My India Trip

For those who follow me on Twitter (and if you don’t…nudge nudge), you may know that I am coming to India for a brief trip. In this post, I am putting down a list of my “events”—–please do try to make one (or more of them).

February 6: TEDxIITKgp, 3 pm [Link to event]

February 8: Kolkata, 4 pm to 7 pm, City Center Salt Lake, (I will be sitting outside on the stairs…..or may sit at a coffee shop) Tweetup

February 11: Mumbai, 7 pm, Crossword Bandra Linking Road, “May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss” book event. [GR Floor, Unit G-1, Plot No 250-B, Kanaiya Building, Mala Mahal Co Operative Society, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050]

February 12: Mumbai, 6:30 pm Oxford Churchgate,  I will be in conversation with Amish Tripathi, author of “Immortals of Meluha”

I will also be an invited speaker at INFOCOM 2011 at Kolkata in two sessions—Social Networking The Next Business Mantra on February 17th and Information and Communication Technology in Health Care on February 19th. [Link] These two sessions are however not open to the public.

[Apologies for not making Bangalore. Or Hyderabad. It is just that Crossword and Oxford expressed interest in organizing events. Hence Mumbai. For the “Mine”, will do Bangalore and Hyderabad]

49 thoughts on “My India Trip

  1. where’s my i-pod? 🙂

  2. Welcome! Um.. may I hebb your attention please? “…in “conversion” with Amish Tripathi” <- Printing mistake 😛

  3. The rate at which you are getting this popularity I am sure you will soon be invited to some reality show.

  4. “Amish” Tripathi? Why, has he rejected all forms of modern technology – already?

  5. No Bangalore Visit..? 😦

  6. See u at oxford then..

  7. Best Blogger- Welcome to India… I wish you would have come to Bangalore 🙂 no worries when I will be in US I would try to reach you one day…

  8. Apologies for not making Bangalore. Or Hyderabad. It is just that Crossword and Oxford expressed interest in organizing events. Hence Mumbai. For the “Mine”, will do Bangalore and Hyderabad.

  9. GB, you wanna appear in BigBoss 5? 😉

  10. Is he really called Amish? I mean, as in Or as in ?????

  11. The Bangla didn’t get published for some reason. What I meant is “Is he really called Amish? I mean, as in Or as in non-vegetarian food (Bengali)?”

  12. Does tht mean thr will be fewer posts this month 😦

  13. As usual, I will be very worried. Dont forget to take your bullet-proof jacket with you.

  14. GB, It is unfair. You are not visiting Hyderabad this time also. You are completely unjust and cruel towards South Indians.

  15. Crossword Bandra Linking road ? Is it at Shoppers’ Stop, Near Old Bandra Talkies? Actually there are lots crossword store on the Linking road, almost on every mall…

  16. Rima Bhattacharyya February 3, 2011 — 11:45 am

    GB, Have been reading your blog since 2006 and commented on a couple of them over the years. Welcome to our campus and looking forward to your talk at the TEDx on the sixth.

  17. You are welcome to India! If possible you cna make it to Pune (3 hrs from Mumbai) as there lot of fan following waiting for you!

  18. Visit Pune…
    I’l be there…

  19. Kishore,

    It is South India that is being unfair to me. Not a single book-store got in touch from there. 😦

  20. Lopa,

    Address: GR Floor, Unit G-1, Plot No 250-B, Kanaiya Building, Mala Mahal Co Operative Society, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050

  21. any plans of stopping over in europe, while going or returning?

  22. bring me some chom choms and from Kolkata 🙂

  23. A few hours stop-over in Frankfurt only.

  24. I ll be there at Oxford, rest assured

  25. GB,
    We’ll get to watch those TEDx talks on video after the event right?

  26. City Center er sinri keno? Kali Ghaat e DIDI r barir saamne keno noy? Jabab Chai, Jabaab Dao.

  27. I love GB, but does GB love me? February 3, 2011 — 9:46 pm

    Showing his hate for the Dravid-Chappell combo, GB will not tour Bangalore for the second time around. He should learn after the Kolkata match was shifted to Bangalore.

  28. Sir why don’t you come to Delhi? It’s the book capital of India. Besides, so many of us Bengalis in Delhi. :(:(

    Please make it next time.

  29. And since when is Delhi the book capital of India?

  30. Will u visit me?? will u? please

  31. It IS the book capital of India. The Delhi Book Fair is one of the grandest in the world.

  32. Looking forward to meeting u at TEDx on 6th. Welcome to KGP.

  33. hey have you tried landmark, hyderabad…

  34. Yess! So since you didnt come to Bombay during MIHYAP launch and we were deprived, its a good thing you’re ditching all other cities and coming here :))

  35. pls write something on the leaked black money list. the corrupt indian media is hushing it up and the blogosphere is our only hope (like radiagate) .

    there is one family from calcutta on the list: manoj dhupelia and mohan dhupelia

  36. Good luck, you lucky duck !!! When you are travelling through different cities in India, please pass on my warm regards to the most-secular Indian (soon-to-be Bharat Ratna awardee) Mahesh Bhatt if you happen to run into him.

    On a sarcastic note, here are 3 reasons why Bhatt will soon be getting a Bharat Ratna for being unapologetic about his “real” agenda:

    1) Bhatt was a chief guest, along along with the other hyper-secularists DukhVijay Singh and Abu Asim Azmi, at the launch of Aziz Burney’s book: “RSS Ki Sazish 26/11” (viz. “26/11 is a RSS Conspiracy”) which seeks to exonerate Pakistan from the Mumbai carnage.

    Here’s a picture of Bhatt enjoying himself at the launch while the same Burney was forced to apologise (in vain) for trying to getting out of a related criminal case.

    2) 60% of his statements are pro-Pakistan, 20% are pro-Emraan Hashmi and the remaining 20% are anti-Indian. Here’re a couple of sample tweets from Bhatt:

    “India is becoming a Banana Republic instead of being an economic superpower. Our country’s motto should be CHANGED TO Asatyameva Jayete.”
    5:52 AM Jan 16th via Twitter

    ‘How would the USA feel if the Taliban launched a Predator attack on the White House? It is ok if they do it but wrong when others do it. ”
    9:28 AM Jan 31st via Twitter

    3) On Pakistani TV (Video here), Bhatt concurs with the Pakistani anchor’s false accusation that the J.P.Dutta/Sunny Deol movie “Border”(released in June 1997) terms ALL Lahore residents as being from the gutters (which the movie does not absolutely do). Bhatt goes on to blame this so-called anti-Pakistani rhetoric on the “BJP/Hindu right wing” government then ruling India.

    The fact is: In 1997, India was ruled by the United Front Government (supported by the Congress) which ironically gave us the most pro-Pakistani government(s) ever to rule India (with Mulayam as the Defence Minister and the infamous “Gujral Doctrine”).

  37. ohhh no ! am gonna miss you…not in mumbai on 11th feb / 12th feb 😦 so wanted to meet you :(((((

  38. Beta, Mumbai aa rahe ho to ekbar mera ghar ghumke jana. Tumhe mail Samrat Ashok ki kahaniyan sunaoonga, jab woh mere gode me susu karte the

  39. And what about those of us whose only contact with u is thru ur posts? We’ve got nothing to look forward to this month, I guess 😦

  40. just noticed 8th is saraswati puja…khub bhir hobe 🙂

  41. Boss, mere saath hum dono rangeen dekhke jaana ….. oh jaana ruk jana …. jana karke do bate …. phir chale jana ….. yeh mausam hain deeewana ….

  42. You not only not visit Delhi, you do not even mention it in your sorry-for-not-visiting list. Not fair. There are a few book/blog/bong fans out here as well.

  43. Manish,

    I visited Delhi in 2010 for the book launch.

  44. Hilarious!
    I am a “madrasi” married to a bong. My wife gets all misty-eyed and nostalgic whenever we visit Durga Puja pandals in Bangalore, and promptly, just as if to prove her BONGNESS, will get into a heated argument with the Chicken Roll shop owner for serving another customer first though she would have ordered only 15 secs before the other guy!!!
    Once in a flight from Bangalore to Kolkata (full of bongs of course) she had our two year-old daughter sleeping on her lap, and my kids feet were towards “Ghosh-babu” sitting next to her. A typical Bong argument was waiting to happen, and it did!!!
    “Please move your kid. Her feet are very close to my shirt”
    “So what? Has it even slightly touched you??
    Now it was my turn to get misty-eyed, as I remembered similar arguments “Jodi hoye jaye, tahole??” in the mini-buses/ roads of Kolkata!!

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