Desi Parents And Their Expectations


This IS the typical desi parent.(picture via NDTV)

After all that Sangakkara has achieved, here is his dad’s reaction.

1. Says his son was kind of okay, should have done much better.
2. Compares him to his friend, and says friend was better
3. Claims that he wins all arguments against his son.
4. Advises his 37 year old millionaire son on career choices

You just CANNOT please a desi parent. You CANNOT.

And in that vein, here are some other “desi” parents through the ages.

Don Bradman’s dad: What? 99.94? What am I going to tell the neighbors?

Newton’s Dad: Three? After all the money I spent on the apple trees, just three?

Darwin’s Ma: What? You are going to go sailing in a boat?

Planck’s Dad: Uncertainty? So after all this effort, you are telling your parents you can say nothing for certain?

Maradonna’s Dad: All you ever did was score a goal with your hand.

Steve Jobs’ Mum: It’s still not good as what Gates-ji’s son makes

Bill Gates’ Mum: Everyone is buying a Mac. Even our society bought a Mac. People are laughing at us.

Abe Lincoln’s Dad: Thanks to you now, we don’t have any domestic help.

Madonna’s Dad: Papa Don’t Preach? Is this what we raised you up to say?

Mahatma Gandhi’s Mum: Why do you have to go out like this? Can’t you wear something proper like Jinnah lad?

J K Rowling’s Mum: Guptaji’s son is in New Jersey, he is also divorcee, why don’t you meet him for coffee now that he is in town? What? You want to write a book? On wizards? For children? I told your dad a hundred times, don’t let her read those silly books…I knew it.

Sonia Gandhi’s Mum: You going to marry this Indian guy? Oh my God, what’s going to happen to you, your future is doomed.

36 thoughts on “Desi Parents And Their Expectations

  1. JK Rowling’s Mum says “I told your mother a hundred times”? JKR had two mums?

    1. You just proved his point 🙂

  2. what me? first?
    what is being given away? i-phone 6 or something even more gee-whiz!

    1. Your dad had obviously very low expectations from you..

  3. errors:j k rowling one… it should be i told your dad, (or vice versa)

  4. Steve Jobs was an orphan. Bless his soul, and may he rest in peace.

    1. Paul Reinhold Jobs was his adoptive father and Clara Jobs was his adoptive mother. So by your definition, he is not his Dad and she is not his Mom. And by the way, orphan? Here is Job’s biological dad. He was alive after Jobs died. Here is his biological mom. She was also alive when he died.

      1. what abhimanyu really is trying to say is that only “real” parents will take care of their biological kid and adopted parents won’t care what happens to you. loloz

  5. Planck’s Dad: Uncertainty? So after all this effort, you are telling your parents you can say nothing for certain?

    “Uncertainty” is the biggest No word for DP. There were times when I used to so uncertain @ my life , unknowables, but just mention this to the P when asked and all hell down upon me. It is now, after some time, I’ve begun to care very very little about their thoughts n expectations. Scary they can be.

    1. And it is precisely bcz they get absolutely threatened by being uncertain or unsure , they hate it when kids plainly admit it.

  6. And how right was Sonia Maino’s mum!

  7. How old is your son now, Greatbong ? 😉

  8. Jeff Bezos’ Dad: What you are going to be a Dukaan wala?

  9. ha ha!!! parents are parents…very nicely executed

  10. loved it. how true.

  11. Planck had nothing to do with uncertainty. He talked about discretization of energies for black bodies, which gave birth to quantum mechanics, but it is Heisenberg who came up with the Uncertainty Principle. So it is Heisenberg’s dad who would be scolding him about uncertainty, not Planck’s.

    Also, you’ve spelled Maradona wrong.

    1. Didnt say uncertainty principle. I said uncertainty which is the underlying paradigm for quantum theory. Try nitpicking better next time.

      1. nitpicking nahi karenge toh aapke saath yaney kay famous author kay saath, tete’tete kaise hogi?!?! lol 😉

      2. Uncertainty is not the underlying paradigm for quantum theory. You should ask for your money back from your Physics teacher.

      3. Just accept for once that your readers are much smarter than you…

      4. I’m sorry. I think you are the one who is wrong this time. The. very term “uncertainty” used in the general context of physics reminds an average reader of Heisenberg, just as “theory of relativity” reminds everyone of Einstein (and not the scientist who laid the foundation for the postulation of that theory). Since this blog is meant for all kinds of readers, your original plank’s joke is rather nitpick-y in the sense that it expects everyone to know the uber- nerdy facts that were on your mind when you wrote that joke.

        Also, your Sonia Gandhi joke is an epic fail. If Sonia Gandhi had fallen in love with an ordinary middle class Indian, then your joke would work!
        I’m sure Sonia Gandhi’s parents would have jumped in joy knowing that their daughter married an Indian prince! Also, Please don’t insult our intelligence by including trophy wives with people who have made a name through their own work.

    2. I thought Heisenberg was a Meth producer

      1. Remember that Walter White was a Chemistry teacher, and very well aware of who Heisenberg was. The reason White called himself Heisenberg is because Heisenberg is an excellent example of a brilliant scientific mind who was using his abilities for dangerous purposes. Heisenberg was the chief scientific mind working for the Nazis during World War II, in charge of trying to develop an atomic bomb for the Nazis.

  12. “You just CANNOT please a desi parent. You CANNOT.”
    Pata nahi tha yeh aapki list mai, jobs, gates, newton, lincoln, darwin…sab desi the. WOW.
    Desi mom’s are helicopter moms or helicopter cum tiger moms. hahaha. No wonder our kids will need lot of therapy when they grow up because they perceive themselves to be “failure” because they were #5 or #3 in spelling bee etc. hahah.
    But in the end, you have to agree that even a duffer like Sonia Maino made a damn good choice! hehaw

    1. 1st worse thing is to be born to desi parents. 2nd horrible thing is being their ONLY child. My commiserations to greatbong. A good therapist will cure everything by the time you are 50. lmao

  13. Sachin’s parents: look at Agarkar, scored a hundred at Lords, the mecca of cricket. And you dint go past 37 on 5 attempts. All my friends at London say, you dont bat well.

  14. great bong called india to his parents and this is what happened between father/mother and son:
    1. Says his son was kind of okay, should have done much better.
    2. Compares him to his friend, and says friend was better
    3. Claims that he wins all arguments against his son.
    4. Advises his 37 year old millionaire son on career choices

  15. Whatever you are smoking great’bong’ you need to stop…actually, no, no, please continue…this blog and ALL your recent tweets are a riot. LMAO

    1. Did you see arnub (your namesake’s) “Times Now” interview of Peter (who names their desi child mikhail BTW, I thot only kerela people had that right)? Peter is positively ogling at the daughter; involved hai. It will come out later. ANd had the driver not spilled the beans of 2011 ‘muder’, yeh saab secret hi rehta….I think he was not paid well.

  16. On the blog post itself, I was thinking, which (enemy) parents would name their child hardik. and then saw this tweet just now. roflol ” Gunda prophesied Hardik too. After all what do you think “Bullah ka naam sunte hi tunhe khada kar diya hai mera” means?

  17. awesome as usual. And i think Sonia Gandhi should have listened to her mum… there was an element of truth there 😛

    1. Why?…IMO, she did good..

  18. Watch this Goodness Gracious Me clip: Typical Asian Parents.

  19. Please add my parents to this list! There is a reason I live soooo far away, and yet i miss them! ARGH.

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