humar agle philm Kaamneeti mein aaiye aapko roll khilayenge … matlab role dilayenge.

  57. Lovely review, GB! Couldn’t agree more.. btw, Ajay Devgun is now Ajay Devgn (some numerology shit!)

  58. Love the review, esp. the way u present rather serious issues so light heartedly.. miss a smart liner from you for the kunti drama part though..

    on the whole, liked the movie…

  59. Aniruddha Basu June 14, 2010 — 5:49 pm

    U dont know anything about film making neider u hv made any films how can u write review its as funny as someone working on office and office’s toilet washman comes and giving suggestions. Where u get so much time to write all that stuffs. Onething perhps u forgot “JACK OF ALL TRADES MASTER OF NONE” that prfctly suits at U,, rite

  60. “As wooden as a Mahogany Table” – that sums up my very thoughts on Arjun Rampal. He is as stiff as one can get, when it comes to delivering expressions.

    As for the movie, I would tend to disagree with you. It is nicely done, but could have been better. I would give it a 3.5/5

  61. @GB : Did u do a write-up when the ‘wooden mahogany table’ won a National Award?

  62. Well, to say the least and that too a triffle too late in the day (just started following you) I loved the movie for 3 reasons and in that order. Nana Patekar, Ranbir Kapoor and Manoj Vajpai.

  63. The movie was bleh.

    And I don’t think anyone was really the ‘saving grace’ of the film including Ranbir Kapoor. Hardly has an acting repertoire to speak of. Almost ever film I have seen of his…its the same style with no range.

  64. When the lady says to ajay devagan ” tum mere jeystha putra ho” it was heights!!! I found the movie very authentic and wish it should have been of longer duration [My friends who accompanied me even though they didn’t understand hindi fully(mouther tounge:tamil) were almost beaten to death]

  65. I think you were spot on when you said that he gave in to demands of commerce (or something to that effect)…

  66. I liked as much as you’ll obtain performed proper here. The cartoon is tasteful, your authored material stylish. however, you command get got an shakiness over that you wish be handing over the following. sick surely come further before again as precisely the similar just about a lot ceaselessly inside of case you shield this hike.

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