A Very Personal List of My Favorite Bengali Songs of Kishore Kumar


[In No Particular Order]

1. Ami Chini Go Chini [Charulata]: When Rabindranath Thakur meets Satyajit Ray meets Kishore Kumar, greatness is guaranteed. There are reams that can be written about the movie and this song in particular, about Kadambari Devi (the story “Nashtoneer” on which “Charulata” is based being inspired by Tagore’s relationship with her), and Victoria Ocampo (the song “Chini Go Chini” written by Tagore’s supposedly as a paean to her with her) but for now, I shall ask you to listen.

2. O Go Nirupama [Anindita]: I just love how theย  “I couldn’t care the less about you” meaning of the song is counterpoised by the sheer romance of Kishore-Da’s voice texture.

3. Ei to Hethaye [Lukochuri]: Perhaps the most perfect romantic song.

4. Singh Nei Tobu [Lukochuri]: Is this the first rap song in Indian cinema? Kishore Kumar’s full versatility on show here—the dancing, the acting, the clean singing and of course the comic timing. Immortal.

5. Ek Poloke Ektoo Dekha [Lukochuri]: Yet another song from the same movie. What to do? Such is its awesomeness.

6. Bidhir Badhon Kaatbe Tumi [Ghare Baire]: Rabindranath Thakur meets Satyajit Ray meets Kishore Kumar once again. Magic is inevitable. Note the total absence of accompaniments. As an aside, Kishore Kumar, I have always felt has been under-appreciated as a Rabindrasangeet singer.

7. Sei raate raat chilo []: Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.

8. Ei to Jibon [Ogo Bodhu Sundori]: Mandatory song after a few pegs down. Especially if there are Lolas and Lulus in the audience. Yep. Mandatory. Or you ain’t a Bengali.

9. Aaj Ei Dintaake Moner Khathaye [Antorale]:Song for the last day of school. Always. (Please ignore the Bangladeshi video barbarity)

10. Ek Taanete Jemon Temon [Troyee]: What’s not to love? Mithun-da. Kestho Mukherjee. The green light streaming from the back. The time-dilation effects of ganja. A take-down of “Dum Maro Dum.” Awesome fun.


32 thoughts on “A Very Personal List of My Favorite Bengali Songs of Kishore Kumar

  1. hi greatbong
    nice collection of songs.
    listening to such beautiful melodies after a long time.
    thanks for sharing

  2. There are two good songs in the movie AMARKANTAK, try those GB they are also good. (off course there are plenty more, ANONDO ASHRAM comes to mind first)

  3. Aah, beautiful list. I loved Bidhir Badhon Kaatbe Tumi and Aaj Ei Dintaake Moner Khathaye a lot. Very 90s. Also loved Sei raate raat chilo and Ek Taanete Jemon Temon a lot. There is this one song of Kishore da in Bengali that I love a lot. Perhaps you’d have heard before – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0eQvi7_xXc
    I simply LOVE this song. It may be a cliched composition but kitna dard.

  4. You have forgotten to remind everyone what a fun movie Lukochuri is – KishoreDa at his slapstick best. He truly is a genius.

  5. Hey, you should create a public playlist on Spotify and connect your FB account to it so we can enjoy such gems

  6. what is going on? are you suffering from some kind of writer’s block? Amateur bloggers make up these kind of posts…..not that the songs aren’t good. But we expect much more from you. yes you could say that its your blog and you have every right to write about anything you wish. But seriously, give us more……so many topics on which we would love to hear from you

  7. Lukochuri was a abs wonderful movie with Kishore in his element. His singing has usually overshadowed his genius in comic roles!!
    I believe Manikda insisted on Kishore only for the Charulata song. As per Maninda, only Kishore and Robi Ghoshal had the khola gola that was required!

  8. @Pritam: It’s not Robi Ghosal, but Anup Ghosal – a great singer and A Ray favourite, now MLA of Trinamul Congress. Perhaps you are confusing with Robi Ghosh, the “Bagha Bayen” of GGBB series!!

  9. hey this is a real tribute to kishore da…very nice collection..i love the song ” sei raate raat chilo purnima”…i am so damn overwhelmed to hear the song again..fatafati boss…

  10. The BD video is priceless. I actually watched it in mute…with ‘Tum To Thehre Pardesi’ in the background. Blended well I must say ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. oh “Ei to Jibon” is one song my husband (a bengali) made me listen to (I am not a bengali, so didnt know about this song)… and he mentioned the exact same thing…that he used to listen to it in kgp after a few pegs down!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. nice collection…….but ‘ek tanete ‘ misfits with the mood………it can be replaced with ‘ei to jibaan, hingsa-bibad-lov-khob-bidwesh, ……..anyway your collection is tooooooo good

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