All Satyajit Rays In 5 Words Each

Inspired by the Academy’s “Describe a movie in 5 words”, here are all the Satyajit Rays.

In 5 words.

 Sister dies. Boy leaves village.


Boy in city. Mother dies.


Jaded clerk finds philosopher’ stone.

Zamindar throws his last soirée.

Boy loses girl, finds son.


Woman believes she is God.

Little girl tries to belong.

Rich lady loves her jewelry.

Girl grows to love geek.

Family spends day in Darjeeling.

Cab driver looks for redemption.

Husband and wife lose jobs.


Lonely wife falls in love.

Godman cannot really cause sunrise.


 Cowardly man regrets breaking up.


Superstar is interviewed in train.

Truth about murders is revealed.

War is stopped through song.

Friends find themselves in jungle.

Man loses temper during interview.

Corporate climber loses his soul.

Famine destroys men and women.


 Doctor makes a spelling mistake.


In business souls are sold.

Self-absorbed men quietly play chess.

 Was Ganesha idol actually stolen?

Tyrant is deposed through song.

Boy discovers end of childhood.

Upper caste priest loses privilege.

Wife realizes the world outside.


Evil men pollute the water.

Old man discovers black money.

Stranger claims to be uncle.


5 thoughts on “All Satyajit Rays In 5 Words Each

  1. I didnt know I was waiting for this.
    Now I will read all of them.
    PS – your podcast was a little long.

  2. “Hot kochuris!”

  3. I absolutely love Agantuk. Was waiting for its description and found it eventually at the end. ‘Niece adores her mysterious uncle’.

  4. Kindly provide movie names of each. I want to watch some of them.

  5. Most names were just right and pretty hilarious and non-serious take of someone so serious as Rai/Ray

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