In Honor of the New Censor Chief


While there are many who swear by Govind Nihalni, I am more a fan of his brother Pahlaj Nihalni. This doyen of 90s movies, produced many of the most iconic films of my teenage-hood, like “Shola aur Shabnam” and “Aankhen” and “Andaaz” , giving me hours of pleasure that the boys of today, fed on an anti-cultural diet of “Baby Doll” and Honey Singh will not understand.

Thus it was with nothing but un-alloyed joy that I welcome his becoming the Supremo of the Censor Board. It’s like an old friend that has made it big, not that Mr. Pahlaj Nihalni was not big before.

Of course I am not a teenager any more. Now as a parent, I am extremely happy that the job of “maintaining the sanctity of Indian culture and values” and “preventing vulgarity” has now fallen on Mr. Nihalni, because I don’t know of many men, other than the director of the above movies( one Mr. David Dhawan) who is a bigger expert on the topic.

So here is my wishlist for the new board, using animated gifs from movies produced by the great man.



I hope that now the Censor Board will be more resistant to “pressures” from above.



That there will be more open communication of policies and procedures.



That film-makers should not have to reach beyond just to satisfy the Censors.



That Board meetings are harmonious



That sufficient focus be given to the educative qualities of cinema.



That decisions are taken in an informed and consistent manner.



And that the censors and the film fraternity work together to give us more clean, wholesome entertainment.


15 thoughts on “In Honor of the New Censor Chief

  1. Paresh Rawal @Babu_Bhaiyaa · 2h 2 hours ago
    Obama used SRK’s dialogue in his speech at SiriFort.After speech they played Amir’s song o mitwa sun mitwa & same day he met Salman in Saudi

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