Forthcoming Events For The Mine


At Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore respectively.


17 thoughts on “Forthcoming Events For The Mine

  1. Hi Arnab, I am in Bangalore.
    Could you please provide the place of the book event in Bangalore ? Hopefully there will be a Q&A organized as well ???

  2. arnab,
    please make this book available in kochi,kerala…
    i had to get yur first book-may i hebb… from my brother in mumbai since t was nt available here in the first 3- months f ts release
    dr nikhimenon,

  3. Using your blog to promote your book repeatedly is a travesty..And unfair to pure bloggers..What have you to come to..You used to be a different person earlier..Don’t think i will be interested in following your blog any longer..

  4. Great Bong. 1 minute age ‘The Mine’ shesh korlam. bolar bhasha nei amar. jodi tao kichhu boltei hoy tahole bolbo, hridpindo stobdho hoye jawar moto.

    adbhut, anobodyo.

  5. Hi arnab,

    Just read your book and quite enjoyed it. A little late in the day but what the fuck. It’s a sick little book but I loved what you’re getting at. Also loved the un-indianness of it.

    There was a problem with it though. It stretched credulity too many times (fuck its hard trying to script this into a movie) but there are so many gems in this truly depraved tale. Good on you.

    I hope you write more stories.

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