Leaked Table of Contents




Leaked table of content of  book “2014 The Election That Changed India”

Forward by Ms. Ghose: How the Internet Hindus Became The Nazi Stormtroopers of Modi And Some Other Ruminations On My General Awesomeness.

1. Morning Maalish: The Relationship Between The Media And Congress Before Modi

2. Where I Put Tough Questions To Modi

3. Blow To Modi

4. Yet Another Blow To Modi 

5. Truffault’s 400 Blows To Modi

6. CNN IBN Sweeps All Awards at CNN IBN Awards.

7. Old Monk With Vinod Mehta

8. Ten Secular Tips For Every Newsroom

9. The Inconvenient Sting Operation: When Things Don’t Go As Planned

10. The Anna Experiment: Propping Up the B Team Part 1

11. The Nitish Kumar Experiment: Propping Up the B team Part 2

12. Krantikaari Hyping The AAP Revolution: Propping Up the B Team Part 3

13.  Modi Is Hitler

14. I Hate Modi

15. Did I Tell You Modi Is Hitler?

16. That Other Rival Channel Or How I Let My Guests Finish Their Sentence

17. Predicting The Elections, Lessons In Wishful Thinking

18.  Science Fiction Writing and Alternate Universes

19. How Modi Narrowly Beat the Congress: The Real Numbers Behind the Elections.

20. How The Hindu Right Gamed The Number System Through Vedic Mathematics And Stole The Elections

21. How The Media Lost Its Moral Compass And Cheerled Modi

22. Using LPS: Liberal Positioning System Always Helps Me Find My Way

23. Thoughts On Media Independence: Standing Up Those In Power

24. I Got My Padmasree From Those In Power. Hell Yeah !

25. Rahul Gandhi: The Second Most Misunderstood Man in India (The Most is Me)

26. Why I Am The Greatest Journalist Ever

27. Top 5000 Praise Tweets That I RT-ed.

28. Lata vs Asha

29. G’ Nite.

[Disclaimer: This is a spoof. ]


26 thoughts on “Leaked Table of Contents

  1. Isn’t he the biggest hypocrite ever to emerge from the ND TV cesspool.I am sure he would have let his children takeover CNN IBN.What soft corner for white skinned English speaking ( doesn’t matter this morning When I woke up at night) kind!One of the biggest morons who used to croak bs opinions for 20 years and we had to bear with him.

  2. You have missed Unconditional support of Mumbai Ranji team and players from Mumbai for permanent spots in Indian national team. Also a chapter on Harping the greatest Marathi Manoos ever after Shivaji and Lokmanya Tilak!!

      • And thus perhaps it is better to compare him with Peter… the man who never could be and doesn’t know it.

      • F.Y.I.
        Per Rand,
        “Gail Wynand is the man who could have been” and

        “Keating is a man who never could be, but doesn’t know it”

    • Yes I still remember him standing on the streets of Ahmedabad and in his shrill voice heaping abuses on NAMO without realising the seriousness of the situation. All he was doing was promoting himself and assuming that that he was the savior. Had the coverage been restrained as the Americans did after the Al Qaeda attack the situation would not have got so polarised. Rajdeep and Burkha with their visceral hatred of Hindus have been mainly responsible for the biased media

    • I don’t mean to sound rude to you but, Ellsworth Toohey, my foot!!
      Turdesai does not have a tiny fraction of the brains that Toohey did. Turdesai is a contemptible bootlicker with a shrill, cacophonous shrew for a wife.

      And if that’s not enough, he’s a pathetic coward too. For proof, I suggest you watch his interview with Raj Thackeray, if you haven’t done so already. I’m no fan of Raj Thackeray, but he certainly left bootprints all over Turdesai’s posterior.

  3. I still wonder why Rajdeep and his wife Sagarika got the boot @ IBN… they were doing a fantastic job . Actually i love the idea of an alternate universe where Congress and other secular parties (and their friends @ NDTV,Times Now, Headlines Today ,Aaj Tak etc) manage to convert India into a fully secular state with atleast 90 % reservation for the minority community .God bless Secularism and Modi be doomed

    • All of you have made clear what the person is! But when the word secular secularism I read I get lost!What is secular and secularism? This word haunts me and nobody gives me any satisfactory definition which fits secular Indian!

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